Why its impossible to drive 1000mph

10 nov 2020
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Cars get faster every day, and ever since we started driving them, we've always tried to go faster. But is there a limit to how fast a car can go? We did some math, made some calculations, and talked to some scientists to find out where the barriers are in making a car go faster. So what is the limiting factor? Is it the engine? The tires? You'll have to watch to the end to find out!
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  • Just to clarify, we shot this episode before the "Tuatara Drama" came to light. That being said, it still inspired us to make this episode. Hope you enjoy it! - Jerry

    Donut MediaDonut Media21 giorno fa
    • I love paying for add free premium but still have to fast forward because of advertising..gayy

      Matt FryeMatt Frye21 ora fa
    • I think you should clarify if you were really sipping "Horse Juice" @ 9:20 :D

      Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik Österberg3 giorni fa
    • Holloman Air Force Base Rocket Sled laughs at your puny land speed record. Of course they don't have to worry about human passengers.

      nacorannacoran5 giorni fa
    • *re:* 13:21 sustained acceleration: "In order to exceed 300 mph in 4.5 seconds, dragsters must accelerate at an average of more than 4 g's." _Davis, Davis E. American Driver: Unimaginable Acceleration. Automobile Magazine_ Mercury and Gemini astronauts encountered sustained 3g increasing to 7g+ for between :40 seconds and 2 mins Apollo astronauts riding the Saturn V had 3g to 4g increases for 30 seconds.

      Cowboy BobCowboy Bob6 giorni fa
    • @Zaliah that’s exactly what ive been saying its so many haters like shmee who dont wanna see america with the record.. the Europeans make dam good cars but we do also...

      Ricky FontaineRicky Fontaine6 giorni fa
  • That's a lot of piss jugs at the end.

    devianbdevianb30 minuti fa
  • They will get to 1000mph cos they are the best of British. We’ve been doing land speed records for so long and we have the best engineers on the job. Yeah us Brita we’re crazy, but the best at being crazy. 😀

    Robert AtkinRobert Atkin3 ore fa
  • Solution, lets all move to mars and retry over there

    RemiRemi3 ore fa
  • "jet powered cars" Me: LAUGHS IN SOLID ROCKET BOOSTERS

    haffo hallhaffo hall3 ore fa
  • “Why it’s imposible to drive 1000 mph” Goes on to explain why it’s possible, just really hard.

    Sergio Di MartinoSergio Di Martino7 ore fa
  • just take an old space shuttle, put it horizontal and light the fuse Oh and put D. Trump as the driver.

    chris smookchris smook11 ore fa
  • Rosco McGlashan’s having a crack at the 1,000mph record..check him out aussieinvader.com/

    Josh JJosh J11 ore fa
  • It's impossible because Ken Miles died.

    Alan SmitheeAlan Smithee11 ore fa
  • “A hundred horse power” When one hundred just wont do.

    Chicago DanChicago Dan12 ore fa
  • Sustained eyes in at 3G isn't going to start being an issue for a while. Although if they put the seat in a F1 orientation fat blood is going to the Head making it a sustained -3Gs which could be very dangerous. A prone position is safer than that but probably less safe than a more traditional seating position.

    Lars Murdoch KalstaLars Murdoch Kalsta14 ore fa
  • Wouldn't call the ssc a "production" car.

    Biscuit AbuseBiscuit Abuse14 ore fa
  • I always thought the tires would be the major limiting factor..

    Dave WebsterDave Webster14 ore fa
  • thank God I drive a Jeep.. aerodynamics is not a thing

    Ross OutdoorsRoss Outdoors14 ore fa
  • mars da? it's maz da!!!

    Nuke MeccaNuke Mecca16 ore fa
  • What is liquid horse juice?

    FrenchboiFrenchboi17 ore fa
  • not sure the author understands the whole frame of reference and basic physics thingy - he knows that there is a tesla orbiting earth - right?

    JamesJoyce12JamesJoyce1219 ore fa
  • Why are we talking about drivers in the age of autonomy?

    Steve JonesSteve Jones20 ore fa
  • Dark Helmet: No-no-no, light speed is too slow! Colonel Sandurz: Light speed too slow? Dark Helmet: Yes, we're gonna have to go right to... Ludicrous speed!

