SUZUKI SAMURAI: How Fake News Killed Suzuki | Up To Speed

6 ago 2020
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The Suzuki Samurai (Jimny) was a compact off-roader with a BIG 4x4 punch! What kicked off as one of the most revolutionary all-terrain vehicles, even outselling the Jeep Wrangler two to one in 1987, ended with an unbelievable fraudulent crash lawsuit that killed Suzuki's automotive American dreams. Sharpen your katanas because host James Pumphrey is about to take a stab at one of Suzuki's greatest creations.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:23 American Samurai Warrior
10:35 Suzuki Motor Corp Vs. The Consumer Union
15:24 The Last Samurai
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  • Portugal have the new jimny

    Paulo GoncalvesPaulo GoncalvesOra fa
  • Big Detroit or I suppose these days big Mexico using consumer reports to sway public opinion? Doesn’t sound like them... and think if this car was actually one of the safest and they convinced everyone not to buy it there could be literal blood on their hands, it’s not just a funny business thing. People die when corporations cheat instead letting superior products win out

    TygearTygear2 ore fa
  • Hi German here - In Germany we say "Berliner" but in the city of Berlin, they call these "Pfannkuchen" this crazy Motherf....s

    GamePlaySessionGamePlaySession5 ore fa
  • I would love to win the Corvette, exept your company would go bankrupt paying for the Norwegian taxies!

    Gunnar KvinlaugGunnar Kvinlaug5 ore fa
  • How many non- Aussies took the Brumby joke?

    Gunnar KvinlaugGunnar Kvinlaug5 ore fa
  • Europe is full of them also :)

    Mihai HerdeloMihai Herdelo8 ore fa
  • M80s are illegal?

    Sour LollipopSour Lollipop11 ore fa
  • Great content idea. Could do without the annoying host and stupidfying of video.

    annoyedok321annoyedok32114 ore fa
  • Prior to the samurai (sj413). Roaming the streets of Miami was a smaller Suzuki (sj410) gray market car imported, I believe from Jamaica.

    Gary RussGary Russ16 ore fa
  • The power of the media over perception vs. facts. That's what got Biden elected.

    Lou LopezLou Lopez16 ore fa
  • 2002 tracker I owned has a Suzuki engine in it. Great little 4wd 4 door I have ever owned.

    Donald DucksDonald Ducks16 ore fa
  • Consumer Reports on the first Suzuki Jimney (Samurai) rollover test: Allright it looks safe, that guy must have a lemon. Consumer Reports on the 45 rollover test: IF THIS DOSN'T FLIP IT IM GONNA GET A CRAIN TO DO IT.

    FireVayron 092FireVayron 09218 ore fa
  • so is this vehicle available in canada?

    XL 82XL 8218 ore fa
  • i have a sidekick

    dummy youtuberdummy youtuber19 ore fa
  • Jimny’s are cool there’s tons here in Scotland

    GTR LadGTR Lad20 ore fa
  • In 1987 I bought a new Toyota 4by4 and these little samurai's ran circles around me off roading. Was embarrassing at the time. I find it funny now.

    stop asking me to change my name!stop asking me to change my name!20 ore fa
  • suzuki is thriving in the uk and japan.

    Soda BlockSoda Block22 ore fa
  • I know several people that have flipped samurais

    Nathaniel WellsNathaniel Wells23 ore fa
  • unions are horseshit

    John KerschJohn Kersch23 ore fa
  • I owned an 88 and a half many years ago. One of the funnest most versatile cars I've ever owned. I miss it still. And I'd buy another one if you could find them for sale.

    Warren JansenWarren JansenGiorno fa
  • Available in Israel

    yes noyes noGiorno fa
  • They flirted with the idea of Jimny's as patrol vehicles in Australia in the late 2000 early 2010's. They were woeful. I could get it up on one wheel just doing a reverse three pointer. It did handle some pretty steep inclines, but it felt like it was going to roll backwards and kill us all. Not that ... that was an official test or even something anyone knew we did in it. The only upside was I could park it in a service lift and get it to the third floor of a building to fsck with the day shift. Anywhere that meets disabled access requirements you can get a Jimny basically. :P

    bashpr0mptbashpr0mptGiorno fa
  • The Jimny is also very popular in Southern Africa. We describe it as a micro G-wagon.

