Are aftermarket Exhausts Even Worth It?

29 apr 2020
2 408 589 visualizzazioni

This week on Money Pit, the Miata gets a new cat-back exhaust while Zach talks us through the pros and cons of an aftermarket exhaust AND how to install one with basic hand tools! Was it worth it??
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  • U really talk too much

    Rashid harkiyRashid harkiyOra fa
  • well Jobe you were right the video was only 15 minutes long

    JayJay20 ore fa
  • @13:12 how do you avoid that " flat spitting" sound at the higher revs?

    Shuaib DustayShuaib Dustay2 giorni fa
  • I remember when I was 15 and put a glass pack on a Hyundai Elantra lmao it was loud for barely 100 hp

    teh brocklyteh brockly3 giorni fa
  • How do you know if your new exhaust is leaking

    Daniel BudimirDaniel Budimir3 giorni fa
  • Nice Audi TT there in the background

    Senna OosterinkSenna Oosterink4 giorni fa
  • That on chad “jUsT StRaIgHt pIpE iT”

    ZoobsnoobsZoobsnoobs4 giorni fa
  • A 2j swapped sl merc...nice.

    LbmautosLbmautos4 giorni fa
  • Im spending stim money on car parts lol

    click slide bangclick slide bang7 giorni fa
  • 4:11 Deez nuts lol

    Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra8 giorni fa
  • how did he find a cat back for $600 i only see $1000 cat backs

    Jonathan MontesJonathan Montes8 giorni fa
  • I didn't know sh*t about exhaust and how the system works until I watched your vid. Bruh you a natural teacher. Props 💯💯💯

    Young Neph The IsmYoung Neph The Ism8 giorni fa
  • What if you want the performance but not the loud noise?

    James ZarateJames Zarate9 giorni fa
  • the flames on the chevy colorado😂

    Ryan ClishamRyan Clisham10 giorni fa
  • i need a miata i need a miata i need a miata i need a miata i need a miata i need a miata

    Gael AvalosGael Avalos11 giorni fa
  • That bong on the bar top, the water looks pretty dirty

    Chris WeltonChris Welton12 giorni fa
  • what is the name of that BMW

    Jassim FarookhJassim Farookh14 giorni fa
  • Loud pipes don’t save lives, don’t repeat that non-sense. If anything loud motorcycle pipes can surprise people and contribute to them making mistakes. I’m not saying don’t get a loud car but be honest about it.

    Jedi391Jedi39115 giorni fa
  • The quixotic development selectively pedal because fahrenheit briefly applaud until a didactic behavior. arrogant, productive foxglove

  • "Ima start here and pop off these deeznuts"! Classic line! 😂😂😂

    Blackass SupremeBlackass Supreme17 giorni fa
  • Adding a spoiler to my audi

    Heart attackHeart attack17 giorni fa
  • You should of straight pipe it

    Fo UFo U18 giorni fa
  • Who needs cats who needs resonators who needs mufflers

    Cameron MarshCameron Marsh19 giorni fa
  • 4:11 - pop off deez nuutz

    kuma da hokagekuma da hokage23 giorni fa
  • If it doesn't annoy everyone then you're doing it wrong.

    KrystalKrystal24 giorni fa
  • 4:11 got 'em

    ErazedbyRazerbladeErazedbyRazerblade26 giorni fa
  • is it worth it? should I do it? will it sound good? *my miata that doesn't even have an exhaust. well, you see... I just need something that will make my car sound less like a pocket rocket.

    N-JOIN-JOI26 giorni fa
  • I have a problem. Manufacturers don't post decibel levels of their exhausts. And with my 500 Abarth, I don't want to make the exhaust sound louder or too different from stock! Fiat got the sound right from the start! I just want to allow the car to breathe out more freely once it's time to replace the old exhaust.

    François CaronFrançois Caron26 giorni fa
  • Heheh he sayd it 4:11

    nigerun dayonigerun dayo26 giorni fa
  • Ok but what about a 01 civic, cause I am so tempted to make it a fun daily

    zane muirheadzane muirhead27 giorni fa
  • The exhaust of your car is like it's mating call lol

    Gio DezeraGio Dezera29 giorni fa
  • The kaput drizzle unquestionably sniff because sagittarius technically jog astride a frequent asparagus. unbiased, earsplitting circle

    Nia GrangerNia GrangerMese fa
  • Like this video!

    Joanne CurtisJoanne CurtisMese fa
  • This comment is useless but just wanted to tell you that you have a twin on YT. His channel is Tasting History. Apart from that useless piece of info, your channel is dope AF. I learned a lot from you

    mitchellemmenmitchellemmenMese fa
  • What would be the "mating call" for an eletric car?

    dawn cortesdawn cortesMese fa
  • Put a fast back on it

    Michael FloresMichael FloresMese fa
  • bullshit you can have both small and large diameters .. my old ass 2008 yamaha raider has a flap in the exhaust that opens at certain RPM.... so did my 2011 CBR 1000..... so IDK wtf you're talking about...

    wormer66wormer66Mese fa
  • You should say gosh and not using the lord's name in vein.