    HITMAN392HITMAN39221 ora fa
  • Just change the unit measuring the speeds. We have already gone past 1.000kph. Done.

    mrloopmrloop22 ore fa
  • Simple answer ...Put a laser on the nose to cut a hole in the air to move it out of the way first...no driver

    Harvey MushmanHarvey MushmanGiorno fa
  • Hey Donut Media guy. Do you have Tourettes? Not trying to be an ahole. Just thought I saw some ticks.

    Michael AntonioMichael AntonioGiorno fa
  • Maybe the Bloodhound team should take a leaf out of the Tuatara's book and just make a fake video and claim they did it. I'm pleased the Bloodhound team changed their name to LSR from the previous SSC because too many ignoramuses seemed to believe they were one and the same. Though some also believe that Jerod Shelby is some son of the legendary Carroll Shelby. Do these people even bother to verify first before making hasty assumptions?

    McLarenMercedesMcLarenMercedesGiorno fa
  • Somehow summing this up with a "I don't think so." doesn't pack it as far as it being impossible which is what is stated. Talk about sustained g forces and you just brush it off. Perhaps the driver could be immersed in a fluid which would distribute the forces better or chemically which may maintain his blood pressure better and physical ability to with stand more force. Hi9s position and his physcial training could improve his ability to overcome higher G forces. At one time experts claimed man could not go faster than 60 MPH.

    Roy OettingRoy OettingGiorno fa
  • you could add a fan to suck the car the car to the road and increase downforce.

    JasonJasonGiorno fa
  • Throws in a lie about being able to see the curvature of the earth.....Because....if ya listened for 13minutes, yer fooled into thinking he’s smart.....Then the lie

    the Veteran, Shannon Williamsthe Veteran, Shannon WilliamsGiorno fa
  • I love that you guys wrote 'resistance' correctly but not 'forward' lol

    Jack WassJack WassGiorno fa
  • car go brrrrr

    Jack WassJack WassGiorno fa
  • South African here, nauseated by your double butchering of Hakskeen Pan - couldn't you at least listen to the Google Translate readout for the diphthong on the double e?

    Frederik NagelFrederik NagelGiorno fa
  • I don't think any jet airplane has achieved 1000mph at nearly sea level. Only at high altitude where the air is thin.

    slickporscheslickporscheGiorno fa
  • We can say this is a proof that earth is not a flat disk.

    Soheil PlaysSoheil PlaysGiorno fa
  • I've been trying to remember the name for the conundrum he describes at 6:48, specifically for rockets and spacecraft that could experience the same problem (needing a lot of fuel to propel yourself further into space, then needing more fuel to propel the added weight of that fuel, then needing even more fuel to propel the extra weight, and so on...) Does anyone know the name of this conundrum?

    DjWindmaster97DjWindmaster97Giorno fa
  • Is this guy really that much of a dumbass? last i checked the speedometer reads MPH NOT MAH!!! things that a real car guy just doesn't say

    sean tabarsean tabarGiorno fa
  • "16,000 tons of stone by hand".... hmmm, so roughly 640 semi-loads, or roughy 8000 cubic yards? That's the most implausible statistic of the whole episode!

    agger6917agger6917Giorno fa
  • flat-earthers got to see this video

    AienhelAienhelGiorno fa
  • Forawrd

    Aaron O'SheaAaron O'SheaGiorno fa
  • the " more power baby " got me real good ! lol

    Wafi HassanWafi HassanGiorno fa
  • 6:05 MOPOWABABY😂😂😂😂

    Khaled KhashabKhaled KhashabGiorno fa
  • “So flat that you can see the curve.” The Earth is not a planet. There is no measurable curvature, no 8in. per mile squared.

    Flat Earth AUTOPILOTFlat Earth AUTOPILOTGiorno fa
    • @Flat Earth AUTOPILOT sorry mate.butt,we know its round not u know a flat disk.u can say everything u want but its round,ppl in idk 2000 yrs ago or whatever know its not flat with less tech.u want proof soo...AHHHHGGGGEMM...its about now ur time is like diffrent than us like u live in idk america but i live in Iran and now my time is 17:22 but in there its in the morning or afternoon.

