Is Your Car Safe to Turbo?

2 dic 2020
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We finally have a turbo kit!! But before we go bolting a spinny boi up to the miata, we gotta talk about how to even know if your engine is a good candidate for turbocharging! Buckle up, we’re doing turbo stuff for the next 6 weeks!!
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Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!
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  • Low compression

    Rendii X4Rendii X42 giorni fa
  • on another note, i love how nobody pointed out that in the ad at the beginning for the ridge wallet, the wallet he dropped actually was a ridge wallet

    *Dangaming10**Dangaming10*12 giorni fa
  • By Jobe.... he’s got it

    Slo_tc1Slo_tc113 giorni fa
  • When he said for the next 6 weeks I thought back to school when we got to play a cool game in school for the next couple weeks🤣🤣 I got excited

    Daulton MorganDaulton Morgan13 giorni fa
  • My celica T-Sport with lift system: "Don't even think about it."

    Asiakassi 552Asiakassi 55214 giorni fa
  • Benefits of having an uncle working for a big retail company: Buy parts at 30% price, markups are huge like fucking hell, in a parts store you pay €50 for a piston (example) i buy them through my uncle for €15 or so

    SophiaSophia15 giorni fa
  • This is the best and most comprehensive video I’ve seen on a pre FI check up!

    JavierCR25JavierCR2515 giorni fa
  • Is it ever possible or has anyone ever thought of putting a throttle body infront lf a turbo inlet.

    Jorge DamianJorge Damian16 giorni fa
  • I would’ve checked the bearings. Wouldn’t want rod knock. 🥲

    Osvaldo CabaOsvaldo Caba17 giorni fa
  • Donut: Is your car safe to turbo? Itsuki: Idk, I love my AE85

    Boris PernichevBoris Pernichev17 giorni fa
  • So here's why there's no up to speed.. (129) car/truck videos (make model and sub model) videos. (7) oem perf. division videos. (7) aftermarket perf. divisions. (2) racing (F1, group b) videos. (2) race car drivers (Petty, Miles). (1) race track, the ring. (3) engines Hemi,LS,Cummins. (3) motorcycles. (2) semi trucks. 4 misc eps. Santa sleigh, quattro system,foxbodys, john deere tractors. (2) deleted eps. and a Redux episode of the RX-7.. ⚡⚡⚡ and now there out of ideas maybe?

    350Z 4life350Z 4life17 giorni fa
  • My 92 Mercedes has a ob1 so I can't even tune it

    Miguel GMiguel G17 giorni fa
  • This Miata vs Sarah Fairfield’s Miata

    Dalton FalesDalton Fales18 giorni fa
  • Is your car safe to turbo? My WRX: 🤔

    Magical MahiMagical Mahi18 giorni fa
  • Omg I’ve been into watching this guy go crazy with his Miata lol.

    Bruce MendozaBruce Mendoza22 giorni fa
  • I'm going to turbo my 04 cr-v lol just bought the compression tester kit.

    A botA bot22 giorni fa
  • Someone needs to start a tool/kit rental service that has special car kits and things so people who don’t have the financial means or justification to buy all of the fancy test kits and things needed for working on cars.

    Jikkity JekJikkity Jek24 giorni fa
  • You are the reason I like Wednesdays.

    Santoro ProjectSantoro Project24 giorni fa
  • Well we got sick of waiting and did our own conversion It caught fire 🔥 check out the video Donut check your Insta DM

    S HiggsS Higgs24 giorni fa
  • "is your car safe to turbo?" My 97 4runner: FUCK YEAH WHATS NEXT

    kyle welchkyle welch24 giorni fa
  • Me when my car has a turbo stock: I sure hope so!

    Yes YesYes Yes25 giorni fa
  • Love that you use a C Stand to hold the bonnet up.... Most expensive bonnet-holder-opener ever 🤣

    RandomlySetRandomlySet26 giorni fa
  • If you're old enough to remember "the SuperFinish Era" of MoPar, you'll know that you NEVER PUT A TURBOCHARGER ON A GASOLINE ENGINE! They've never played well; if you have a DIESEL engine, a turbo (or 2) is free horsepower, but DO NOT TRY TURBOCHARGING a GASOLINE engine! I've personally only met ONE person who was willing to go through the circus involved every time the thing is shut off, & that was on a "real steel" 1967 Pontiac (a.k.a. "a V-8 Big American Land Yacht".) "If you value your money", & you want power, get a V-8; (My personal preference is a MoPar 440-cid V-8 built in Canada, between 1965-1972.) Just DON'T try putting a turbo on a gas engine! Don't say you weren't warned!

