8 DIY Project Cars Faster than a Hellcat

8 gen 2021
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Thanks to Omaze for sponsoring today's episode! You could win a 2018 DODGE DEMON and $20,000 cash through Omaze! ENTER: bit.ly/You-Dodge-Demon
Dodge’s Hellcat powered lineup has set the standard for straight line speed. But what if you want to go faster than a Hellcat… without paying the big bucks for Hellcat? We came up with 7 theoretical project cars that we think could smoke a Hellcat Challenger in the quarter mile, and they’re all under $15k. We’re not saying they’re GREAT cars… we’re just saying they’d beat a Hellcat. Probably. This is the D-List!
Thank you to Diymike for sharing his Civic footage with us! Link to his channel: itworlds.info/fast/FbuK0pV2qbQqHGVXFeLGIQ
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  • Btw we saw that another channel posted a similar video this week, but before anyone asks, it’s actually because James hacked into their server and stole the idea along with their Runescape gold Just kidding, we usually shoot our videos at least 6 weeks in advance and filmed this all the way back in December. What would your DIY Hellcat Beater be?

    Donut MediaDonut Media15 giorni fa
    • I seriously love all the vids but 1 thing bothers me. When you mention upgrading the internals you say “cams” but last I checked most motors have 1 cam. Small nitpick that I’ve always noticed😂

      Calen AmosCalen Amos6 ore fa
    • give back my GP pl0x, I need to buy a GF bro..LMAO

      cody shadcody shadGiorno fa
    • @Karts & Cars been done honestly

      Jae WhiteJae White6 giorni fa
    • Hi

      Monica GallegoMonica Gallego6 giorni fa
    • 2011-2014 mustang gt 10k$-15k$ Supercharger 6k$ -8k$ it's literally just as luxurious and as reliable or even more reliable than a hellcat

      Magic GnomeMagic Gnome7 giorni fa
  • 8:05 😂

    T Y M ET Y M E2 ore fa
  • Was I even surprised that the most commonly picked, easy to find tuned, the light weight Civic would be on the list? No. Was I suprised about the first car choice that looked like a family car & a snowmobile? Yes.

    Jo JoJo Jo6 ore fa
  • aw no turbo 4ZE1 Holden Gemini?

    Daniel ColbornDaniel Colborn6 ore fa
  • $1500 for a decent ej20?? Sheeeiiittttt.....I Wish....

    An RentAn Rent6 ore fa
  • What if I tune my Hellcat?

    Henrique Guimarães de OliveiraHenrique Guimarães de Oliveira9 ore fa
  • Do a jazz gk and gd thanks

    Jan Mathieu YumulJan Mathieu Yumul9 ore fa
  • Wishing I could win the Dodge Demon, I never really won anything before and I'm looking to having something I could pass down when I get too old

    Alan AmadizAlan Amadiz10 ore fa
  • Volvo 240. LS swap. Ebay Turbo. Turbo 4oo trans. a few other doodads. 10k all in will get you 9 seconds 1/4's

    D YD Y18 ore fa
  • You can't afford a Hellcat? You have like 18 trillion views

    D YD Y19 ore fa
  • You are sponsored by a demon giveaway when your video practically goes against it by having fast cars for really cheap.

    Everything JonathanEverything Jonathan20 ore fa
  • N54

    Ray HernandezRay HernandezGiorno fa
  • The combo of it means falcon or something and the sidle chuckles 10 out of 10 in delivery and conviction 🤣

    Jason MaxsonJason MaxsonGiorno fa
  • Put ur hat back on

    Jude JohnsonJude JohnsonGiorno fa
  • How about something that comes with the k24 and just throw an ECU and some spray at it?

    grant johnsongrant johnsonGiorno fa
  • I love the fact that you can hear someone chuckle when james said bubaru

    Dualpistoll SDualpistoll SGiorno fa
  • James is my favorite soo funny 😄 😂

    Edwin FernandezEdwin FernandezGiorno fa
  • 2007 - 2010 335i xdrive big turbo under 15k build would smoke a hellcat in luxury with all amenities

  • "Miss Daisy" that Mighty Car Mods built was an EJ swapped beetle and that thing hammered.

