These Tires Cost $42,000

22 set 2020
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Bugatti is no stranger to high price tags. Especially with their 268mph Veyron Super Sport. When Bugatti was developing this record breaking car they did not cut costs so it could stay at 200+mph thus bringing about a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Pax tires to hold a $42,000 price tag. Jeremiah breaks down how Bugatti has made a tire cost so much money and how these tires are specifically designed for the Veyron Super Sport.
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  • Thats my salary 😩 Bugatti flexing hard

    ChantzioChantzio14 ore fa
  • go buy tires for equipment at a rock quarry if you think $42000 is crazy. Then imagine blowing one out on a rock 4 hours after it being installed

    Hammerjockey RadiosHammerjockey Radios14 ore fa
  • Girth

    Henry ZunigaHenry Zuniga15 ore fa
  • My teacher gives us links to this for school

    Lasse Bladt TvedeLasse Bladt Tvede21 ora fa
  • As the velocity goes up, since it’s squared in the force equation, once speeds get really high it becomes much harder and harder to make a tire to cope with the forces. Still 42k for a set of tires is gonna be a markup since there’s no way that the materials cost that much.

    IanIan21 ora fa
  • They cost 40k because they make the only ones and if you have a million dollar car you can afford them

    Benny SouthernBenny Southern22 ore fa
  • you better not say it's for a bugatti

    Benny SouthernBenny Southern22 ore fa
  • That's an expensive Honda tire

    08yannch08yannchGiorno fa
  • Yes, it's a mark up

    Rizki ErwinRizki ErwinGiorno fa
  • Went 4 years on a set of big ol off-roaders on my sequoia

    Daniel HuddlestonDaniel HuddlestonGiorno fa
  • Longest I went with out a tire change was my flat bottom of the tire was rusty wires 😂idk how it didn’t explode

    Apex_ slAyeRApex_ slAyeRGiorno fa
  • Is paying 100-250$ for a tire change normal in America? 😯 In Europe it costs like 5 times less, wth

    Eryczak PLEryczak PLGiorno fa
  • I tend to buy new tires a lot just to change up the look of my ride. Plus summer and winter are the extreme opposite where I live and it’s nice to have the best tire for the different terrain.

    Danny HinesDanny HinesGiorno fa
  • wat size were those pirelli pzeros? ive never seen them for 144, i see 450 a tire. . . this is old news, i been heard the veyrons tires were so expensive, and theres a reason why all veyrons dont have aftermarket rims on them too. . .

    PB42189PB42189Giorno fa
  • $100 to $250 to change tires???? Yikes where I'm from it's about $60 to $80.

    Cameron JonesCameron JonesGiorno fa
  • Because it’s on a Bugatti and Bugatti go very fast and a normal tire would probably disintegrate because of stress that’s put on them going over 200 mph for like 5-10 minutes at a time summed it up in 30 seconds

    Lord ChungusLord Chungus2 giorni fa
  • An entire BMW S1000RR costs half and beats the veyron 0-300kmh.

    Joshua MackJoshua Mack2 giorni fa
  • Yo how tf i get a donut kia ad before a donut video

    ShinitaiShinitai2 giorni fa
  • Could you put them on any different car or only bugattis? What if you could put them on say a challenger, or a civic? Even a crossover like the explorer?

    FelixFelix2 giorni fa
  • He said "Chiron" with the confidence the rest of us could never

    Drift999Drift9992 giorni fa
  • Hi

    Lukas WiebeLukas Wiebe2 giorni fa
  • now do one on f1 tyres

    Derf565Derf5652 giorni fa
  • Hah I take 25 dollars for tire change

    Conrad B HansenConrad B Hansen2 giorni fa
  • I saw this and I was like oh yeah that’s for a Bugatti and I’m way to happy that I was right

    Dylan?Dylan?3 giorni fa
  • we don't need this a set of 1400HP Hoonicorn Toyo Proxes would be enough

    ARST AshuraARST Ashura3 giorni fa
  • 1 tire costs more than my whole ass car

    Tucker BoysTucker Boys3 giorni fa
  • first, he says top speed 253 then 267 then 264?!

    Mohammad T.A. 6AMESMohammad T.A. 6AMES3 giorni fa
  • Runflat tires are the single dumbest automotive invention ever created. You're better off getting some aftermarket wheels with some pilot sport cup 2 or P zeros.

    Benjamin HaubeBenjamin Haube3 giorni fa
  • When your truck is on 40s and wish your tires cost only $150 😔

    Jose QuezadaJose Quezada4 giorni fa
  • I mean if you can afford Bugatti why not just charge the customers that numbers.