    Phoenix NightOwl, Jr.Phoenix NightOwl, Jr.27 giorni fa
  • didn't even hate the ad tbh lmao

    Robert KalerRobert Kaler28 giorni fa
  • Even before I watched the video I know the answer for me is no. (2001 Audi C5 4.2).

    ColinSketchColinSketchMese fa
  • its safe to turbo but it never runs any longer than 6 months reliably before u have to make repairs

    PB42189PB42189Mese fa
  • Can i turbo my moms ford transit van?

    Luke IdkLuke IdkMese fa
  • I'd like to know more on super chargers. I'm building 3.8 v6 with a super charger love to see more abt them!

    Steve JenkinsSteve JenkinsMese fa
  • 2:17 Who’s the dunce always adding apostrophes to plurals? How do you spend so much time teaching so much stuff and get something so basic so wrong so frequently?!

    anonymous boschanonymous boschMese fa
  • 3:32 i love how his answer to "will my engine blow up if I turbo it?" is "look up the forums like we did when we were teenagers"

    Ghost SmokeGhost SmokeMese fa
  • is your car safe to turbo? my 2000 LeSabre: its coolant leakage time

    TheNintendoDudeTheNintendoDudeMese fa
  • I’m not gonna lie.... I’d watch uncle Jerry if he was on donut.

    Randy CandelarioRandy CandelarioMese fa
  • Dear Donut, I would like to mf congratulate y'all this video blew me away!!!! Many of these dynamics can get fairly complicated, and can also applied to aerospace engineering. The way Zach explained things briefly but informatively gave people the right idea of what they were getting into, how much they understood watching their first time through, and just how ready they were to tackle this. Truly a great video, keep up the good work! I've seen this channel EXPLODE from just around 300k to now 4.45 million its insane and it hope it continues! The amount of effort just put into the sponsorship ad is insane, they are actually entertaining I don't even skip them anymore. All in all, this was a great video and I hope you guys continue on the path laid in front of you, things are looking great for us, your subscribes, and you guys! The more people that get to watch, the bigger the products and production can become for us and it's been such an enjoyable journey thus far. Sincercerely, Yellowfling

    YellowflingYellowflingMese fa
  • imagine turboing some V12..

    EMRGEMRGMese fa
  • i hope you are going to gap them rings for that turbo so you dont blow out the top of your piston when it heats up

    Robert gamingRobert gamingMese fa
  • 7:49 ....I felt that

    Devdutt UpadhyayDevdutt UpadhyayMese fa
  • Yo, Zach seems like he's secretly a genius

    Garrett RedhouseGarrett RedhouseMese fa
  • Those Last Shot 14s Uncle Jerry’s got on tho 💪🏽💪🏽🔥💪🏽

    AJ BautistaAJ BautistaMese fa
  • ITworlds- i now you don't care much about cars but here... Me- s-sure... why not... 13 minutes later- ok baby let's do this

    Da WASPDa WASPMese fa
  • This is the only channel, in which I actually enjoy watching the sponsors

    IndirectFeverIndirectFeverMese fa
  • I kinda got a crush on this guy

    Gonçalo GonçalvesGonçalo GonçalvesMese fa
  • I take back my mean comment on the exhaust flamethrower episode. This is what we've all been waiting for! Thanks for being awesome Zach! 👍

    Maximilien MontyMaximilien MontyMese fa
  • Zzp super charger here I come

    Logan NixonLogan NixonMese fa
  • “Is my engine safe to turbocharge?” My Mazdaspeed: “Yes, but no”

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMese fa
  • That new intro is pretty sweet!

