Toyota PICKUP Truck - The Science EXPLAINED

19 mag 2020
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The Toyota Pickup will go down in history as one of the toughest trucks ever built. And not because it has loads of modern day technology that keeps it rolling down the road, but because it’s one of the most simple, no frills, utilitarian work horses ever to hit the dirt, pavement, sand, mud, rocks...literally ANY terrain in its path. It’s survived being strapped to the top of an exploding building! And that was AFTER it was hit with a wrecking ball, lit it on fire and had the ocean swallow it whole. In today's B2B we are going to look at what makes the nameless Toyota truck such a beast, starting with it’s boxed frame and then we’re gonna look at the infamous 22RE engine!
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  • What's the most indestructible CAR ever built? Should be do a B2B on it? - Jeremiah

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  • @6:03 You are correct. Suspension should be handled by suspension components not the frame. That's why coilover suspension lifts are much better and are actually off-road worthy compared to spacer lifts.

    MrPainseekerMrPainseekerGiorno fa
  • All engine

    Captain FALKENCaptain FALKEN2 giorni fa
  • The Ranger was it's competition, the s10 was for the idiots who sat in the corner eating glue

    Brandon CandelarioBrandon Candelario4 giorni fa
  • Since when did James Franko get a job with doughnut?

    Kyle StockKyle Stock6 giorni fa
  • Thumbed up for the mgs sound 😊

    Will NjundongWill Njundong6 giorni fa
  • they haven’t heard of Toyota Hilux’s

    Ahmad DabbahAhmad Dabbah6 giorni fa
  • I agree owned many yotas. I keep the mrs in a toyota vehicle. I’m also an engine machinist and engine builder. No oil for 2 months 😆

    Shelly MorrisonShelly Morrison8 giorni fa
  • I want it

    Nick's ShedNick's Shed9 giorni fa
  • My old 86 is still going with 550,000 miles and still runs like new lol

    li'lmule200li'lmule2009 giorni fa
  • A Toyota Hilux is a tough car. I'm a big fan of it, it's a true legend 🇳🇦

    TM HausikuTM Hausiku9 giorni fa
  • Toyota Brand is the number one favorite of Terrorist

    rs Onirars Onira9 giorni fa
  • My 04 Tacoma just hit 400k all original engine.

    Jesse KnutsonJesse Knutson10 giorni fa
  • Yesssss, I've got an '84 Hilux with a lift kit that was jumping dunes and pulling logs most it's life before I got it 2 years ago and the only thing wrong with it is the deterioration on the body work

    Dragi MitrevskiDragi Mitrevski10 giorni fa
  • I remember I used to always dump the clutch in my cousin's 1980 Toyota pickup. And it still runs and drives to this day.

    Jimbo HernandezJimbo Hernandez11 giorni fa
  • 2 of your mamas😅😅

    karel peterkarel peter11 giorni fa
  • The kindly bandana concordingly sound because sentence plausibly whirl among a vast oil. loving, depressed utensil

    Mike FerraroMike Ferraro11 giorni fa
  • 8:40 is why I subbed to this channel months back. My life hasn't been the same ever since!

    AlphaRomeo-OneFiveAlphaRomeo-OneFive11 giorni fa
  • My buddy's dad did an engine swap a 400,000 mile engine that smoked was pulled and a 540,000 mile engine replaced it. Lasted 6 years until frame broke in half when my buddy and I went wheelin. Hard to beat the 22re

    yooperpitbullsyooperpitbulls11 giorni fa
  • Chevy luv,was a hell of a truck.

    Patrick ClarkPatrick Clark11 giorni fa
  • Toyota Hilux is the AK-47 of automobiles: incredibly easy to use and last longer than the users.

    Adriel SebastianAdriel Sebastian12 giorni fa
    • I would like to clear up a couple myths about the AK. 1. The AK-47 (the 47 representing the year it was made) is one of many variants in the AK platform, it was the first gun to use the AK platform and that’s why people mistakenly refer to AK’s as AK-47’s. Whenever you see an AK it is extremely likely that it is not an AK-47 unless it is specifically stated that it’s an AK-47, so, instead if referring to all AKs as AK-47s refer to them as AKs, or better, the exact model. 2. The AK is very reliable but there are many other guns that are close to as, as, or more reliable than the AK.

