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23 apr 2020
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The Bentley Motor Company--the mastermind team behind some of the world's most luxurious bespoke, performance built cars. They survived being bought out by a competing brand, roared through the 20's with the Bentley Boys, and now produce some of the most customizable British 'muscle' cars on the market. From the iconic Continental GT asnd Flying Spur, to the early Lemans slaying 3-liter and 6-litres, to the newest Bentley Bacalar and behemoth Bentayga, join James Pumphrey as he walks us through Bentley's rich, RICH, history.

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  • You know the donut team is bored when they starts to replying to comments

    Chewy GamiChewy Gami9 mesi fa
    • Prenk

      Navneeth JaydevNavneeth Jaydev29 giorni fa
    • I am going to annoy my Neighbour

      Terminatorius TeslaTerminatorius TeslaMese fa
    • That would be more of a compliment sort of

      Arif MeahArif MeahMese fa
    • Ayyy 😂😂

      Frenchie FrenchFrenchie FrenchMese fa
    • How to annoy a Rolls Royce owner: nice Bently

      Jason NelsonJason NelsonMese fa
  • They are still building trains ngl

    lklkGiorno fa
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    Alan KwokAlan KwokGiorno fa
  • James looks so skinny to the point where I thought it was literally a different person

    el Diabloel Diablo2 giorni fa
  • My dog is named that..

    stuff and thingsstuff and things6 giorni fa
  • Cricklewood is in North London, not Northern England.

    Greg D'SilvaGreg D'Silva9 giorni fa
  • sooo you could be fat but say that you are a body builder (for cars)

    Liam KnezLiam Knez9 giorni fa
  • 2:50 he was british we wouldve thought "aluminium" not the american version "aluminum"

    TheGamerLeoTheGamerLeo10 giorni fa
  • He looks skinny here what happend

    Dylan GutierrezDylan Gutierrez10 giorni fa
  • Ahhh! I just realised the background is a greenscreen

    Yohaan RYohaan R11 giorni fa
  • Hold up... Bentley named a car after T-SERIES???

    NoviRanger43NoviRanger4312 giorni fa
  • Volkswagen owns everyone and make cars for middle class people😅

    Arjun PatilArjun Patil14 giorni fa
  • Jay "Here at the [car brand] wing of the garage" Leno

    R SiqueiraR Siqueira16 giorni fa
  • Supra and Bentley:GAS GAS GAS

    Roque CatherineRoque Catherine16 giorni fa
  • Slow down your speaker because this guy screaming a lot

    Muhammad RashidiMuhammad Rashidi18 giorni fa
  • Do you have any Grey Poupon?

    Shane HouseShane House19 giorni fa
  • you don't pronounce the s in "Corps" lmao good vid tho

    Rarity KagamineRarity Kagamine21 giorno fa
  • 😂 I get why you pronounced it Derby but its pronounced Darby... I know it's false advertising

    The_British_BanditThe_British_Bandit22 giorni fa
  • I learn alot from these vids tbh I love em🔥🙏🏻☺️

    MigZMigZ23 giorni fa
  • @6:46 LMFAO

    Joseph VeraJoseph Vera24 giorni fa
  • To me Bently is basically a more sporty version of rolls royce

    GrenjaGamingGrenjaGaming25 giorni fa
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    Nia GrangerNia Granger25 giorni fa
  • You should do an up to speed on the old top gear crew (Jeremy, richard and James)

    narkitnarkit27 giorni fa
  • James looks like a 5 year old without the beard

    Yeetifyed MemesYeetifyed Memes27 giorni fa
  • No M328is.... :) :) :) , preach Pumphrey! Sadly BMW stick those badges on everything now, like a participation medal.

    High FlyaHigh FlyaMese fa
  • DMC-12!?

    Khai Nghe QuocKhai Nghe QuocMese fa
  • Dole cap, really? Must be bananas

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  • I hate those little crab guys man!!

    Dave LDave LMese fa
  • Hell when did Cricklewood move to the North of England. Used to be in North London...

