How a Lawsuit Killed Youtube’s Most Exciting Project Car

10 ago 2020
2 237 583 visualizzazioni

Movie cars are always cool, but can the owners of Gone in 60 Seconds or Back to the Future sue you for build Eleanor or a Delorean Time Machine? What do you have to do to stop your movie replica from becoming a legal nightmare? If you want to build a Batmobile, or a Jurassic Park Jeep, or a Fast and Furious Supra, there's some things you'll need to know. Nolan takes a look at some of the most recent cases to rock the car world, and we find out exactly what puts a project at risk of being shut down.
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  • Should have named the Mustang "Turkey" which would have been more appropriate.

    ArizonaPoetArizonaPoetOra fa
  • When they showed up to get the car, I'd have burned it to a pile of scrap just to spite them (shop "welding" accident of course). Then made them remove "their" (melted) property, and SUE THEM if they didn't!

    Tony BTony B2 ore fa
  • asking them to stop production i can understand---but taking the car away is daylight robbery

  • It’s evil Disney’s fault. Also, some of the copyright owners are companies that only get income from collecting on copyright claims is my understanding. So they are more like mobsters taking your money then companies who care about there brand recognition.

    Kardash Auto repairKardash Auto repair4 ore fa
  • should have named it elenoar

    Kostadin StoykovKostadin Stoykov9 ore fa
  • Someone needs to actually run the gone-in-60-seconds in court. Unless someone says it's the movie car, a name is not enough to copyright a character. It has to have many features in common! Ugh. Because that's not how copyright works. They might as well go after horses named Elenor.

    Crissa KentavrCrissa Kentavr14 ore fa
  • Really taken away. I would of got out the shotgun if there taking a project car away for some bullshit. That time,$$$,engery on that.

    Michael PerezMichael Perez15 ore fa
  • The Eleanor car is the most over done car right next to the general Lee. There are other restomoded cars on the internet that are cooler and original in thought

    hooniganlifehooniganlife16 ore fa
  • Technically they can't really copy write something that somebody's name because what are they gonna do kidnap that person and make them your slave And technically there would be a loophole because the copy right only protects that specific car

    Justin ParksJustin Parks20 ore fa
  • Should have had the had the record producer from “chef-aid” when he says “I am above the law!” and swoops his hair with hair gel lol

    Kyle BartonKyle Barton21 ora fa
  • I've hereby named my Kona Blue 2019 GT Mustang 'Ronaele'. Who wants to fund the Roush Stage 3 so we can be an Eleanor killer? lmao

    Cashanova PersonaCashanova PersonaGiorno fa
  • Only in America... (am i allowed to type that?)

    gp lugtgp lugtGiorno fa
  • If people ruin my life then I shall return to people who did to me

    David HuntDavid HuntGiorno fa
  • One car exempt from this discussion; it would seem is, the Bluesmobile...

    Brian WongBrian WongGiorno fa
  • You sound like you want to help the Chinese steal intellectual property. There is a reason for these laws

    DA BDA BGiorno fa
  • Saw Disney seize an Tow Mater in Odessa Ontario. The truck was built by the man and his son/ sons. His downfall was putting it up for kids parties and trying to recoup some of the build... but just to make kids smile. The replica was painstakingly built and shut down. I wonder if it’s not a part of the CARS section in one of the parks today. In response to the legal aspects.. let’s talk General Lee so political and yet just a well loved “character “ in the show we all love. Is the studio gonna lawyer up and seize the Lee’s. PS tough time to be driving a car with that livery. It’s a shame that politics and copywriters scar it all

    Michael CroftonMichael CroftonGiorno fa
  • Its a fucking name Jesus

    Jotato KujoJotato KujoGiorno fa
  • This is what happens when people with no real power in their ordinary lives, feel the need to exercise what power they do have over anyone they can. Dick move by dicks, get it renamed and get the video content changed. Job done, no harm no foul.

    Adrian Fox-KirkAdrian Fox-KirkGiorno fa
  • Time for an "Eleanor" build of a Toyota Echo.

    AcousticTheoryAcousticTheoryGiorno fa
  • They need to name the new one Ellenore. And copyright that name as it’s spelled differently. That way this can’t happen anymore.

    TurtlePoopTurtlePoopGiorno fa
  • Nolan- says Eleanor Eleanor Licensing LLC- Time for another Lawsuit.

    Herman malikaHerman malikaGiorno fa
  • How is that legal for them to take it basied on them on a name

    Brad LibbyBrad Libby2 giorni fa
  • Every Mustang owner in the country should name their car Eleanor. This is like Lewis Hamilton Suing Hamilton Watch for use of his name.

    Patrick FulmerPatrick Fulmer2 giorni fa
  • realy? the usa is fucked up. if i call my mb eleanor they can take my car`?

