The Most Popular Car in Every Country

12 mar 2021
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Turns out everyone loves cars, so we got curious: what's the most popular car in EVERY country? How many countries even ARE there? Well it turns out both of those questions are more complicated than you'd think, but we did our best to find out for all 196 countries! Hopefully this helps you with Geoguessr, this is the D-List!
And if you're curious, most of this data is based on recent sales figures, but not every country makes this info publicly available. There are some not-very-recent cars on this list and also some joke cars, because making jokey car videos is what we do.
Images used in this video are courtesy of respective automakers or public domain.
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    Donut MediaDonut MediaMese fa
    • Dude hindustan ambassador had stop it's production since ages, what are you smoking. Research and update your list

      Shahid SayedShahid Sayed11 giorni fa
    • So czech rep, slovak rep and crostia are in eastwrn europe? 😀😀😀 I dont think so bro

      Igor GarbarčikIgor Garbarčik13 giorni fa
    • "we only go by recent sales" also: poland fiat 126p LOL

      Max G.Max G.16 giorni fa
    • 1. Your Indian map was WRONG 2. Who the hell owns Ambassador here in India bro? 😆😆

      krishna pandeykrishna pandey26 giorni fa
    • Dude that car discontinued decades (Indian Car)....🤣🤣🤣

      Yashrajsingh PariharYashrajsingh Parihar29 giorni fa
  • The Clio is rather a french Polo. Good video tho

    Dániel FodorDániel Fodor43 minuti fa
  • In malaysia, we have a road king named Perodua Myvi

    Shahiran NasirShahiran NasirOra fa
  • India - Hindustan motors?? When was this video recorded, In 1980s ??

    Rahul YadavRahul Yadav3 ore fa
  • your incorrect its 2021 and the best selling cars in jamaica is bmws and axios.

    Vaughnshea ThomasVaughnshea Thomas4 ore fa
  • is it just me or did he not say mexico?

    Chris MachadoChris Machado4 ore fa
  • Add to south Africa opel corsa, vw cities golf(mk1), toyota hiace(most of the time they are taxi's) hello from South Africa

    Isobelle Du KokerIsobelle Du Koker7 ore fa
  • Bro, polish fiat was produced 72-00' so how tf can it be actual bestseller in pl? lmao

    NaidroKNaidroK8 ore fa
  • I'm disappointed in Bulgaria. Thought it would be the Golf 3/4

    Big YangBig Yang8 ore fa
  • Pretty much never see a Kia Niro here in Holland, it's mainly Peugeot 206's 😂

    scott vrijscott vrij8 ore fa
  • Popular car in India is wrong

    Vishnu P VVishnu P V9 ore fa
  • Myvi supremacy.

    hai 0_0hai 0_013 ore fa
  • How dare you speak like that to Toyota land cruiser that's one of my favourite cars and a powerful car.

    Amanuel AbaynehAmanuel Abayneh13 ore fa
  • India has swift man

  • In india .the current best selling car is Suzuki swift. with roughly 20000+ units in 2020

    sarthak_ ghosh22sarthak_ ghosh2214 ore fa
  • he said current sales and then goes on to say ambassador for India! best thing is he mentioned many maruti suzuki cars in other countries

    Nandu KrishnanNandu Krishnan14 ore fa
  • Bhutan' s most selling car is Mahindra bolero. Please do not share misleading information.

    Jigme YoezerJigme Yoezer18 ore fa
  • Loved this video

    iMadfxqiMadfxq18 ore fa
  • I havent seen the Baleno in Chile lol.

