Don't Buy Dollar Store Oil

5 gen 2021
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Ever thought about putting dollar store oil in your engine? Are you the type of person who takes risks, or thinks expensive oil is all marketing hype? Well today we are going to put dollar store oil to the test.
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  • Some of you guys correctly called me out for not giving the additives (i.e. Molybdenum) appropriate credit. They’re a small percentage of the volume but I believe do make a real difference in the performance of the name-brand oil, it’s just really complex and outside the scope of what I could manage to test for a quick video like this. I’m going to see if we can figure out a way to really hone in on and test these in a future video. - Jer

    Donut MediaDonut Media17 giorni fa
    • It also has high fructose corn syrup

      Martin SeidlMartin Seidl3 giorni fa
    • Malaysia's got Petronas' line of engine lubricants.

      Sujendran Nair TheywaharenSujendran Nair Theywaharen5 giorni fa
    • Project Farm, that's how you test

      Jarrett C.Jarrett C.11 giorni fa
    • 7:51 #Motul

      ダニエル・ジョンソンDanieruダニエル・ジョンソンDanieru13 giorni fa
    • what is your flute outro music?

      SimonTrent8000SimonTrent800013 giorni fa
  • Base oils: Canola oil Vegetable oil Essential oils Baby oil Motor oil

    rjcass33rjcass33Giorno fa
  • Why has b2b turned into great value science garage?

    Haile YuenHaile YuenGiorno fa
  • I am sorry Donut, but the most important in the USA is to FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER instructions and CHANGE your FILTER and OIL (like Scotty said "oil is cheap, engine not). About the quality of the oils, that is a job delegated in API. The best oil for normal daily use is ANY synthetic oil. L love your your shows guys, especially Money Pit. MORE POWER BB!!!!

    Jorge SantosJorge SantosGiorno fa
  • If you want a fun and easy to understand oil comparison check out Project Farm and his oil testing. He has some great videos and tries to come up with ways that us as consumers can test out product marketing claims or performance and compare brands and so forth.

    bobiseverywherebobiseverywhereGiorno fa
  • 4:48 I’m just convinced that the guys who do the graphics just can’t spell anything, it’s sulfur

    Clay FergusonClay FergusonGiorno fa
    • 5:11 ok where the fuck did they get salfur from

      Clay FergusonClay FergusonGiorno fa
  • I think you were severely misinformed about how oil is created under the earth. 1. It doesn't need millions of years, uniformitarians have clearly got you there. You just need lots of pressure over a short amount of time to create oil. It's possible to do in the lab.

    JustJakeJustJake2 giorni fa
  • The title of this video should have been "Don't Buy Conventional Valvoline"

    Andrei ierdnAAndrei ierdnA2 giorni fa
  • Is it donut or project farm? 😂

    Shards of AssShards of Ass2 giorni fa
  • "Don't buy dollar stor orl" I heard orl, orial, roral and oil rarely. Dude oil isn't hard to say. There is no r in oil, sorry to be nitpicky but this is an oil episode Pronunciation: Oy•yal but one syllabi I formatted it into 2 to be easier to read.

    michael grossmanmichael grossman2 giorni fa
  • Pennzoil has good commercials

    Omp Omp CatOmp Omp Cat3 giorni fa
  • Screw Donut Media and their long pre-show advertising. Bye

    rayford21rayford213 giorni fa
  • So basically, Valvoline oil sucks ass.

    SamuelfishSamuelfish3 giorni fa
  • Is this project farm? Lol

    bildoughbildough3 giorni fa
  • That dr squatch add was better than the ones they produce!!! Loved it!!!

    Jameson HardcastleJameson Hardcastle4 giorni fa
  • Amsoil or bust

    Zachary RedmonZachary Redmon4 giorni fa
  • theres only one full synthetic oil and its made by pennzoil

    Jeff LeeJeff Lee4 giorni fa
  • *Amsoil bros have entered the chat*

    Nick GuniaNick Gunia4 giorni fa
  • Of course the Toyota and Lexus would be on top 🤙

    I_Choose_YouI_Choose_You5 giorni fa
  • Jeremiah is my favorite host on donuts now 🤭

    DarkdracoxDarkdracox5 giorni fa
  • Penzoil ultra platinum is the best motor oil you can buy in stores. Amsoil is a bit better, but not enough to justify the price increase and difficulty to buy.

    ——-——-——-——-6 giorni fa
  • What IS the reason for not buying the $1 oil? Did I miss it?

    spacegangstaspacegangsta6 giorni fa
  • Lol did he just call me a oil hoe?

    Abdul-Rahman IsAwesomeAbdul-Rahman IsAwesome6 giorni fa
  • Liqui Moly all day everyday.

    vdubn88vdubn886 giorni fa
  • Video compromised by sponsor

    william statenwilliam staten6 giorni fa
  • A great video. Well done guys.

    Steve WalkerSteve Walker6 giorni fa
  • Hey why didn’t you test AMSOIL LOL

    Weekend warrior garage? Do it yourselfWeekend warrior garage? Do it yourself6 giorni fa
  • 5:01 *Sulfur.

