Why these died (but came back)

2 apr 2021
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Sometimes cars die, and they go to hell. But every so often, when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow... those cars get brought back. This is a list of 10 cars that got axed by their manufacturers, but came back in a new form. Are these reincarnations better than the originals? Or should they be sent back? We're gonna find out.
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  • I'm not chev fan but the 1960'70s blazer was friggin awesome. LIGHTNING LIGHTNING LIGHTNING!

    MONROEMONROE7 ore fa
  • 9:07 dudes damn near touching the ground lmao

    Anthony FennellAnthony Fennell9 ore fa
  • Why no Nissan Z huh? Why? Whyyyyyy

    Kazan AdvinculaKazan Advincula11 ore fa
  • Had to make sure the Supra was on here before I could give this video a thumbs up 😜 but seriously

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveAlphaRomeo-OneFive16 ore fa
  • Sorry Jay Z not the greatest of all time that goes to tupac

    douglas koffrothdouglas koffrothGiorno fa
  • Dodge dart?

    Johnathan KaiJohnathan KaiGiorno fa
  • Don’t hate on the Goat. At least talk about the 05+ that got the actual corvette engine and more hood vents. I am biased because I have an 05 GTO. But I do adore it

    AceVonLitchensteinAceVonLitchensteinGiorno fa
  • No mention of the mini? James.. I AM DISAPPOINT

    Chris MonkmanChris MonkmanGiorno fa
  • You missed the Hummer

    Poojitha BalawardhanaPoojitha BalawardhanaGiorno fa
  • Kill off my 2003 Mini Cooper

  • My dad had the original version and not the reboot of the Chevy Nova as his first car in high school!!

    Nintendoman13Nintendoman13Giorno fa
  • 10:50 we got that in CN! poor usa

    dArk CjdArk CjGiorno fa
  • When asked if I blazed right at that exact moment I was smoking

    Jeremy RoyJeremy RoyGiorno fa
  • Fiat 500 should've made the list

    The_GamingChefThe_GamingChef2 giorni fa
  • Im happy he didnt talk about that disgusting crossover object of a car, the Eclipse "Cross" Just thinking about it hurts

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti2 giorni fa
  • Wait...no mention of the BMW 8 series????

    DUNTEEDUNTEE2 giorni fa
  • Did Joe just say Pontiac GTO?

    Jude AmogabeJude Amogabe2 giorni fa
  • How about Honda CRX ?

    Waldemar MałeckiWaldemar Małecki2 giorni fa
  • My uncles took '62 and '65 Nova wagons and turned them into mid-engine monsters. ripping out the rear seats and replacing that space with engine bays. They would drag them on the brand new, unopened, freshly paved interstates of new jersey. Legendary work!

    Zander ButeuxZander Buteux3 giorni fa
  • The New blazer look like a Big and tall camaro

    Nathan88Nathan883 giorni fa
  • I like the old blazer more than the new one

    Bradyn FreemanBradyn Freeman4 giorni fa
  • HOT TAKE: International Scout > Ford Bronco old model. Just my own preference. Love the sound the scout makes. And I'd love to own one with modern truck tires

    MagnusMagnus4 giorni fa
  • Impala was first muscle car

    Fleepers 2053Fleepers 20534 giorni fa
  • Lol at 10:16 😂

    Aaron GrigsbyAaron Grigsby4 giorni fa
  • Resurrect the Aztec

    Chad7717Chad77174 giorni fa
  • Plz send the Mach e TO FUCKING HELL

    dante vegadante vega4 giorni fa
  • I want honda to take the prelude out of hell. I want them to make it good for its price tho. I want it to live up to its name.

    Kalzone _My_DudesKalzone _My_Dudes5 giorni fa
  • fur by fur

    forace 4aceforace 4ace5 giorni fa
  • The Fairlady Z family

    bigBOSScross252bigBOSScross2525 giorni fa
  • Ugliest shirt I've ever seen

    Jon HenryJon Henry5 giorni fa
  • what about the camaro?

    ti prti pr5 giorni fa
  • Dodge charger/challenger perhaps the biggest comebacks in car history

    anthony conneranthony conner5 giorni fa
  • They had the GM shootout here at the Darlington Drag Way between the Pontiac GTO vs that year’s Corvette ZO6 and the GTO’s got them in the quarter every time

    Trevor SmithTrevor Smith6 giorni fa
  • Nothing disappoints more than telling a girl you have a nova then you pull in a brown 1985. Trust me I know.

    James StotzJames Stotz6 giorni fa
  • Gtr

    Hoang NguyenHoang Nguyen6 giorni fa
  • VW caddy needs to go to hell and subaru justy, seriously what have they done to my boy...