    Not a FurryNot a Furry18 ore fa
  • Bro suzuki swift is the most popular car in India...

    fury toursfury tours20 ore fa
  • Yooo, in poland fiat 126p is called "maluch" what mean something like little ones in english. Nowadays that car is extremely rare to find on road. Nowadays car that you can easly find on road in poland is vw passat b5 in 1.9 tdi engine or vw golf also with the same engine. Especially on our villages and suburbs. In cities is hard to tell which car is most popular, but if I had to choose one car I will propably choose bmw 3 and 5 series.

    kejlonixkejlonix22 ore fa
  • James were did You get Your info about Poland? The Polski Fiat 126p is out of production for 21 years and the most popular one is Skoda Octavia. Check Your facts, Poland isn't that backwards into cars

    adizMMZadizMMZ23 ore fa
  • Pakistan most popular car is corolla,civic,alto,mehran,kia Sportage,cultus,land cruisers.

  • You are one great american bakchod of all time man......👍🌷

    Farrukh ShaikhFarrukh ShaikhGiorno fa
  • Raid shadow legends still sponsoring videos makes me wonder how much money those fuckers make

    SRNSRNGiorno fa
  • Seat ibiza the rebadge vw golf

    Rafa PereiraRafa PereiraGiorno fa
  • 4:58 the most popular car in Bulgaria is the bmw E36 not the renault clio

    DuckieDuckieGiorno fa
  • When you literally haven't seen the most popular car in your country...

    Džiugas BalčiūnasDžiugas BalčiūnasGiorno fa
  • You have used wrong map for Indian boundaries, correct it.

    1 9 5 3 1 Sandeep1 9 5 3 1 SandeepGiorno fa
  • as a scandinavian im highly confused by your german accent

    Shed MXShed MXGiorno fa
  • OMG I had never seen such a car in my country and you say its "the most selling one" ? Wow, that information sources are just fake af.

    Paulius GaršanovasPaulius GaršanovasGiorno fa
  • Junk list

    Thunder NikThunder NikGiorno fa
  • 12:59 says suzuki alto but shows wagnor pic 🤣

    Short Meme_ClipsShort Meme_ClipsGiorno fa
  • Most popular car in Pakistan is Toyota corolla not Suzuki alto

    Hassaan ImranHassaan ImranGiorno fa
  • I dont know where you got the data from but fiat 126p is not being manufactured for good 20 years. I would say that in Poland it's more like Volkswagen Passat, Golf, maybe some sort of Skoda, or maybe something french. These are the most popular vehicles on polish roads right now 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Patryk RybarczykPatryk Rybarczyk2 giorni fa
  • I wanna ask.... Why use Pakistan as thumbnail out of all the countries?

    Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Ahmad2 giorni fa
  • 🇿🇦 Polo

    Nelson MohapiNelson Mohapi2 giorni fa
  • Malaysia = Myvi

    Encik PomenEncik Pomen2 giorni fa
  • Fun fact (not so fun) about Brazilian Chev Onix and similar cars: A new Chev Onix has 116hp costs about 70.000 BRL, the average monthly salary in Brazil is about 2500 BRL. So to buy the entry-level Onix here in Brazil it is the same effort to an American buy a C8 Corvette in the US (I think it can be even harder)

    Ancap KnightAncap Knight2 giorni fa
  • Thess stats are inaccurate its so rare to find a land cruiser in Lebanon since its small and gas prices are hell

    Obada MsaObada Msa2 giorni fa
  • A whole lot of bs here. Ambassador in india ! Ridiculous

    Sandeep ReddySandeep Reddy2 giorni fa
  • 12:22 Ciaz is pronounced with Shi instead Of K so Ciaz = Shiaz

    Arbaaz TorgalArbaaz Torgal2 giorni fa
  • In is the manu factored of kia hundai Toyota suzuki. Mahindra

    sreepadh thinkerssreepadh thinkers2 giorni fa
    • India

      sreepadh thinkerssreepadh thinkers2 giorni fa
  • Brrro it's a Hinda or Toyota for Jamaica. VW beetles are suppeer old

    Romario LewisRomario Lewis2 giorni fa
  • Btw Kosovo and Metohija is the province of Serbia

    Tomislav JovanovićTomislav Jovanović2 giorni fa
  • hey man in India its Maruti Suzuki Swift in recent years , not the old jerk Hindustan Ambassador

    christy josephchristy joseph2 giorni fa
  • Toyota rules the world

    Craft & unboxCraft & unbox2 giorni fa
  • Present highighest selling car in India is the Suzuki swift. Ambassador was a legendary car for we Indian's. But it was discontinued ages ago. I literally laughed when he said Ambassador 😂. We have 1 more popular car which is the Toyota Innova.