    Ricardo PesentiRicardo Pesenti7 giorni fa
  • 3:48 that animation is so bad xD Sorry. They are the same! Heavy Hydrocarbons are heavy because they are longer chains, which makes them higher boiling.

    Ricardo PesentiRicardo Pesenti7 giorni fa
  • Shot are you kidding me I had to spend $8 a quart on some joe shmo oil

    Ste FloSte Flo7 giorni fa
  • If my car has 250 hursepurse disel german power i can run on that 99c oil no problem! Aint nothing wrong with that.

    GauixiuzGauixiuz7 giorni fa
  • SKIP to 2:02 you can thank me later.

    GauixiuzGauixiuz7 giorni fa
  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... Whose early S197 is that at 15:01 ? I know Nolan used to have one but he sold it, so who owns that Beaut?! Haha #S197Gang EDIT: Oh you show it seconds later hehe. I thought he sold his Mustang a while back? Damn. Stoked that he still has it :)

    Octane Street - Apprentice MechanicOctane Street - Apprentice Mechanic7 giorni fa
  • So what's the verdict on dollar oil?

    Sergio MartinezSergio Martinez7 giorni fa
  • someone at donut watches project farm.

    James StotzJames Stotz8 giorni fa
  • “Sulfer”

    xxinsufficiencyxxinsufficiency8 giorni fa
  • There's really only a few manufacturers of base oils. Chances are even this dollar store oil shares a lot in common with whatever oil you believe to be the gold standard is made from. The main difference will be the additives package they add to the base oil. Which does make a big difference but not always for the better. There is a lot of myths about engine oil and not alot of hard science to sift out the BS. however i find this tech article extremely helpful.

    Dalton MichaelsDalton Michaels8 giorni fa
  • Song around 13:00?

    Pikachulova7Pikachulova78 giorni fa
  • This looks a lot like project farm's video. You guys should check it out too he does really good un bias testing

    David KurtzDavid Kurtz8 giorni fa
  • Wait, you guys are changing oil?

    Jonathan SerraoJonathan Serrao8 giorni fa
  • FYI Mobil 1 refuses to do head to head testing with pennzoil because they know they will lose

    jordon darnelljordon darnell8 giorni fa
  • Quaker state is pennzoil

    jordon darnelljordon darnell8 giorni fa
  • What I learned from this video is the title is wrong :)

    James GoldsworthyJames Goldsworthy8 giorni fa
  • I used Greek olive oil in my 1988 civic .

    oldskoololdskool8 giorni fa
  • Liquid Molly

    Creditdport GCreditdport G8 giorni fa
  • Big ups to you guys for using metric units

    Warren LucasWarren Lucas8 giorni fa
  • Did you mean “ sulfur”?

    Aubrey SmithAubrey Smith9 giorni fa
  • My car only see’s Motul sport 5w40

    EJ257_EJ257_9 giorni fa
  • I’m going to buy some Dollar Tree oil. I will make a video and see what it smell like.

    F165F1659 giorni fa
  • Thanks for the video, very informative. FYI, I am a Mobile One FS fanboy! Used it in all my vehicles since 1989.

    ERIC & CINDY CrowderERIC & CINDY Crowder9 giorni fa
  • Someone's been watching project farm

    luvmyh0ndaluvmyh0nda9 giorni fa
  • Crude Orl

    QuixxlezQuixxlez9 giorni fa
  • I felt like this kid gave me the run around about the dollar store oil he did say it was the same specifications as valvaline at one point.... Either or, I top off my 96 corolla 1.6 with the occasional blue cap oil they sell at the store same brand but it's a sae 5w 30 API an plus gf-5 synthetic oil my car takes and I have no current issues that I'm aware of.... I change the oil every 3000 miles and top it off with the blue cap dollar tree brand as I vist there store and rarely find the blue cap I usually get as much as I can I know it might seem ghetto but it helps to keep it in the trunk under emergency situations I'm not defending the oil either just hoping for the best

    Jhon HackJhon Hack9 giorni fa
  • I used dollar store oil for my low riders because It didn't have detergent in it .And it wouldn't eat the hoses. Also it was a good viscosity for my area four season temperatures.

    Steve McRae ManagerSteve McRae Manager10 giorni fa
  • Should really be wearing an organic oil or chemical respirator

    Rikki PattersonRikki Patterson10 giorni fa
  • Well shiiiiit... Dollar store oil for the daily it is 😁

    FLIPxBEARFLIPxBEAR10 giorni fa

    EricRacine123EricRacine12310 giorni fa
  • What happen to his left arm?

    Norte BragaNorte Braga10 giorni fa
  • Hey I’m not saying to do so, but it’s possible to report for spam or mis-leading ;)

    Golden pistonGolden piston10 giorni fa
    • @sea sick but lake the title is misleading.

      Golden pistonGolden piston9 giorni fa
    • Why would u do that?

      sea sick but lakesea sick but lake9 giorni fa
  • should give some credit to project farm for using his same testing methods

    zach larszach lars10 giorni fa
  • Dude you literally stole project farms video.

