9 Things You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Car

11 mar 2020
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Thanks again to Mobil 1 motor oil for sponsoring last week's video and hosting us at their Engine Test Center - since we like their products, we've included them in this episode too. Visit AutoZone to find the right high-quality Mobil 1 synthetic oil for you: bit.ly/38EvoLT
Great so you got your first project car, now it’s time to make sure that it is ready for some mods! Before we throw any new bits at our Mazda Miata we want to make sure that it is in good running condition and healthy. So, we will do some basic but very necessary maintenance on our project car and you should do the same. We will talk about and show you how to DIY change your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, diff fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. We’ll also cover air filters, fuel filter, belts, and spark plugs. Even if you don’t have a project car these are all routine basic things that you can do yourself to keep your car running for a long time and also save some money!
Money Pit goes hands-on in the garage with Zach Jobe as he shows you the fundamental principles of how cars work, and how to apply your DIY knowledge to your very own project car --all using our very own 1994 Mazda Miata.
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  • Awesome video!!!! Keep these coming!!!

    helmut handszerhelmut handszer4 ore fa
  • Bruh you forgot the blinker fluid.

    DrizztDrizztGiorno fa
  • As someone who lives in New England, cars don't last long enough to change anything but the Engine Oil and Filter.

    Luminescent LionLuminescent Lion2 giorni fa
  • I wonder how much $ was spent in this episode on the Miata. Oils, belts, filters, etc.

    Tim GreenTim Green3 giorni fa
  • he forgot to tell you to wash your nasty car!!!!!!!!!

    Brandon_B_GodBrandon_B_God3 giorni fa
  • Gotta do this soon, just bought myself an NA8 1997 Miata!

    cometcomet4 giorni fa
  • Mobil 1 isn't an actual full synthetic oil

    Ni CkNi Ck5 giorni fa
  • Costco honey is high viscosity and high in rating

    Jazzmin RodriguezJazzmin Rodriguez8 giorni fa
  • This video reminded me I need to change the brake fluid in my truck since it's black and I'm surprised I still have any brakes at all

    Aj ColeAj Cole8 giorni fa
  • Your awesome Zachjobe.

    Bobby LoweBobby Lowe8 giorni fa
  • i wanted to find out how to replace my blinker fluid smh

    Mahlon WestMahlon West10 giorni fa
  • Words of wisdom “sometimes your old hose will get stuck on stuff”

    SR2008SR200810 giorni fa
  • Wait so u guys backing valvoline or mobile 1 lol

    Sean KerlewSean Kerlew10 giorni fa
  • My only quarrel is at 11:16 he discusses the dry boiling point of the brake fluid. You really should be addressing the wet boiling point as it'll designate the scenario of the brake fluid after it's been used for a portion of its lifetime. As the brake fluid is used water gets in there and that's what the wet boiling point indicates.

    Cars and GamesCars and Games10 giorni fa
  • This is about the most helpful car video i've ever watched

    B FrazerB Frazer10 giorni fa
  • Eddy is the jim halpert of this video lol

    Derven TheGreatDerven TheGreat10 giorni fa
  • You should make a whole 20min episode of just chill cruising with the Miata like in the end of this one.

    Joona PousiJoona Pousi11 giorni fa
  • I feel bad saying this, but I was kinda glad when he broke the MAF plug lol. If you didn't unintentionally break shit while working on your car, it wouldn't be realistic haha.

    Gary ConklinGary Conklin11 giorni fa
  • And cam belt ?

    sergiu adriansergiu adrian11 giorni fa
  • I noticed a big difference between my cobalt’s power steering pump and my grand caravan’s power steering pump. At full lock my cobalt doesn’t make a noise but if I put my van at full lock it hissing for about 2 seconds and then goes away. I replaced the serpentine belt on the van but it still hisses. Never really cared since the wheel doesn’t get tight and the fluid system doesn’t leak but I wounded what the difference is.

    tvk-9coptvk-9cop11 giorni fa
  • Me as certificated Mazda mechanic, so we have been putting diff oil into the trans the whole time??

    Ratchet the last LombaxRatchet the last Lombax12 giorni fa
  • The yelling snake intro embodies how I feel when Beamer gives me problems

    Coleman ZapienColeman Zapien12 giorni fa
  • He’s come so far 😭😭

    SumTingWongSumTingWong13 giorni fa
  • I love turbo so much that I opted for two... twin turbo baby! I pray that my engine lasts for a while lol!