    Juergen BauerJuergen Bauer2 giorni fa
  • They REALLY have to relook at the copyright system that is inplace these days, so much bullshit going around its INSANE

    ValmorianValmorian2 giorni fa
  • i can't believe they took the unfinished car. rename it maybe but taking it, not cool.

    blueovalfan23blueovalfan232 giorni fa
  • Names can't be copyrighted, it would be a trademark. Not a lawyer, but apparently the way trademark law works it's enforce it or lose it .. Still a jerk move by the trademark holder .. They should have offered to license it rather than force takedown.

    frontiervirtchannelfrontiervirtchannel2 giorni fa
  • i know the writer for back to future :P

    RANDYYYRANDYYY2 giorni fa
  • Nolan; interesting story. What a drag for your friend Chris having his car taken from him. Don't know why they, (Eleanor LLC), couldn't just issue a cease and desist order and leave it at that. Guess it's these litigious times we live in. Personal rights are being seized from us all the time until we have no rights left. Good work, as always.

    tim fordtim ford2 giorni fa
  • Vehcor is doing a similar project with a 65 convertible body.

    tvdetectivefantvdetectivefan2 giorni fa
  • This is why I hate todays America high key. Stupid fucking copyrights. Judges agreeing with what is obviously morally wrong. People stopping some good ol’ American kids trying to have fun... Fuck those guys.

    Kylar WestfallKylar Westfall2 giorni fa
  • Couldn't he just change the name, and overdub the new name in the videos? Can we just kill all the lawyers!

    ScottyDiverScottyDiver2 giorni fa
  • Sunch american story, to sue each other.

    Mike JaquesMike Jaques2 giorni fa
  • Copyright lawyer can only go after what is easy to see. Disney devote resources to go after violators but it's a cat and mouse game. There are plenty of copyright and counterfeiters that is impossible to get them.

    ben zambranaben zambrana2 giorni fa
  • wowwwww, that's sooo messed up. i feel horrible for him :(

    KamelKamel2 giorni fa
  • Hey elenore my step dad's name is elenore come take him

    MR. DAREMR. DARE2 giorni fa
  • What exactly is the point of a company around name licensing? Right: just waiting to punch unexpecting people straight in the face... Nothing else. There should be laws to have to warn somebody that is unknowingly using licensed names first! Otherwise this is a dirty scam at best. Sh*t like that makes me really mad!

    Alexander BürgerAlexander Bürger2 giorni fa

    Luqman Nul hakimLuqman Nul hakim3 giorni fa
  • The lawyers got paid to steal that mustang.

    Trex GamingTrex Gaming3 giorni fa
  • The car was named mustang from the factory. Therefore mustang is the name of the car. The copyright owners somehow found out a legal way to steal mustangs. That’s a prime example of how the US judicial system works.

    Trex GamingTrex Gaming3 giorni fa
  • just sad

    Michel VeitMichel Veit3 giorni fa
  • We don`t have such problems in Bulgaria. Like who cares about those things?

    Jordan BillfordJordan Billford3 giorni fa
  • ITworlds most exciting project car ??? You certainly didn't heard of the 1000hp multipla project from Vilbrequin, shame ..

    TaylanTaylan3 giorni fa
  • Big business only cares about very very small amounts of money for income, that theyll use to lobby laws for making it easier to sue people for dumb shit.

    Vade NummelaVade Nummela3 giorni fa
  • Oh what the fuck hahahaha the yellow mustang @2:43 has Ukrainian license plate xD

    Иван КошевойИван Кошевой3 giorni fa
  • Hope they don’t come for my horse, she’s named Eleanor...

    Just an average gamerJust an average gamer3 giorni fa
  • No body took my chicken named Eleanor (yet)

    177 Shift177 Shift3 giorni fa
  • did they Finish the Mustang build ???

    Joni EnglishJoni English3 giorni fa
  • could someone get away with calling 67 gt500 ellie and replicate aesthetics of eleanor

    Rob BrownecoleRob Brownecole3 giorni fa
  • Should build a better one and call it "HELL-anor"

    Anthony DerksAnthony Derks3 giorni fa
  • "Gone in 60 seconds"????What are you talking about? This is what our next generation should say, because they should never watch the movie. Fall in love with other cars.

    daniel strayerdaniel strayer3 giorni fa
  • That car was gone in 60 seconds 😂. For real though thats bs man

    Sniper Dav123Sniper Dav1233 giorni fa
  • Who’s project is also their daily 🙋🏽‍♂️

    TheGamblinGoonTheGamblinGoon4 giorni fa
  • Well f**k the people that did that

    Ken GutierrezKen Gutierrez4 giorni fa
  • What a dhit company. Why didn't b is for build just change the name

    Edward ForestEdward Forest4 giorni fa
  • What the fuck??? why not just change the name?

