Fixing a Leak the Cheap way - is it worth it?

17 giu 2020
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The miata’s power steering rack has been leaking for a while, leaving stains everywhere she goes. My options are: replace the rack, which is a few hundred bucks and not readily available at the moment; buy a used one, which is still gonna cost around $100; or rebuild the seals in the rack myself with a seal kit for $30 dollars. Today, I’m taking the cheap road and we’re going to try to rebuild this old power steering rack. What could go wrong?
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  • Zach Jobe putting out Claire Saffitz energy in this one and I like it.

    DiegosVideoDiegosVideo7 mesi fa
    • Thankyou, Decision: I am not reconditioning my rack, I will buy a new one.

      Brendan McCreanorBrendan McCreanorMese fa
    • Big facts because I definitely watch both of those channels too

      Peter AfriyiePeter AfriyieMese fa
    • @Joseph Tischer they're all brad

      coreysteadycoreysteady3 mesi fa
    • @Jack Townsend lmfaooo

      coreysteadycoreysteady3 mesi fa
    • Right up my alley man.

      LiveordiebyinchesLiveordiebyinches4 mesi fa
  • A money pit full of leaked power steering fluid.

    DostDost23 ore fa
  • I like the struggle in this episode. Hate watching DIY stuff and the professionals go "bing bam boom and your done!".

    RIchard CunninghamRIchard Cunningham2 giorni fa
  • Does anyone else also think that the pinion looks like a light saber at 8:00?

    Austin HendricksAustin Hendricks2 giorni fa
  • "Or do what everybody else does and delete the power steering" I feel attacked

    john Dombrowskijohn Dombrowski4 giorni fa
  • My rule of thumb is: "Don't take on anything a mechanic wouldn't." If you asked a shop mech what they would do, more than likely, due to the complicated parts, number of places it could go wrong, and what it costs in time to rebuild, they would just replace the rack. It hurts to pay $200 when you know there is a $30 fix, but now you're out $60 since you had to reorder the kit and you still have to go pay the $200. Oh, and cherry on top, you have to clean the driveway. If it weren't for the content I would say this was absolutely not worth it.

    sana248sana2485 giorni fa
  • I love you money pit, .. but i dont miss the time we were married.

    mtsurovmtsurov6 giorni fa
  • Foreshadowing: The Donut episode.

    Red M1911Red M19117 giorni fa
  • The best way to clean oil off a concrete driveway (an power steering fluid is basically hydraulic oil) is to burn it out. FIRE CLEANSES EVERYTHING! Either a simple hand burner, which takes a bit of time, like maybe an hour for a 20x20 inch stain or first some spray brake cleaner, that you spray generously over the stain and set on fire (repeat 2-4 times) and a wire brush. The fresher the stain the better as oil slowly seeps into the pores in concrete and as it gets deeper it takes more time to remove or sometimes might even resurface after a hot summer. Then you have to burn it away again. Burning it out of very bright surfaces can leave a VERY light brownish residue colour where the stain was. You can then brush it a bit with a wire brush. Of course if you have never cleaned your driveway you will now face a spot where concrete is much cleaner than the rest... Then it's pressure washer time ;-) .

    pold poldeckipold poldecki8 giorni fa
  • 1:46

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia8 giorni fa
  • 2:47 2:47 2:47 2:47 2:47 Can anyone tell me the music at that timestamp?

    Andrei Gabriel MarayagAndrei Gabriel Marayag12 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Paul walker and Seriously idk why but I see him in you. You look like the character Bryan O'Connor. I spend hours a day watching your videos. Stay blessed Brother.

    Taha KhanTaha Khan15 giorni fa
  • Should have de powered

    William WalkerWilliam Walker28 giorni fa
  • Made a 2h 200$ job to a 6 day 260$ job 😂

    Peter GeigerPeter GeigerMese fa
  • Freeze em, & make sure to use psf to lube seals while installing, not dry?

    MrT2 thisMrT2 thisMese fa
  • I work on my own car(05 Caddy STS) but I think alot of the decision comes down to time, age, and income. I am not rich by any means but I replace all my parts as opposed to "fix them". If a part is $200 as opposed to taking it to the shop and it's only a few hours That's a no brainer for me. But everyone doesn't have $200 lying around. And Zach was doing this as an object lesson.

