Why F1 Engines are Built with Sand

6 apr 2021
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Sand printing is similar to 3D printing; layers of 0.25mm thick sand are ‘printed’ onto a jobbox with a layer of chemical binder in between allowing for complex 3D shapes to be made, slice by slice, layer by layer. It's so good that F1, LMP1, LMP2, WRC, WRX and Moto GP use this tech to make all sorts of parts. So how does it work and is it the way of the future?
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  • petition to get jerry his truck back?

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  • me: skips manufacturing class to watch donut media donut: we're gonna teach you manufacturing

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  • hell yeah....forge away

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  • Your explanation is exactly 100% wrong. 2 mm thermostat is not 10x0,2mm sand. Also, not 20x 0,1mm = WRONG!!! You must make the outside of the thermostat in the sand, not the material wanted to remain. It is negative moulding not positive.

    Bernhard HnidaBernhard HnidaGiorno fa
  • Rhaegar Targeryn wants to know your location 😂 .

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  • holy Fuck this is boring ..and I sit through the videos of that kid doing all the math in car videos all the time.. This tech knowdledge to me is pointless because the process of doing this is soooo fucking expensive it would cost more then all the cars I have ever owned as well as the homes ... so pretty much useless information

    Mathew HofferMathew Hoffer2 giorni fa
  • To the 761 people who hit dislike... why you here boi

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  • I like this idea of a material science episode.

    Robert RogersRobert Rogers3 giorni fa
  • Nice video, good basic explanations. I addition to bottom up, you might mention that for some years now high stress parts casting has been done under vacuum to reduce gaps and contamination of the crystal structure. This allows for greater strength and lighter weight since the parts can use less material.

    Christopher Vogel [Virgin Valley HS]Christopher Vogel [Virgin Valley HS]3 giorni fa
  • Isn’t it kinda ironic that you use a metal mold, to make a sand mold, to then make a metal part.

    Tes TiclesTes Ticles4 giorni fa
  • I will buy the fuck out of a little Money Pit HotWheels Miata

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  • car

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  • 1:00 music ?

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  • I'd say it's "pretty neat".

    Jeremy LealeJeremy Leale4 giorni fa
  • Um.... No F1 Engine maker is going to 3d print a sand casting for a part lol...... If anything they will Print the part over and over and test fit it till they get what they want to use from a laser cured Light Reisen printer. Extremely high resolution vs sand casting Garbage casting lol.... Then they put the 3d printed model in a silica ceramic mix and shake it for about 2 hours release all the air and let it dry. They heat the mold up after and bake it for a few hours to cure it and in the process the 3d printed model is now turned to dust and your ready to cast a part with perfect dimensions. It's How they do most race engines casted part. Maybe 20 years ago when they invented Sand casting printers this was high tech... No one uses sand anymore to much that gets stuck in the mix and causes metal imperfections.

    Rich MorgensteinRich Morgenstein4 giorni fa
  • So you think a thermostat housing is a thermostat, huh?

    Todd F WrightTodd F Wright5 giorni fa
  • 4:20 ^__^

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  • At 2:50 I really guessed somebody's face going to pop out🤣🤣🤣

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  • Cream de la cream? Crème de la crème ! 🤦🏼‍♂️ Les Américains, Je dis...

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  • Get that forge!

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  • Still do t have that truck?

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  • let´s call it "metalmagma" ^^

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  • "Mailboxes" ....shows picture of pressed steel sheet mailboxes...

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  • Wait, is he serious about the truck issue?

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  • Oh so noooooooowwwwww you guys are calling them "engines" ?????? What happened to all that "motor" talk, hhmmmmm???????? hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm??

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  • What about a casting couch?

    Andre VilleneuveAndre Villeneuve6 giorni fa
  • Some high tech crap here... engines cast with pistons heads that are fully built... must be a tricky pour haha

    4N5W3R54N5W3R56 giorni fa
  • i do CNC. had a job where machine engine balcks took 6 hours. you usually do 1.5 block a shift

    Shawn AsdfShawn Asdf6 giorni fa
  • HOURS PER GALLON. Never liked MPG, it didn't make sense when I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in Seattle. Some weeks I would get 0 (zero) miles per gallon, while waiting in traffic, then calling the Tow truck because my 35mpg car was out of gas. Totally made sense when I rented a tractor for the weekend, and it clocked Hours used, which could be calculated out to Hours per gallon of diesel. Why don't cars do this??

    Dale Black JrDale Black Jr6 giorni fa
  • That's no thermostat housing! That's the mixer lol

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  • the miata joke lmao

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  • Please dear Christina ,give his truck back and be nice to your bro 😎 I swear life is short😅

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  • we want the casting ep

    BuriedSniperBuriedSniper7 giorni fa
  • Well, they should probably find alternatives soon, because there isn't exactly too much sand left that can be used to build an F1 engine.

    Florian D.Florian D.7 giorni fa
  • mail boxes are stamped ya doofus

    domnikolidomnikoli7 giorni fa
  • Ohh.. I thought it was about the shuttle engines (SSMEs), also called the F-1. A little dissapointed but still a great video.

    Owen KeggOwen Kegg7 giorni fa
  • Tweaker Gang, where you at?!

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  • Dr Evil reference. Nice.

