12 Most HATED Cars (that are actually great)

10 apr 2020
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These cars have some of the worst reputations in the automotive world. Some of them are slow, some are ugly, and some just plain dangerous… but one thing they all have in common? People LOVE to HATE them. But despite their reputations, would you believe these hated cars are actually great?
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  • What's a hated car that you love? PS: anyone who wants to enter the Pontiac Aztek Nurburgring Challenge head over to r/DonutMedia!

    Donut MediaDonut Media9 mesi fa
    • 1974 Chevy Cosworth Vega

      Walker GarrisonWalker Garrison23 giorni fa
    • I have a WRX STI and a Prius, and I have to admit that I do like the prius. Learn the cheat code to turn maintenance mode on, and turn off ABS and Traction control,, and it can be fun in the snow. Even managed to move a full size treadmill in it. Hated it at first, but it does grown on ya.

      DemoscelesDemoscelesMese fa
    • Lancia Y (not ypsilon) and Fiat Multipla.

      Andrei OpreaAndrei OpreaMese fa
    • 4th Generation Camaro. I have one and drive it basically 24/7 and the love the death out of it, but then you got the dumbasses on the internet that have either never driven one or drove a crap one and say I drive a shitbox when they don’t even have a license or drive some damn Mom car.

      Tyler MulletTyler MulletMese fa
    • Cobalt ss 2.0 turbo 08-10

      Seth Van HornSeth Van HornMese fa
  • I would like the cybertruck if it had a v8 option, and I love the chevrolet ssr

    Captain AwesomeCaptain Awesome2 ore fa
  • James really called the Coast Guard "construction workers" 😂😂😂

    Ethan GarciaEthan Garcia3 ore fa

    BB20 ore fa
  • 😂😂😂(9:05) Did y'all really censor out the D*ick in D*ckTracy's name?🤣🤣🤣 You guys are hilarious.

    Myron AdamsMyron AdamsGiorno fa
  • fun fact. in Brazil "Pinto" means "Penis". so "Ford Pinto" in Brazil actually means "Ford Penis" XD

    Rodrigo Nogueira MotaRodrigo Nogueira MotaGiorno fa
  • James’ opinion on the miata is a perfect example of “just because you like it, doesn’t mean we have to”

    yoda calvinyoda calvin2 giorni fa
  • Well I've owned a pt cruiser and loved it, and currently drive a ridgeline. Both economical and delicious.

    Allen StapAllen Stap2 giorni fa
  • Well, first of all, a neon is still a garbage can. Only reason people hate the H2 is just accusing it of having bad gas mileage. It did but if you work for a living, then you go to the gas station all the time anyway. It's cool, not H1 cool, but it's much cooler than the tiny H3 Ridgeline is like an even gayer Avalanche Prius is actually undependable. Once the battery dies, gotta replace the whole car. Toyota is held on by their trucks, not their cars.

    Captain FALKENCaptain FALKEN2 giorni fa
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    clever outputclever output3 giorni fa
  • I used to work for Mercedes-Benz and trust me, the smart car's were terrible in everything except for safety and power for such a small vehicle. Pretty much every single customer told me that they would never buy another one and hence, they were pulled out of North America.

    1984318i1984318i3 giorni fa
  • The pt cruiser is just awful and no one will ever change my mind.

    Kris BeattyKris Beatty3 giorni fa
  • and now there's no great cheap cars, value's shot straight up

    lollol5 giorni fa
  • You forgot the Toyota supra, so hard to look at, almost as ugly as that Mazda rx7.

    New TabletNew Tablet6 giorni fa
  • Aztek was my first car! I love this!!! Shit was so underrated... best $1000 I've ever spent on a vehicle!

    R32 DrifterR32 Drifter7 giorni fa
  • the cybertruck is a lesser Aztec

    TrDnT -AarrionTrDnT -Aarrion8 giorni fa
  • HAHAHAH yall said the Dodge Neon!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha it's like the WORST VEHICLE dodge EVER MADE!!! I dont care how fast it is, it's a shitty Neon!

    Meme Lord DavidMeme Lord David8 giorni fa
  • Lots of Karen love prius..

    MrVitalic85MrVitalic858 giorni fa
  • I agree about the Cybertruck. I like products that interrupt the market and push other companies to compete. You notice GM is starting to release SUV electric vehicles now? It is just the start. When someone coal-rolls you... just realize they hate change and they are going to be left behind. Also, regarding the look of the Cybertruck.... sometimes functionality beats out looks. If it can do everything it claims.... for it's price? Mind blown.