    Thomas PittsThomas PittsMese fa
  • What happened how did you fix it

    Justin LopezJustin LopezMese fa
  • Poor zack I feel for you brother I stay saying no shit ever comes out for me....I watch it on youtube iits all easy then I do it and it's a whole mission

    djblast101djblast101Mese fa
  • The lopsided glue connoly request because star dfly tug onto a thick boy. itchy, physical era

    Tom SawyerTom SawyerMese fa
  • @donut media i have a new driverside fender can i send it to you

    daniel Imbriacodaniel ImbriacoMese fa
  • So does anyone know exactly what happened im curious, did he ever figure it out?

    Niggar FamilyNiggar FamilyMese fa
  • That $200 for a new one would have been a much better option now huh?

    Blake ThornsbroughBlake ThornsbroughMese fa
  • This happened to me but I actually bought one from a reputable store supposedly remanufactured .. I was pissed cause that shit was leaking a lot

    Franco falconiFranco falconiMese fa
  • i dont understand why you would delete power steering. to make it harder to drive ?

    tylertylerMese fa
  • There's a reason I just bought a new steering rack and its not the chance of it failing if I rebuilt it, its just a PITA.

    Joshua Newton-KeyJoshua Newton-KeyMese fa
  • That seal you broke, I think it needed to be able to fit in that seal slot much tighter. Maybe it needed to warm up while it was in there before you tried to snug it up with the hose clamp? I’m really just taking a shot at it before I read the comments so idk.

    Derrick PenningtonDerrick PenningtonMese fa
  • @15:30 my heart broke. Love you Zach ❤️

    Shane McCoyShane McCoyMese fa
  • I'm no mechanic but would the most likely place for a leak be from the ball joints at the end of the rack

    B. BakerB. BakerMese fa
  • Wow! My 01 Ranger has a rack and pinion and it's not leaking but at least now I know to save two hundred dollars and buy one.

    Juan's DawonJuan's DawonMese fa
  • Yo I really ppreciate yall after I started watchin money pit and donut I have learned what things to do and what not to do ppreciate and that and thx

    ??????Mese fa
  • I didn't see any lubrication go on that blue teflon seal before it was installed. Never install an o-ring without lubrication which would be power steering fluid for a steering rack.

    M WalkerM WalkerMese fa
  • You win some, you lose some boss!

    Scott WoodsideScott WoodsideMese fa
  • 13:48 you see something leak at start up

    aLqUi 84aLqUi 84Mese fa
  • You have the same luck I do hahaha

    Joe DoyleJoe DoyleMese fa
  • those blue eyes tho. fuuuuu****CCCKKK not even gay

    Steven CappSteven CappMese fa
  • When he put on the rac without any tape on the teeth it hurt my soul.. it hurt to watch this go down in flames 😭

    Cade RomanCade RomanMese fa
  • 13:06 genius rotation.

    Peter AfriyiePeter AfriyieMese fa
  • Now I know how to work on a miata more than me b13 SE-R

    ambrose binkleyambrose binkleyMese fa
  • U just gotta keep on keepin on man

    Joshua ButtonJoshua ButtonMese fa

    Seths SimpsSeths SimpsMese fa
  • Guys i love your show.. but i guess you need to get a tub to clean engine parts.. i feel sorry for the lawn having to suck up all the grease.. hehe .. no offence

    Rohit MathewsRohit MathewsMese fa
  • The only reason I laughed so hard, was because of all the pain I've felt in the same scenarios. 😂😂😂

    Levi .VLevi .VMese fa
  • I love your honesty by showing us the humiliation you never invited. Well, making mistakes is another form of learning.

    Bal LoneyBal LoneyMese fa
  • Does anyone know what Zach ended up doing with the power steering? Did he buy a new rack? Go for non-powered steering? Does he mention it in another video?

    Jordan McLeodJordan McLeod2 mesi fa
  • You know who almost always has Viton and HNBR o-rings in stock? Harbor Freight. $10 for more than you should ever need...

    Phantom0fTheRouterPhantom0fTheRouter2 mesi fa
  • Lmao.. He even does the Felipe Esparza stance at the end.. You know he F-ed up..

    toyracerstoyracers2 mesi fa
  • 14:50 OMG so RIP xD

    32mace32mace2 mesi fa
  • 15:32 hell ya i still wanna get into cars, failure is a part of the process.