    Phil_Phil_14 giorni fa
  • 12:30 what kind of gay porn😂😂😂

    Isaac SellersIsaac Sellers15 giorni fa
  • 9:47 :when I forgot I had a plug gasket and found it in the drain pan

    Isaac SellersIsaac Sellers15 giorni fa
  • 22:24 *warning* don't ever put in mouth any car parts because they may have harmful and and carcinogenic residues on them.

    Sameh AbouezSameh Abouez16 giorni fa
  • The sick selection semiannually trip because state numerically command an a descriptive fox. ripe, equable tachometer

    안주형안주형16 giorni fa
  • I think everyone should be required to watch this before getting your licence at the DMV lmao

  • It’s funny, I’ve been in Valvoline’s product training classes and this material is very familiar 😂

    Ray SomersRay Somers16 giorni fa
  • When I checked the oil, one time, and noticed that the dip stick was entirely dry, I got a little worried. So, I filled up 1L of oil and waited about 15 minutes before checking it again. Still dry. So I filled it up with 1 more liter and waited 15 minutes. Now there was a small speck on the tip of the dip stick, so I filled it up with 1 more liter and waited 30 minutes this time. Right on. It was just below max. 3L of oil. I had a bunch of it laying around, bot 5w-40 and 10w-40, and because it's a 19 year old Volvo, it won't be too sensitive if it's not the correct oil.

    TNTFreddanTNTFreddan17 giorni fa
  • Being the guy in the car while bleeding brakes is definitely the most boring part of working on a car

    Alex CarboneAlex Carbone17 giorni fa
  • video starts MAINTENANCE! Me:NYEEH!!

    Sauce ManSauce Man17 giorni fa
  • this guy forgot blinker fluid ugh

    Universe JackUniverse Jack18 giorni fa
  • I'm sorry....is the Miata a rear wheel drive car????

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett8519 giorni fa
    • Whaaaaatttttt

      erikbarrett85erikbarrett8519 giorni fa
  • Please Donut media, when talking number, could you guys show de convertion in metric system on the screen? It would help a lot for understanding, like how much is -34 F???? really like your videos, cheers from Brazil.

    Iago AmaralIago Amaral19 giorni fa
  • Oh no I hope I don't fall **Eddie** Oh no I fell

    Envisioned PerformanceEnvisioned Performance19 giorni fa
  • Where do you find your torque specs from

    Kiwi SaldiernaKiwi Saldierna19 giorni fa
  • I can smell that dudes man bun

    Ethan ReeseEthan Reese19 giorni fa
  • You cover the label on the honey but not the oil hhmmmm

    chris dysonchris dyson20 giorni fa
  • If you have water in your brake system, you can pump multiple times to build up pressure, and be able to actually use the brakes. Isn’t that correct? So you should get the air out, but you are t completely fucked, right?

    Shawn WilsonShawn Wilson21 giorno fa
  • Make sure to replace the crush washers on your fluid plugs if your car has them. They're not designed to be reused (crushed after torque is applied) and will cause leaks if not replaced. They're so cheap. Just do it.

    Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson21 giorno fa
  • How much for the s14 ??

    zach paizzach paiz22 giorni fa
  • Bro, you’re like that one uncle that everyone loves bc you always save us $$ and fix our cars and teaches us at the same time so that we can stop bugging you. You’re awesome.

    Juan LomeliJuan Lomeli22 giorni fa
  • Hope you changed the jackstands. They've been recalled. Made me nervous during the rest of the video.

    QuickQuipsQuickQuips23 giorni fa
  • Jack the rear of your car on your differential?

    nealrutgerskidnealrutgerskid23 giorni fa
  • He forgot the most important one of them all, the blinker fluid

    SedricSedric23 giorni fa
  • The maddening ring similarly refuse because thunderstorm connolly explode along a ugly peak. purple, enchanted doubt

    Cristian SontayCristian Sontay24 giorni fa
  • Bro you forgot to change your blinker fluid

    SAF_HyperYTSAF_HyperYT24 giorni fa
  • 24:34 happy Miata

    FreshFresh25 giorni fa
  • Wow the whole shebang great video 👍 👌

    Roger RameriezRoger Rameriez26 giorni fa
  • We just gonna ignore the ambulance outside his house

