DIY Subwoofer vs. Store-bought

4 nov 2020
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Thanks to Hyundai and the 2021 Veloster N for sponsoring today’s episode. We really like this car and know you will as well! To learn more about why the the 2021 Veloster N is so much fun, click here:
Are you looking to add more BASS to your car? Can you build a subwoofer box that looks and sounds good for cheaper than buying one? How in the world do you go about picking the right sub, amp, and cable combo? Today we’re talking bass baby, and we’re answering all those questions so just hit that play and get ready to get loud!
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  • I'd prefer my subwoofer under the back seat personally

    Johny DavidsonJohny Davidson7 ore fa
  • Great explanation, it is pronounced "imp'E'dance" though. It isn't impotent. You try and use that small of a wire for that current anywhere else and it will be a giant fail.

    Perpetually Lost in ThoughtPerpetually Lost in Thought17 ore fa
  • Store bought subs could not and never will compete with customs 😂 I didn't know people bought pre built subs🤣

    SK-1204XMBCBHSK-1204XMBCBHGiorno fa
  • imp-uh-dince? 5:04

  • So I guess you should go check up on RMS vs PtP power in Electrical Engineering 101... 600W RMS is 1400 Peak-to-Peak. RMS is REAL wattage (Root Mean Square), so your fuse and cable are double over spec. Your amp will melt before the fuse blows... Also, the 1 and 2 and 4 ohm setups are for parallel connections, not singles. Just saying. (Ex-sound buff)

    Kaptein SuperskootKaptein SuperskootGiorno fa
  • Veloster n would be a cool car, idk if i would rather get it then a gti if i had to choose, but both would have to have a manual, idc the auto is quicker i don’t want it, you don’t get the same connection at all and they know that

    Joe SmoJoe SmoGiorno fa
  • If you know what you're doing, diy is probably better, if not, probably go store bought.

    Sam_1_amSam_1_amGiorno fa
  • You were doing so well until you decided to measure with the trunk open. Car subwoofers unlike pa-systems need the backpressure of the closed trunk to work efficiently. The cars chassis is basically part of your enclosure. You can literally here how the subwoofer is crying in pain. The membrane will oscillate above its usual amplitude which increases the internal resistance of the sub thus making it run hot. Usually you wanna measure a subwoofer at the furthest point inside of the car so at the windshield and with closed doors. Also a normal db-measurer isnt gonna cut it. You need a sound pressure meter.

    NiliMotoNiliMotoGiorno fa
  • you didnt close the trunk when doing your second test and port location is imporant to

    R.C. Trail RunnersR.C. Trail RunnersGiorno fa
  • I have an access cap Tacoma so I sadly don’t have much space for a sub instead I’ve settled with getting a new head unit and replacing all the paper speakers

    Will last nameWill last name2 giorni fa
  • 14:09 what's behind him on the blackboard xD

    Liquid_DiaperLiquid_Diaper2 giorni fa
  • 17:53 ha ha in 1980fo I had an identical radio to that one in the background.

    Adrian & Kathy WeathersbeeAdrian & Kathy Weathersbee2 giorni fa
  • did he not break the sub in..

    Jordan MayfieldJordan Mayfield2 giorni fa
  • That amp wont even touch 1600 watts lol you got alot to learn about ohm law son

    D.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and tradesD.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and trades2 giorni fa
  • 107???😂😂😂😂 bullshit.

    Garrett WGarrett W2 giorni fa
  • I like the video but it was VERY misleading information when it came to fusing. To anybody reading this comment I want to start off by saying NEVER go by “Max” power ratings as they mean nothing at all and the Amp would not produce that power if it was struck by lightning, it is simply a “manhood” measuring contest through the manufacturers because the ratings are unregulated, been a huge problem in the industry for a long time now. With that being said let’s get back to fusing, the Amp is rated for 600w continuous power at 2 ohm, so that’s ultimately what you should be fusing for and is an industry standard, which is why they provided the fuse they did. The reason you shouldn’t overcomplicate the matter is because even though the Amp Is not 100% efficient, it’s also NOT producing 600w constantly due to its reactive load (subwoofer) causing impedance fluctuations as the woofer moves, you can test this theory with a DMM set to resistance while hooked up to the speaker terminals, if you move the cone the impedance changes. So in actuality the impedance rise is acting as a buffer so you actually see much LESS power. An example being I have clamped my 1200w rated Kicker amplifier to only pull around 90A from my electrical system, which by your math would much double or triple what my clamp meter was showing in real time. This could be dangerous to your viewers if they don’t quite understand your logic behind what you did and they go ahead and start installing much larger fuses then the wire is capable of handling which could cause a fire in an incident because the wire may burn up before the actual fuse does.