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  • so annoying

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  • This was actually entertaining, was hoping to see a little more discovery Channel footage, ie the actual process in real life, not an animation, but still really good way of explaining it. Would you be able to, say, build a model big enough to manufacture large containers vessel parts for sea? And I know some metals/alloys need to go through different or multiple processes to make it stronger so how would that work with sand molds?

    Brandon DyzelBrandon Dyzel8 giorni fa
  • Just do it! Make the forge

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  • Jeremiah has a way of putting anything advanced into my comprehension. Thanks for being you.

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  • did he just call me a tweaker 🤔

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  • Was hoping to see the F1 sand printing B-roll footage...none to be seen.

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  • That video idea sounds interesting

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  • Too much talking ugly donut

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  • Epic

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  • This dude is too smart. He makes me feel like I need to go back to school and I graduated and then went on to get degrees from college.

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  • Instead of flipping the image making the video black and white and then inverting the black and white would be better. To represent the sandcast mold. I figured you were talking about the part not needing draft as well as being able to get away with different if not lower core strength because you don't have to assemble the cores. My metallurgy isn't good enough because then I would know if they use nitrogen in the sand casting to avoid ceramic creation.

    Anthony LipkeAnthony Lipke9 giorni fa
  • this is the kind of "educational" video that makes you stupid.

    benjibenji9 giorni fa
  • I would love to see a materials science episode. Make it happen capt'n

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  • You forget to mention that they also calcultate the shrink or expansion factors in the mold so is the end they will be the right size.

    Christian GreyChristian Grey9 giorni fa
  • don't be scared to pause at 11:35

    RolandAshcroftRolandAshcroft9 giorni fa
  • i used to make intake manifolds for honda cars at a warehouse we had a machine that baked and made the sand molds then i sanded all the casting lines out of the sand mold then put the molds into my casting dies and hit the buttons a giant laddle made of fiberglass like material would dip into a well filled with molten aluminum fill up and poor it into my casting machine

    Larry toddLarry todd9 giorni fa
  • Could someone tell me why you would cast a mailbox when you could just bend and tack weld sheet medal? It's just seems like a more strenuous process for a seemingly simple task.

    Daniel FosterDaniel Foster9 giorni fa
    • No idea ... but we all clicked this video expecting something educational ... sometimes we do stupid shit even though we should know better

      protatorprotator9 giorni fa
  • Not to hate on your mom Jerry, but has no one watched “How It’s Made” on Discovery channel...?

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  • Cast some little donut keychains 😎

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  • Hell yea you should totally make a forge!!!!

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  • The forge would be awesome! And also some DIY tools for around the shop. Everyone's got a few that come in handy for those specific jobs!

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  • "You want to make some tweaks... Because your a Tweaker" 🤣👌

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  • See the lost foam casting

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  • Me working in a foundry for almost 20 years, find this interesting 😊

    Eddy NordlanderEddy Nordlander9 giorni fa
  • mailboxes? BS. Those are bent and riveted sheet metal.

    Shiva ArgulaShiva Argula9 giorni fa
  • Hell yeah! Showing how parts are forged would be fucking bomb! I personally would love to see and hear more about the process!

    The Strangest One...The Strangest One...9 giorni fa
  • I feel I speak for the entire underground community when I say "please make a forge"

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  • I hear you say "3D Sand Printing" and I think you're about to show us how casting is done. Edit: I'm laughing a bit that you said a 3000 year old process starts with CAD. Do the world a favor, don't lie in your videos for clicks.

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  • Time to start a petition for Christina to give Jerry back his truck, I know she sold it, *that's her problem.*

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  • how do you pump molten metal ?

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  • BMW f1 engines go to 3:40 itworlds.info/round/pWd7ktSYi9mCf3g/video lol

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  • Can you do an episode about wheel shrowd from the F1 cars of 2009 please? How does the wheel shrowd stay still while the wheels turning? How does the shrowd impact the car aerodynamically? (Teams also got low drag and high downforce versions of them.) It has baffled me for a long time, really hope to understand it. And I heard some people said that the shrowd may come back in 2022, is that true?

    Ian YuIan Yu10 giorni fa
  • Ferrari engineers watching this writing intensifies dont worry its all part of the Ferrari master blan 2022

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  • Jeremiah is seriously one smart and sophisticated cookie; dude seems like an absolute blast to hang out with and learn from! Good looks man!

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  • Amazing video and very down to the details... but I got lost without some pictures or examples, or videos... the graphs help but, hard to visualize some times... I think is also to find some good examples of those machines working or even didactic ones as the parts are important are internal... the magic happens inside.

    Andrew L.Andrew L.11 giorni fa
  • sand

    lotuslotus11 giorni fa
  • 1:18 CNC stands for computer numerical control, basically a machine that follows a computer program in order to do all the cuts and holes.

    Andrew L.Andrew L.11 giorni fa
  • But did you know that you can even make babies using the casting method?

    joel petrassjoel petrass11 giorni fa
  • I watch forging and casting videos all the time.

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  • Crème de la crème? No. Cream of the Cream? No.

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  • grow up. F1 is for kids

  • The only casting i know is casting couch

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  • F1 drivers race downforce machines. Real drivers race cars.

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  • Calls us tweakers

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  • So are they made out of “glass” 🤣 jp

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  • Forgot to mention that some casted peices need to or can be machined to more precise tolerances after cast molding.

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  • I’m an automotive materials engineer and I’d watch a materials science episode. Don’t worry though I’ll still correct you

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  • The block is the coolest part 😂

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