    Orwell 1984Orwell 1984Mese fa
  • So wait why is he using a mic?

    Guitar DrivenGuitar DrivenMese fa
  • You know, we haven’t got a name for the “mo powah baby” guy

    Chris PantojaChris PantojaMese fa
  • Cricklewood is in North London not North England

    adnaanuadnaanuMese fa
  • nice Dole hat

    Osai1234Osai1234Mese fa
  • The jobless keyboard radiographically sneeze because south africa biosynthetically rejoice barring a tiresome permission. separate, aberrant grain

    Laura GonzalezLaura GonzalezMese fa
  • The wheel at 0:12 looks fucking sick

    SamusSamusMese fa
  • Do the Trans am

    The God FatherThe God FatherMese fa
  • I really wish Cadillac would build a sports car based on a Corvette platform. I think people would love a American luxury sports car

    Christopher BarrettChristopher BarrettMese fa
  • new bentleys are sick

    ElybtwElybtwMese fa
  • Whan i was 5 i thought bantly and rolsroyas is tha same car company 😂 dont rost me

    Frosti GamerFrosti GamerMese fa
  • video looks sttutery, dont know why

    dhruv meenadhruv meenaMese fa
  • T series 12:50

    Six BronzeSix BronzeMese fa
  • 14:24 "A Speed 8 prototape"?

    Master ChririusMaster Chririus2 mesi fa
  • “English people are so good at naming things lol” also Americans “we call it a blinker coz it go blink”

    Margaret PhillipsMargaret Phillips2 mesi fa
  • 4:05 this did not age well

    Luca Casler-BustamanteLuca Casler-Bustamante2 mesi fa
  • Is it just me or is James skinny now

    country boy 05country boy 052 mesi fa
  • Dislike for that shit SHARK thing

    Giptu BansalGiptu Bansal2 mesi fa
  • Me: see a bentley My brain: damm that thing is thicc

    Roque CatherineRoque Catherine2 mesi fa
  • Me: See's a thicc bente

    Roque CatherineRoque Catherine2 mesi fa
  • Bentley is for those who loves driving, Bentley is a rich brand on it's own. Far better than a Rolls Royce. Only true car lovers will understand what I mean not those who just want to show off.

    Junior SylvesterJunior Sylvester2 mesi fa
  • 0:23 why theres no T ??? because FUCK left drive

    kaiokendokaiokendo2 mesi fa
  • But can we get over that Victoria Beckham feel of Bentleys?

    KyeKye2 mesi fa
  • 12:51

    McCaroni SupMcCaroni Sup2 mesi fa
  • Where's the guy asking for Up To Speed on James' dad?

    Brian kozBrian koz2 mesi fa
  • He looks like he has the body of a 5 year old boy. At least he’s losing weight

    Alex de VriesAlex de Vries2 mesi fa
  • make a dialog episode between James and Student James

    Mark TollenaarMark Tollenaar2 mesi fa
  • Are you Rolls Royce? No,I'm Royce Rolls! 🤣🤣🤣

    Christopher JongteChristopher Jongte2 mesi fa
  • "Theres no replacement for displacement" Honda has left the chat....

    Dorthy NortonDorthy Norton2 mesi fa
    • “English people are so good at naming things lol” also Americans “we call it a blinker coz it go blink”

      Brian kozBrian koz2 mesi fa
  • Is your last name actually pumphrey? Thats pretty cool

    Nate7745Nate77452 mesi fa
  • there is a movie like yelling: Bentley? Rolls?....Bentley? Rolls?.... with the scene of having sex in the car.. what was that movie??