    Teemuki98Teemuki986 giorni fa
  • Send the Eclipse Cross to hell

    Saber PlateSaber Plate6 giorni fa
  • Bring Back The Acura Legend. I want a 2004 Acura RL And an Acura Legend As Classics

    HonnestPassionHonnestPassion6 giorni fa
  • anyone else notice he didn't even mention camaros?

    Alex BaughmanAlex Baughman7 giorni fa
  • Nissan Z

    Salvador AlcarazSalvador Alcaraz7 giorni fa
  • Car to save is the evo,eclipse and skyline

    Toxic Fox21Toxic Fox217 giorni fa
  • car

    Lost_RitoLost_Rito7 giorni fa
  • I hope I never see a new PT cruiser...

    AJ LegoAJ Lego7 giorni fa
  • Concrete

    Nigel TufnelNigel Tufnel8 giorni fa
  • ford escort must go to hell (the new one)

    Ant OniosAnt Onios8 giorni fa
  • Hands Crx

    Cory JonesCory Jones8 giorni fa
  • He forgot about the gtr

    Uryel RuedaUryel Rueda8 giorni fa
  • My friend bought a new 6.0 GTO new and let me assure you that car belongs in hell. It's a complete piece of garbage

    zetto156zetto1568 giorni fa
  • When's the "Mt. Rush-MO POWA BABEH" shirt coming out?

    Rich EnglandRich England8 giorni fa
  • Bro..! Don’t drink too much...LOL I like this channel..

    Surf BumSurf Bum8 giorni fa
  • oi wheres gt-r?

    Tybalt CapuletTybalt Capulet8 giorni fa

    kely ferrarikely ferrari8 giorni fa
  • if we pray enough we may be able to see a Part 2 of this video with the Resurrections of a EVO and a 3000GT

    Neo J. SskNeo J. Ssk8 giorni fa
  • The Challengers look good. They definitely won the modern-retro look competition with the other muscle cars if not the entire competition, and that’s coming from a Ford fan. I have 2 friends that own them. But the new chargers I’m not as big a fan of. The new Chargers look good, and I like em, but they aren’t Chargers. If it was under a different name I’d be completely fine with it. If it was a fastback coupe with a slightly shorter wheelbase and a manual transmission, it’d be sick! But it’s a sedan. A sedan that can go faster than any car I own or have a claim to, but it’s still a sedan

    Thaddacus MaximusThaddacus Maximus9 giorni fa
  • send everyone who outlawed pop-ups straight on down

    Jake SchauermanJake Schauerman9 giorni fa
  • The new supra is cool as fuck but it looks more european than japanese

    Cultural 1234Cultural 12349 giorni fa
  • Idea: could donut do a “virtual pimp my ride?” Subscribers send in their boring cars out of desperation for a budget-minded aesthetic improvement. This is inspired by mine: asian grandma’s 1996 infinity I30. 800$ budget...! Help me donut!

    Thad WilsonThad Wilson9 giorni fa
  • Will you guys ever collab with the dudes at Hoonigan?

    Temo SolisTemo Solis9 giorni fa
  • Im a kid of today , im 17 and still the acura NSX is one of my dream cars

    Rayman_LagendRayman_Lagend9 giorni fa
  • Original Dodge Charger R/T is my all time favourite muscle car, followed by Chevy Impala 69(Supernatural fanboys out there) and the first generation Mustang. I would kill a fly and a mosquito to drive them.

    Johnny MichaelJohnny Michael9 giorni fa
  • When are qe getting our underground stickers and gear?

    Patrick BassoPatrick Basso9 giorni fa
  • 13:49 "The 6th gen Chevy Nova, A.K.A Rebadge 1892 Corolla." Wtf, did Toyota existed in the 1,800's or even the 1900's. Does it mean 1992, lol.

    Esther MezhuEsther Mezhu9 giorni fa
    • I believe he said AE92.

      speedjunkie13speedjunkie136 giorni fa
  • Chevrolet Camaro ???

    Eric LelièvreEric Lelièvre9 giorni fa
  • No ranger?!?!?

    Byron HollowellByron Hollowell9 giorni fa
  • Never heard of Wagoneer, its beautiful

    Maquel PagulayanMaquel Pagulayan10 giorni fa
  • The Mazda Protege? I own one so I just thought.

    Dominic BrachDominic Brach10 giorni fa
  • What about the Honda CRX/CRX-R

    Dominic BrachDominic Brach10 giorni fa
  • You know what else makes the original GTO great? Jake Doyle drive one. Republic of Doyle fans what up.

    LessCommonKnowledgeLessCommonKnowledge10 giorni fa
  • Weird video sponsor to get the day after I buy a bunch of house plantd

    TkossTkoss10 giorni fa

    Ian ChoIan Cho10 giorni fa
  • You guys need to do a video on the Subaru SVX!