      Soheil PlaysSoheil PlaysGiorno fa
    • @Soheil Plays We simply state the truth. That’s why. I’m inviting anybody to come learn more about flat Earth.

      Flat Earth AUTOPILOTFlat Earth AUTOPILOTGiorno fa
    • @Flat Earth AUTOPILOT y tho?XDDDD

      Soheil PlaysSoheil PlaysGiorno fa
    • Join our discord 247 2.0

      Flat Earth AUTOPILOTFlat Earth AUTOPILOTGiorno fa
    • 😒

      Soheil PlaysSoheil PlaysGiorno fa
  • you know whats even better then 1000mph? using metric instead!

    JTheoryJTheory2 giorni fa
  • 1,000 and more will be possible when hovering becomes possible. For what ever reason, a hover vechle isn't considered an act involving actual flight.

    William Guy Thilgen Jr.William Guy Thilgen Jr.2 giorni fa
  • Have NASA or Space X help you out with a mini rocket propulsion system. That would be more than enough power to hit 1k on land (way more thrust pound for pound than a jet engine). Have the vehicle be remote controlled to account for G forces. Good luck with the funding for the project though $$$ :)

    BossoholicBossoholic2 giorni fa
  • More power baby!

    Hazim HaikalHazim Haikal2 giorni fa
  • tard said its so flat you can see a curve........where do they come up with this drivel....

    mike beemike bee2 giorni fa
  • as a mechanical engeneer myself, i would like to add that going over 300mph (500kmh) is already an acomplishment. i have never phisically participated in the creation of any super car or anything like that, but on my free time i tried to design (as a self challenge) a internal combustion-propeled "as fast as i can for the memes" car, and boy was it a failure, yes, my engine theorically works, and my body design is oddly efficient at dispelling drag, but that thing even on the simulations cannot achive it's theoricall top speed (325mph, 520kmh), i have managed to run it at about 300 mph (480ish kmh, got lazy to do the convertions, lol), and that was by replacing the drivier with a IA driver instead of a human (simulated) driver. i have abandoned the project for now, but here's a summary of all the things that i have to fix: -the engine displaces too much residual gas, blowing up the whole turbo system, tried to replace it with superchargers, they got ripped appart. -if the turbos explodings don't blow up first, they melt down from the increase of heat due exsesive preasure. -i have not found yet the right alghorithm to make the smart surfaces correctly adjust for the drag at low speeds (but that's just me not knowing how to code properly) -belive it or not wheel traction plays a huge part on acceleration, at nearly about 1.8k hp, the force transmited to the ground from the wheels is so high that one out of two things always happens; car does minihops off the ground making the ride rock around making it near imposible to drive, or the wheels have differential traction, making my build turn from a car into world's lamest-but-cool-looking bayblade (again making it near imposible to control). moral of the story, just because the math checks out doesn't reallity does too.

    Chinese BlinChinese Blin2 giorni fa
  • Just for the car nerds 1000mph is about a quarter mile a second

    Opt1c G4m1ngOpt1c G4m1ng2 giorni fa
  • The other main problem with driving at such speed is finding suitable materials to construct your wheels so the centrifugal forces involved don't cause them to simply fly apart. I think the current land speed record holder had solid metal wheels, although I don't remember the composition details. The wheels need to be big enough to support the weight of the vehicle and provide directional stability, yet not so big that they disintegrate at top speed.

    prodromos65prodromos652 giorni fa
  • Using turbofans to "drive" fast is cheating to me. I mean, just get yourself an F-16, take the wings, tail, and landing gear off, put titanium wheels on it, and hammer down.

    Pennsylvania _MikePennsylvania _Mike2 giorni fa
  • What you need is nuclear fusion propelled rocket with big ass tire. Hopefully that will help to reach at 10000+ Miles per hour. We can do it guys. Hell it will be first land vehicle that can leave the atmosphere to space. It will break multiple records at once.

    Lord PhoenixLord Phoenix2 giorni fa
  • Great vid man! I think you are the most suitable person to explain in maths something that i im considering the past years. We all Know that the heavier a car is the harder it is for us to slow its speed. That is ofc cause F = m*a Where F is the required force to decellerate a value of a an object with mass of m. We also know that if we apply a force more then a certain value the tyres will stop rolling and instead silde. This is the maximum breaking force we can apply. This value though is also affected by the weight (the between force of the 2 surfaces: the tyre and the ground). Doubling the weight will also double the maximum breaking force we can apply before the tyres start sliding. So how you can explain that the heavier a car is the harder it is to slow it down if we assume that there is a break that can apply more than anough power? Thanks!