    T UT UGiorno fa
  • You could get a C5 to do so as well for under 15K lol bought one for 6K with long tubes all it needs is a cam & nitrous or cam and boost 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Enrique ValadezEnrique ValadezGiorno fa
  • Holy shit I have never laughed so damn hard! When the first car is a fucking geo metro I mean come on, anything can beat a hellcat with a swap nitrous and/or forced induction.

    Harrison GeorgeHarrison George2 giorni fa
  • What will dominate instead of "probably" beat?? lol please make another one

    Geral ReniordGeral Reniord2 giorni fa
  • Pontiac fiero could work too

    Doug ParkerDoug Parker2 giorni fa
  • I had a v6 4th gen

    Doug ParkerDoug Parker2 giorni fa
  • Suburban could do it.

    Foster HalesFoster Hales2 giorni fa
    • 2500+ whatever up to 8500 then turbo...done.

      Foster HalesFoster Hales2 giorni fa
  • Basically gotta go to the fastest side of drag racing wich is ridding light or awd

    Lil420millieLil420millie2 giorni fa
  • I just want to know where you're finding a decent mr2 for 3k

    William BurfieldWilliam Burfield2 giorni fa
  • So cool seeing The Straight Pipes at 15:40

    11B BQ11B BQ2 giorni fa
  • I love these episodes

    countrystrong97countrystrong972 giorni fa
  • Is it possible to k-swap a 1986 honda accord dx hatchback front wheel drive automatic transmission

    Tendoman 32Tendoman 322 giorni fa
  • My dads first car was a eclipse I think

    Randommeme OofRandommeme Oof2 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info/round/n4uulKyjj9J8fJo/video

    Shift AutomotiveShift Automotive2 giorni fa
  • Did you just say Rest In Peace to both up to speed and the new car show

    Janine L.Janine L.2 giorni fa
  • Back In my country Geo Metro known as suzuki Cultus.

    Mohammed HamzaMohammed Hamza2 giorni fa
  • What happened to Up To Speed?

    Denis MartindaleDenis Martindale2 giorni fa
  • I don't know where yall are at but a 4th generation camaros are hard to find and they aren't cheap granted they are cheaper than a hell cat

    MrSupercream21MrSupercream212 giorni fa
    • @magius231 where at cause I live in northern California and I looked a couple weeks ago and I found 1 and the dude wanted 15k for it

      MrSupercream21MrSupercream212 giorni fa
    • you can pick up a 4th gen Camaro/Firebird easily for 3-5k if you look hard enough (there's 2 on Carfax.com right now)...the problem isn't that, its that the moment you start adding all that power be prepared to replace the transmission and rear end. they are fantastic cars you just have to be aware of their limitations.

      magius231magius2312 giorni fa
  • James: *announces DSMs for this list* Me putting together a 1g Eclipse GSX under $15k to do just this: "I'm not surprised"

    MIdnight GXPMIdnight GXP2 giorni fa
  • Did he jus say a luxurious leather interior?? Ina dodge??

    David CoronadoDavid Coronado2 giorni fa
  • Proud Beetle owner, even though it's stock

    JulioFaenaJulioFaena2 giorni fa
  • i like ya cut g

    N-DON-DO3 giorni fa
  • Put some turbskis on a 5.0. That should do it

    / Lesssight/ Lesssight3 giorni fa
  • my mom owned a geo metro... until it lit itself on fire

    Waning StarWaning Star3 giorni fa
  • the geo metro and find a cheap honda motor the arctic thundercar is a triple cylinder 800-1000 cc sled and they make scary amounts of power stock

    mat Sottilemat Sottile3 giorni fa
  • An Eclipse GSX is more than 15000 alone where i live

    ImreImre3 giorni fa
  • I have 2 suzuki swift gti's. Power to weight ratio for the win

    prchico1010prchico10103 giorni fa
  • FN hilarious !! love this show*

    Lari DLari D3 giorni fa
  • Barra big turbo in a falcon would beat a hellcat #Australia

    Snackeater 3412Snackeater 34123 giorni fa
  • Build that Geo

    JediTimJediTim3 giorni fa
  • Wth no fox body??