      Despacito SpiderDespacito Spider10 giorni fa
  • Okay but did you ever get ahold of the old one 👀 ? Follow up episode 👀?

  • مرحبا شالوم

    ITz pink pantherITz pink panther13 giorni fa
  • My uncle has one with like 700,000 miles on it, bitch runs like new still

    Josue GuzmanJosue Guzman13 giorni fa
  • dont get the diesel 3L or 2L. they are unreliable junk. go for the reliable 22r

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin13 giorni fa
  • Toyotas are fantastic, this guy isn't...

    Edward FletcherEdward Fletcher15 giorni fa
  • In Australia, the Hilux is the most purchased car every year.

    LukeLuke15 giorni fa
  • 89 toyota xcab.....totaled it at 270 grand ....i added 2 inch lifts and 31 inch tires...i miss it sooooooo much....

    Music LighthouseMusic Lighthouse15 giorni fa
  • Can we see a Keeps commercial where Pumphry is Conehead?

    Dresdon AcacinDresdon Acacin15 giorni fa
  • I have a 1984 22r 5 speed long bed 280k miles My dad had a 1983 22r long bed with factory sunroof 220k miles And he also owns a 1992 extended cab with only 167k miles

    Talks with AlexTalks with Alex16 giorni fa
  • Do not judge dodge beach

    Ajay BrookeAjay Brooke16 giorni fa
  • so when do I get my dirt bike

    Josh FerdettaJosh Ferdetta17 giorni fa
  • The tiresome step simultaneously delay because underclothes accidentally advise mid a unsightly learning. peaceful, anxious philippines

    blaze jenniferblaze jennifer18 giorni fa
  • I wont buy a toyota after the video, but will do buy the product to keep my hair!

    Thomas ChenThomas Chen18 giorni fa
  • In my country I had a 4x2 pick up long bed and I used to put 20 to 25 people in the back my back bumper was so low like 3 to 4 inches from the ground

    Mynor JMynor J18 giorni fa
  • You only truly need to worry about the chassis if you live near the beach or a salt mine.

    comrade Sevchenkocomrade Sevchenko18 giorni fa
  • Hilux

    comrade Sevchenkocomrade Sevchenko18 giorni fa
  • The shade was real, eat shit walker

    Antonio BruceAntonio Bruce18 giorni fa
  • I used to drive mine on the road and I put about 500,000 miles on it skip to today and it’s got 762,201 as of tonight Edit: this is a joke I did not have a truck like this but my friend bill acually did

    Mr. Arnold vlogsMr. Arnold vlogs18 giorni fa
  • They didnt Called it the "The Great Toyota war" for nothin' my dude

    Alfonso SaraviaAlfonso Saravia19 giorni fa
  • Had an 86 turbo. Ran awesome, like you said the rusted frame got me😪😪

    Eric HimmelreichEric Himmelreich19 giorni fa
  • Crash test 1.Toyota Pickup 5stars,Tesla Semi-truck 1000stars.

    Craft PilipinasCraft Pilipinas19 giorni fa
  • Eyy the truck with mgs on it Gta gang

    Stefan DenisStefan Denis20 giorni fa
  • My 89 with the 22r has 383k still running strong

    Silent AssassinSilent Assassin20 giorni fa
  • I chuckled as he was trying to get me to chuckle, GIVE ME THAT FRICKING BIKE

    Two Bros No FoesTwo Bros No Foes20 giorni fa
  • What about a tringle

    messerschmitt 110messerschmitt 11020 giorni fa
  • Hey so I'm looking at a 1992 Toyota pickup, "2.4L L4 SOHC 8V" engine (which I figure is the 22RE) and it has 230k miles. Should I buy it?? It will be my first car and daily driver. I need sum help w this, online reviews and videos have very mixed reviews!!! PS it's now a 30 year old car. Thank you for the help

    Coby ValenzuelaCoby Valenzuela21 giorno fa
  • The 22RE doesnt have domed pistons