    Petros ThiriouPetros Thiriou2 giorni fa
  • How about eletric motor? Is better for that? Or no?

    RomanskiRomanski2 giorni fa
  • 5:27 Mercedes A-Class? I see a CLA-Class

    KILLA BEATZ 909KILLA BEATZ 9092 giorni fa
  • Ah, so much more interesting than my physics class, I possibly failed anyway😂

    KILLA BEATZ 909KILLA BEATZ 9092 giorni fa
  • Put simply the law of diminishing returns

    Otis DriftwoodOtis Driftwood2 giorni fa
  • The way this dude talks remind me of the orange president (soon to be ex)

    Allan registaAllan regista2 giorni fa
  • I swear B2B be answering my car high-deas

    tfadedtfaded2 giorni fa
  • I'm seeing ads, then I'm seeing in video ads wtf?

    JMGRICHJMGRICH2 giorni fa
  • Well now that you've made this video they will break it

    JMGRICHJMGRICH2 giorni fa
  • They should've called themselves "The Bloodhound Gang" like the old PBS show. Also a band has that name, 😜

    mars basemars base2 giorni fa
  • Awesome content, but flat earthers unsubscribed at 12:20 😆

    mars basemars base2 giorni fa
  • Bloodhound can make it... It's got the thrust, it's got the drag coefficient... AND IT'S GOT THE CRAZY DRIVER BEHIND THE (STEERING) WHEEL!!!

    Frederik MareFrederik Mare2 giorni fa
  • 11:22 'for just a second' baloney. It is an average across a running mile. I thought you just expalined that.. :/

    RooFxRooFx3 giorni fa
  • Why can't a production car go 1000mph? First off: It takes traction. Unless it is rocket or jet powered; Good luck finding traction at Bonneville.

    RooFxRooFx3 giorni fa
  • I mean, just slap an afterburner in and your ready to go!

    StockStock3 giorni fa
  • Pretty poor timing to make a video about the tuatara and it's production car land speed record...

    Sean WarrenSean Warren3 giorni fa
  • total waste of money

    antonio volpeantonio volpe3 giorni fa
  • I like this guy, I like all the donut media guys, but I like this dude, informative, but funny

    Chandler ReedChandler Reed3 giorni fa
  • You should be a teacher:))))

    Michael ChristianMichael Christian3 giorni fa
  • Ever notice the smarter someone is, the faster they talk?

    skeeter197140skeeter1971403 giorni fa
  • We used to have something called the "blue flame" too when we were kids. It came from lighting our farts.

    skeeter197140skeeter1971403 giorni fa
  • The Hakskeenpan in South Africa is like 2 hours away from where I live lol

    SB_BeastiSB_Beasti3 giorni fa
    • I'd rather be there than write my exam on Monday😭

      KILLA BEATZ 909KILLA BEATZ 9092 giorni fa
  • Oh, theyre doing another try with a planeonground-vehicle.

    Antti MäkiAntti Mäki3 giorni fa
  • I thought the lowest drag figure for a production car (that you could buy and own) was the 1935 Tatra T77A at 0.212. The GM EV1 and the VW XL1 are both quoted as 0.19 but you not buy and own one.

    Simon GrootSimon Groot3 giorni fa
  • Can somebody answer this for me? What EXACTLY happens when a "car" touches the sound barrier? I always thought part of the pressure wave would form UNDER the car, flipping it airborne. -- Also, I saw a special on setting records on the Utah Salt Flats. What I noticed is the surface is NOT that flat! My guess is there are variations of about +- 2 inches everywhere.

    DavethresholdDavethreshold3 giorni fa
  • FASCINATING! When I was a kid, learning what a socket wrench was, I saw an article about Mickey Thompson: He had, "The Challenger" which had a fuel-injected 421 Pontiac engine at EACH WHEEL! He set the record, but it was somewhere in the 400 MPH range.

