11 Cars with the Most Horsepower PER DOLLAR

15 mag 2020
1 813 871 visualizzazioni

Let’s face it: horsepower ain’t cheap. Your money is valuable, and you want to get the most power for every penny you spend. Well we’ve got good news! Some cars out there will give you a WAY better bang for your buck when it comes to power. On this list we’ve got the top 11 cars with the most horsepower per dollar. In other words, these are the cheapest cars with the most HRSPRS that you can buy today!
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  • day two of trying to get James to pin my comment

    ThePlagueDocThePlagueDoc8 mesi fa
    • Wow nice job

      Takumi FujiwaraTakumi Fujiwara23 giorni fa
    • Lol

      Adobe After Effects ProjectsAdobe After Effects Projects2 mesi fa
    • nice

      thatonesalamithatonesalami2 mesi fa
    • pity reply

      AnonymousAnonymous2 mesi fa
    • @Jack Sparber naw it’s 15

      Colin KarvinenColin Karvinen2 mesi fa
  • Technically a horse provides up to 15 horse power

    katelyn lopezkatelyn lopez49 minuti fa
  • My FBO Stage 2+ 335i makes 440whp and I paid $8k for it so I think I’m winnin

    drugSdrugSGiorno fa
  • I did not expect to get flashed, going into this vid.

    Aaron EbenezarAaron EbenezarGiorno fa
  • Hey woah! What about the Demon? At a price of 84,995 over 840 is 101 per horse

    Aidan WebbAidan Webb5 giorni fa
  • Wait the gt500 has more power than the 765lt wow

    LightningLightning5 giorni fa
  • Dodge is The best car Brand in The world

    Sivert Vestvik AndersenSivert Vestvik Andersen6 giorni fa
  • My used old daily driver costs $14.70/HP lol

    Sterling RoseberrySterling Roseberry7 giorni fa
  • Aussie Barra XR6T is cheap power per dollar I can buy 500hp and about a million torques for 10 grand aus haha I'm 19, should I really have a rwd 500hp turbo with a traction control switch and an lsd?

    J Dog2001J Dog20017 giorni fa

      J Dog2001J Dog20017 giorni fa
  • my car costs 21 dphp but it only has 163 hp, but it only weighs 2500lbs

    Dwight FerrinDwight Ferrin8 giorni fa
  • Yo but horses actually got like 15 horsepower so 3000 would be like 200 dollars per hp so actually a pretty good deal

    Cayden CampbellCayden Campbell9 giorni fa
  • Where is the ecoboost mustang at 82 per horsepower for the base model?

    frog9181frog918111 giorni fa
  • My friends car is 147 horsepower for 20,000 dollars, which is 142 dollars per horsepower. Mine makes 160 and is 12 dollars per horsepower

    Brittain BoswellBrittain Boswell14 giorni fa
  • “I don’t even care that scat means poo poo!” Funniest quote I’ve heard in a while.

    Nicholas CostelloNicholas Costello15 giorni fa
  • IM A ELITE GODLY JOCK 2021 🏈💪🏽💯💯‼️🌎🔥🏈

    Master AssassinMaster Assassin17 giorni fa
  • Thats why I got a cts v for 27,000. We will call it 48.50 per hp. Heavy ass car but, some bolts ons should take care of that.

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson18 giorni fa
  • 12:55 I was expecting a Cars reference

    Drew AlexanderDrew Alexander19 giorni fa
  • Euro cars are expensive.

    Juan GaruteJuan Garute20 giorni fa
  • a horse has 15 hp i want my like

    roman 123roman 12321 giorno fa
  • What about the Lexus IS F? Msrp is $39000 ÷ 416hspr thats $94 per HP

    Zacky MohmandZacky Mohmand22 giorni fa
  • I hate how James talks...just another reason to hate Donut Media

    Steven GaoSteven Gao22 giorni fa
  • My moms chrysler town and country has 270 hp, and every time I think about it, I get scared.

    why? I dont knowwhy? I dont know25 giorni fa
  • The unsuitable delivery electrophoretically shade because colon randomly zoom pace a towering dry. willing, orange soldier

    Jay TatJay Tat26 giorni fa
  • Motorcycle

    WafflesWaffles26 giorni fa
  • the 86 has a subaru powered v8 cause it is a subaru lol

    Asher CayleyAsher Cayley27 giorni fa
  • I needed this last night. Seriously, I was trying to look at v6s that doesn't cost more than a $100

    James AJames A28 giorni fa
  • My dads viper has 500 horsepower for 40k good price

    0nux0nux28 giorni fa
  • A horse has about 15 housepower

    Sam BludauSam Bludau28 giorni fa
  • Love my 6th gen SS with nt555r2 radials in the back

    Anthony 3CartMerchantsAnthony 3CartMerchants29 giorni fa
  • The legal drizzle formally remove because trout biophysically treat a a lacking summer. creepy, lamentable pastor

    Charlee MelanieCharlee MelanieMese fa
  • Toyato 86 is 27k i could get a new miata sport for that

