9 cars that DON'T lose value

27 nov 2020
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Buying cars is cool, yet losing money is totally wack. Good news: we found 9 cars that you can buy today and not lose your initial investment. The cars on this list are fun daily drivers that won't depreciate, and a couple of them will even make you money. Please don't be mad at us for raising the value of used cars, this is D-List!
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  • i sold my 2003 tacoma 2.7l extended cab with a 5 speed/4x4 to carmax 2 years ago for $9900

    Cora HalvorsenCora Halvorsen20 ore fa
  • You should mention the Nissan GTR R34, R33 and R32 and 90s Toyota Supra. All of them shooting up in price.

    nickccenickcce4 giorni fa
  • when I watched this the first time I had to spend twenty minutes to double check that James was never actually on full house because I really just believed that he was

    benben4 giorni fa
  • Left one 4x4 off this list, Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2

    Joe WrightJoe Wright8 giorni fa
  • False, Malcom NEVER looked good. Only annoying.

    Robert FranklinRobert Franklin9 giorni fa
  • Haven't watched the video yet but my guess is the Toyota Tacoma makes the top 3 on this list. Edit: I was wrong but let's be honest, we all knew it was gonna be somewhere on this list.

    Joe De La RosaJoe De La Rosa10 giorni fa
  • half decent tjs in my area are like 5 grand and under and that's canadian. Do not buy one for 25 grand us like this video says.

    Luke EllisLuke Ellis10 giorni fa
  • You forgot about the evo!

    Mickey ShangMickey Shang11 giorni fa
  • I’m surprised i didn’t see an Em1 on this list considering the market for them and how much they’re going for nowadays.

    JnthnJnthn11 giorni fa
  • Integra Sir 800000yen / type r 1.5 million yen

    Ben ChestermanBen Chesterman13 giorni fa
  • Coming back here after Toyota announced that they're ceasing the production of Land Cruiser on 2021

    Happy KidHappy Kid17 giorni fa
  • The only cars that don't lose value or even go up in value are the ones that are in mint condition. Trust your rusted out and dented to hell integra with a blown motor isn't gonna hold its value.. I'm only saying this because I know people and have met people who thought otherwise, and they never managed to sell their car.

    Gamma RaeGamma Rae17 giorni fa
  • Lmao down

    Dawson WillibeyDawson Willibey17 giorni fa
  • 1) I really hope the next Hi-Lo is with Tacomas. 2) Thank you for your take on the Beatles. Sometimes I feel alone thinking they aren't worth the hype.

    Eric RuhlmannEric Ruhlmann19 giorni fa
  • please do a future classic, for like in 5 or 10 years

    Mauricio TrindadeMauricio Trindade19 giorni fa
  • You forgot Fiero GT. One recently sold for over $90k. They were low but going up in value now.

    Mercedes Benz E63-S AMGMercedes Benz E63-S AMG20 giorni fa
  • The rustman isn't real right????

    Travise ReynoldsTravise Reynolds21 giorno fa
  • i was hoping for a 90's era ford escort in this list to justify my 1000 dollar buy 3 years ago as i dump more money into it to get me to work

    MrSanchez159MrSanchez15922 giorni fa
  • Holy shit the rust man is the stuff of us northerners nightmares...

    BascalBascal23 giorni fa
  • uhh.... What about the MkIV Supra?? They are more expensive now then they are new. I figured thats what you were going for when you said super like 5 times at the end.

    B14CKL15T3DB14CKL15T3D24 giorni fa
  • Also crew cab obs ford powerstrokes. Seen them sell for almost 30k multiple times

    dakota croasdaledakota croasdale24 giorni fa
  • Please don’t ruin hi-low by doing a stupid Tacoma 🤦‍♂️

    Taylor EieslandTaylor Eiesland25 giorni fa
  • In June I bought a 2012 Infiniti G37 for $9200. It's now worth $12,200. Wow

    ThatWasherNerdThatWasherNerd25 giorni fa
  • I feel the Comanche could have made this list. Rusty piles of Jeep parts are still $4+ grand

    Steven HamiltonSteven Hamilton26 giorni fa
  • Yes I have an s2k 1st gen

    Gabriel ArevaloGabriel Arevalo28 giorni fa
  • GD chassis STI should be in here. sub-100K miles is an easy $25-30K in good condition.

    Alex HollAlex Holl29 giorni fa
  • The Beetle already gone

    Max DZMax DZ29 giorni fa
  • I thought he mentioned about the frame rust issue of toyota tacoma gen 1 and 2, no?

    Zijie HeZijie He29 giorni fa
  • “Jep Wrangler”

    Raj KandhariRaj KandhariMese fa
  • Should have added the Evolution to this list. My EVO X went up 4 grand in value in the last year.

    CarbongamerCarbongamerMese fa
  • Where was the FJ?

    Brady MadisonBrady MadisonMese fa
  • I have a feeling that it is not a good time to invest in endothermic collectible cars. Maybe everyone will be trying to get rid of them in 10 years time.