    SlayerStang69SlayerStang693 giorni fa
  • Also U can PUT A 2001 Cadillac Seville Eng. in iT ? And u Can Swap A C8 corvette Engine in That Chevy Metro !?! ...

    CD NAIRNCD NAIRN3 giorni fa
  • "ass for seconds, ass for thirds" lmaaoo

    Jordan JPL ReactionsJordan JPL Reactions3 giorni fa
  • How do you talk about the Mr2 and not mention the "pop up up and down headlights"

    Russell Love MuscleRussell Love Muscle4 giorni fa
  • The biggest is, drive abilities

    Bobby HudsonBobby Hudson4 giorni fa
  • Mitsubishis were sold as Plymouths? What kind of weird automotive reality am I living in?

    Jamal CrawfordJamal Crawford4 giorni fa
  • I can totally afford a 2021 Hellcat.... in 2036.

    superpowerfulmagnetssuperpowerfulmagnets4 giorni fa
  • This video gave me a sick hunger for Gran Turismo :)))))). I'm turning on my PS3+GT5 lol

    Marius mariusMarius marius4 giorni fa
  • who is nolans dad?

  • Barra turbo Problem solved

    George CupacGeorge Cupac4 giorni fa
  • Hayabusa suzuki swift. Seen so many from them. Raced against turbod stroked busas. Good concept

    Youri PausYouri Paus4 giorni fa
  • can you guys do a video about v8 supercars or the australian ford falcon or both please

    STHACE 92STHACE 924 giorni fa
  • Out of Michigan? Arent the engines made in Mexico then shipped to Canada for FINAL ASSEMBLY? Only thing Merica about the thing is how it was sourced

    Andrew KapaldoAndrew Kapaldo4 giorni fa
  • Kyle's MR2 👀

    Jeremy HillJeremy Hill4 giorni fa
  • Love the boosted boiz shout out

    Super milsim dudeSuper milsim dude4 giorni fa
  • For #7 humble performance made multiple stock unopened and i stress UNOPENED k24’s run into the 10’s and faster theres no need to build a head it just makes it even faster and possible to go 9’s

    Super milsim dudeSuper milsim dude4 giorni fa
  • Yeah, no need to worry about the clutch, trans, or rest of the drivetrain. Just make the engine go BRRRR. :D

    Kriste IsopahkalaKriste Isopahkala4 giorni fa
  • Aww, poor Doug! Don't worry, buddy! I'll summon you! We can go shoot pool or something.

    Kriste IsopahkalaKriste Isopahkala4 giorni fa
  • And a Warranty

    Thomas MittlerThomas Mittler4 giorni fa
  • 1000 likes let's make it a race this vs that please...

    Jamaican Road TripsJamaican Road Trips5 giorni fa
  • VW beetle invented by Fernidand Porsche

    Spanners Auto & Computer RepairsSpanners Auto & Computer Repairs5 giorni fa
  • The dislikes are Hellcat owners named Jason.

    i9smurfs69i9smurfs695 giorni fa
  • could also turbo the busa engine

    Rafael FerrazRafael Ferraz5 giorni fa
  • Not like I'm gonna do this but where do you buy the parts?

    JoeJoe5 giorni fa
  • 1:05 the dodge tattoo is real?

    Jessen KitengeJessen Kitenge5 giorni fa
  • please tell omaze to take the lip protctor off that thing

    Roby FaughtRoby Faught5 giorni fa
  • Who remembers the vw sleeper car project from Mighty Car mods with the ej25 engine, custom air cooling, custom ecu and such?

    Romeo DanielsRomeo Daniels5 giorni fa
  • Ok stop right there you can’t just say drop a Suzuki Hayabusa engine in a geo metro without explaining how you intend to get the power to the wheels. Is there even a transmission that will bolt up to a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine that works. In a car????