    Ajay NorrisAjay Norris2 mesi fa
  • I never saw you lube up a single o ring when doing the job they all were installed dry so I’m thinking once you threw fluid in there went to turning lock to lock because they were still dry one or more major o rings broke in the rack

    Justin HughesJustin Hughes2 mesi fa
  • Outta no where "HEY GUYS CHRISFIX HERE"

    [Anarchx] Scrimz[Anarchx] Scrimz2 mesi fa
  • *Laughs on the way to the salvage yard for a used rack to install😁

    Selector SpinnazSelector Spinnaz2 mesi fa
  • I see your problem... you didn’t use enough soapy Wooder

    Jonathan GJonathan G2 mesi fa
  • Never seen anything like that in my life either lmao

    Ty PercakTy Percak2 mesi fa
  • This is usualy how my mechanic adventures end up . I a. In the learning on the job hobbie/ necessity mechanic dude.

    Mr JMr J2 mesi fa
  • he purposefully messed up the steering so he could put off the boosted miata😐 GET TO IT ZACH

    isaiah twomeyisaiah twomey2 mesi fa
  • Appreciate showing the pitfalls of do it yourself repair. It’s not always a good idea and as easy as watching a video on ITworlds.

    Bruce RichwineBruce Richwine2 mesi fa
  • What was the end result? Replace or repair?

    t25zenkit25zenki2 mesi fa
  • Chrisfix please tell us how to do it!

    Mátyás HajnikMátyás Hajnik2 mesi fa
  • How could they not take it back apart to see what happened

    arthritisanklearthritisankle2 mesi fa
  • you better get to know a good mechanic in your neighborhood.

    Herman TecsonHerman Tecson2 mesi fa
  • i hope scotty kilmer or chrisfix is your neighbor.

    Herman TecsonHerman Tecson2 mesi fa
  • I’ve been looking through all the new vids but I can’t seem to find my answer... did he ever fix the power steering? Or is zach just muscling all his turns now?

    Asher LowAsher Low2 mesi fa
  • You didn't lube the O-Rings before jamming parts over them, and you didn't protect the Cog Shaft when installing.... Other than that - Golden!! 😲😜

    PoorManRCPoorManRC2 mesi fa
  • You cant win them all. Just keep moving forward. Dont be the last of them be the frist of you. And if one man can do it so can you.

    Walter DavisWalter Davis2 mesi fa
  • Great video, thanks a lot!

    Andrey KAndrey K2 mesi fa
  • Or for the birds.. 🖕🏼

    Jordan OrnatJordan Ornat2 mesi fa
  • "is this worth it? you wanna get into cars?" The problem is, you don't just want to get into cars, you are "doomed" from the beginning to be into cars and deal with these lessons. It is not a choice... 😥😥

    Marius ZanfirMarius Zanfir2 mesi fa
  • Money pit has taught me that I need a miata as a project car because it is way cheaper than an F150.

    Wayne AkuiWayne Akui2 mesi fa
  • Damm sun

    mild soupmild soup2 mesi fa
  • lots of adds in between!!!!!!!!!!

    CheekuCheeku2 mesi fa
  • I laugh every time Zach says how long it's gonna take because, just like me, intakes a few hours longer hahaha. Love these videos!

    Sergio GijonSergio Gijon2 mesi fa
  • How about lubricating the gaskets?

    Edoardo MigliavaccaEdoardo Migliavacca2 mesi fa
  • So buy a replacement istead of doing it yourself.

    Matthew Alexander SayersMatthew Alexander Sayers2 mesi fa
  • Any petroleum hydrologic part needs to be checked for wear. The goo is for keeping seals from breaking on install and holding pieces in place. Vaseline works kind of...but needs to be more sparing.

    Jonathan CorderJonathan Corder2 mesi fa
  • I must’ve missed this episode when it first came out 😤😢

    Michael EngelmannMichael Engelmann2 mesi fa
  • Anyone else saw the Goodyear blimp?

    Michael EngelmannMichael Engelmann2 mesi fa
  • If only that caliper had the ability to measure inside dimensions so you wouldn't have to eyeball the outside like that...

    Jesse ButrynJesse Butryn2 mesi fa
  • I can say this. In all the time I have working on cars. I have always tried the cheapest thing first. Because if it works you save a bunch of money. And if it dont well then you have to spend the money. But sometimes paying out the first time is worth it. It all comes down to what's broken. And how patient you are.

