Why Engineers Steal from Nature

8 dic 2020
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Engineers, scientists and architects are constantly using inspiration from nature in their quest for innovation and with good reason. Why not cheat and get a couple billion year head start in your design process. On todays episode of B2B, we’re going to look at how nature inspires the auto industry to build not more eye pleasing cars, but better engineered ones. We're gonna see how butterflies helped to build a better catalytic converter, how mantis shrimps were studied to build stronger and lighter carbon fiber and how the sailfish helped McLaren go faster.
Biomimicry Institue
Helicoid Industries
Frank Stephenson
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  • There is no such thing as evolution - of there were, why have there not been any recorded evolutions from one species to another (species, as in cat to a bird, not a variant as in wolf to dog). None of these scientists who preach this religion was there to see it. All the fossil record tells us is that the found bones in the dirt. Carbon dating still isn't accurate until this day. I;m sorry but I refuse to believe that I came from a banana leaf. There is no proof for evolution, there's no proof for me believing I do not come from some prebiotic soup either. Other than that, this was a great video!

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  • Also that mantis shrimp punch also cause water to heat.

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  • I first heard about biomimicry in the early 2000s when I read an article about a Mercedes based on the boxfish that could acheive almost 60 miles per gallon. It wasnt a hybrid. It wasnt a small engine with a turbo. It was just an everyday gas engine.

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  • Sooooo we’re just not gonna talk about the teardrop shape? Falcons use it when they dive and it allows them to reach 200mph. It’s the most aerodynamic shape. Many cars use them, from performance cars (F1, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche, Ford GT, Audi, etc) to efficiency cars (Prius, Tesla, Civic, etc). The better aero reduces power loss and opposing forces and thus gives the cars more usable power which can go to better performance and better efficiency.

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