    DavethresholdDavethreshold3 giorni fa
  • easy fix, remove human from equation. use original desert track, no more g force problems.

    NihilusNihilus3 giorni fa
  • Imperial system sucks, talk in units everyone in the whole world understands

    Amruth DivakarAmruth Divakar3 giorni fa
    • But the United States is the whole world and we understand it. So I guess there's nothing left for you to do besides learning to deal with it and to fuck off.

      Old JimOld Jim2 giorni fa
  • but what if u where to make the air around u less denser than at sea level, what i trying to say is change ur atmosphere around u btw im getting this idea from cobys lab when he did a ex with a air gun and putting a bag full of helium and the bullet traveled faster than in air i hope this comment from a 15 yo can change history

    Tanner StahlTanner Stahl3 giorni fa
  • Sounds like it needs to be driven remotely to overcome G forces?........i know thats just boring

    mike phillipsmike phillips3 giorni fa
  • What? Why hasn't? Basically because you need a jet engine land vehicle that breaks the sound barrier. People die trying...Look at what happened to Jessi Combs who died in a crash after attempting to break the land-speed record in the Alvord Desert, Oregon, on 27 August 2019. This should answer your question.

    Robert OrellanaRobert Orellana3 giorni fa
  • That was a friggin' rocket car. Not a production car.

    Eskimo PieEskimo Pie3 giorni fa
  • I'll be damned! The once notorious Blood Hound Gang (@12:29), is now clearing rocks in Africa? Shit man, the years have not been good to that band!

    Mark EnriquezMark Enriquez3 giorni fa
  • Come on man! you just need need a scion frs and bunch of strikers to get all the horsepower to go a 1000 miles per hour. Lmao!

    crazysaiyan gokucrazysaiyan goku3 giorni fa
  • The doctor after the urine test: 9:19

    xXLambo_4_everXxxXLambo_4_everXx3 giorni fa
  • JDM cars after seeing this: Man I have too much wheelspin

    Raz0rX_GamingRaz0rX_Gaming3 giorni fa
  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that these speed record "cars" are really just jet aircraft that they kept from taking off?

    RushIndustriesRushIndustries3 giorni fa
    • Yep, absolutely true.

      Tom SmithTom SmithGiorno fa
  • Why is this guy talking to adults like it's a preschool class?

    Large KreampuffLarge Kreampuff3 giorni fa
  • Everybody knows that the more stickers you have on your car the faster it goes, just add some more stickers. Honda driver's. 😆 🤣

    land of Lincolnland of Lincoln3 giorni fa
  • I'll bet Jessi Combs (R.I.P.) would have loved watching this and wanted to be in on the attempt!

    Jackalski57Jackalski573 giorni fa
  • I got an ad for incontinence underwear. Probably for when I poop my pants going 1000mph.

    middlesiderridermiddlesiderrider3 giorni fa
  • A few holes but great explanation.

  • You're very forawrd thinking about your parastc losses.

    C HolesterolC Holesterol4 giorni fa
  • Fake record... not valid

    Fuse BoxFuse Box4 giorni fa
  • I’ve always wondered to combat g forces why not fill the cockpit with water and pressurize it? Would that not give an opposing force to combat the g force.

    jordon darnelljordon darnell4 giorni fa
  • I came for the Donuts! (tempted to use Caps-Lock there) But don't worry, I stayed for the interesting content.

    Michael StowMichael Stow4 giorni fa
  • The Tuatara sounds fast until you realise it’s not as fast as the fastest production train.

    Eberle TylerEberle Tyler4 giorni fa
  • The problem is friction, you need another surface to test your prototype, have you tried ice?

    Sweet addiction to awesomenessSweet addiction to awesomeness4 giorni fa
  • well this can be easily fixed.. does the speed record say anything about needing a human driver? if not, make it self driving. done.

    KornShaDoW097KornShaDoW0974 giorni fa
  • The crazy part about the Bugatti Chiron is that the tires will only last 15 minutes at top speed, but it’s not a safety concern because you’ll run out of gas in under 10...

    MrJayrock620MrJayrock6204 giorni fa
  • What the hell is liquid horse juice? Fuel, liquor, horse piss? Inquiring minds need to know.

    Glenn HamblinGlenn Hamblin4 giorni fa