$20,000 vs. $50,000 Custom 350z

6 set 2020
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Well gals and guys, this is it. This is the end of the epic saga of the 350z builds. We finally figure out if more expensive means more better. Is Hi Car actually faster than Low Car?
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  • Build two old Volvo 740s or 940s (wagons because they are cooler then sedans or mabye sedans because they are also cool, cus its a volvo)

    Edvin PerssonEdvin Persson28 minuti fa
  • 2000 Audi a6 2.7t bi turbo. So many mods and turbo upgrades tuning just a stock tune get you 100 horsepower You're looking at 350 on stock with no injector upgrades

    keep thinkingkeep thinking44 minuti fa
  • 6:51 he set off siri

    Joseph CardonaJoseph Cardona6 ore fa
  • How about a HiLow with a truck?

  • “We broke our car” “Yeahhhhh so did we”

    Ryan AdamsRyan Adams17 ore fa

    Don OldDon Old18 ore fa
  • Rally hatchbacks or trucks

    TheMega98765TheMega9876523 ore fa
  • Do Eclipses for the next HiLow.

    Less AlexLess AlexGiorno fa
  • I think the only thing that throws me off about Low-car is the headlights. They just look weirdly cheap to me.

    Dayton HarangozoDayton HarangozoGiorno fa
  • Do a 00-06 nissan sentra ser

    armando ortegaarmando ortegaGiorno fa
  • Y'all should do challengers next

    Neil SkeeteNeil SkeeteGiorno fa
  • Hi low some minivans.😂

    Brandon SandersBrandon SandersGiorno fa
  • Hearing them talk about how turbocharging might have been a factor is interesting. On a completely unrelated note I’m excited to see this week’s episode of money pit, good luck with throwing a snail in the miata Zach

    Quazi MojoQuazi MojoGiorno fa
  • My vote goes for g37x It’s the luxury 370z but the baby.gtr

    Shaggy DavidsaverShaggy DavidsaverGiorno fa
  • Phat James is funnier.... jus sayin

    Marq BMarq BGiorno fa
  • I think it would be cool with G35x or G37x

    Mjeffery 27Mjeffery 27Giorno fa
  • Man for hi/low² take your own advice best project cars of 2020? Make one of those jeopardy wheels and let fate do its thing.

    Benjamin YoungBenjamin YoungGiorno fa
    • Dang that's like 30 minutes from my house I wanna go next time

      Benjamin YoungBenjamin YoungGiorno fa

    jake smithjake smithGiorno fa
  • Moral of the story Buy an already made tracktoy with daily capabilities, better than wasting your money (and time) on repetitive failures which will also make you anxious all the time of breaking something. I'm not undermining Donut effort though, thanks for great series

    iMANTlSiMANTlSGiorno fa
  • 50k$ !!!! you could just buy an allready tracktoy like 4C or Elise

    iMANTlSiMANTlSGiorno fa
  • Don't matter which car you buy, Just make sure you have enough space under the hood to fit everything you want! ( Just watched ur turbo installation video )

    Jeet NaikJeet Naik2 giorni fa
  • Muscle cars

    shreyas Guptashreyas Gupta2 giorni fa
  • You want durable? 99-04 2 Valve Mustangs. They can TAKE the punishment!

    PoorManRCPoorManRC2 giorni fa
  • Boss 302s are the best daily to take to a track

    Keiffer DibernardoKeiffer Dibernardo2 giorni fa
  • fun daily drivers that you can drift...

    Gavin WoodGavin Wood2 giorni fa
  • Do a Rotary Engine next Loved the show so much Looking foreward to the Next season

    Niki ScheibenbauerNiki Scheibenbauer3 giorni fa
  • this is what happens when you buy bad parts

    ssilencessilence3 giorni fa
  • Hi car is Not $30,000 better

    Michael CitronMichael Citron3 giorni fa
  • Don’t forget oil coolers next series if u add turbos 🐌

    Jacob FloresJacob Flores3 giorni fa
  • I wanna see more japanese cars 😛😛

    F1ibraaaF1ibraaa3 giorni fa
  • Raffle off the cars

    Mauri BMauri B3 giorni fa
  • You guys should do either vans or family wagons, it'd be halrious and fun!!