    Massimo FrittelliMassimo FrittelliMese fa
  • Y'all should do a "Cars of Craigslist" series where you show James crazy cars and great deals alike from the depths of the fourth circle of hell (that we colloquially know and love as craigslist.com)

    Jake DrakeJake DrakeMese fa
  • You should get stock xj's. Also why was that jeep not on this list? they are known for lasting to a half a million miles

    Sneky SlavSneky SlavMese fa
  • Surprised I didn't see any Evo, Skyline GTR, or MKIV Supra

    WhatIWantWhatIWantMese fa
  • So glad I bought my S2k a couple months ago

    aztecduckyaztecduckyMese fa
  • The spectacular disgust nally list because goal muhly blink for a bizarre passenger. unsuitable, silent italian

    Greg BakerGreg BakerMese fa
  • My 04 s2k got 32k miles on it, with a hardtop, how much y’all think I can get for it?

  • "Gee uhh-esss arrrrr"

    Project PProject PMese fa
  • s2k and itr are mostly appreciating due to thos Best Motoring videos online.

    MJMJMese fa
  • An 02-07 WRX or 04-07 STI should be on this list

    Brandon LeeBrandon LeeMese fa
  • I'm surprised the 240sx isn't on it

    Haruth The Internet GuyHaruth The Internet GuyMese fa
  • I cannot tell you how sick Hi-Low would be with some sexy tacos 💯🌮🌮🌮

    Kody MatherlyKody MatherlyMese fa
  • I'm surprised he didn't bring up the Fj Cruisers, one sold a couple months back for 70 Grand with 6k miles on it

    Trae HicksTrae HicksMese fa
  • Here are the top 10 cars that won’t lose value (in Australia) 10. Holden Gemini 9. Ford Fairmont 8. Holden commodore (1980- 2000) 7. Porsche 944 6. Holden jumbuck 5. Honda CR-X 4. Any Ford falcon 3. Mazda rx 3 2. Fiat 500 1.Holden Monaro, torana, brougham and the 48 215

    Toxic genieToxic genieMese fa
  • me waiting for the evo 8/9 to come up. never comes gets upset

    frost leefrost leeMese fa
  • I feel like the c6 z06 should of been on this list. I also might be saying this because I own one.

    Slavik RiovSlavik RiovMese fa
  • Dfvd

    Sean McMechenSean McMechenMese fa
  • How about the XJ. Those are getting pretty expensive now

    Jacob ViqueJacob ViqueMese fa
  • Yall trippin on the Beatles They are fab

    DeerreadingDeerreadingMese fa
  • BMW e46 6 cylinder engine, RWD, 2 door coupe. Ticks all the boxes!

    AwesomeFPVAwesomeFPVMese fa
  • Im surprised STI's or EVO's didnt make the list at all, they are still hella expensive regardless of year

    Pyro_&_GamesPyro_&_GamesMese fa
  • I’m pretty sure donut does the best plugs of all time

    Carter NissenCarter NissenMese fa
  • Where is my KY Cobra hat I ordered months ago

    Chaz WormChaz WormMese fa
  • I was hoping to see the BMW 1 series M on this list. I heard that the day they stop the production, the used car value rises up way beyond when it was new.

    Haris NurfadhilahHaris NurfadhilahMese fa
  • This will probably be lost in the feed but, I have a Honda S2000 and I got her for 7k she is all original but has 230,000 miles now. She’s super fun. I recently got a letter from Honda offering me 15k for her just because they are so rare. Kelly blue book says 9-10k from a private seller. Which is super crazy. The salvage title stuff is definitely something you want to look into because back in the day the tops would get cut and the seats would stolen the combo of those things would technically total the car. Not every salvaged s2k is a crashed one.

    Kassiy PommeKassiy PommeMese fa
  • Pray that the Bobbum Man doesn't come and give you his rusty equipmunk.

    Justin SarvelaJustin SarvelaMese fa
  • I never guess anything but this. I love those cars.

    SDG 123SDG 123Mese fa
  • I found a integra type r with aftermarket coil overs for 16 k.

    JustsomerandomaccountJustsomerandomaccountMese fa
  • Make an up to speed of the Ford maverick for god sake

    Curb your sarcasmCurb your sarcasmMese fa
  • Are the teams going to switch this time on hi low ?

    Jose AlvaradoJose AlvaradoMese fa
  • Liked this video as soon as the Hi-Lo music kicked in for Tacos...

    okaydelokaydelMese fa
  • You forgot the Toyota FJ Cruiser. (2007-2014)

    James McCordJames McCordMese fa
  • where is up to speed???????

    tulga batochirtulga batochirMese fa
  • Aaaaaaand now I'm never going to be able to get a GSR, THANKS A LOT

    DonDonMese fa
  • I'm not sure if these were in no particular order but im surprised land cruiser wasn't #1. They are the definition of gaining value. An 80 series that just looks like some generic 90s SUV with fading paint are selling for almost what you bought them for new. Upgraded/restored ones are selling for as much as brand new luxury suvs. And there is already a flourishing "restoration" market for them and they are a 90s car. Hard to imagine anything else having that. Not to mention they last absolutely forever and you cannot kill them. And Especially the 80/100 series can be a totally normal daily driver, road tripper, take your kids to soccer car and then with little to no mods be better offroad than 99% of the other trucks and SUVs in existence. Anyone who's got some tools and an extra 10k laying around should buy one and fix it back up to new. It would be insane to have a car you could use heavily as a daily, work, and offroad truck and still actually be gaining money while you do it.

    nickster105nickster105Mese fa
  • Y'all forgot the EVO!!!!!!!!!!! 😡🤬😡

    Darryl JohnsonDarryl JohnsonMese fa
  • FJ Cruiser should be on the list!