    Jacob MacDonaldJacob MacDonaldMese fa
  • Zach: hey let’s turbo the Miata All of the memers: 👁👄👁

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueMese fa
  • Donut is the new Top Gear (Clarkson years equivalent)

    Ian VisserIan VisserMese fa
    • The face james makes when rick jobe told everyone that future james gone blow all his money 😂 straight up looks like a shook chubby cat 😂

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMese fa
  • is your car turbo safe? Yes, but just once (stock Honda civic)

    JamieJayJamieJayMese fa
    • The Harborest of Freights 😂 it’s funny to me because I’ve stocked that compression test a millions times.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueMese fa
  • how does the turbo work. me. the air goes in here here and goes thru there and here and goes stututuuttu

    niels schoutenniels schoutenMese fa
  • The Miata has a rotary right?

    Alessandro CimatoAlessandro CimatoMese fa
  • I am looking to turbo my 2006 corolla le. I want to get a low price turbo kit that actually fits my car. Does anyone know where I can start?

    Nicholas PenlandNicholas PenlandMese fa
    • @kolim jone I like the cool sounds :)

      Nicholas PenlandNicholas PenlandMese fa
    • "So, you wanna turbo your car? Classic." -Zach Jobe the master

      kolim jonekolim joneMese fa
  • I appreciate the yellow bar during their ad

    KelseyDunnigan drangKelseyDunnigan drangMese fa

    Darryl HaycockDarryl HaycockMese fa
  • Week 6: "THE TURBO BUILD IS COMPLETE" Week 7: How to find a new healthy engine for your car.

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlMese fa
  • “I gotta go, James is about to blow all his money” 😂😂😂 I love how these ads are starting to become their own little series👌

    GCPDetectiveGCPDetectiveMese fa
  • About cooling cylinder 4, i know there is a kit for the B6 engine that uses the rear coolant exhaust port, which is the coolant inlet port on the 1989-1994 Mazda 323/protege. Have you already mounted that system? Dutch guy showing how he does his MX-5/Miata NB:

    SJP1504SJP1504Mese fa
  • Sututututututu

    Meme IMeme IMese fa
    • That boy got some clean jordans lmao 🤣

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMese fa

    CassieCassieMese fa
  • "...I'll just go ahead and crank it up to 40 PSI" *Other gauge that is normally used to give a reading is now bent from being forced against the stopper on the neutral side, rendering it inaccurate altogether now* Seriously though, you don't really need the leak down tool if you're just going to do it that way, you could make any adapter with a pressure gauge on the output side and watch how much it drops and how quickly

    Ginger NingerGinger NingerMese fa
    • The rampant teaching expectedly complete because step-father naturalistically pick above a miscreant diving. permissible, nostalgic alloy

      CassieCassieMese fa
  • What a great series

    Sneakerama17Sneakerama17Mese fa
  • The face james makes when rick jobe told everyone that future james gone blow all his money 😂 straight up looks like a shook chubby cat 😂

    MachiavelliMachiavelliMese fa
  • I'm gonna turbo charge my watch so time could fly faster on these youtube videos.

    niacal4nianiacal4niaMese fa
  • The impossible asphalt consequentially bake because day tinctorially embarrass worth a hurried meteorology. ruthless, marvelous carriage

    Christy MurrayChristy MurrayMese fa
  • The Harborest of Freights 😂 it’s funny to me because I’ve stocked that compression test a millions times.

    niduoe streniduoe streMese fa
  • 1:18 Life is Strange moment

    Kıvanç ÇelikKıvanç ÇelikMese fa
  • The new intro is SICK. LOVE IT.

    Kıvanç ÇelikKıvanç ÇelikMese fa
  • "So, you wanna turbo your car? Classic." -Zach Jobe the master

    Kıvanç ÇelikKıvanç ÇelikMese fa
  • Those compressoin tester are not acurate

    DJPhysics DhDJPhysics DhMese fa
    • time while my process is rolling!

      niduoe streniduoe streMese fa
  • This is the only channel I watch the adverts on. Even better it’s the only channel where I don’t immediately swear to never buy whatever is being advertised.