    Craft & unboxCraft & unbox2 giorni fa
  • No Australia?

    Troy CoffeyTroy Coffey2 giorni fa
  • The thumbnail is of my country feeling proud from all other 196 countries.

    Ali HasaanAli Hasaan2 giorni fa
  • When seen apart from the USA, Puerto Rico: Toyota Corolla Those things are like ants 😂

    CrypticCryptic2 giorni fa
  • Here in Norway you see Golfs. EVERYWHERE. And Teslas too.

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti2 giorni fa
  • Hyundia creta sales figure is 31000 per month in India and kia seltos is 12000 where as vitarara brezza is 15000 U r just doing nothing 😂 U don't know anything 😂

    Sourabh ChaudharySourabh Chaudhary2 giorni fa
  • Ambassador was once the king of Indian roads.

    Amal B krishnaAmal B krishna2 giorni fa
  • BIG CORRECTION: In Poland Fiat 126p is not the most popular car. It used to be in the '90 :) Now it's a rare youngtimer. On 2020 most popular was Corolla. Octavia in second

    Piotr GancewskiPiotr Gancewski2 giorni fa
  • It's not south Pacific it's indo Pacific

    akash choudharyakash choudhary2 giorni fa
  • If it's India it gotta be 800

    Jack 76 The gamerJack 76 The gamer2 giorni fa
  • 2:46 China wants to know your location. Kidding. They already know it. Boy, you betta run.

    D BD B2 giorni fa
  • Pakistan popular car is suzuki mehran

    NAWAB YTNAWAB YT2 giorni fa
  • Funny that most popular car in Pakistan is an Indian car. XD

    BrotherGunnsBrotherGunns2 giorni fa
  • I'm Lebanese and I've never seen a Toyota land cruiser on the road in my entire life😂 it should have been a Mercedes or a bmw (or maybe a kia) but surely not this thing😅

    Georges HomsiehGeorges Homsieh2 giorni fa
  • Chevy does not sell cars in Paraguay, so, not the best selling car at all

    Eduardo TroncosoEduardo Troncoso3 giorni fa
  • I’m shocked the number 1 in Zimbabwe isn’t used Honda Fit 😂. Those things are everywhere you go

    geezyX 333geezyX 3333 giorni fa
  • In Dominican Republic is hyundai sonata

    Ilan FerdinandIlan Ferdinand3 giorni fa
  • I live in Lithuania and have never seen a Fiat Tipo in my life wtf

    Simukas123Simukas1233 giorni fa
  • Clickbait: pakistan=alto Me as a pakistani im telling u its not alto here is tge list of most popular cars in pakistan corolla mehran sportage

    xpro streamsxpro streams3 giorni fa
  • Most popular car in finland is skoda i think

    Coco QuinnCoco Quinn3 giorni fa
  • India information is extremely wrong i am reporting this video 😡


    Aleks DAleks D3 giorni fa
  • I owned a chevy kalos/aveo, great car, a drunk guy smashed it in the parking lot

    Harambe ComradeHarambe Comrade3 giorni fa
  • Romania didnt exists

    MonkeMonke3 giorni fa
  • Actually in Romania the Dacia Duster is the most popular car by 2017

    itsyeboilucaitsyeboiluca4 giorni fa
  • Fyi in Latvia the latest data i found was 2020 first half and it was actually Audi A4.