    ThatsCool9ThatsCool92 giorni fa
  • You'll need a much better SPL meter to accurately show your sound pressure level. I guarantee you are well above 107db. I'd have to guess about 140's given how small of a cab that car has.

    Douglas JohnsonDouglas Johnson3 giorni fa
  • What the hell is that blob in a wheel chair on the chalkboard? 🤣😂

    Jaden GravettJaden Gravett3 giorni fa
  • Is the box screwed down??

    Johny CJohny C3 giorni fa
  • Y'all really should've talked to someone who knows what they're talking about before posting this. So much wrong, bad, info in this video.

    JacksonJackson3 giorni fa
  • You look at the sub and it says 2ohms 600w you look at the box and it says 800w look at the back it says thats rated for 1ohm so im just confused

    Spencer WagnerSpencer Wagner3 giorni fa
  • There more than 2 different types of enclosure, you just named the basic enclosures, there's high order band passes, rear loaded horns, paraflex boxes and more

    Chase LeimChase Leim3 giorni fa
  • Yes anyone can build a better box than kickers prefab boxes, these boxes are designed to fit a "all needs basis" they're not designed for maximum output, they're designed for efficiency and quality and output, but not maximum of all the above

    Chase LeimChase Leim3 giorni fa
  • sounds like vaping

    josh pjosh p4 giorni fa
  • Someone please call EXO or Steve please

    Keith NalleyKeith Nalley4 giorni fa
  • Your ability to stall for time till the turbo comes in yet keep everyone's attention and keeping them pumped is nothing short of amazing...nice work lol

    Maxwell EdisonMaxwell Edison4 giorni fa
  • In my teenage years I was obsessed with car and pro audio, I used to build subwoofer cabinets but kinda sucked because the only tools I had were an electric drill, a couple of screwdrivers and a hacksaw.

    Elsa B.Elsa B.4 giorni fa
  • Zach knows alot of stuff man!!

    Daniel NommeDaniel Nomme4 giorni fa
  • Let's turn the head unit to max volume...LOL! Was a measurement ever taken to establish the clipping point? What about on the amp? Donut - Nah...full send. Port tuning? Donut - Nah, just trim it until it fits.

    MrSmokin04MrSmokin045 giorni fa
  • That Amp is not gona give over 400watt Without distorsion so 100 amp fuse is overkill

    MobjokMobjok5 giorni fa
  • My boy is running 8 18s in his suburban and 12 10s in his gti and you can’t get butter than custom

    Josiah IzquierdoJosiah Izquierdo5 giorni fa
  • Definitely for the first time installer

    Jacob WheelerJacob Wheeler5 giorni fa
  • 13:51 Seriossly :S damn

    StigDesign1StigDesign15 giorni fa
  • All was well until you started talking max power in reference to wire size. Look at the fuse on the amp itself. Bet it's right about 80A. 🤣

    Zach RelifordZach Reliford5 giorni fa
  • where did you buy your carpet?

    TheJazzhandsTheJazzhands5 giorni fa
  • I just had an ad for a Hyundai get interrupted for an ad for a Mazda. Lol

    I am NobodyI am Nobody5 giorni fa
  • Be careful cutting mdf really bad stuff for your lungs

    langlang5 giorni fa
  • How far away does the port have to be from the back or in your case the bottom? You said it should be as long as possible

    Hugh StrattonHugh Stratton5 giorni fa
  • Worked in a Custom radio shop in the late 90's. Sold lots of Kicker subs, including the L7's. One thing I learned about people. The more bass they wanted meant the less brains they had.

    ditch9802ditch98025 giorni fa
  • *These unskipable ads are getting kinda annoying you know but these people have money to make so I’m kinda 50/50 with it*

    Jeremy Otaku28Jeremy Otaku286 giorni fa
  • But definitely definitely a win. Looks great I would have changed very subtle things but I would probably do the same. Unfortunately I have OCD and things have to be even if I have 2, or if I only have 1 sub then it has to be centered

    Logan Shapiro-ShawLogan Shapiro-Shaw6 giorni fa
  • I mean you could have put the port at the top of the box and left the sub in thE middle to make it look better lol. Both performance and aesthetic

    Logan Shapiro-ShawLogan Shapiro-Shaw6 giorni fa
  • Never would I have thought, that one day I’d watch a ITworlds ad in its entirety.

    KoofyKoofy6 giorni fa
  • Good looking out on the breaker bro. Respect.

    Tokey ArellnoTokey Arellno6 giorni fa
    • Happy every day

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose6 giorni fa
  • I lost a race to what looked like a base model Veloster in my stock NA Miata tonight 😭

    D. EarlsD. Earls6 giorni fa
    • Internet Genius Here: Be sure to make sure the Breakers are rated for DC currents, as some breakers are specific for AC currents only.