    Amy BeerhouseAmy Beerhouse4 giorni fa
  • Tires can withstand 15 minutes at top speed, not an issue though cus you’ll run out of fuel at 11 minutes so go have fun at 250+ MPH

    Vurxuss RBLXVurxuss RBLX4 giorni fa
  • Nah bro, semi slick are good alternatives 😂

    Skytech92Skytech925 giorni fa
  • Drink every time he says bespoke

    Anthony RochaAnthony Rocha5 giorni fa
  • i just got a donut media ad on a donut media video

    PILOT077 _GPSXPILOT077 _GPSX6 giorni fa
  • Pretty sure " Pax " is pronounced as "Pa"... Michelin is French

    arnold kamauarnold kamau6 giorni fa
  • Well.. A month ago I changed my tires.. Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance 2 + installation = 300€

    billkill37billkill377 giorni fa
  • Donut is just polluted with ads anymore

    Daniel HowellDaniel Howell7 giorni fa
  • While it's amazing to have the vehicles I can't help but think what an absolute waste of money and resources. I recall speaking with a porche owner who said while he was able to afford more exotic supercars he loved the fact he could drive his car wherever and whenever he wanted with hassles. I guess when money is not hindrance why not as you probably have many other cars as well. Definitely not a daily drive.

    Robin BebbingtonRobin Bebbington8 giorni fa
  • At that point just buy a new car

    BeanBean8 giorni fa
  • In Allentown, you'd see someone purchase it for their 98 Nissan Altima.

    Stephanie BonillaStephanie Bonilla9 giorni fa
  • Nice $42,000 420

    OwOOwO9 giorni fa

    Darrian WeathingtonDarrian Weathington10 giorni fa
  • We just gonna keep going like he didn’t just say “centriFOOgal”? 😄

    willmtaylorwillmtaylor11 giorni fa
  • Oh this is best a way to purchase the tires as a set then sell them off for more; that would be the big brain play

    dvxAznxvbdvxAznxvb12 giorni fa
  • I think the word center is spelled incorrectly 7:57

    Mark WebsterMark Webster12 giorni fa
  • My toyota avanza tyre cost $42 per piece

    Harry ShahrumHarry Shahrum13 giorni fa
  • Cries in Cup 2 tires at 270 EUR a pop 😂!

    Rallye SportRallye Sport14 giorni fa
  • I can't imagine trying to mount that thing to a wheel. There must be a special tire machine just for Bugatti wheels because that would be a nightmare otherwise

    Jose NavarroJose Navarro14 giorni fa
  • I mean if you got a bugatti you probably wouldnt care if they cost 100k

    HoloHolo15 giorni fa
  • I like his presentation better than his peers ❤️

    Sherin JohnSherin John18 giorni fa
  • Huh???

    Sam SosaSam Sosa19 giorni fa
  • *G R I P*

    Tigran MelconyanTigran Melconyan20 giorni fa
  • Suddenly i dont ever want to owna buggatti

    CudaCuda23 giorni fa
  • ive seen a veyron up close irl before and theyre actually surprisingly small

    MarkTheAmazingMarkTheAmazing25 giorni fa
  • “These are made for the Veyron.” Ah I see

    PShane TjuPShane Tju26 giorni fa
  • So... Does Koenigsegg use the same tires as Bugatti?.

    Jonathan QuaoJonathan Quao27 giorni fa
  • How long have you owned an RC51? I love mine. Only bike I’ve ever ridden that truly feels like it has a soul. A video on its history would be dope!?!

    RVA MotorsportsRVA Motorsports27 giorni fa
  • What tyres did the Tuatara use then?

    pRaNaV PrItHvIrAjpRaNaV PrItHvIrAj27 giorni fa

    Lucas FanLucas Fan27 giorni fa
  • Ah Apple must've taken motivation from these tires when they made their wheels

    first namefirst name28 giorni fa
  • 4:59 That tyre is still not as wide as Vladimir Putin

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan IsaacMese fa
  • Me a retard: that's like $9,500

    Donaman BemisDonaman BemisMese fa
  • Zenesis is selling diamond encrusted tires for $600,000!

    Eric TroutmanEric TroutmanMese fa
  • Thanks for your educational video. Excellent job.