    Hateline 2020Hateline 202022 giorni fa
  • Hell yes I have 81 Corolla older than me 4 speed and still run

    MaverickMaverick22 giorni fa
  • You look like a twin brother of Rob 🤣

    Boro RoboBoro Robo23 giorni fa
  • OMG! I love your confession about draining the transmission fluid and adding more engine oil. I did that I totally did that. But I did it to a 2011 Toyota Tacoma. I only drove it about 200 miles. I am many many tens of thousands of miles later on down the road and the engine and transmission of that truck are doing OK. I’m pushing 300,000 miles in it. I was way too embarrassed to admit it to anyone. So when I realize the problem I created for myself I just quietly solved it. OK, I didn’t quietly solve it I went to a secluded parking lot where hecklers couldn’t see me and I cussed a lot and solved my problem.

    Jessica BamberJessica Bamber23 giorni fa
  • I own a manual 89 pickup with a 22re. I get at least 1 offer a week asking to sell it. This truck is never leaving my posession 😂 especially after all this juicy information!

    Meghan FieldMeghan Field23 giorni fa
  • 10:03 Sorry for Picking on you first round is on me

    David WalkerDavid Walker24 giorni fa
  • Proud hilux 2019 owner here

    Nuelan Ian AtienzaNuelan Ian Atienza24 giorni fa
  • "No windows"? How the hell was that legal?

    Biggie TrismegistusBiggie Trismegistus25 giorni fa
  • Just saw the titled and the 1st thing that came to mind was "top gear"

    honkhonk25 giorni fa
  • How???.... Just Ask The ISIS....

    tanvi ambekartanvi ambekar25 giorni fa
  • Scotty Kilmer approves

    Jaqen h'gharJaqen h'ghar25 giorni fa
  • My daily driver is an 87 yota w/ 330k miles on it. Bought it for 900 and fixed it all up. Probably worth $4000+ now. Everyone wants me to sell it to them.

    Matthew MarkleMatthew Markle25 giorni fa
  • No airbags. I will die like a man

    BasedBased25 giorni fa
  • add .50 cal machine gun in the bed .... they last forever.

    k4vudk4vud25 giorni fa
  • The way he says toe yo tar

    Darcy SmithDarcy Smith26 giorni fa
  • anyone else think he looks like Tom Delonge's brother?

    SuZBox 182SuZBox 18227 giorni fa
  • Explain the sciences of the rusty broken frame why the rust so sam fast what shit metal is it made of same with rangers

    John SmithJohn Smith27 giorni fa
  • I've wasted money over the years on American trucks I love them but they will need work ie money my next vehicle will be a toyota

    Karry HowardKarry Howard28 giorni fa
  • I like it but no ac ?

    Jeije JskJeije Jsk28 giorni fa
  • Old Bol-e-Gol Toyota truck loaded to the gills. F350 SD, usual payload = one belt buckle.

    Billybob BubbawubbaBillybob Bubbawubba29 giorni fa
  • The exciting exclusive college bodily rush because handle ignificantly point through a hushed sprout. aware, relieved pansy

    Gracie RodriguezGracie Rodriguez29 giorni fa
  • Not sure there was a better motor than the 22-RE, maybe a 1F or 2F possibly the JZ series, needless to day the most reliable engines ever made were made by Toyota

    Mike WestMike WestMese fa
  • You owe me a dirt bike

    Sam HeitkeSam HeitkeMese fa
  • Hilux: The Most Hardcore JDM Ever

    出征!Asians For Trump出征!Asians For TrumpMese fa
  • African Warlords, Terrorists: Hilux is our first and only choice

    出征!Asians For Trump出征!Asians For TrumpMese fa
  • damn the hilux was just powerful enough to carry your mama

    Joaquín GonzálezJoaquín GonzálezMese fa
  • The deserted australia tribally apologise because digital formerly hop sans a thoughtless edge. silent, aromatic sister-in-law

    ilike oneclicksilike oneclicksMese fa
  • I know a guy who bought one a year or two old and just didn’t change the oil for like 8-10 years or something just insane and traded it in hahaha

    nmarkert01nmarkert01Mese fa
  • Fuck that I love my lil 85 toyota pickup

    Luis TorresLuis TorresMese fa
  • Everyone who complains "aw, it's outdated". Please SHUT UP you're killing Toyota reliability, morons. Go buy a crappy Dodge Ram then!

    num9908num9908Mese fa
  • bruh isis uses it lmao

    ShotsFired andMissedShotsFired andMissedMese fa
  • sorry Jeff its not your toyota

    dustoxdustoxMese fa
  • I buy nothing but Toyota products. They don't die.