    EdrumSenseEdrumSense4 giorni fa
  • Them confiscating it is fucking insane, that shit is so outtta line. If someone tried to tow my project car cause of a name, I’d tell them I’ll change the name. If they persisted I’d fucking shoot them

    WarMonger AirsoftWarMonger Airsoft4 giorni fa
  • No no no, that os just a typo, our car is elionor

    Ivone PessoaIvone Pessoa4 giorni fa
  • Ok Mopar guys, time to make Helleanor...see if they chase you down to

    Bryan BBryan B4 giorni fa
  • TL;DR: We need to force copyright legislation to change back to 28 years, instead of expanding further and further until everything is copyrighted and no innovation can be created because it infringes the copyright law on at least _some_ copyrighted material.

    SapioitSapioit4 giorni fa
  • Donut should team up with b is for build and do this as a collab project car

    Brando NaïmBrando Naïm4 giorni fa
  • so any 1970 TNT orange Dodge Charger is General Lee if its the case for any car is called Eleanor

    vaggelis dogasvaggelis dogas4 giorni fa
  • Pretty pathetic on the Eleanor deal because 71s were just so ugly and disgusting compared to the rest I put them right up there with 74 to 79s

    mike bairdmike baird4 giorni fa
  • someone name their car "natural function of OR" and past an ln(or) badge on the back.

    Justin SchlawinJustin Schlawin4 giorni fa
  • Merica! Fuck yea!

    Craig ElliottCraig Elliott4 giorni fa
  • "At least they know they're free"

    maxdefrankermaxdefranker4 giorni fa
  • Can a lawyer explain how someone can seize an asset for having a name merely affectionately given to it?

    Big DonBig Don4 giorni fa
  • thanks for the video.

    Media PoolMedia Pool4 giorni fa
  • Now days, movie producers just want money, they don't care about the fan base or movie.

    danieldaniel4 giorni fa
  • Copyright sucks the fun out of everything.

    danieldaniel4 giorni fa
  • Don't name your child Eleanor or anything else copyright! They will sue you and take your child away!

    danieldaniel4 giorni fa
  • Same thing happened with samcrac when he was rebuilding that dominos pizza delivery chevy spark.

    danieldaniel4 giorni fa
  • is it really yt most exiting? i doubt it

  • If it was just me I would take a Ford Pinto and give it mustang batches and call it Elanore they cannot go after a re-branded Ford Pinto which is the mustang 2

    Owen BakerOwen Baker4 giorni fa
  • i would name the second build tha karenor

    Alexandros BertzAlexandros Bertz4 giorni fa
  • Robert Zemeckis, please don't sue me for calling my car a time machine.

    John AndersenJohn Andersen4 giorni fa
  • So why can't they copy right cosplayers then? I just don't see a huge difference there.

    Steven ColleySteven Colley4 giorni fa
  • this makes me want to buy a mustang and change the license plates to "eleanor" just to say fuck you to that LLC

    JerrmzJerrmz4 giorni fa
  • Gay.

    David StewartDavid Stewart4 giorni fa
  • whos watching me build ELE-ANOR 2 :') .... That's terrible, respect for B is for Build for making another, great watch!

    Angry Mack AdventuresAngry Mack Adventures4 giorni fa
  • Couldn't they just change the name and use for the car back. I'd be dammed if someone could just come take my car

    Shane TrogdonShane Trogdon4 giorni fa
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. The tech CEOs were grilled on censorship and the handling of the 2020 election. Watch here in case you missed it:

    Mahiya JesiMahiya Jesi4 giorni fa
  • Shoulda named it Eleanarr fuck the people with this copyright lol

    o0squid0oo0squid0o4 giorni fa
  • Fuck this world we live in. You cant even give a car a name without worrying about getting it legally stolen.

    MoonManMoonMan5 giorni fa
  • Oh boy... the dark powers of Disney are lurking everywhere these days, huh?

    A. K.A. K.5 giorni fa
  • let's make a shitload of cheap fake mustangs and call them eleanor, then get sued and have ALL these poor quality fiberglass mustang shells with no drivetrain pile up in Eleanor LLC's yard so that they will get tired of it

    XDD StudiosXDD Studios5 giorni fa
  • I can’t believe the gang you mentioned was in the comments!

  • It still floors me that they can just take something like a car over the name that they gave it. They took the car. How the hell do they do that? And as an aside, just because they had a legal right to do so, doesn't make morally right. I am pretty disgusted by these people. I would be so unbelievably angry if that had been my car and they had for all intents "legally" STOLEN it from it. Fuck those people.