    Eliot FrancisEliot FrancisMese fa
  • One reason why the tire is so expensive is that the engineering work which is needed need to be paid by less number of sold tires

    tapsulinkatapsulinkaMese fa
  • Remember that Jeff Bezos drives a commuter car. The wealthy spend money on things ppl need while poor ppl spend money trynna prove they rich

    2TallNegrito7 CMN2TallNegrito7 CMNMese fa
  • Im curious as to how an airplanes tires can withstand soo much force when landing

    Alonso AlcantarAlonso AlcantarMese fa
  • I waited for int'l shipping to save 40 bucks on my GSX-R600 tires. Cuz ya... $300 for 2 new, high end tires is just too much smh😂

    Tai TheguyTai TheguyMese fa
  • I just eat pickles

    ٰ ٰٰ ٰMese fa
  • The tires cost 42000 dollars Suavé,an intellectual: that's like 10000 a tyre Me a big brain: thats 10.5k a tyre

    YettiFNYettiFNMese fa
  • Ehhhhh just a markup

    creep lifecreep lifeMese fa
  • What????

    Bvk SthaBvk SthaMese fa
  • Roughly 2000 g's of force

    Noel SwedzinskiNoel SwedzinskiMese fa
  • Buying a Bugatti Veyron, why?

    Thomas MollThomas MollMese fa
  • "apple tires don't exist, they cant hurt you" Meanwhile apple tires:

    Lollo100Lollo100Mese fa
  • They should've added the 69

    KiyoshiKazuyaKatayanagiKiyoshiKazuyaKatayanagiMese fa
  • Bugatti should have gone with continental and they could build a faster tyre

    Gabriel Alejandro Rosas PriegoGabriel Alejandro Rosas PriegoMese fa
  • When i started driving my aunts 2002 z3 (years important) for the first time to get it serviced it still had factory tires from 2001 on it.

    Luisito Bardaji BenitezLuisito Bardaji BenitezMese fa
  • My question is, why F1 not using this tech of tire ???

  • F1 tires: Hold my bolts

    BA2 BricksBA2 BricksMese fa
  • The most I've spent on a tire was probably $65.. Whatever that is cheapest. Usually from Walmart.

    GT GodbearGT GodbearMese fa
  • you have to send the car to france because it needs both the wheels and tires replaced..... couldn't we just send the wheels and tires from france to the car?

    jeff krausjeff krausMese fa
  • Koenigsegg: Sunny tyres are fine.

    Splen borgSplen borgMese fa
  • a sponsored video with 2 mod roll ads and aditional ads at the start and the end wich is just over 10minutes long...

    SebastianSebastianMese fa
  • Me looking back and seeing I spent $600 on new tires for my truck

    Dat BoiDat BoiMese fa
  • You look like/remind me of Tom Delongue from blink 182 !

    Tom CampbellTom CampbellMese fa
  • Can of tire sealant $9.99

    Obe WanObe WanMese fa
  • 7:55 "Tire Rises In Ceter"?🤔

    Popo PaulPopo PaulMese fa
  • Saw the thumbnail and thought to myself, "are they veyron tires?" Had to watch to find out.

    pa howitzerpa howitzerMese fa
  • Even with all these reasons for the eprice factored in I bet the profit margins are still like 90%

    JulianJulianMese fa
  • Bugatti’s are hideous. Super rich People just want it because they just don’t know what to do with all that money. I know they can give that Million dollars to me. I will have far better use for it.

    JasonJasonMese fa
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s*

    Taycan Turbo STaycan Turbo SMese fa
  • The tyre is 365 not 366

    Joao AlegrioJoao AlegrioMese fa
  • Whats up guys " love the content! And the facts 💯 👏 Recently had a customer bring in his 91 Lamborghini Lm002 ~AKA lambro~ truck. originall p~scorpion with sand lip" 345-60vr17"tire's a "piece" was a consistent 9k -11k I've seen over the years ..depending on available stock" and customer demand ""at that giving time.. on this round i installed BFG TKO' 2S a full set with a full size spare that he never had before was around 2k and we all agreed it drives100% better" it was a shocker the fist time a got my fist quote back... and given I've been in the scene for going on 20 years i never have yet seen it all and thats what i love the heart stopping thrills this culture can give ya sometimes its simply the costs of the bi$$ 🥴 lol

    Will marshalWill marshalMese fa
  • As soon as I saw the price tag, I instantly knew they were Bugatti-specific tires

    Chris MartinezChris MartinezMese fa
  • I literally have like a tiny tiny pin sized hole in my passenger rear tire because I like to use my hrsprs in my mustang 😂 I should probably get new tires, tad unsafe 🙄😂

    Darrion HelmDarrion HelmMese fa
  • Rain sport 3 still better 😂🤙 They’re actually better in the rain 🤷‍♂️ Physics defying

    JamesyBhoy1916JamesyBhoy1916Mese fa
  • This episode wasn't b2b It was t2t

    its benjy MUits benjy MUMese fa
  • It's like having a Honda Civic at each corner

    Michael FrenchMichael FrenchMese fa
  • More like costing more then a car

    Gibson NilsenGibson NilsenMese fa