    BM_BleBM_BleMese fa
  • I am not surprised that the majority of these cars are American. I mean, You can tell how cheaply made they are just by looking at them. What surprised me is when he said that the interior of newer dodge vehicles rival European and Japanese vehicles....bullshit.

    ahdnajiahdnajiMese fa
  • Acura RL 2005 (307 HRSP) Retail: $48,365 "Resale": $2,818 $2,818 / 307 HRSP = $9.18 per HRSP W

    Warren NuthWarren NuthMese fa
  • This might be the wrong place to say this, but it's not just power, that makes a car go fast, there's mass & other tech, that's before you talk about thing ms like refinement etc. You usually pay for what you get, unless you're majorly ripped off

    Kurt SudheimKurt SudheimMese fa
  • My car is 6.5 hp for $

    Gunnar GroveGunnar GroveMese fa
  • is hrspwr more expensive than horsepower? hmmmm

    tymtrppr3tymtrppr3Mese fa
  • And also, if it were a choice between GM and FORD?, I'll drive a Camaro. I still wish that 🔥 FIREBIRD existed!

    Derrick LoganDerrick LoganMese fa

    Derrick LoganDerrick LoganMese fa
  • Our minivan is 2

    That Lol GuyThat Lol GuyMese fa
  • Suckers. My cb7 cost me 200 and gets 140.

    Zack EricksonZack EricksonMese fa
  • what a terribly pointless way to rate a vehicle

    Chad WChad WMese fa
  • The only thing I don’t like about the new camarro is it is fugjly

    Cl1nical Depression9Cl1nical Depression9Mese fa
  • My car has a diesel engine, and i got it for $44.44/hp.

    mattio79mattio79Mese fa
  • Dodge tattoo sounds just about as good as getting your week old girlfriends name tattooed on your forehead!

    West Michigan FishingWest Michigan FishingMese fa
  • Got you tied for 1st place! My 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T, new in Nov 2012, 375 HP/400# ft torque, base model, 5.7L/6 speed/3.73 LSD was $28,500 out the door. That was $76 per HP.

    1redrubberball1redrubberballMese fa
  • 1 hp is like 15 horses

    Christos KaraloizouChristos KaraloizouMese fa
  • Suoer snake?

    Cole LiepertCole LiepertMese fa
  • My used jetta is about 32 bucks a hp

    Nick VetterNick VetterMese fa
  • My car is 34$ per hp.. Then again it’s a piece of shit.. 😂

    The RT KidThe RT KidMese fa
  • So I bought a brand new 2020 Mustang eco with 310 hrsps list price 28,600 ($92 per hp) for 23,400 ($72.25 per HP) Great video but you missed the ecoboost Mustang, the best seller of all the models you listed----How did you miss it?

    Rick KernRick KernMese fa
  • With how much you guys learn about the automotive industry, I'm expecting a donut car in like a year or so

    Emric GauvinEmric GauvinMese fa
  • Y’all ever do a video on the conquest TSI aka starion?

    Sydney TeelSydney TeelMese fa
  • Is this BHP or WHP? Cause there is a difference i believe.

    Jesse PerezJesse PerezMese fa
  • I watch just to hear you say....hers pers....

    vikottovikotto2 mesi fa
  • I think #1 is my new budget dream car, I found a 2020 example for $26K with just 2,300 miles on it!

    LightRealmsLightRealms2 mesi fa
  • One horse making 16 hrsprs

    shai . isbcjdshai . isbcjd2 mesi fa
  • SCAT MEANS POOPOO....bruh i died

    MIKEX51MIKEX512 mesi fa
  • Yes the LT1s are the cheapest bang for the buck, and noticed the pricing when I was choosing a muscle car to purchase a few years ago. Mustang was the least, and the SRT8 Challengers were the highest priced ones on the list. Which I bought, and love my Mopar. It may not be the quickest one out of them all, but it is most definitely the most true to its roots and is the best looking muscle car produced today. However with basic bolt ons and a good tune, it's quicker than a lot of muscle cars out there and runs the 1/4 in the low 12s

    AZ-SRT8AZ-SRT82 mesi fa
  • your horse guy is robbing you. I can get you a quarter for 100 around here

    bosnakedisniksicbosnakedisniksic2 mesi fa
  • |\ | -Hyundai veloster | \|

    Toaster BathToaster Bath2 mesi fa
  • Ram 1500 tradesman is $98 per horsepower

    Brady GearstBrady Gearst2 mesi fa
  • My luxury sedan gets 9$ per horsepower with 215hp😈

    Daniel RoacheDaniel Roache2 mesi fa
  • The Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3 is 74 dollars per hp

    Dj LevelsDj Levels2 mesi fa
  • Me being confuse why there is not mazda rx8 in this when it costs $6k and stock has 230hp. Thats 26hp/$

    Mateja KrstivojevicMateja Krstivojevic2 mesi fa
  • Can you do one on truck herseprrers?