    ZanbaktauZanbaktauGiorno fa
  • I remember sitting in Samuri back in the day and instantly realizing I could tip this over. Did the same with a CJ-5 and a Land Rover. So what I just drove them within their operating rang and never had a problem. If you did not drive well enough to not tip the over don't blame the vehicle. With a set of reasonably sticky tires a Corvair Monza could corner very well and were surprisingly fast for 1967.

    Greg WarnerGreg WarnerGiorno fa
  • In the Philippines we do have the forth gen jimny. And it is so cool when you passed one on the road a few weeks ago I saw a Jimmy but the taillights resemble the British Flag which is cool.

    Vyn SolinaVyn SolinaGiorno fa
  • Our Suzuki Every Kievan is more powerful than the 81' Suzuki samurai but our Every Kie van was built in 1998.

    Vyn SolinaVyn SolinaGiorno fa
  • I worked for Suzuki in the late 80's.early 90's in the UK.There we bad newspaper incidents with the Bedford Rascal,which is.....Really A Suzuki Constructed In Luton,RASCAL.Which was made in Luton,England.They made out the Rascal rolled over like the Jimny,but it was called SJ410,SJ413 or Samurai,depending what year it was.

    Tardeli costantiniTardeli costantiniGiorno fa
  • As sad as I am that I can’t own a new Jimny Sierra, I’ll happily rip around with its 1/24th scale rc thanks to Kyosho... At least until there is a way to import one...

    Quoris VoidwalkerQuoris VoidwalkerGiorno fa
  • Lol drove tons of these as kids rolled em a bunch ton of fun

    Eric FrazerEric FrazerGiorno fa
  • Wait is no one going to acknowledge that his middle name is cobra?

    hufhufCoolhufhufCoolGiorno fa

    AFPVAFPVGiorno fa
  • In indonesia there is a off road trip to a mountain an alll of them use a fkin samurai then tgey add like roll cage with out a roof

    Rezqy AgungRezqy AgungGiorno fa
  • Dude the newest jimny is the best it feels so smoth

    Rezqy AgungRezqy AgungGiorno fa
  • There's a big Jimny market in South Africa as well.

    Thys PThys PGiorno fa
  • Not being mean i skip almost the whole video just to watch the good stuff and thats for all the videos

    justin vargasjustin vargasGiorno fa
  • didn't two Unimogs set that record at 16:43 they made it 21 ,262 feet

    Keaston DoramKeaston DoramGiorno fa
  • Its like like the democrat propaganda machine and Trump. Trumps an amazing president. Leftist propaganda - NOOO HES A MEANIE FACE. Millions of stupid people - Welp theres your proof, hes a bad president. LOL

    MikeMikeGiorno fa
  • Do not jump on the fake news band baguette it does not look good for your company or your model

    combat wolfcombat wolf2 giorni fa
  • Interesting, you're a fast talker but this is a bullshit take on the Jimny. I've been in a rollover in one at low speed 40km/h all you need to do is pull the wheel hard and turn on an off camber road with a bump in it, and it will launch so hard off the wheels it will land on its roof before the side hits the ground. The wheels are so flimsy if in the Australian version that if a grown man kicks them while the thing is on its side, you will literally bend the wheel. I knew of 3 separate people that rolled these vehicles. 3 out of 3 Jimnys my friends owned none survived being driven in town by teenagers.. well one rolled outside town in a flat paddock. The roofs of these vehicles just collapse to the floor in the 2 seat utility models when they roll BTW. The town I grew up in had a Jimny/Samurai wreckers in it for 10 year or so. Every single one of their 50 odd vehicles came from my area and they all had silver sides (from sliding on tarmac) and/or collapsed roofs from rollovers. If you think they are appreciably safe, get in a stock one and turn hard off camber at 45km/h, see what happens! I dare you to try it. Also please record it so we can all watch! Never heard of some consumer group saying these were unsafe but everyone who owned them knew they were unsafe as they have all been in rollovers, and the rollovers are fast, violent, unexpected, and hurt when you land.

