$3,500 Single Turbo Kit vs. $8,100 Twin Turbo Kit | HiLow

15 gen 2020
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This is an epic one, fam!
We bought two identical 350z’s and have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track. Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) get the expensive parts and Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) get the cheap ones. Then we test them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on.
If you want more power out of your Z, you really have to go forced induction. Which basically means, forcing more air into the engine to get more combustion. So in this episode we're installing turbochargers.
Hi Team went with a Jim Wolf Technologies twin turbo kit. It’s high quality across the board. Best materials, it’s been through lots of R&D, everything should bolt up easily. But it’s $8000 DOLLARS! That’s more than we paid for the actual car! Can that possibly be worth it?
It comes with two Garrett GT25 turbos. Garrett is one of the most trusted brands of turbo. It also comes with all the piping, plumbing and pieces you could ever ask for. Sometimes with these kits, the plumbing won’t fit quite right so you’ll find yourself having to do fabrication or calling your friend who knows how to weld. But with this expensive kit, theoretically everything should bolt right up and we won’t have to get our Tinker Boyz on. Part of that $8000 price tag.
It was designed to be an OEM+ set-up with OEM reliability in mind, which means it shouldn’t require a lot of attention from you once its in--another benefit. It comes with its’ own piggyback box which talks with the car’s ECU or computer, and the right one can save you a lot of time and effort.
These turbos are good for up to 530 hp, which is beneficial in two ways. If you do choose to go FULL hot boi down the line, you won’t need to upgrade your turbos, you can just keep these. The other benefit is that because these are way more than what we’re going to be throwing at them, they’re not likely to be a failure point.
Team Low went with a Rev9 turbo kit, purchased on Amazon for $2400. It’s a single turbo kit. It comes with a turbonetics 60-1 turbo and a turbonetics evolution 38mm external wastegate. That’s one of the reasons we chose this kit. The turbocharger itself is the part of any turbo kit that is the most likely to fail. So even though this kit is “cheap”, I know with a name-brand, at least the turbo itself should be fine.
This kit only includes the hard parts and doesn’t come with any software to help tell the ECU what’s going on. So in addition to the kit, we also had to buy an UpRev software license.
We’re gonna show you our super long journey to get these things installed, then we dyno them to see who makes more power!

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  • Locar puts out closer to HR power stock and Hicar put out typical DE power honestly. Our dyno is always SAE correction so numbers aren’t dyno queen numbers, it’s a DynoJet 248H and stock RWD DEs make around 225-230 on average and HRs in the 250 range stock. Full bolt On DEs tend to make 270-275, HRs with FBO tend to be right around 290-300. The only competition for another V6 in that range we see often is the Honda J series honestly.

    Kenneth PowersKenneth Powers13 giorni fa
  • Locar puts out closer to HR power stock and Hicar put out typical DE power honestly. Our dyno is always SAE correction so numbers aren’t dyno queen numbers, it’s a DynoJet 248H and stock RWD DEs make around 225-230 on average and HRs in the 250 range stock. Full bolt On DEs tend to make 270-275, HRs with FBO tend to be right around 290-300. The only competition for another V6 in that range we see often is the Honda J series honestly.

    Kenneth PowersKenneth Powers13 giorni fa
  • If this doesn’t show how critical a tune is I don’t know what will. I’m a tuner by trade so maybe a tad biased, but piggybacks suck, cookie cutter base maps suck. A real street/dyno tune is the only real way to go. Even a modern stock vehicle with a basic intake and exhaust can benefit greatly from a real tune. Since we’re on the topic of Z cars, a VQ35Hr typically picks up a solid 10-12% at the wheel gain with just a good tune. The more bolt ons and mods the bigger the gains, and that’s only on gasoline fuel. Something like Ignite E90 I can pickup 40whp on a stock Z just from tuning around the fuel.

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