    Damion EspositoDamion Esposito4 giorni fa
  • Do a Honda

    Ubrun 10Ubrun 104 giorni fa
  • Where is the best place to order or pick up car part

    Jake EdmondsJake Edmonds4 giorni fa
  • Do it with nitro

  • Maybe go for a couple old golfs or even complete go ham on some early 2k S4s. you guys could make those things insane and still daily them with the quattro

    Alexandro SimiliaAlexandro Similia4 giorni fa
  • Do e46 or e90/92 M3s next

    Dante WinleyDante Winley4 giorni fa
  • Would love to see som JDM minitrucks for season 2, like the Mazda B2200

    Marius DalenMarius Dalen4 giorni fa
  • A german car like a vw golf gti mk 5 or a bmw 335i e92 would be amazing to watch

    PDinis10PDinis105 giorni fa
  • buliding a car and customizing making it truly yours has so much more satisfaction, rather than just dumping it with tons on money

    kevin zhoukevin zhou5 giorni fa
  • Build some jeep cherokee xj rock crawlers that would be amazing

    davidr15davidr155 giorni fa
  • Last time I spent 50 grand on an 18 year old when I was bLllleeeeeeeeepppppppp epstines island bro I'm fkm dead

    Mike NolanMike Nolan5 giorni fa
  • E46 3 series, if possible, the M3

    Andrew WigleyAndrew Wigley5 giorni fa
  • For that price, 70k, you could have easily bought 2, factory Turbo Toyota Supra stick shifts lol the mid 90s ones with the straight 6 and they would be more reliable than a nissan

    Alex LaneAlex Lane6 giorni fa
  • My 1995 chevy van 350 5.7 would beat hi and low car because I already drove it to Florida and Michigan from the west coast, and back to the west and didnt break down once. Turtle and the heir

    Alex LaneAlex Lane6 giorni fa
  • Do Corolla's; it'd be interesting to see what you could actually turn them into.

    Korby BohannonKorby Bohannon6 giorni fa
  • Bug eye subies

    YextiYexti6 giorni fa
  • Yes turbo did it

    Classic WheelsClassic Wheels6 giorni fa
  • i wonder what happened to the cars like who got them

    Zaidez.-.Zaidez.-.6 giorni fa
  • Jeep wranglers you can do so much with suspension engine power and axles it would reach a whole new group of people on youre channel and be really informative

    Broden PillingBroden Pilling6 giorni fa
  • do a frs next time

    Rafael MartellRafael Martell6 giorni fa
  • frs

    Rafael MartellRafael Martell6 giorni fa
  • Frankly, I'd really like to see/know what a "team sweetspot" would arrive at. Like a scoured Z350 forums and knowledgebase for a sort of 'bang for the buck' build. Perhaps for the next series!? Take something super commonly modded... like WRX's perhaps? so there's parts aplenty across the board, and spectrum of the show, do the same Hi-Low builds but also have a General Consensus parts list or (should funding allow) 3rd build... thoughts?

    Two-eyed RoyTwo-eyed Roy6 giorni fa
  • How about Hi/Hi STI vs Evo!?

    Kevin OrtolaniKevin Ortolani6 giorni fa
  • Anybody know the name of the song at 7:25?

    AdenAden6 giorni fa
  • Toyota gt86 next build

    Batsi copBatsi cop6 giorni fa
  • See what I think would’ve been an amazing cherry on top finale would be Hartley, Woshynis, or Halcyon making a cinematic with these two cars

    Saucy SaucerSaucy Saucer6 giorni fa
  • BMW e36 I so cheap

    Gorazd JovanovskiGorazd Jovanovski7 giorni fa
  • You broke them! I'm so sad. :(

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude7 giorni fa
  • Hope you guys re do this series with different cars next time

    Kieran DaviesKieran Davies7 giorni fa
  • Idk but 2001 Monte Carlo ss 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Mortoph The LegendMortoph The Legend7 giorni fa
  • Hi-lo K-swaps into civics. It'd be even more fun for me if you also did it with 7th gen base civics since that's what I have.

    Elite ClubElite Club7 giorni fa
  • I think they should build 2 Foxbody (or sn95) mustangs for street/drag strip!

    Frankie GallicchioFrankie Gallicchio7 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know how much the cars themselves cost ? I live in Germany and want to know what the prices are like in the US becausr the 350z is my dream car

    Mr_LigmaMr_Ligma7 giorni fa
  • I need help with my build

    Mr BeatsMr Beats7 giorni fa
  • Would love to see this done with jeeps, maybe a good old XJ, daily driver that you can take off road.