    K. Moore Semper FiK. Moore Semper Fi10 giorni fa
  • Send to hell the new Mitsubishi "Eclipse" cross

    FalconSteel GamesFalconSteel Games10 giorni fa
  • Kinda expected to see my Honda CR-Z in purgatory...

    Jasonblaze100Jasonblaze10010 giorni fa
  • He said Lebrick/ air ball James and Jay z/the devil as the goat Wtf blacks guy you play ball with or listen to rap with?

    J JJ J10 giorni fa
  • Camero?

    Mama LuigiMama Luigi10 giorni fa
  • I mean, the old GTO is on point, & the new GTO is a big ghey. But what this world really needs is a new Firebird/Trans-Am capable of smokin' everything else on the road & making The Bandit proud.

    53K5HUNN853K5HUNN810 giorni fa
  • Such a vw fan boy. You are so bias when it comes to vw.

    Dina AnguianoDina Anguiano10 giorni fa
  • A car that was amazing, but had a crap follow up was the rx7, the rx8 is crap, it is just a fact

    Daniel LokenDaniel Loken10 giorni fa
  • Chevrolet Impala

    Tavo ViramontesTavo Viramontes11 giorni fa
  • You didnt even mention the Alpine A110........

    ridow300ridow30011 giorni fa
  • How, with Donut having multiple copies of the reboot, is the Z not on this list?

    Aluminum FalconAluminum Falcon11 giorni fa
  • Hey, I won't dislike cars because they don't have manual transmissions available.... But that will ALWAYS take points off of my Fox score. Which is similar, but structured very differently than the Doug score.

    Fightre FlighteFightre Flighte11 giorni fa
  • Send the new eclipse to hell

    Z33 BruhZ33 Bruh11 giorni fa
  • I'm still pretty pissed about the charger reboot to be honest. It went from a legendary 2 door muscle car to the 4 door abomination that we got. Sure, they earned their place with modern muscle cars. But damn... A sedan? Really?

    Austin KelleyAustin Kelley11 giorni fa
  • No love for the viper ??

    Nathan StevensNathan Stevens11 giorni fa
  • He showed the small blazer not the actual big new one

    Adog0078Adog007811 giorni fa
  • “Show me someone who enlisted in the military and I’ll show you a charger/challenger!” THE MOST TRUE STATEMENT IN THE Video!!!!

    keith miniekeith minie11 giorni fa
  • The Charger and Bronco are the best ones.

    Carlos AndersonCarlos Anderson11 giorni fa
  • Dodge did mess up on a few of their models. The Dodge Daytona and Super Bee, they took those iconic muscle cars and turned them into a truck, basically taking the Dodge 1500 and putting a wing on it with a hemi. They deserve to go and stay in hell, but i agree with the Chargers and Challengers.

    Steven MuirSteven Muir11 giorni fa
  • "Hey dude, you blaze? *nervous Surfer/Skater laugh*" Sounds like a Salesman.

    Benjamin ChoBenjamin Cho12 giorni fa
    • "In the 7th layer of Hell" LMAO

      Benjamin ChoBenjamin Cho12 giorni fa
  • Dear Heavenly Pumphrey, Hallowed be Thy name, Thy Racecars come, Thy Timeslips done On Earth as it is in Nurburgring Give us this day our daily Upload, and Forgive us our Infractions such as Traffic Citations To lead us not into Temptation but the Apex of a Corner For thine is the Horsepower and Torque Donut Damn, I heard by 2035 all manufacturers will only be producing electric, we better invest in all these machines so that in the future you can resell them for a high value--such as Spider-Man Issue #1 but then again that was some marketing ploy as well.

    Benjamin ChoBenjamin Cho12 giorni fa
  • monoc***e

    KonamaKonama12 giorni fa
  • coming from an european, sciroccos arent that good. stock unless they're an r or one of the more powerful trims they get beat by 90s d series hondas easy. theyre just heavier golfs.

    GynkysGynkys12 giorni fa
  • "just like the second coming of Jesus it came with a German accent"... Hahahaha

    shatol85shatol8512 giorni fa
  • I'm just waiting for the big reveal of the upcoming GR86

  • I love James but MJ is the GOAT

    Giland SebastianGiland Sebastian12 giorni fa
  • Totally missed a hellcat challenger analogy my dudes! Great video tho'!

    Karl KändKarl Känd12 giorni fa
  • And just like when Jesus came back... it had a german accent 😂😂 i love the new supra from the start. If i weren't a broke student with a low paying job i'd buy one DEFINITELY!

    TheLenki4TheLenki412 giorni fa
  • Mention Goat's...doesn't say Tom Brady or EM...fail. lol

    Godrick 214Godrick 21412 giorni fa
  • Mustang Mach-e (not a Mustang), Eclipse Cross (Not an Eclipse).

    Wholly MindlessWholly Mindless12 giorni fa