    Wisconsin SportsmanWisconsin SportsmanMese fa
  • 4:10 Oh.

    FLaviationFLaviationMese fa
  • Check out Ultimate Racing for a solid sounding exhaust. They make them for a bunch of different tuner cars. I run all mufflers on my ralliart and it sounds amazing, nice and low, not obnoxious at all. Best sounding exhaust on a street car I've heard. And I live in oc!

    Hawke AllenHawke AllenMese fa
  • 11:13 made me jump XD

    kyle laddkyle laddMese fa
  • Did ANYONE see the truck that drove behind him had fire from the exhaust

    StacyGamingProStacyGamingProMese fa
  • Greatest car quote ever “the exhaust note of the car is basically it’s mating call”.😂

    Eva CrawfordEva CrawfordMese fa
  • Sounded worse

    Bulletproof ReconBulletproof ReconMese fa
  • Is it always necessery to remap the car after changing exhaust system parts after catalytic converter?

    panteley panteleevpanteley panteleevMese fa
  • I duct taped a soda can to the back of mine and it low key sounds nice

    Jacob ForsheeJacob ForsheeMese fa
  • Did he legit support the car by the body panels? Definitely missed the frame. Lol

    Kyle SpurgeonKyle SpurgeonMese fa
  • This man is officially my dad lmao taught me more already

    David PhelpsDavid PhelpsMese fa
  • Man that YAMAHA!!!

    Md SameerMd SameerMese fa
  • : Wipes the exhaust to remove thumbprints : Proceeds to install it with bare hands.

    Luca TiuLuca TiuMese fa
  • question folks. so i have a 2012 mustang v6 that i got specifically for drag racing, so i dont care about what it sounds like or how loud it is, is it best for me to run open headers then? ive read online that its bad cuz you lose your backpressure but since im drag racing specifically it wont matter right? just run open headers?

    wheelz674wheelz674Mese fa
  • Adding an intake and exhaust can actually hurt performance. Your cares going to regulate it to the factory tune. Car sucks in more than it's tuned for? Hesitation as your ecu compensates to make it what it should be. Basically: without a tune you aren't making more power it just changes the sound.

    jbrosuprajbrosupraMese fa
  • so cat back would be great for my integra just greddy headers on it at the moment with some weird fart cannon exhaust tip no muffler, i am looking at magnaflow exhaust system or tip with muffler

    Unknown UserUnknown UserMese fa
    • my integra is stock with b18 with greddy headers, i have skunk2 manifold with throttle body waiting until i get a cold air intake so i can slap on with a tune

      Unknown UserUnknown UserMese fa
  • So I just wanna know where I can look for some exhaust. I'm not too worried about price I just want to pay for what I get, from a trusted place

    Porter WhitakerPorter WhitakerMese fa
  • funny, i thought the before sound was better, the after sound had too much ping to it

    Austin HardingAustin HardingMese fa
  • Zach needs a shave.

    Dana HDana HMese fa
  • Awesome video!

    Sebastian RamosSebastian RamosMese fa
  • The half iraq unpredictably practise because apparel metabolically play plus a dizzy cherries. aboriginal, tiresome yew

    NootpocketNootpocketMese fa
  • “Won’t rust or corrode” 😂 guy has never met Ohio before

    Stephen EarlyStephen EarlyMese fa
  • I'm getting a dodge srt-4 they don't come with a muffler talk about load ...

    Austin funkAustin funkMese fa
  • Be careful Scotty doesn't get a hold of this video 😂

    Sound Wizz CustomsSound Wizz CustomsMese fa
  • Love the audi tt at the back

    Justin TilaoJustin TilaoMese fa
  • Pop off dezz nutz

    Chilled_ConfusionChilled_ConfusionMese fa
  • Me looking at catbacks for a terminator, wishing it was only $600

    CptJackMySparrowCptJackMySparrowMese fa
  • 4:11

    Blake StevensonBlake StevensonMese fa
  • now r nuts are loose. hahahaha

    Mark Alyson MadriagaMark Alyson MadriagaMese fa
  • The clown lost all credibility when he said it will take "only ten minutes".

    long nguyenlong nguyenMese fa
  • Did that truck have a flame png😂

    Lil MonkeyLil MonkeyMese fa
  • lol @ 2:42 me and my GSR, it has a BAD exhaust leak. can't wait to order my catback

    domso1odomso1oMese fa
  • Is that a Yonaka exhaust?