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose6 giorni fa
  • That 240 🤤

    IC XC NI KAIC XC NI KA6 giorni fa
  • I had 4-12s and 3 amps in the bed of an s10. When 2pac died I quit listening to rap, sold my truck and went back to listening to Blind Melon and Smashing Pumpkins.

    MobyDickHeadMobyDickHead6 giorni fa
  • 20:22 That's what she said.

    KoolCatKoolCat6 giorni fa
  • No Miata? IM TRIGGERED!!!!

    KoolCatKoolCat6 giorni fa
  • @5:05 "imp a dance" lmao

    Tiny Son AudioTiny Son Audio6 giorni fa
  • "the longer the port , the deeper the bass" cuts the port.

    bilinas minibilinas mini6 giorni fa
  • Well, the whole channel stuff isn't that important. Since you can connect 4 speaker in two or less channels, but some knowledge is necessary. On the Ohms side, never connect a lower Ohms speaker that your amp support, yep you can connect a 16 Ohms speaker in a 1ohm amp, doing the reverse will result in burn amp. On watts the reverse is kinda true. But you shouldn't run your amp close to max power.

    youkofoxyyoukofoxy7 giorni fa
  • Does the car come with the cool shade ? 👀

    Silver WolfSilver Wolf7 giorni fa
  • You can never compare a manual clutch to an auto. Auto has now and will forever be quicker and smoother.... but it will never have that same slame a stage 3+ has. People like that seat feel and slam on acceleration and manual will never be beaten. Stretching the gears for power will always beat an auto which no matter how built unless race built the auto is it will never have the same engaging of a manual clutch. That is the fell of a car. Today the paddle shifters and autos are made for idiots with money and gas efficiency not power. I leave my low end geared truck with the keys in it 99%; I have had a couple stock car drivers stall my truck 1st time. Saying that 1st gear in my 4.0 built 4x4 ranger with 34's is a bitch and you need a feather foot. It takes most about 5-6 stalls and a few minutes to get out of a parking lot.

    ACFACF7 giorni fa
    • any of my custom boxes. Don't waste your money on thin under caulked junk boxes from amazon/Walmart/Best Buy. Trust me.

      bilinas minibilinas mini6 giorni fa
  • The db meter you used is for voices, doesn't measure the subs frequency lol. Nice vid tho

    402outdoorz402outdoorz7 giorni fa
  • That amp definitely isn't pulling 111 amps and definitely doesn't hit 1600 peak but none the less very good advice and very informative. But im sure it does more than the rated rms power. Either way 100 amps is more than enough for that amp, but a bigger fuse does allow for future upgrades lol. Most good brands like kicker, jbl etc exceed their rms ratings. Great video. Love your channel! My jbl 1001ez is rated for 1000rms and will do 1300 on the smd dyno and it has 3 40 amp fuses (120amp total) but I have 200amp fuse on mine because I plan on adding more power to my four 8s.

    rochab77rochab777 giorni fa
  • Should have used lil wytes bass check song to check your bass x-/

    Reid DeVriesReid DeVries7 giorni fa
  • Power shift?? Nah Hyundai’s attempt at vtec

    Hi ByeHi Bye7 giorni fa
  • Internet Genius Here: Be sure to make sure the Breakers are rated for DC currents, as some breakers are specific for AC currents only.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose7 giorni fa
  • This stuff seems waaaay to complicated for my 14 year old self, ill see if it looks more doable in a couple years when i get my first car lol

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti7 giorni fa
  • The "before" test was done with the truck closed, it would actually be even louder

    Guille OrtizGuille Ortiz8 giorni fa
  • Donut Media: Good Bass Also Donut Media: Pulls out Kicker stuff Me: 🤦🏽‍♂️

    aposada18aposada188 giorni fa
    • Is it just me or did the other people in the ad resemble John Cena and Vin Diesel?

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose7 giorni fa
  • Actually blown away that a single woofer requires more current than an oven and a shower combined wtaf 😂😂

    Sean BeasleySean Beasley8 giorni fa
  • No. Wood. In. Cars. Thank you. Safety first n team work.

    Myrrh CurieMyrrh Curie8 giorni fa
  • Used to compete in USAC in the 0-150w class and run 145-155db. So more watts doesn’t necessarily mean more db.

    Jacob GlendeJacob Glende8 giorni fa
  • Prefabs are shit.

    Jordan RiceJordan Rice8 giorni fa
  • He took his hat off and looks like a completely different person

    Damani McClainDamani McClain8 giorni fa
  • I’ve never seen a ITworlds channel advertising a whole dam car

    Damani McClainDamani McClain8 giorni fa
  • Custom, 1"- 1/2" (as thick as possible), hexhead screws, and caulk the fuck out of the box inside and out (also screws). I have DESTROYED 4 store bought boxes. Never broke any of my custom boxes. Don't waste your money on thin under caulked junk boxes from amazon/Walmart/Best Buy. Trust me.