    Zachary B.Zachary B.2 mesi fa
  • every car on this list other than the mclaren has better value than an actual horse as of hrsprs a horse has 11 hrspr at 3k making it 272 dollars per hrspr

    The BawnThe Bawn2 mesi fa
  • I don’t know a ton about cars but one horse is actually 15 horsepower. 1 horse= 200 hppd

    Jake HobsonJake Hobson2 mesi fa
  • how bout som torkey bois, which cars/trucks/busses got the most torque per doll hair?

    neutrallyBiassedneutrallyBiassed2 mesi fa
  • Dang I was hoping you would mention the Ford Fiesta ST :(::::

    Zechariah Charles PeifferZechariah Charles Peiffer2 mesi fa
  • My go kart has 17$ er horsepower 😂

    Simon YunSimon Yun2 mesi fa
  • Donut needs its own racetrack to personally test lap times between cars. Top gear style.

    Nick VillarrealNick Villarreal2 mesi fa
  • Should factor hp per ton per dollar.. some of these xars may have crazy horsepower but weigh like a boat

    upbeatmantis86upbeatmantis862 mesi fa
  • Horse has more horspowers than just one

    KunnuKunnu2 mesi fa
  • *laughs in lada*

    Bastian KruegerBastian Krueger2 mesi fa
  • the whole poll is fucked, the average horse actually has 15 hp, so the value is 200 dollars per horsepower

    iimisfito yoiimisfito yo2 mesi fa
  • Only in America 🇺🇸

    Seaf HalabiSeaf Halabi2 mesi fa
  • They should also use that same list divide that hppd by weight of the car. Then rank them by weight/hppd number with the lowest number in 1st place.

    The Casual LongswordThe Casual Longsword2 mesi fa
  • ¡This is Great Video 👍!

    Wīllüar YoHoHoWīllüar YoHoHo2 mesi fa
  • Why the hell is he saying HORSEPOWER 😡😡😡

    Rodx LamboRodx Lambo2 mesi fa
  • Funny how it's all American cars in the top 4,given how the quality/longevity of those cars is pretty meh... not to mention the fuel economy. Ah Americans... if you had gas prices like the rest of the world you'd all be up in arms.. Still, a good list.

    SoetpotatisSoetpotatis2 mesi fa
  • Donut: how many jump cuts should we do? James: yes

    STiGSTiG2 mesi fa
  • Another good contender for this list is the spacex falcon-9 rocket ship, at approximately 1.6 dollars per horsepower

    El DriftoEl Drifto2 mesi fa
  • Hearse purrs

    matt25675matt256752 mesi fa
  • 1 Horse isn't one horsepower

    Jelmer DijkenJelmer Dijken2 mesi fa
  • My car is about 10 dollars per horse power

    OdeoOdeo2 mesi fa
  • Hppd hehe it’s funny cuz HOLY FUVK DID THAT WALL JUST BREATH?

    Peter ShoberPeter Shober2 mesi fa
  • When you put it this way, it makes the hell cat seem cheap

    MarioMario2 mesi fa
  • How about the most torque per hp?

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude2 mesi fa
  • What about one:1

    agent 19-3 marvelagent 19-3 marvel2 mesi fa
  • what about a chaser with 2jz? I guess thats 1000hp with alot of less money.

    Toukir AhmedToukir Ahmed2 mesi fa
  • Better yet take any motorcycle :) Performance for price is the name of the game. For example the 2020 Yamaha MT-09 costs you roughly $9,000 brand new, and much cheaper used, and puts out 115hp. $9000/115hp = 79 $ for one hp. Then factor in the wet weight of 414 pounds and the sub 3 second 0-60mph time and it's pretty good value for your money

    Jacob ChapmanJacob Chapman2 mesi fa
  • I like because of the first three seconds

    Muhammad SunardiMuhammad Sunardi2 mesi fa
  • I got my e55 with 476hp for £7.5k ($10k) so thats $21 dollars per horsepower!

    Honk HonkHonk Honk2 mesi fa
  • What about an F1 car, $10k per HP

    Aron KimAron Kim2 mesi fa
  • "Scat Pack" 🤣🤣🤣 Market research didn't come through on this occasion.

    onlyonewhyphyonlyonewhyphy2 mesi fa
  • a horse has 15 hp ik its wierd

    Key KorKey Kor2 mesi fa
  • A horse can do like 20 hp for a moderately short timespan, so horses are ~150 dollars per hp

    Stefan13579100Stefan135791002 mesi fa
  • I’m sure this list is biased. Skipped right over the gt350 at $112 it would’ve beat most of the foreign cars on the list and it beats the c8 😂

    TheEzwider88TheEzwider882 mesi fa
  • Pretty sure I can get an old sick horse from a farm for free. Infinite horsepower per dollar!

    Louis LinLouis Lin2 mesi fa
  • 12-year-old kids in the fortnite game chat when they die: 5:46

    AdamAdam2 mesi fa