    Marques PierreMarques Pierre27 giorni fa
  • 9:23 what do you do when it has dirt and Debris is in it how can I get it out and whats the best way to clean it?

    kota bearkota bear27 giorni fa
  • Do you know where to buy full Gasket seal kits that are worth buying, my dad's car in Puerto Rico goes trough heavy heat, I mean the Island itself is Humid and Hot like 365 days, and I noticed first I have a problem with the lifters so I decided I need to work there and change the gaskets

    AJ PDAJ PDMese fa
  • Propylene glycol is actually poisonous and you do not want to use it but ethylene glycol is perfectly fine to use

    Connor WaltersConnor WaltersMese fa
  • what about blinker fluid

    Ethark And stuffEthark And stuffMese fa
  • I love cars and want to get into them but trying to learn one thing can lead to another and it feels very overwhelming to grasp everything :(

    campingtree102campingtree102Mese fa
  • i had to pay almost 100 dollars for four ngk iridum spark plugs for a nissan rogue they are really expensive

    Tonny xoTonny xoMese fa
  • So, are you going to eat that honey?

    Dan MantheDan MantheMese fa
  • Ya I don't care what they say now of days every 3000 miles or 3 months. Take a part 2 same engines that run the same oil for 100,000 miles one changes at 5 or 6 000 and one at every 3000 and tell me wish one you would want.

    James LittleJames LittleMese fa
  • Gotta FUCKING HATE dry starts. Ya, this guy is absolute genius.

    Jason SutliffJason SutliffMese fa
  • Remember to make sure your cable ebrake works. If you need to brake and your brakes don't work, that will always work even if it isn't that good. Practice using it a few times just to keep it in the back of your head, trust me, it might end up being worth it, it is an emergency brake after all

    Deimos PhobDeimos PhobMese fa
  • Sup with the giant dent on the front driver side?

    Jake CholetteJake CholetteMese fa
  • You'd save thousands if you had Milwaukee Tool's sponsorship. All your power tools are red, heck you even have a Rocket light!

    tonytobertonytoberMese fa
  • Where do you find all the specs you talk about

    EthanolopEthanolopMese fa
  • Get some Motorcraft MT-X5-QS fluid for the transmission at your nearest Ford dealership. It's $24 a quart instead of $18 for the Redline but it more than makes up for the price difference. Seriously. Check out the forums. It's the best thing you can do to your Miata after you first buy it.

    Louis PetzingerLouis PetzingerMese fa
  • Damn... Zach's hair grows fast.

    Márk KocsicskaMárk KocsicskaMese fa
  • No bond quite like the one with your man in the seat, pumping the pedal and holding it when you are bleeding eh?

    chillausmcchillausmcMese fa
  • 1:40 - Olive oil, red wine vinegar, distilled white vinegar

    1 21 2Mese fa
  • A couple pretty important side notes, from someone that managed a lube shop for a few years. Every motor, and variant has its own oil plug torque spec, based on the material the pan is made of. Also, and less important, a quarter to a half turn is usually fine, but the filter also has a torque spec as well. And always use your new oil, to lubricate the new rubber. Never use the old oil. Ever.

    Dwayno WilliDwayno WilliMese fa
  • "thats all it takes" remember, you dont need to get the old air wrench and uga duga the oil filter on, even satan would call you evil.

    S BS BMese fa
  • Forgot to mention to check to see if the old gasket on the oil filter is still on. Dont want a double gasket problem

    FrostedZaibatsuFrostedZaibatsuMese fa
  • Is this man wearing a silly band in 2020?

    Sideways NSideways NMese fa
  • He said "pump it" and no one said "LOUDER" . Criminal

    snoopyguy21snoopyguy21Mese fa
  • Brah!🏄🤙🏻 well done !👍 I seen this similar explanation from your previous friend from liqui moly.

    Joe GallardoJoe GallardoMese fa
  • It should be important to note and inform the home gamers that you want to start at the furthest corner from your brake cylinder when bleeding your brakes or replacing the fluid. It's also important to make sure that you drain all the old fluid and ensure the bleed line is clear so you know when you have fresh fluid coming out. I've done a bunch of brakes as a mechanic and had access to an awesome pressurized system that did all the pumping and draining for me. I could change fluid or fill a dry system in a matter of about 15 minutes when taking my time and being sure that I had all the bleed valves prepped to bleed or loosened a little so I wasnt struggling to loosen them enough to bleed but not too much to the point that the fluid rushed out under pressure.