    Jesse CampbellJesse CampbellMese fa
  • FJ cruiser?

    Praneel TripathiPraneel TripathiMese fa
  • Maybe unpopular opinion but vw transporter T3 or vanagon is going up value right now. You still can get it cheap but I have seen mint condition t3 going up to 100k. They soon will be hard to get like t1 or t2 and the value probably will skyrocket ✌️

  • Instructions not clear i bought a 1953 Lamborarri supra mk69

    Miek RagezMiek RagezMese fa
  • Up to speed on ayrton senna?

    Noah BodenNoah BodenMese fa
  • S2000 for sure I remember when they use to sell for 12k now there pushing 26k with 25kmiles. Evos also are about the same and appreciating in value too.

    R26RomanR26RomanMese fa
  • I have a 2003 Tacoma manual 4x4 with 190k miles on it. I bought it for $15,000 3 months ago. Best decision of my life.

    Ben Luna-VasquezBen Luna-VasquezMese fa
  • Integrals over here are less then 2 bands 😳

    Cesar MendezCesar MendezMese fa

    Isaac DeanIsaac DeanMese fa
  • What about the mr2?

    Josh JonesJosh JonesMese fa
  • Im buying e30 very soon

    Phantom HQPhantom HQMese fa
  • Thinking about this, what do you think? This is about 35k USD www.vigattintrade.com/view/HONDA-S2000-Best-of-Show-Tuner-Car-2012-MANILA-AUTO-SALON-/26394 www.topgear.com.ph/news/manila-auto-salon-organizer-announces-roster-of-show-winners

    Arsen MirzoianArsen MirzoianMese fa
  • Lol gsr had factory option for lsd and seam welds 🤔

    Gabby LeibaGabby LeibaMese fa
  • Taco Hi Lo season 2 baby?!?!

    Collegiate ClosetCollegiate ClosetMese fa
  • Every single one of my friends who have had a VW Beetle have had something catastrophic happen to it even with low mileage...

    Dan GetzDan GetzMese fa
  • There are so many good cars now that as long as they are well maintained and regularly detailed, it will hold some sort of value.

    Tobi KoTobi KoMese fa
  • I'm starting to wonder if there has been a single donut video without the mention of a Miata. Good or bad, it's always there haha

    Pierre LouetPierre LouetMese fa
  • 9:00 "Beatles .. super-overrated band" ... *DUDE* you can still be hung for treason in Blighty and insulting our National Treasures like that is definitely treason ... there is a special branch of MI6 whose sole job is to hunt down and eliminate any foreigner who transgresses... Oh well, it's been fun watching your vids.

    Toby MaltbyToby MaltbyMese fa
  • I have a 94 integra gsr with a K20a2. I kept all the interior panels and seats, I can always go back to factory - ish. 🙃 Edit: commented before getting to #1. I also daily a 2004 Honda s2000 lmao. Love it

    Brandon Son - RS MotorsportsBrandon Son - RS MotorsportsMese fa
  • Yeah I knew when I got my Jeep TJ last year just how proud people are of them 🤣 I ended up getting one with a salvage title but I don't care bc it's a project

    jagger2001jagger2001Mese fa
  • GD I hope this means they’re making Baja trucks with Tacoma’s. This would be a wet dream.

    Jonathan TannerJonathan TannerMese fa
  • U forgot mk4 Supra

    kevin tillackkevin tillackMese fa
  • They actually nail it with the promos

    Cristian VasquezCristian VasquezMese fa
  • Daily driving a 14 mil mclaren f1 😂😂😂 I love those cars so much (more than the new ones) but yeah good thing he clarified it was a joke.

    Matt SwankMatt SwankMese fa
  • Do a DDDd-list when u was in full house.

    Arturo RuvalcabaArturo RuvalcabaMese fa
  • I want an Integra Type R so bad.

    Billy WinnBilly WinnMese fa

    PxsnerPxsnerMese fa
  • Are you the same james from 2 broke girls and players?

    AlldayjayAlldayjayMese fa
  • I agree with #1 EASILY! Maybe except maybe a 69 Camaro

    Inferno ProductionsInferno ProductionsMese fa
  • Alright for real, that adspot was FKIN awesome. Haha xD

    MatthiasAIMatthiasAIMese fa
  • Bring hi lo back with mk4 manual turbo supra's

    Terri TorevellTerri TorevellMese fa
  • quality trickledown joke!

    Jarrett ThompsonJarrett ThompsonMese fa
  • Where am I ? I feel like I'm inside the pay attention while forgetting hope the day vaccumm doesn't suck that I found this scrambled cakes are not a person who can figure out how many times no beans sidewalk.

    John RutledgeJohn RutledgeMese fa