    Scott NScott N5 giorni fa
  • You have rly fckdup laws in zi land of freedom

    Bóbr BobrowskiBóbr Bobrowski5 giorni fa
  • Gotham Garage is insanely cool, rust to riches is also a quality show

    BassyKellyBassyKelly5 giorni fa
  • this lawsuit is a clear violation of rights, if it smells fishy, it probably is.. you have the right to make a vehicle look like anything you want, its your property, and its not being mass produced, or for commercial sale... perhaps the videos of it would fall under copyright infringement... but the car itself should in no way be seized, its his personal property, they did nothing outside their rights, as i said, you can modify anything you own to look however you damn well please... maybe not road legal, but thats not the problem. if i wanted to make a honda civic look like a lambo, i can do it if i want... its MY CAR. etc. (i dont own a civic, just an example) this is one of those things that shows the flaws or overlaps in the legal system.... contradicts its own purpose. its usually to protect the rights of the people, not opress them, if its oppressive, the judge should be able to see that and rule it fairly. to be clear i havent finished the video, but when you said SEIZED, his personal property seized for simply looking like something under copyright, its basically just an homage to something else. it never would have happened if it wasnt being documented on youtube and popular.... but still, this is basically highway robbery, which unfortunately is a legally grey thing as well, cops are allowed to steal money on your person basically in some states with no probable cause. which again, if its grey, it should rule in favor of the peoples rights, not the against. im no lawyer, but if something is wrong, its wrong. and i know that in law, theres alot of conflicting answers to a problem, aka grey areas. i just hate when its ruled in favor of big business, against the rights of the people who generally support them. i dont even know what the car is yet, but i know that the company basically spat in the face of fans making an homage, and probably turned alot of people away from whatever its from... thats total nintendo logic right there, shit down the throat of your fans. after watching, yes, this is nintendo logic, and apple logic.... what this really needs is attention, and a class action lawsuit against them for damages, everyone whos been fucked over by them needs to get together. this needs to either be sorted out of court, or be brought to the supreme court eventually, because this is clearly wrong and so legally shady its almost laughable. it just sucks that everything legally speaking is always judged inside a vaccum, making any kind of logic not pertaining to the case void. even if it goes from a car to a character when you name it, simply calling it a name does NOT change anything, since like you said how do they prove it. theres no physical evidence, its arbitrary at best. if someone sees a mustang like this, and everyone starts calling it elanor that knows the guy? can they just come in and take it because your friends made the connection, and you just happen to be a youtuber? no.... this is clearly unlawful seizure. might as well seize any child named elanor that happens to like mustangs as well at this point XD. this whole situation is so convoluted its just stupid, the judge that ruled this case should be demoted, this is clearly abuse of power.

    Tin CanTin Can5 giorni fa
  • My Little Pony Hasbro. Absolutely the opposite. Build-a-bear run the official logo as do loads of hasbro mlp franchise’ going back decades. But the fan stuff is a genuine free for all. It has raised a boat load of money for charities, like riding for the disabled and hundreds more, but it also took the brand in completely new directions. They have official figurines selling for £70 each which is waaaay beyond the normal reach of a five dollar plastic horse.

    teamidristeamidris5 giorni fa
  • Like most licensing, B could've asked for a license and paid it in the first instance, thus avoiding all the legal ramifications. The licensees of most copyright items are happy as long as their character is treated properly and they make money.

    crispycrispy5 giorni fa
  • Hello Nolan I'm 36 one of my co-workers is 21 I ride litre bikes and drive a Silverado Z71 LT he drives a 370Z. What we have in common is we like cars we went and checked out 2001 Prelude today. We got to talkin about size trucks and started talking about this video on both realize we like throwing we got to talkin about fast trucks and started talking about the video you made on them both agreed it was a cool video. I'm right next to the Prelude here's a Ford Lightning sitting in their driveway old-timer came out who owns it 40000 clicks on the thing thing was beautiful

    BCshooterFMJ PRIMEBCshooterFMJ PRIME5 giorni fa
  • so a baby that is born in a mustang and is named eleanor will be taken away.

    kevin zhoukevin zhou5 giorni fa
  • Sorry Nolan, but i decided to nickname your mustang “eleanor”

    diegogtzdiegogtz5 giorni fa
  • We never got a good explanation of how the LLC could legally take the car from B is for Build. There has to more to the story, like ignored cease and desists or something.

    Craig AllenCraig Allen5 giorni fa
  • 44 years later, they try to renew but didn't bail, no matter how much dollar they throw it,. Some body in the top takes the 44 years revenge

    strikezero01strikezero015 giorni fa
  • try throw a lawsuit on that in China, if they copy that Eleanor Licensing, LLC: *lift their finger- .... nevermind gesture*

    strikezero01strikezero015 giorni fa
  • God that's the most blood Boling thing I heard today

    Fran DurneinFran Durnein5 giorni fa