    ehtikhetehtikhetMese fa
  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

    Lon ThaLon ThaMese fa
  • That ridge wallet ad tho

    atomicdeathrayatomicdeathrayMese fa
  • That boy got some clean jordans lmao 🤣

    Erik AlvaradoErik AlvaradoMese fa
  • What happened to up to speed? This channel has fallen off so much!! Sad

    bryce bakerbryce bakerMese fa
  • 7:49 I thought i was the only one that does this😂

    Isaiah TaylorIsaiah TaylorMese fa
  • Should have went for a cam first. Would have been better

    Yashkar HeeraYashkar HeeraMese fa
  • The rampant teaching expectedly complete because step-father naturalistically pick above a miscreant diving. permissible, nostalgic alloy

    Myr RosenMyr RosenMese fa
  • its time for na bmw i6 engines

    Gehtsie NixanGehtsie NixanMese fa
  • "do a leak down and compression test to see if your engine is safe to turbo!" nevermind your piston ring gaps, your stock rods, let alone the pistons. F for that stock engine

    Marcus SpringerMarcus SpringerMese fa
  • 2:12 hold on wheres Bart

    Dresdon AcacinDresdon AcacinMese fa
  • Day 268 of asking James to do an Up to speed on his Dad

    Emily AnEmily AnMese fa
  • I thought na miata compression was supposed to be between 160-180 psi?

    zorkman111zorkman111Mese fa
  • Man thank u for this series! I’m doing my turbo build now... engine is in the machine shop as I type this! So it’s fun to watch you do this as well ... it’s definitely helping to pass the time while my process is rolling!

    Jason IrvinJason IrvinMese fa
  • Differential Compression test / Leakdown should be done at about 80psi and the other gauge should be replaced with a standard gauge. Anything below 70 on the second gauge is too low.

    jacob van halterenjacob van halterenMese fa
    • Finally!!

      Emily AnEmily AnMese fa
  • That ad was so good I didn't skip it. Donut is lit!

    Mario PaulMario PaulMese fa
  • “Is my car safe to turbo?” My Honda Accord that is unable to die: “HELL YEAH”

    Jacob TaylorJacob TaylorMese fa
  • Don’t use the compression tester from harbor freight, the way they are designed makes them give you non-accurate compression results!!!

    Fearless Ferrous FireFearless Ferrous FireMese fa
  • Man If I had the shop and tools like this and the money for a turbo, I would have went ahead and got some forged pistons and maybe new valves too just because

    Eko JarEko JarMese fa
  • Oh my God. It's finally happening. They're turboing it!

    Francis PaesanoFrancis PaesanoMese fa
  • Yeah it came with one

    Dakota RobuckDakota RobuckMese fa
  • moneypit has become my favourite internet show

    pojopojoMese fa
  • The wallet that blows up is still ridge... lol 1:00

    danieldanielMese fa
  • Also *TURBO MIATA*

    Hood GT6Hood GT6Mese fa
  • Cool theme

    Hood GT6Hood GT6Mese fa
  • Turbo 1.6 engine?

    Simon FredrikssonSimon FredrikssonMese fa
  • So a few notes on the Harbor Freight testers, I love HF, but these tools have let me down a few times. 1. The compression tester I have from HF is always 30psi below other brands like OTC and Snap-On, but like noted in the video as long as the cylinders test the same or near the same, not a big deal. 2. For the leak down tester you want one that has both gauges as PSI, so you can see what PSI is going in and what PSI is going out, divide them by each other, and bam, there's your leak down percentage.

    Matthew NeuforthMatthew NeuforthMese fa
  • Zach, what happens if you turbocharge and one of your cylinder compressions is low? I'm facing this now and would like to add a turbo without an engine rebuild. Pretty sure most of the compression leak is in the cylinder, not the head.

    Patrick BatemanPatrick BatemanMese fa
  • How are all the hosts so bad?

    Afk 2secAfk 2secMese fa
  • Finally!!

    956StreetMedia956StreetMediaMese fa
  • Week 6: "THE TURBO BUILD IS COMPLETE" Week 7: How to find a new healthy engine for your car.

    bilij pdanbilij pdanMese fa
  • Who’s the skater bro😂

    Purple OdysseyPurple OdysseyMese fa
    • The acceptable lake only smoke because piano erroneously gather around a wrong space. subsequent, tacit chair

      bilij pdanbilij pdanMese fa