    AFPVAFPV2 giorni fa

      AFPVAFPVGiorno fa
  • Offroad Jimny builds are very popular here in the Philippines.

    leinard01leinard012 giorni fa
  • already have a z51 stingray with the added wing sooooo... pointless for me to worry about that advertisement

    Elite LTElite LT2 giorni fa
  • I have 2008 gypsy (made by suzuki in india) which is little longer than samurai and taller which does it work best.

  • Proof FAKE NEWS is real...

    That guyThat guy2 giorni fa
  • All off road capable 4x4s have an inherit possibility of roll over to one degree or another because the increased height for ground clearance ! I would love to have Samurai !! I would be willing to bet there were people from other car companies such as Jeep Chrysler that also played a part behind the scene's as they were the ones most threatened by sales of the Samurai !!

    martybowen1martybowen12 giorni fa
  • LandRover Discovery Series one is really tall SUV too but you can hardly get one to roll over because it's body panels are aluminum and the frame and axles are so heavy the center of gravity is very low Engine is an all aluminum V8 as well. I remember when all this was happeneing to Suzuki but I was too busy and didn't really pay that much attention to what was really going on plus I am sure I wasn't online at home back then either so it was just tid bits of information from the TV news outlets

    tallwill38tallwill382 giorni fa
  • They are popular in the Philippines to I think

    tallwill38tallwill382 giorni fa
  • We owe Suzuki an apology and some sort of compensation IMHO Consumer Reports should be ashamed for sure

    tallwill38tallwill382 giorni fa
  • Isuzu Trooper can be made to do well off road too

    tallwill38tallwill382 giorni fa
  • Same sort of thing happened to the Ford Pinto and the Chevy Corvair too OFC the reports were not totally lies but the exaggeration and the conclusions being made from such a small data set well to me it was shady at the least .

    tallwill38tallwill382 giorni fa
  • Suzuki "Samurai" formerly called Suzuki (Somersault)

    J mendoJ mendo2 giorni fa
  • The Suzuki Samurai was actually was very prone to rolling over. A good friend had one and it became a joke how often he rolled it on its side. Just going around a turn could make it roll over. After rolling it over 3 times, he decided to keep it at his parents cabin which was in a sandy area where we would have fun with it. 3 people could easily roll it back on its wheels.

    S HomaidanS Homaidan2 giorni fa
  • I love samurais i and my dad have one too beutiful car

    OstmarackasOstmarackas2 giorni fa
  • Bring it back. I'd love to buy one and turn it into my off road toy.

    CrazyLegsMcGeeCrazyLegsMcGee2 giorni fa
  • I was selling Samurai's in the 80's What an awesome time it was, We all knew C.R. did a hit job take out We thought Jeep was behind it all, Any way my career selling for Suzuki's was over, we became a joke in the public eye, I was was on the the showroom floor in Orlando, Fl. when the news hit, it was a gut punch! The C.R. report was a phony as the "RONI" plandemic we face today!

    Brent MillerBrent Miller2 giorni fa
  • “it is all about surface level references here in the US” so true😅😂

    B NagyB Nagy2 giorni fa
  • So I guess Fox put them out of business..

    MarcasswellbMDMarcasswellbMD2 giorni fa
  • Consumer Reports Commission ruined it for all of us they need to bring the Suzuki Samurai back. The movie Jurassic Park would have been better if they would have used the Suzuki Samurai as well as the Jeep Wrangler so we could see which one would be better. But if I had to have a choice I'd rather have the samurai over today's Jeep because Chrysler sold out to Fiat which fiat's abbreviation is fix it again Tony which chances are Chrysler's quality has probably went further down hill. If you want to know of a very unsafe SUV that title would belong to the Ford Bronco II which was known to be unsafe I mean the back glass on the sides were curved at the top which looks like the mean may have sacrificed the integrity of the sturdiness of the roof

    Sid GreenSid Green2 giorni fa
  • Our whole world is made of lies that make money! It makes me sick.