    Alex OlamaAlex OlamaMese fa
  • tell it to us car manufacturer

    Bangkit HutajuluBangkit HutajuluMese fa
  • the Nokia of trucks

    ian Schulzeian SchulzeMese fa
  • God bless the 22re 85 4 runner with 385k miles before it died on us.

    Gringo EspanaGringo EspanaMese fa
  • My father had a 94 toyota hilux innthe Dominican Republic. He was driving for business to the capital. He got rammed by a sugar cane truck. The vehicle rolled and the bed got super messed up; the bed dented insanely towards the car. My father got off the vehicle, took the guy’s number and went on for his business. That was on 2001 the vehicle stopped working on 2015. He calls it the best vehicle, no computer, great offroad (the middle east uses them in the army) and super safe.

    Jose TarrazoJose TarrazoMese fa
  • Other than in a desert environment these things rusted away very quickly, not saying the engine and drive line weren't dependable.

    L BL BMese fa
  • "designed to flex" to me equals "metal fatigue"

    Marko VukovicMarko VukovicMese fa
    • That was my thought too.

      Homestead HelperHomestead HelperMese fa
  • i used to have one of these i miss it

    miku is godmiku is godMese fa
  • Don’t forget, a whole series of conflicts were named after this truck. The Toyota wars. Toyotas for a paramilitary group are cost effective modular and flexible fighting vehicles. Alone? They’re good troop carriers, two dudes in the front and probably about 8-9 in the back, maybe more depending on the duration of the trip and how big your lads are. Stick an HMG on top and you have a very mobile infantry support vic, or put on the parking break and you have a gun emplacement for defence. If you’ve got the cash to throw around or find surplus arms and vehicles, fixing a mortar in the back isn’t complicated, you now have incredibly mobile artillery. I’ve even seen some groups stick BMP turrets, 30mm autocannons, anti-aircraft guns.

    Juicy NarwalJuicy NarwalMese fa
  • tooyota Japanese for mailbox post.

    Jackson MeHoffJackson MeHoffMese fa
  • is this the one from back to the future? marty mc flys dream truck?

    esRodrigo XDesRodrigo XDMese fa
  • Fucking box frame all the way

    Martin GroundwaterMartin GroundwaterMese fa
  • That is why you'll see a TOYOTA doing the work of a Hummer in every third world combat zone. reliability and durability

    jascam1jascam1Mese fa
  • 2002 dodge dakota has 400,000 miles on it with the 318 and auto.

    Parker WeatlyParker WeatlyMese fa
  • Are you related to Daniel Tosh??

    Patrick ChaffeePatrick ChaffeeMese fa
  • I drove my 84.5 pickup for a year and a half with a blown head gasket. The only issue the chain eat through the timing chain cover. LOVE my toyota 84.5 pickup and 08 corolla

    Dustey RoseDustey RoseMese fa
  • I laughed way to hard on the "Your mama" joke! Just for that I subscribed and liked. My goodness

    Rolando MartinezRolando MartinezMese fa
  • ok i made it a good way in to the tacoma video before i laughed but it was the name part that got me

    Andrew DAndrew DMese fa
  • No pickup truck for India. The suv is available based on pickup truck. I think Toyota did this intentionally to letting grow local manufacturers.

    LightoflightLightoflightMese fa
  • LADA vs Toyota Hilux one of the greatest battles of history

  • Also favorite truck by Terrorist and militia around the globe, check for Toyota Wars... It is almost impossible to match Japanese metalworks technology, they've built Katana swords in the 12th century...

    MetalextraMetalextraMese fa