    Vermilion2214Vermilion22148 giorni fa
  • 😂 videos like this is why car audio newbies are hated upon so much. It's not the worst I've seen but I definitely wouldn't recommend to anyone either

    HopesndreamsHopesndreams8 giorni fa
  • Harbor Freight is the super secret test facility?!? lmao

    eddie gutierrezeddie gutierrez8 giorni fa
  • That transition at 18:40 was AMAZING

    Cole PawlakCole Pawlak8 giorni fa
  • Ngl I forgot the purpose of the video halfway through

    will_i_am574will_i_am5748 giorni fa
  • Only sissy boys run 2ohms. 1/2ohm FTW

    Josh HedrickJosh Hedrick8 giorni fa
  • How to know how much power that amp will draw at maximum to get appropriate wire: Step 1, look at the fuse or recommended external fuse. Step 2, refer to step 1. There is fault in that math, because under load you likely WON'T have 14.4v, modern cars often regulate at 13.6v if there isn't significant demand or the temperature is high, and the "peak" spikes won't effect the wires ability to handle the current. That millisecond of "excessive" draw won't pop the fuse or burn the wire.

    EMF AudioEMF Audio8 giorni fa
  • im-pee-dense, you're killing me smalls. At least you got the "don't pay attention to peak power" right. For some real schooling in car audio, head on over to my channel and check out the Tech Stuff Tuesday series.

    EMF AudioEMF Audio8 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or did the other people in the ad resemble John Cena and Vin Diesel?

    SonicSpeed0705SonicSpeed07058 giorni fa
  • Day 29 of asking for a Dirty Dirk's Blinker Drink T-shirt from the Wheelhouse: Car Terms Every Car Nerd Needs to know

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu9 giorni fa
  • i miss bart wheres bart, bart explains stuff :( not zach, zach only build stuff

    Luana Vitória LopesLuana Vitória Lopes9 giorni fa
  • 0:41 Wow that Silvia is clean and polished, you can actually see the microphone stick in the reflections

    Steffen Stengård VilladsenSteffen Stengård Villadsen9 giorni fa
    • Giggles adorably

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu9 giorni fa
  • 22:40 great video but im under lots of anxiety when i see people sitting on the rubber seals of the trunk.

    tritonmoletritonmole9 giorni fa
  • That is how an Ad should be.

    VivekVivek9 giorni fa
  • I think the max power draw and 100 amps is actually good. You do not want to blow your amp. so 100% maxing it is not ideal cus a tiny over spike could cause damage, hence even though 111 amps. the 100 amp fuse seems like it would be a safer or better fit?

    FieldSweeperFieldSweeper9 giorni fa
  • Turn the mic gain down please it's not hard

    Patrick KeanePatrick Keane9 giorni fa

    Victor VillarrealVictor Villarreal9 giorni fa
  • We need the answer to the question everybody is asking...."do it bump, doe?". Great vid fam

    Hanks ValeraHanks Valera9 giorni fa
  • What is going on with that drawing on the board 🤣

    Joseph CaratelliJoseph Caratelli9 giorni fa
  • Hm. Kicker. Junk lol

    Best BrigBest Brig9 giorni fa
  • You guys should team up with @MightyCarMods here in Australia 😊

    RAM BUSRAM BUS9 giorni fa
  • What up tonsil boy lmao

    Weakest NinjaWeakest Ninja9 giorni fa
  • But does it djent?

    AaronBowendrummerAaronBowendrummer9 giorni fa
  • So many things wrong with the math and science of this....

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui10 giorni fa
  • mo' bass, less space.

    GarrrizationGarrrization10 giorni fa
  • Ported boxes completely suck.

    ItzMikeOmgItzMikeOmg10 giorni fa
  • No thank you, I'll go with the store bought !!!

    MJay NetsMJay Nets10 giorni fa
  • You had the right idea and were looking at the correct details 👍 Didn't do it right though, I'm afraid. Keep researching

    mikeissweetmikeissweet10 giorni fa
    • Screw kickers them shits is trash you need some Memphis speakers them shits you'll be hurd from 2 blocks down

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui10 giorni fa
  • Ironically the double baffle would’ve performed better

    Sam GreerSam Greer10 giorni fa
  • Cabinet is smaller but filled and that makes you sub ''think'' its in bigger enclosure. Your port tube should be treated like cylinder and its volume is to be extracted when calculating cabinet's size.

    mariopsmtmariopsmt10 giorni fa
  • didn't happen you didn't show the 2nd test result on camera

    derek muhaderek muha10 giorni fa
  • 5:34 not by any means trying to start crap but you can bridge to create more power from the Chanel's Did that with a 5 chanel and literally shattered my back glass

    chris sublettchris sublett10 giorni fa