    Chaz MonzterChaz Monzter8 giorni fa

    Andrej MaleticAndrej Maletic9 giorni fa
  • I don’t believe the Miata one it’s a really good track car.

    AIDEN _YTAIDEN _YT9 giorni fa
  • Why is it that everyone is a climate scientist all of the sudden

    Jo PoveromoJo Poveromo10 giorni fa
  • I hope all PT Cruisers wreck into All Aztecs.

    mtsurovmtsurov10 giorni fa
  • My 1965 Corvair Corsa was one of the best cars I ever had. Looking at that car today its amazing how it's design was way ahead of its time.

    lesgrenouillelesgrenouille10 giorni fa
  • Tiktok: Is that a SUPRAAAAA!??? James: thank the Prius

    Zulfar 119Zulfar 11910 giorni fa
  • Just like James can confidently say everyone in America has been in a Prius, I can confidently say there isn't one prius (besides that hellcat swapped one) that doesn't have a bernie sticker on the back

    Luca Casler-BustamanteLuca Casler-Bustamante11 giorni fa
  • The Honda Ridgeline is a minivan with the back cut into a truckbed.........ZONK!!!!

    dropchuckdropchuck11 giorni fa
  • Lists are tough, but the Renault Alliance def should have been on this one.

    Ken SchubertKen Schubert11 giorni fa
  • Chevy ssr is the mullet of the car world.

    Extraordinary MenExtraordinary Men11 giorni fa
  • 8:57 legend

    shai . isbcjdshai . isbcjd12 giorni fa
  • Next time you look at the new supra... thank BMW not Toyota lmao

    Reese NelsonReese Nelson13 giorni fa
  • some other good mentions for this would be the 2nd gen dodge intrepid, chevy avalanche, lamborghini portofino (which is related to the 2nd gen intrepid. that's a fun rabbit hole to go down), and dodge grand caravan

    SubreonSubreon13 giorni fa
  • Lmfao prius are not boring they have 50/50 weight distribution and I got 1 after I seen a dude moshing in the canyons 1 time hahah nye I took mine Off roading on some light trails and mines is FWD hahah thing was driving better / torqier in the dirt I was power sliding and all

    Pyro MonkeyPyro Monkey13 giorni fa
  • Forgot about Kia Soul

    Pedros WRLDPedros WRLD14 giorni fa
  • I’ve always loved the Pontiac Aztek. The tailgate has butt imprints for comfort and radio controls in the back for tailgating, you could put a tent on it, and most of all THE CENER CONSOLE IS A REMOVABLE ICE CHEST.

    Wordy WeirdoWordy Weirdo14 giorni fa
  • Going into this, I somehow knew he would mention the SSR. It's so terrible, I love it.

    Erich DouglasErich Douglas14 giorni fa
  • What's wrong with people? The Ridgeline has vtec, otherwise known as THE POWER OF GOD

    Dylan DesrosiersDylan Desrosiers14 giorni fa
  • The chevy version of the PT Cruiser has a bad rap for me, broke down before it even left the lot,

    Shane T McHughShane T McHugh15 giorni fa
  • the Anti Honda Ridgeline Club of Fartbook is hilarious!

    MrCooterwrenchenMrCooterwrenchen15 giorni fa
  • What about the Chevy Xtreme pickup?

    Tamara HarcusTamara Harcus15 giorni fa
  • I only not very love Tesla Cybertruck(futuristic not my theme and i not want that, i want return 60s-2000s cars) Smart Fortwo just not so like it, any all cars from list i very love! (Miata, Neon, Hummer H2)

    KiriltanksKiriltanks16 giorni fa
  • Pontiac Aztec, Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Fiat Multipla are all amazing cars. IF YOU'RE FUCKING BLIND!

    Tom HubbardTom Hubbard16 giorni fa
  • I dont give a shit trucks are not electric and i ts not a truck if it dont look like one

    Poblo GomezPoblo Gomez16 giorni fa
  • Don't give a shit what people say. When I start doing a proper job, I am savi g for a 2018 2019 Miata. I fucking love those things and it will most definitely be one of the first car purchases I'll make without my parents

    PhoenixUltraMotivePhoenixUltraMotive16 giorni fa
  • That PT Junker caught fire in me twice. Sluggish to move. Overheated like no morrow in houston 🙃🙃🙃. Spacious though

    Andres ChineaAndres Chinea17 giorni fa
  • A Cummins swapped Prius,sounds good

    Rafael WandelkookemRafael Wandelkookem17 giorni fa

    C14CommanderC14Commander17 giorni fa
  • Next video Loved cars that are overrated 1. Supra

    DÅNDÅN18 giorni fa
  • I love the ssr chevy it's my favorite car/truck

    Ty HeitTy Heit18 giorni fa
  • 18:30 LMAO!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lisa LeddenLisa Ledden19 giorni fa
  • I have a 1974 Ford pinto that doesn’t run currently. It needs an engine swap currently but I honestly love my pinto

    Mkenzie YoungMkenzie Young19 giorni fa
  • so, in portuguese "pinto" is a way of saying dick. I cried of laughing when I heard "thank a Pinto!"