    Heindrijs PrātiņšHeindrijs Prātiņš4 giorni fa
  • Well as indonesian??? Brio quiet correct but avanza or xenia, dat shit lit

    jonathan DgTjonathan DgT4 giorni fa
  • Hindustan ambassador was popular 25 years ago in India........ That means you are 25 years late

    Adarsh ShrivastavAdarsh Shrivastav4 giorni fa
  • I live in pakistan and im pretty sure that pakistans most popular car is the corolla

    the unfamous youtuberthe unfamous youtuber4 giorni fa
  • Lol Europe are popular car is Volkswagen company

    Chevrolet masonryChevrolet masonry4 giorni fa
  • Dislike for this. Where you get this info? I live in Lithuania and fiat tipo saw just few times in Ltu there is not so much fiat's (we translate fiat name - Fix It Again Tomorrow) the top 3 cars there is bmw 3series, audi a4 and a6 , and vw golf and passat. That is top 3 cars brand what you see in all citys and villages

    THe artIZTHe artIZ4 giorni fa
  • L I G H T N I N G

    Mr.SupraYTMr.SupraYT4 giorni fa
  • In France the 2008 is not the best seller of every time WE have classic like the Peugeot 206 for exemple best car ever

    impreza fr56impreza fr564 giorni fa
  • I thought the most popular car in Hungary would be one of the old cold war era Ladas or Trabants.

    Grand Prince Vuk J. Barkin' TempestGrand Prince Vuk J. Barkin' Tempest4 giorni fa
  • Including Taiwan, is the CCP not pissed, and, threatening Donut media? The Ambassador is out of production since few yeads, they do exist though, but, I doubt they are the most popular anymore.

    Krishna MahatreKrishna Mahatre4 giorni fa
  • Yeah my country made the list. Blessings Trinidad and Tobago.

    RasTomas StanfordRasTomas Stanford4 giorni fa
  • Such a boring video ,I giggled all the way only because of James , great

    Manjunatha PrabhuManjunatha Prabhu4 giorni fa
  • got the UAE right !!

    Rashed AlyammahiRashed Alyammahi4 giorni fa
  • Fiat 126p "Maluch" for Poland? Not really It's not being produced since 90s. And it's quite rare to see it on the streets now. It's like saying that the VW Beetle is the most popular one in Germany. The original one. The most popular car in Poland is Skoda Octavia (or the VW Passat if you go for memes).

    Olek ZającOlek Zając4 giorni fa
  • #Ethiopia toyota vits!

    habenhaben5 giorni fa
  • it gotta be the Vauxhall astra in uk

    CSR2 KingCSR2 King5 giorni fa
  • I am from Taiwan(and I am proud to NOT be Chinese)

    CSR2 KingCSR2 King5 giorni fa
  • I love Nepal because of them having scorpios

    Chocolate Pie1819Chocolate Pie18195 giorni fa
  • Thats one fucked up list

    Jitesh ShivnaniJitesh Shivnani5 giorni fa
  • In india its Alto

    Er MacEr Mac5 giorni fa
  • LOL I were in Guinea Ecuatorial in the 80's and they had there renaults and peugeots destroyed barely functional. Later they discover oil and that surely led to the lambos issue.

    Cholila - Chubut - PatagoniaCholila - Chubut - Patagonia5 giorni fa
  • That pronunciation tho

    Triamcinolone AcetonideTriamcinolone Acetonide5 giorni fa
  • As a georgian i must say that most popular car here is sadly toyota prius, i dont know where did you get hyundai ioniq from but not just ioniq even hyundai is hardly seen on the road, but i still must say people here are drooling over mercedes and bmw and nissan too

    ColliteralDamageColliteralDamage5 giorni fa
  • As an indian i am expecting Swift or Alto but this guy said ambassador I don't even see that often.

    Chebelli Pavan kumarChebelli Pavan kumar5 giorni fa
  • King

  • Bro your info about INDIA is wrong

  • Lol in India ambassador is a museum piece atleast for last 10 years

    H.R.G.H.R.G.5 giorni fa
  • Nice caps cap🧢🧢

    NobodyFilmsNobodyFilms5 giorni fa