    Deathbomb9Deathbomb9Mese fa
  • Love how he breaks down everything, in simple man terms, without being condescending. Really cool guy no doubt a great hire for donut

    2nd amendment Kratos2nd amendment KratosMese fa
  • I was told you needed to start from furthest point and move to next firtherst when bleeding brakes. it doesn't make sense since they are separate lines to each brake. Is that true?

    Van AdrianVan AdrianMese fa
  • Shoulda pre filled the filter :)

    KorietsuKorietsuMese fa
  • i guess tires aren't a maintenance item for the miata since those are down to the wear indicators good for slicks when drag racing bad for rain

    Greg HillGreg HillMese fa
  • Anyone know where I can get new car seats for my 1994 Miata, mines are baldy ripped

    Ruvim BondRuvim BondMese fa
  • 4:20 what watch is that?

    rook rookrook rookMese fa
  • Spark plugs! Oowee you need to not advise people on spark plugs that way. 89-93 NA miatas require copper plugs. If you install any other spark plug beside what is recommended, you will get a misfire, slow acceleration and poor gas mileage. 94+ you can use platinum plugs Iridium plugs are for turbo or supercharged applications. DO NOT install iridium in your NA engine (unless your compression ratio is close to 13:1) That is all I wanted to say. Have a great day

    That GuyThat GuyMese fa
  • What about the blinker fluid??

    SpaceRobOT2000SpaceRobOT2000Mese fa
  • The sneaky hobbies relatedly radiate because way latterly detect during a equal celery. rough, thick sidewalk

    carlos Deleoncarlos DeleonMese fa
  • The way I always wanted car things explained. Thank you

    Gerardo FunezGerardo FunezMese fa
  • I wish you had this for motorbikes.

    Glenn HGlenn HMese fa
  • The quaint oil unusually desert because semicolon cranially need pro a alleged television. unhealthy, colossal bengal

    carlos Deleoncarlos DeleonMese fa
  • “Make sure it doesn’t fall of your jack stands, and if it doesn’t, you did it!” What if it does...... then what.....

    J Ditsfights256J Ditsfights256Mese fa
  • Haha. I was just about to comment on your bald ass tires and bam!!! The last thing you said 👍🏻

    Patriot FoxPatriot FoxMese fa
  • Ack that's the worst place to use Jacks on most NAs. Jack up on the rails and use the standing jack on the lower wishbones.

    ProjectHekateProjectHekateMese fa
  • Thank you for making this. I do a lot of these items for friends and try to show them how to do it. Lots of people don’t have moms or dads to show them how or why they need to do these things, and videos like these really help them. One of the best videos you guys have made!

    Pena FitisemanuPena FitisemanuMese fa
  • I thought maintenance was universally accepted as being required then I see cars for sale on ebay for $150 and realize not everyone got the memo

    MangoBunsssMangoBunsssMese fa
  • Next video - " How to change your tires."

    K.I. MatthewsK.I. MatthewsMese fa
  • for the editor: I like the after effects motion tracking u did, do more of that 👀

    D CD CMese fa
  • Let's see, my car most likely needs all of this, and body work.

    Jonathan PinckneyJonathan PinckneyMese fa
  • So, you're saying you don't want any foreign debris in the trans fluid. Is domestic debris ok?

    Mark KmiecikMark KmiecikMese fa
  • 1 man break bleed trick. 1 extensive length of 3/8 clear tubing and a couple squeezy clamps or clothes pins. Attached tubing to bleeder valve and clamp the other side to the brake fluid reservoir. If you're using a closed end wrench, be sure to put it on the bleeder valve before attaching the hose. Now loosen the bleeder valve and pump your brakes. Now just watch the line until there's no more air in it well also checking the reservoir to keep it topped off. Close bleeder valve and move to next brake cylinder. As long as the hose in the reservoir is kept below fluid level, it will keep a vacuum and you will not dump brake fluid after removing the hose from the bleeder valve. This is also useful to do a brake flush to clear out any old brake fluid from the lines.

    Avery CookAvery CookMese fa
  • I learned so much

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel RodriguezMese fa
  • I'm sure it's already been said, but this needs to be in every school!

    David FloresDavid FloresMese fa