    Pablo CousinPablo Cousin19 giorni fa
  • Number 1: every single mustang

    0nux0nux19 giorni fa
  • Who the hell hate miatas

    Kata SiapaKata Siapa19 giorni fa
  • Prius is the most ugly car,and the manufacturering of the battery is contaminated the surrounding areas of the plant.

    Mark CoplandMark Copland19 giorni fa
  • My sister had a corvair and my mom was driving it spun out my brother and I thought we were going to die,I think it caught on fire because it was air cooled,I had two pintos,they were crap before that had a Chevette it was crap.

    Mark CoplandMark Copland19 giorni fa
  • LOL, the perfect example of why I love this channel. Having evaluated a Prius at both ends of its capabilities (50MPG and 110 MPH), and an owner of a gen 2 Ridgeline, you got it wrong; the Ridgeline deserves 1st. It'll achieve 27 MPG on the highway yet out accelerate most full size trucks (and 90% of cars on the road), not to mention dominate all trucks and many cars when it comes to handling. And it's very capable and comfortable at 110 mph, a place where a Prius is on pins and needles, and most moderns trucks can't even go.

    Ar SanzicAr Sanzic20 giorni fa
  • I can't believe you left out the fact that the ridgeline has a trunk like a car and the spare tire doesn't use a cable/mechanism that gets stuck and rusts out.

    Special KSpecial K20 giorni fa
  • Well..i don't really like the new "Supra" so everytime i'll see a Prius i'll just say thank you to it for existing.

    adrian_ _evoadrian_ _evo20 giorni fa
  • This is such a good channel.

    Rob WRob W21 giorno fa
  • When he says car he reminds me of chris pratt

    X Official musicX Official music21 giorno fa
  • Pt cruisers are trash lol

    DLsmow82DLsmow8221 giorno fa
  • Suzuki samurai should be added to this list

    Riff RaffRiff Raff21 giorno fa
  • Hmm, the Neon looked a bit cool to me

    ARC-1950ARC-195022 giorni fa
  • .... they've lost their minds at donut ... they're calling a Prius good

    Gavrie HoslerGavrie Hosler23 giorni fa
  • I loved that srt4 neon. Problem is around that time you could get an evo8.

    Gringo EspanaGringo Espana23 giorni fa
  • I love the 2nd and 3rd Gen Prelude's. What I learned to drive in, but had to take my drivers test in a goddamn Neon. Fuck that zero visibility piece of shit that you have to be an owl to drive.

    Orella MinxOrella Minx24 giorni fa
  • Pinto means chick in portuguese, but can be used for “cock” too hahaha

    Vinicius CostaVinicius Costa24 giorni fa
  • I never road in a Prius.

    Letty Toney J.rLetty Toney J.r24 giorni fa
  • Lamborghini OWORUS

    VelocityVelocity24 giorni fa
  • The Aztek is literally perfect and you are all just to afraid to accept it

    KosquoKosquo25 giorni fa
  • Should've mentioned the Toyota Prius GT at the end. It's a pretty badass car.

    karen bjerknesskaren bjerkness25 giorni fa
  • I had a '98 Neon in my early 20s and I loved that damn thing. I still miss it to this day. There were so many interchangeable parts with other Neons and even other Mopars and it was wired for options it didn't have. I once spent a weekend and upgraded my suspension and installed power windows, locks and fog lights with $100 in junkyard parts. It was prone to head gasket failure though and they were a bitch to get to. It was easier to just drop a new engine in it (which I did 3 times).

    TheLabyrinth60TheLabyrinth6025 giorni fa
  • Name one country that Hummer 1 "liberated".

    Danijel DobrosavljevicDanijel Dobrosavljevic26 giorni fa
  • Dude a Miata is the best how do you hate it???

    Oompa LoompaOompa Loompa26 giorni fa
  • 11:36 "liberated" haha

    Owen BurnsOwen Burns26 giorni fa
  • Love the Aztek. Also, the Prius has been studied to be more environmentally damaging than a Hummer H1.