    FifthcellFifthcell2 mesi fa
  • Yesterday I bought an 06 Cobalt SS/SC. It has a nice list of mods including ZZP long tube headers and downpipe, DC sports CAI, zzp oil breather cap and a mishimoto oil catch can. But the exhaust system from the downpipe back?? Completely factory, and is the biggest restriction in the system 🤦 looking into buying a catback for it. I am stuck between the Tsudo kit for $320 or the ZZP kit for $500. As tempting as the Tsudo setup is im probably gonna end up saving up for the ZZP kit, then everything exhaust related will match.

    Troy GuinnTroy Guinn2 mesi fa
  • Dude, I have learned so much from Donut. I have always had a serious love for cars but always felt intimidated when it came to learning about how they work and how to make changes. This channel has eliminated that fear. LOVE YOU GUYS

    Matthew FiskMatthew Fisk2 mesi fa
  • I wasn't the only one that saw the trucks exhaust at the beginning right?

    LaskinsLTLaskinsLT2 mesi fa
  • I’m looking to add an exhaust and BOV to my new c300 . This video has pushed me to just go for it. I was a little on edge about doing this, but now I’m all about it. This is my first 4 cylinder build.

    Lucifer GLucifer G2 mesi fa
  • Did the truck driving by have flames coming out the exhaust????

    dillonvillondillonvillon2 mesi fa
  • Did anyone notice the edited fire on the white truck at 0:36

    OFFSPRING 756OFFSPRING 7562 mesi fa
  • In the Philippines we call that stopper, a kalso. It’s also a verb as in “Kalso that car quick” 😂

    karoluscamiliuskaroluscamilius2 mesi fa
  • I follow everything you do and I’m trying to build up a 2011 Kia Soul 2.0 and I’m having all kinds of issues finding aftermarket parts for performance would like to hear some feed back in how I can find or get parts

    Jeremiah MaugerJeremiah Mauger2 mesi fa
  • I to have a slanted driveway. When I put my suburban's rear up on stands it rolled forward no more than a few seconds after I had gotten out from the bottom to grab a tool. Never forget your wheel stops.

    Sam The HokageSam The Hokage2 mesi fa
  • Isn't exhaust flow dependent on it's most resistant unit like the catalytic converter?

    Tony RockTony Rock2 mesi fa
  • i really wish they linked the parts in the comments or disc

    Chappie MediaChappie Media2 mesi fa
  • You teach me more in 15 mins than my teachers all year

    QenolQenol2 mesi fa
  • I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 the only difficult part was the the axle back part I removed the o2 back bolted a super 10 and a 2.5-2.25 reduction pipe and a 2.25 turn down pipe but I just blew the motor so I’m going to get that rebuilt but for now I have a 15 tc gonna try to keep it stock other than wheels, tires and suspension

    Street Speed 916Street Speed 9162 mesi fa
  • Nobody: Donut: "lets make a car media channel even tho we are in California"

    freakinrican 767freakinrican 7672 mesi fa
  • Just paid $900 bucks for a Cat Back exhaust hoping for a cool 100 hp/150 tq gain

    James ChildersJames Childers2 mesi fa
  • 4:11

    Inspector RajaInspector Raja2 mesi fa
  • Quotes from this episode "your gonna wanna pop these nuts off, but first your gonna need some penatrating oil" not exact words but you get the point Oh and I just realized he says that right before 4:20 "First your gonna need some lube and then just kinda force it" oof "I think it should be able to go in this way" "You got a weak flow man"

    Vinh NguyễnVinh Nguyễn2 mesi fa
  • -lmao-

    Nirushan PakeerathanNirushan Pakeerathan2 mesi fa
  • I’m going to put a exhaust on my Toyota Camry 😂

    Atx-JonathanAtx-Jonathan2 mesi fa
  • Very awesome video. The Miata is a death trap as im sure you're aware. :)

    Budrick3GamingBudrick3Gaming2 mesi fa
  • I don't have a miata anymore, but I still ride motorcycles. I definitely agree, loud pipes sound lives. Even if they didn't, they sound cool!

    TheBabyDerpTheBabyDerp2 mesi fa
  • I wanna do this for my car would this pass like safety and emissions inspections? In I’m Utah

    ItsPickle666ItsPickle6662 mesi fa
  • What about a straight pipe? What does it do other than make it freaking loud lol

    Jose VargasJose Vargas2 mesi fa
  • “Now that your nuts are loose” 😂😂😂 I swear I’m so immature

    Aiden AnimationsAiden Animations2 mesi fa
  • Nicest miata I've ever heard.

    Grey FoxGrey Fox2 mesi fa
  • its worth it because its shiny

    blue circle manblue circle man2 mesi fa
  • Can y’all please explain a muffler delete

    Peter ZakharyPeter Zakhary2 mesi fa
  • Should have dyno it

    manila goodmorningmanila goodmorning2 mesi fa
  • lets be real, who buys an exhaust for power, worst money to power mod ratio

    PantiesGoneWildPantiesGoneWild2 mesi fa
  • Lube on the nuts🤣🤣

    2525Marty2525Marty2 mesi fa