    George ChapmanGeorge Chapman2 mesi fa
  • I would've tried a can of compressed air, the Joule-Thomson effect should've been enough to cool and shrink the ring into place

    V MV M2 mesi fa
  • "Huuuh" "What happened?" "The seal just broke" "What do?"

    ForeverLaughing221ForeverLaughing2212 mesi fa
  • "and now I'm living it and I don't like it" after *every* decision I make...

    TwisTTwisT2 mesi fa
  • Dude never attempted to rebuild a power steering rack its just too much hassle i took mine to every expert and they response was dude buy a new rack or you will regret it

    Christopher MillerChristopher Miller2 mesi fa
  • Hearing Zack curse makes me feel dirty. It’s just wrong

    Jacob ForsheeJacob Forshee2 mesi fa
  • I love that you guys post content like this. I romanticize working on my car sometimes. There are a lot of great things about it. But there is also some stuff that just fucking sucks about it. Its good to show both sides of that coin.

    bri665bri6652 mesi fa
  • It's one hick up. Go to the junk yard and get a replacement or better yet break it open again and fix it right, learning better how your parts work and were you need to be ginger. This is one of the hills in the long road of DYI automotive. Don't forget, this and many other hobbies is NOT about the destination so much as it is about the journey to get there. Yeah the idea of a upgraded steel speed demon is a wet dream but really the path to build it yourself and the reward of saying I DID THIS! is far greater reward. So far you all are kicking ass on this Miata Thank you for not cutting out the mistakes and mishaps.

    Gary PalmerGary Palmer2 mesi fa
  • Will you ever do anything about that s13 there or what?

    Fantum PaiFantum Pai2 mesi fa
  • I thought Miata's were cheap and fun and I should buy one? 😨

    Myth CrabMyth Crab2 mesi fa
  • Leaky racc😂👍🏻

    jordy velthuizenjordy velthuizen2 mesi fa
  • We need more of this

    akawizard22akawizard222 mesi fa
  • Honestly it's the struggle that keeps me going because then, you're always looking for the solution. That's the interesting part, is trying to make it work. Every time I change my brakes, I learn something new, a more effective, efficient way to get it done faster. You learn more from your losses than your victories, so to speak, yeah it sucks at the moment but oh man, when you accomplish something, it's all worth the struggles. God bless!

    Two SeasonsTwo Seasons2 mesi fa
  • My first project car - replaced/cleaned fuel injectors 2x and finally figured out the tank was bad. Big lesson for 20-year-old me.

    Dave AllenDave Allen2 mesi fa
  • Sorry bro. It happens

    clayton foxclayton fox2 mesi fa
  • “Are you sure you want to get into cars....?” Dude, when you have to hang upside down with your head on the floorboard of the drivers seat at 12am, with all the doors shut (because it’s pissing rain) trying to replace your Steering Column, just so you can make it into work in the morning....then you can complain LOL That being said, great content as always Donut fam, keep it going 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Joe EJoe E2 mesi fa
  • Cars man smh got new radiator to fix a leak and then the coolant overflow tank starts leaking🤦🏻‍♂️

    Caylan WojciechowskiCaylan Wojciechowski2 mesi fa
  • Make a part 2. Buy new steering rack

    Jeffrey WongJeffrey Wong3 mesi fa
  • big oof

    Daan Van silfhoutDaan Van silfhout3 mesi fa
  • It may not have worked but it was still a very good video, shit happens

    Sam SolmonsonSam Solmonson3 mesi fa
  • The birds in the background sound do ridiculous it could be part of the editing

    Michael SaxonsonMichael Saxonson3 mesi fa
  • too much oil flooded your one rubber airbag looking thing, and after turning the wheel a few time the strength crushed your steering bar and components (edit: you had to fill your fluid more after running your steering explaining or hinting at the calm before the storm as it drained into one side also viscosity of fluid could mess with your ratio possibly)

    FUZ3-NOOB-324485FUZ3-NOOB-3244853 mesi fa
  • So the seals are just like injector seals in terms of compression and stretching. A soon as the wheels are on the ground, you have WAY more pressure on the seals, so I think they're twisted. Heat was a bad idea because the expansion is miniscule, but the reduction in mechanical strength is massive. Instead, I think stretching it gradually and adding lube would've sorted it. Lube should help prevent Production quality is excellent.

    BenBen3 mesi fa