    Will DickersonWill Dickerson26 giorni fa
  • "you have to thank the Pinto", and Pinto in my language means dick 😅 so...no thanks

    João KruschewskyJoão Kruschewsky26 giorni fa
  • A pickup truck with an ATV that is cheaper than a charger and faster than a mclaren f1 is the most rediculous thing to grace this world

    daboss mandaboss man26 giorni fa
  • At least I don't ;)

    Andres HerreraAndres Herrera27 giorni fa
  • No one hates dat miat

    Andres HerreraAndres Herrera27 giorni fa
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  • the hummer h2 didnt have a 6.2 it came with the 6.0 engine

    Big Sean247Big Sean24727 giorni fa
  • Prius drivers are as* h*les.... they suck driving...

    carlos r huertacarlos r huerta27 giorni fa
  • Miata handle the road like none in its category. I had a mazdaspeed miata and on the road i beated every other cars i race again. The beated me in drag but road isnt a drag race

    Double DD beatDouble DD beat28 giorni fa
  • The Corvair is pretty cool, but its air-cooled engine was trash. "And they're super easy to work on," which is important because...you WILL be working on the engine...

    Walter BryanWalter Bryan28 giorni fa
  • see a new supra...you mean blame the prius lol

    MrOmgtofuMrOmgtofu28 giorni fa
  • The tent was an extra cost option on the Aztec. Very very few had them. In '71 you could get a Vega with a tent. Hardly a new idea. But you are right about the Corvair.

    Dan RDan R28 giorni fa
  • Please tell me that’s really Alex Jones’ voice

    KrustyPickleKrustyPickle29 giorni fa
  • Don’t even try and make a case for the pt cruiser. Awful.

    MonotoneMonotone29 giorni fa
  • Who checked the spelling on the text in the video??? When James is talking about the Corvair, at one point he says something like “it’s pretty cheap”. The problem is, the word “cheap” pops up on the screen next to James’s head, but it’s spelled “CHAEP”! Nicely done Donut, nicely done! 😂😂

    Paulphila215Paulphila21529 giorni fa
  • If chevrolet was making the SSR in a Russian factory they would call it chevy USSR

    Ainsley harriott _1Ainsley harriott _129 giorni fa
  • 4:07 pontiac fiero: am I a joke to you?

    Eva CrawfordEva CrawfordMese fa
  • I live right next to where that Miata picture was shot lmao

    Eva CrawfordEva CrawfordMese fa
  • That pretty unecessary... But pinto means dick in portuguese.

    arte by priarte by priMese fa
  • Everything you said about the prius was true except it being ecologically responsible. Every hybrid and EV on the road is worse for the environment than gas guzzlers. The batteries in these cars are recharged from coal, which powers the electricity and the batteries eventually end up in the landfill. Gas guzzlers have a catalytic converter and an evap system. The catalytic converter turns all the toxic chemicals from the internal combustion into ones that we can breath, the evap system keep the combustion temps down to prevent noxious gas, which the cat can't handle due to the heat. Please fix this and let people know.

    Ebb&FlowEbb&FlowMese fa
  • Honestly I like the prius, it saves gas and doesn't look that bad as people say. Yes it is odd looking but you cant tell me that it looks worse than a pt cruiser. Sry pt cruiser people. I just dont like its design. So yea the prius imo a really good car

    Nekominori nyaNekominori nyaMese fa
  • My father has owned a Prius for 9 YEARS, and its STILL kicking, I'm getting that car as a hand me down...... BUT I LOVE IT, you can ABSOLUTELY FLOOR THE THROTTLE and not break the speed Limit.😂😂😂😂 that's what makes it SO FUN, You CAN FLOOR IT ALL THE time, get GREAT mileage, and NOT even BREAK the SPEED LIMIT😂😂😂😂

    Kye JT-RKye JT-RMese fa

      Kye JT-RKye JT-RMese fa
  • why did I know he would bring up walter white’s aztec

    LatiLatiMese fa
  • Too bad you never re got the Ford Falcon It finished continuous production after 56 years in late 2016 ...Talking turbo ..In 2002 the BA series Falcon upgraded the inline 6 4.0 litres engine to DOHC from the ultra reliable SOHC Intech and also turbo charged it although the N/A was also available.. Called the Barra .. The Barra 3984cc 24 valve straight 6 with proper VCT is an absolute gem and is capable of ridiculous horsepower with staged upgrading as desired ..1500 hp is by no means out of the question ..U.S fans are importing many Barra sixes for that reason ... check them out if you get a chance ...

    Rodney McGiveronRodney McGiveronMese fa