    BradBrad10 giorni fa
  • Not joking on you for being caring and sensitive but crying isn't very manly

    Stirling MooreStirling Moore10 giorni fa
  • Everything you need to know about Oiral. And yes, there's TONS of opinions on it!!

    PoorManRCPoorManRC10 giorni fa
  • You should be on a dr squash ad

    Gilbert MerendonGilbert Merendon10 giorni fa
  • AMSOIL>>>> I put that SH!T IN EVERYTHING!!

    Johnny TurboJohnny Turbo10 giorni fa
  • I'm just going to buy cheap oil because this guy said not to and i still hate him

    Micsku BenceMicsku Bence11 giorni fa
  • How did you not get arrested wearing a trench coat and balaclava in the California sun lol?

    Ben SamaBen Sama11 giorni fa
  • Though the Toyota V8 engine is indeed one of the most reliable one in the world, your explanation is unconvincing

    Francois BriceFrancois Brice11 giorni fa
  • I like how he can barely say crude oil. Sounds like krewdoral

    Biggus DickusBiggus Dickus11 giorni fa
  • I would have appriciated a side by side comparison of the lab results of the dollar store oil and the valvoline oil. See what the differences of quantity are in the elements

    J. ÖsterlingJ. Österling11 giorni fa
  • One less thing to ponder at night, if that 99 cent store oil is any good 🤔

    JoseJose11 giorni fa
  • Why so many spelling mistakes in the graphs?

    OddditOdddit11 giorni fa
  • not mentioning Scottys fav of Castrol

    Adrian MorenoAdrian Moreno11 giorni fa
  • Dollar tree and family dollar had a class action against them over the oil,

    d. allen spencerd. allen spencer11 giorni fa
  • Christina won because she has a hybrid. Those engines don't put that much strain on the oil, because they can rely on an electric motor. #PriusLife

    Jorge OsunaJorge Osuna11 giorni fa
  • Americans saying "Oil" sounds weird

    KrisKris11 giorni fa
  • Blow-by is gases getting past the pistons rings as the piston compresses

    Andrew ZieglerAndrew Ziegler11 giorni fa
  • Alo

    Alexis RiveroAlexis Rivero11 giorni fa
  • Im not drunk, Officer! I smell like beer because I use soap that smells like beer!

    Wretched SlippageWretched Slippage12 giorni fa
  • I always use penrite

    Anjini SharmaAnjini Sharma12 giorni fa
  • Just follow Scotty’s rule as long as it has the stamp form the us gov it’s good to go

    Aedan HickeyAedan Hickey12 giorni fa
  • Crude Orrell

    osheathedjosheathedj12 giorni fa
    • molecular shtructure

      osheathedjosheathedj12 giorni fa
  • You should have had the oil thief wear an American flag

    Cary PaineCary Paine12 giorni fa
  • It’s the oral for me 😂 (he says oil weird)

    Tyler WilliamsTyler Williams12 giorni fa
  • What I`ve got out of it is... don1t buy Dollar store oil,buy Valvaline...mhhh

    erock58erock5812 giorni fa
  • As a proud user of Dr. Sqatch, if your going to do commercials, you need the girls reactions! ha ha :)

    Oregon MotorcycleOregon Motorcycle12 giorni fa
  • You could call this quick cut of content.... an oil crisis

    Adam ShawAdam Shaw12 giorni fa
  • My Benz keep leaking oil, tf Im suppose to stop it if I cant use cheap oil...

    HASEHASE12 giorni fa
  • Not sure what series it would fit under but I and I’m sure others too would love to see a tour of all donut members vehicles! Keep up the great work :) Stay Safe!

    Jack CarnahanJack Carnahan12 giorni fa
  • I'm still sold on Amsoil. Then again, almost everything is leaps and bounds better than Pennzoil

    The Great Empire!!The Great Empire!!12 giorni fa
  • Donut: talks about oil Project farm: am I a joke to you

    Anthony PanyanouvathAnthony Panyanouvath12 giorni fa
  • kinda ripped off project farm and didn't give him any credit

    Sawyer PalmerSawyer Palmer12 giorni fa
  • I miss bart 😔

    Shelling Crib19Shelling Crib1912 giorni fa
  • Nothing about the dollar store oil

    alex geisalex geis12 giorni fa
  • Bring back bart to do these episodes! 🤟

    Nick SousaNick Sousa12 giorni fa
  • "Oirlrl"

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett8512 giorni fa
  • I understand you get paid by ads but your skin is 100% water proof so the soap you choose dose not hurt your skin.

    Heath HafemannHeath Hafemann12 giorni fa
  • Those are called Horse Heads

    Omar LomeliOmar Lomeli12 giorni fa
  • Anyone know how you get your oil tested like that?

    Ryker LarsenRyker Larsen13 giorni fa
  • I swear this video was titled “What’s in dollar store oil” but I think they changed it because this title is more eye catching

    Grey ShirtGrey Shirt13 giorni fa