    Johnny WishboneJohnny Wishbone3 giorni fa
  • So how old are they ? Cause I've seen a couple here in Oregon. Im assuming over 25 years

    Ricardo GarciaRicardo Garcia3 giorni fa
  • You made me love my jimny even more 🥰🥰

    Georget FokaGeorget Foka3 giorni fa
  • Eh I don't really care I like my Chevys there the best offroader in my opinion the only thing about the trucks is that I don't like is that you can't make it go over 1,000 horse prs

    Jennifer MoralesJennifer Morales3 giorni fa
  • I wonder if Chevy has a super car to compete with the Ford GT? :\

    Jennifer MoralesJennifer Morales3 giorni fa
    • Technically the new C8 Corvette can be its rival, but you know.. Ford being Ford, cancelled the GT (or at least the racing division of it)

      Abraham ArthemiusAbraham ArthemiusGiorno fa
  • The same could be for a lot of cars... old vehicules were made mostly to serve only one purpose, complaining about the handling of a samourai at higher speed is kinda similar to complaining about your 911 off road capabilities 😅🤣

    ArvipaArvipa3 giorni fa
  • Sounds like what CNN would do

  • this is why we can't have nice things :(

    KamelKamel3 giorni fa
  • Here in Puerto Rico people pay from 6,500 up to 15,000 for one in perfect conditions.

    Kike RaKike Ra3 giorni fa
  • The Jimny has always been very popular in Latin America, mainly because it's cheap and reliable. Honestly, with the exception of Argentina (which produces its own European models), Asian cars completely dominate the Latin American market.

    JuancyJuancy3 giorni fa
  • Lol i work for shasta

    Milton RamirezMilton Ramirez3 giorni fa
  • As an Aussie, I always wondered why you guys didn't have the Jimny over there. That really sucks because the Jimny can go places that nothing else can...

    Markus DammaschMarkus Dammasch3 giorni fa
  • One should find out who that employee is, and once he's dead piss on his grave, every day. Because that's what a guy like that deserves. An honorable guy would NEVER do shit like this.

    KarlKarl3 giorni fa
  • They took the samurai from us

    Evergreen ShogunEvergreen Shogun4 giorni fa
  • The Suzuki Samurai needed to be cancelled. It was a garbage car that could barely go 55 mph and even then it sounded like a sewing machine about to explode. I'm pretty sure it had a 1 cc engine and its wheels were made of misshapen logs filled with wood lice.

    Stunt PandaStunt Panda4 giorni fa
  • Oh wow! I made the right choice getting the Jimny. Great review and historical background.

    Edsel FetalveroEdsel Fetalvero4 giorni fa
  • Now I want a Suzuki samurai to bad I live in the states 😩

    Carlos M LopezCarlos M Lopez4 giorni fa
  • The latest suzuki jimny looks better than the new gladiator/wrangler/ bronco/rav4/blazer

    William SuWilliam Su4 giorni fa
  • I feel that you are in safe hands after Suzuki left the market. They are still in India and making ton of money. But none of their cars have safety rating above 1 star. Most of them are 0 star rated for safety.

    charan k.vcharan k.v4 giorni fa
  • Can someone please remind me why America is supposed to be the best country in the world? I haven't seen it in a long time.

    John UrbanekJohn Urbanek4 giorni fa
  • The Suzuki Samarai was designed for driving off road at slow speeds. I test drove one within days of its arrival at a dealer in Chula Vista, Ca. It took about six blocks for me to know that it was not suitable for the speeds people drive on American roads. Its wheelbase to track width ratio, plus a high center of gravity made it too easy to roll. I wouldn't mind owning one for exploring the back country or shorts trips around town, but you need to understand its limitations.

    Mr. TeffMr. Teff4 giorni fa
  • Theres one of these things running around here with a 6.2L and 3/4ton drive line underneath sitting on some HUGE tires.