    Jong Chee MingJong Chee Ming2 mesi fa
  • This guy has mellowed down. He's not shouting anymore...why?

    sahil chandnanisahil chandnani2 mesi fa
  • James British accent is the worst sound I have ever heared. Right next to an electric car

    Rhys OwensRhys Owens2 mesi fa
  • if you want to play Brawl Stars in vietnam use any vpn

    Serhatyelizemir 7Serhatyelizemir 73 mesi fa
  • I've laughed many times for hrspwrs, mpre power baby, etc.But a Bentley accord of wow is worth watching the entire video! Well done

    MayorOfAmericaMayorOfAmerica3 mesi fa
  • Dammit pumphrey that good wood joke killed me

    Rex RedmonRex Redmon3 mesi fa
  • Rolls royce is just a company that is a cheap company that copies the Chrysler 300🤣🤣

    Rams HacksRams Hacks3 mesi fa
  • the fake audiences all have masks 😂🤣

    NeichusNeichus3 mesi fa
  • why is he skinny

    shakingspearsshakingspears3 mesi fa
  • Excuse me, but you drive your Bentley yourself and you have a driver for the Rolls..

    kamran102kamran1023 mesi fa
  • Cricklewood north England?? I thought it was south east but 🤷‍♂️

    Stuart WoodingStuart Wooding3 mesi fa
  • You should do Cub Cadet

    Devin SmithDevin Smith3 mesi fa
  • Hey James do an up to speed on the almost dead HISPANO-SUIZA luxury cars !!! Yes they are from Spain and was rolls royce rival!!

    DrskopfDrskopf3 mesi fa
  • Hate to sound insensitive but is one his eyes more hazy then the other or am I tripping?

    Chase HicksChase Hicks3 mesi fa
  • clean up song

    Ilya WeerIlya Weer3 mesi fa
  • Why he is slim in this vid.😂😂😂

    Aaryan MayekarAaryan Mayekar3 mesi fa
  • Why does the engine sound like it's farting

    Mr RaspyMr Raspy3 mesi fa
  • That's my car bentley is my name

    Gayle CarrGayle Carr3 mesi fa
  • I live 1h away from crewe and i didnt even know bout it

    Barrack ObamaBarrack Obama4 mesi fa
  • that my name

    Brandon BlairBrandon Blair4 mesi fa
  • I was named after Walter Owen Bently. Nice.

  • So that’s Sammy Davis SR

    landau46tlandau46t4 mesi fa
  • why does pumphrey love post Malone so much

    lab zeelab zee4 mesi fa
  • Derby pronounced Darby

    Andy HewittAndy Hewitt4 mesi fa
  • Darby

    Andy HewittAndy Hewitt4 mesi fa
  • Darby

    Andy HewittAndy Hewitt4 mesi fa
  • Darby

    Andy HewittAndy Hewitt4 mesi fa
  • I hope Bentley doesn’t go Electric

    ThorThor4 mesi fa
  • The county Derby is pronounced “dArby” I know cuz I from a far away land

    DaiganzenDaiganzen4 mesi fa
  • Two words for Bentley, fucking sick two more words fucking amazing .

    Louann SmithLouann Smith4 mesi fa
  • Want one so so so badly

    Mason BentleyMason Bentley4 mesi fa
  • Yeh. I have a continental gt. It’s heavy and badass looking...but standby for the suspension issues. Thankfully older models are easier to come by and as a do it yourself person, I only take mine to the shop for things electrical

    Jason EmileJason Emile4 mesi fa
  • Can You Do Jensen Interceptor Car

    Dayay MirallesDayay Miralles4 mesi fa
  • You see Bentley I see paragon

    broisfunnybroisfunny4 mesi fa

    Ren 184Ren 1844 mesi fa
  • How about Bart?

    Kinang EagleKinang Eagle4 mesi fa
  • Rolls Royce

    Phillip StewartPhillip Stewart4 mesi fa
  • Derby is pronounced daa bee

    Joel CairnsJoel Cairns4 mesi fa
  • 0:14 why does is sound like me after I eat taco bell??

    Bloop BlahBloop Blah4 mesi fa
  • The only way that would exclaim why Bentley would be at Kirkwood in the discret description of how they came up with the name only make sense if you are high

    Madison PettisMadison Pettis4 mesi fa
  • Have any of you seen Hyundai Genesis, it looks IDENTICAL to Bentley

    Zahria SarworZahria Sarwor4 mesi fa