    Michael FournierMichael Fournier5 giorni fa
  • Was it... Darth Maul's top of a head? I do remember, that in "Phantom Menace" Obi Wan Kenobi sliced him in half through his belly, but who cut his head off???

    DaVide1991MarshallDaVide1991Marshall5 giorni fa
  • Gonna pause it right there.. $1500 for a good, turn key beatle?? Yeah no lol. As an air cooled VW fanatic, i can tell you right now, if you don't want an rattling rust-bucket of a car with major structural issues, you're looking at more like $5-$10k for the less desirable ones. And more like $20k+ for anything restored or pre-1970

    salemcripplesalemcripple5 giorni fa
  • I'd be using my 95 Mitsubishi Galant. Same engine as the Eclipse and I already own it so I wouldn't have to pay much.

    kleptoeunichkleptoeunich5 giorni fa
  • Geo metro = Holden barina. Best version in the world, prove me wrong

    cheers.com.aucheers.com.au5 giorni fa
  • That's some big talk! Make it happen, find 8 ITworlds channels to build and race these project cars!!!

    J-ANTJ-ANT5 giorni fa
  • 2008-2010 335i with a tune, meth kit, and bolt ons would smoke a hellcat all for under $14k and no engine swap needed

    jooler farajjooler faraj5 giorni fa
  • Silverado cuh!

    Dillon CablerDillon Cabler5 giorni fa
  • Jumping the shark? Nah, drag racing the snowmobile

    Twelve20twoTwelve20two5 giorni fa
  • I absolutely love the continuity of the baby nolan storyline

    Erroneous DataErroneous Data6 giorni fa
  • “Narrowed 14 bolt rear end.” That’s some serious beef.

    K CK C6 giorni fa
  • This is the kind of video series they need to start. Build cheap cars to beat expensive cars with the donut banter

    Jae WhiteJae White6 giorni fa
  • There's a guy on ITworlds with an MK7 GTI IS38 with stage 2 APR tune and down pipe smoking hellcats and 5.0's and Zl1s on the regular.....so if i was to go about smoking a hellcat i'd go MK7 GTI or GLI those cars become insanely fast with just minor mods

    MIK55 TVMIK55 TV6 giorni fa
  • A snowmobile?, might as well get a tractor with a turbo charged diesel engine.

    Tyrique SanchezTyrique Sanchez6 giorni fa
    • Just type drag sled into the search bar. Top end snowmobiles are putting out over 200hp stock. Add insane grip with the right set up for track and suspension. Sleds are absolutely loony!

      Adam LangloisAdam Langlois5 giorni fa
  • how come a k20 instead of k24?

    Ivan BardziyanIvan Bardziyan6 giorni fa
  • Or you can spend 5k and get a stage 3 srt4 spend a few thousand dollars on parts and spank a hellcat with the first srt

    dirteaters 2014dirteaters 20146 giorni fa
  • The ads on the Chanel are ridiculous

    Eyes Up Auto ArtEyes Up Auto Art6 giorni fa
  • who the hell put a honda engine in a Ferrari tho >:(

    MicltucciMicltucci6 giorni fa
  • So what you're saying is I need NAWZ.

    BergonathBergonath6 giorni fa
  • Some dude in my town was selling his 825 WHEEL horsepower 92 civic for 13k lol

    Seth AitchisonSeth Aitchison6 giorni fa
  • any miata that can fit a v10

    Adrian OdomAdrian Odom6 giorni fa
  • To be perfectly honest $709 for a Geo metro is a bit of a rip off, I bought mine for $350

    Random GamermanRandom Gamerman6 giorni fa
  • Should have kept the MR2 with a Toyota power plant and thrown in a 2GR. Makes it a 300 HP monster.

    narlycharleynarlycharley6 giorni fa
  • You list "headers" as a mod and frequently refer them to that on alot of donut videos. 4 cylinder engines have a header. Anything that has more than 1 cylinder head will have "headers". Sorry to nit pick.

    Christopher MartinChristopher Martin6 giorni fa
  • gapping a hellcat with a snowmobile would be a biggest flex

    Rihito KimuraRihito Kimura6 giorni fa