    CarlCarl7 giorni fa
  • I watched each episode of the series at least ten times

    Arun ManickamArun Manickam8 giorni fa
  • You guys should build older mustangs and put nos in them

    Christian HutchensChristian Hutchens8 giorni fa
  • Hilow drift cars?

    cesar lagrandiercesar lagrandier8 giorni fa
  • Moral of the story: boosting your only car is not a good idea if you are an average middle class person and don't have mechanic friends neither a personal car shop. It will break down a lot, it's gonna be expensive and you will need help.. a lot of help.

    Andres RamirezAndres Ramirez8 giorni fa
  • Thanks guys for the awesome series and all the hard work. Looks like a blast to do what you guys do! Keep living the dream. Keep the engine oil flowing through your veins! 👊

    Graysen oGraysen o8 giorni fa
  • Honda Civic Type-R or Mark 4 Toyota Supra.

    The McKinney FamilyThe McKinney Family8 giorni fa
  • Is it me or is there a sick Porsche in the background 4:45

    Owen is chilling SunesonOwen is chilling Suneson8 giorni fa
  • jeep vs bronco

    Luke MacDonaldLuke MacDonald8 giorni fa
  • Next time: High / Low with german sports cars BMW vs. Benz vs. Porsche vs. Super Boosted VW

    Professor PutricideProfessor Putricide8 giorni fa
  • new hi low idea build 2identical nissan almera gti:s you can take to the track and daily

    Enrico :DEnrico :D8 giorni fa
  • a sand rail wood be cool my dads friend has a sand rail

    bikes with powerbikes with power8 giorni fa
  • I think you guys should make some drift cars

    JwiljrJwiljr8 giorni fa
  • Pleasr Do a track civic... Ill be team lo

    Michael NoblezaMichael Nobleza8 giorni fa
  • Please Please PLEASE Ls3 swap the low car

    JacksonJackson8 giorni fa
  • Looking forward to season two. I think you would need to stick with very common turner vehicles, because cheap Chinese parts aren’t exactly available for everything out there. Would love to see a Bmw battle, maybe a 335i battle. Those cars have lots of tuner parts and make crazy power.

    Uncle BenUncle Ben8 giorni fa
  • Cheep Muscle Cars would be fun.

    colespockcolespock8 giorni fa
  • Hey muscle cars or a miata maybe? it doesnt matter just use cool cars

    Márton Naske GatyásMárton Naske Gatyás9 giorni fa
  • You guys should do 4th gen F bodies, 98-02. Preferably Pontiac Trans Ams! Affordable muscle cars with plenty of aftermarket support and great bases to start from.

    Brandon HodnettBrandon Hodnett9 giorni fa
  • Honestly, you made track cars for the streets, do off road trucks next, hit the other end of the spectrum

    Duhfuzz 101Duhfuzz 1019 giorni fa
  • Check out thepennyprojectz on Instagram

    Maraya ZavalaMaraya Zavala9 giorni fa
  • This series is great ......keep it up guys😊😊😊

    SreeSree9 giorni fa
  • They should of tested the cheap car radiator fan to give it a chance in my opinion

    DreystaDreysta9 giorni fa
  • HiLow on Ford Transit!

    brian ngbrian ng9 giorni fa
  • Build some Honda's

    Stone ThingsStone Things9 giorni fa
  • Shout outto the guys taking his Kia Soul to a track day.

    KubiKubi9 giorni fa
  • please do a 97 eclipse gsx

    mohamed alawdimohamed alawdi9 giorni fa
  • Do the Infiniti g35 next!

    Adrian GarciaAdrian Garcia10 giorni fa
  • 4:48 Look at the porche in the background

    i’m thiodori’m thiodor10 giorni fa
    • ooo nice i never saw that

      Ducky BoiiDucky Boii9 giorni fa
  • BRZ

    Tariq GrahamTariq Graham10 giorni fa
  • Hey dounat in the next sezon can you show us the video of fixsing the cars

    Filip MihailovFilip Mihailov10 giorni fa
  • 2 subaru brz’s

    Kenan SchoonKenan Schoon10 giorni fa
  • Dudeessssss please build a DSM Eclipse next!!!

    Mario Landeros GarciaMario Landeros Garcia10 giorni fa
  • EP3

    Logan MorangLogan Morang10 giorni fa
  • Hi/low 1995 Toyota Tercel time attack/hillclimb cars.

    FattyFatty10 giorni fa