    American Freedom-FighterAmerican Freedom-Fighter4 giorni fa
  • I thought they misspelled Jimny to confuse us into thinking we we buying a Jimmy .. Same thing with the Chevette ..

    Mike LynchMike Lynch5 giorni fa
  • my dad came to pick me up from summer time driver's ed. The teacher saw him pull up in a samurai and said "oh look at that thing, that'll flip on the highway", he was right, it had a shitty lift and cheap walmart "off road" tires, it was sketchy at 55mph lol

    daft norddaft nord5 giorni fa
  • I had a samurai. It was easy to service (for the basic stuff I did, anyway), since the engine compartment was so spacious. It was also quite competent off-road in the Arizona deserts. Of course, it also had bus-like steering, suspension, and acceleration (also mine had no a/c which was brutal in Phoenix). On the whole, it was a fun little vehicle.

    Scott DiMiceliScott DiMiceli5 giorni fa
  • wait OMAZE is LEGIT?

    VultureVulture5 giorni fa
  • 11:23 old sponsorship

    dp designsdp designs5 giorni fa
  • They are also selling like hotcakes here in India too, under the name Suzuki Gypsy

    Straight BustaStraight Busta5 giorni fa
  • Never driven one, but the Samurai always looked very appealing to me.

    William ArnoldWilliam Arnold5 giorni fa
  • Jimmy is name as gypsy when it came first to india

    Abie HDAbie HD5 giorni fa
  • Meanwhile, in Pakistan - Suzuki (local plant) has been assembling their 2nd generation Alto (called Mehran) since 1988 up until 2019... and guess what? Zero safety, zero comfort, zero performance. And they dragged for 31 years and people bought it!!

    Najmul HasanNajmul Hasan5 giorni fa
    • Also the new Jimny is available in Pakistan but its a COMPLETE HEAP OF CRAP for around $25000+ USD. Just like its predecessor (in terms of butchering a vehicle), Mehran.

      Najmul HasanNajmul Hasan5 giorni fa
  • Gypsy: Built not Bought😎

    Khullaa SaandKhullaa Saand5 giorni fa
  • I owned a 95 Sami with FI . It got 49 miles to the gal. In the 3 years I almost flipped it twice. It was easy to be going to fast for a curve and was easy to lose control on snowy roads, be doing good then in just a second be sliding down the road sideways. but I still love it

    kenneth littonkenneth litton5 giorni fa
  • The 4th Gen Jimny also arrived to most of south america and is getting reaaally popular because it is a really cool and trustworthy car. Also, the old 80's and 90's versions are still used constantly for rural and farm areas here in Colombia.

    Juan DR.Juan DR.5 giorni fa
  • Kinda passes me off when you have an ad in your video and then a sponsored ad plays...

    chris lethbridgechris lethbridge5 giorni fa
  • 13:02 I live near that dragway!

    James CyrJames Cyr5 giorni fa
  • Aren't GM Trackers make by Suzuki?

    ap0lmcap0lmc5 giorni fa
  • When I bought a Hoover Upright vacuum according to Consumer Report rating it number one, it was a really bad product that didn't last long. I never believed in Consumer Report again.

    ap0lmcap0lmc5 giorni fa
  • in case anyone has a passport and visa for mexico, they just introduced the jimny here so idk, maybe buy a jimny in the southern neighbor and the make the paperwork to legalize it as an American car and there you go, a suzuki jimny

    Andres IbarraAndres Ibarra5 giorni fa
  • The world: we have the Jimny The US: 😣

    so amazingso amazing6 giorni fa
  • The Jimny will blow out all the oversized impractical expensive vehicles sold in the USA.

    so amazingso amazing6 giorni fa
  • That's why I don't trust Consumer Reports or any corporate media company.

    so amazingso amazing6 giorni fa
  • It's called 'Suzuki Gypsy' in my region.. Very reliable on unpaved roads

    Tluangtea PachuauTluangtea Pachuau6 giorni fa