Welded Diff vs. $1200 Diff | HiLow

25 dic 2019
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$1200 Limited Slip Differential vs a Free Welded Differential! Is saving the cash worth it? Let’s find out.
Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) and Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) have installed coilovers, wheels, and big meaty tires in order to make their cars faster, but we’re not just building these 350zs to be race cars, we’re building them to be fun cars. And what’s more fun than doing some sweet drifties on the skid pad.
To do that, we’re going to be swapping out our differentials... well Team Hi is. Nolan will be doing the time honored option of welding his.
With an open differential, the power from your engine takes the path of least resistance to the wheels. That’s good for allowing the inside and outside wheels to spin at different speeds when taking a turn -which is the reason diffs were invented in the first place. But, if one wheel totally loses traction the open diff just keeps directing more power to it and that one wheel will keep spinning til kingdom come. This is what we call a one-tire fire.
One way to limit that wheel from slipping is with a limited slip differential, or LSD. Team Hi bought a KAAZ SuperQ 2-way clutch-type Limited slip differential! 2 way means that the LSD engages the same amount during acceleration and deceleration. 2 way is generally the choice of drifters, because it keeps your lsd engaged pretty much all the time, which is good for skids.
Another way to prevent that one tire fire slippage and not spend $1200, is to weld the spider gears together leaving your back wheels permanently locked together all the time. This is great in a straight lines and when drifting, but when you go around corners and the wheels need to go different speeds, the diff can’t do its job anymore and the wheels end up constantly scrubbing and breaking traction in small jumps. But sometimes breaking traction is exactly what you want :)
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  • Why tf are you guys so awkward it’s not even funny

    Aldo FigureoaAldo Figureoa18 ore fa
  • Dude who welded my diff had an lsd on his 240 and said he preferred a welded diff and is more predictable. Depends on the driver and implications tho

    Luke SanchezLuke Sanchez2 giorni fa
  • 5:06 - 5:27 how to delete this from my mind

    Al Kun98Al Kun983 giorni fa
  • It’s not free 99😂 it’s freety free dollars and freety free cents.

    Tyson KiddTyson Kidd9 giorni fa
  • The hi car option looks like a giant vape filter 😂

    The_British_BanditThe_British_Bandit14 giorni fa
  • This wasn’t what i was looking for. Still cool tho

    HOW much milk???HOW much milk???16 giorni fa
  • Can we get some new Hi Low episodes please 🙏

    Noushat HossainNoushat Hossain16 giorni fa
  • The one on the right tricked the one on the left out of his booty, and maybe his mouth.

    NASNAS17 giorni fa
  • LSD is pretty cheap for 1200 bucks you should be able to get like 10 vile’s with about 200 doses in each one

    iammimic79iammimic7919 giorni fa
  • from a man with a daily sc300 with a welded diff its honestly livable and not bad just control your throttle imputs. Brah

    Chase McClaryChase McClary20 giorni fa
  • Should've got a torsion, cheaper, lock up, and they don't wear out every 40,000 miles

    SomethingYoJoeSomethingYoJoe22 giorni fa
  • #boostcreeps

    Chillyman200 T.V.Chillyman200 T.V.24 giorni fa
  • I welded my diff. I drove 50 miles. then swapped to a open diff again. Open diff sucks as hell, but welded diff is much worse and in my opinion not usable as a daily driver. but for drifting it's cool.

    realpremierrealpremier25 giorni fa
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    Nia GrangerNia GrangerMese fa
  • Lubing grooves....lol 😆

  • #boostcreeps

    Eduardo Cocoba CadenaEduardo Cocoba CadenaMese fa
  • Well guys you should’ve list everything about both ways not just that you can drift better!!! There are so many ppl watching y’all can’t afford the LSD and might go with weld in there daily and only car not knowing the real problems comes with it. If you somebody got two or more cars thinking about welding one of them then send it buddy and enjoy don’t read👇🏻 lol But for who ever has only one car think logically about it before you decide something for your daily: Saving for a while for a LSD to safe your car and keep things good for longer period of time tires ( even if you gonna skid ) trans, steering and way safer driving or Weld ur diff and that will not go cheap at all on the long run, plus it will be very annoying after a while and it can be very dangerous sometimes specially on wet pavements and snow. welding the spiders will only be free if you know how to weld yourself other wise you’ll have to pay at least $500 to someone to do the job and he has to be a real professional knows how diff work not just a good regular welder ( why not put that as a down payment maybe or safe for later and do your LSD at home yourself? You can get shims and a dial indicator for $35 - instructions and info on backlash/bolts torque specs free from google!!!??? ). Welding the diff Is not about tires will wear 5x faster only (for sure you would be doing this for the skid), but it might get dangerous bc it control the steer. Also lots of trans components will wear out real quick. So you’ll end up after a while paying more and more bc of that and You’ll decide to buy a LSD to safe your car and lower the cost lol

    alq faialq faiMese fa
  • came for the car stuff, then i came with the lube

    Manny C WeissManny C WeissMese fa
  • Any updates on the z's?

    Dylan TurnerDylan TurnerMese fa
  • Why is my geared lsd truetrac only 400.00?

    Rob RoyRob RoyMese fa
  • I just got a regular ole Open diff ): That one wheel wonder

    Ethan HarrisEthan HarrisMese fa
  • To also use it as a daily, the welded seems like a horrible idea.

    Nicholas FieldNicholas FieldMese fa
  • Still catching up on old vids so don't know if you have an update, but you will hate that welded diff in the rain, especially with the 2 hours per year you get that makes the roads super slick. It'll pretty much just do donuts every time you turn.

    M WalkerM WalkerMese fa
  • #BoostCreeps

    James G YTJames G YTMese fa
  • Is nolan ur son or ur coworker?

    Elroy da shogunElroy da shogunMese fa
  • I didn't notice that the car is blue.. Not at all

    Andries LouwAndries LouwMese fa
  • Welding a diff on a daily driver lol??

    AkshayAkshayMese fa
  • i want a straight piped 350z now

    QuailsAreFatQuailsAreFatMese fa
  • Very uncomfortable there

    Miguel MedinaMiguel MedinaMese fa
  • Me welding all diffs in my Subaru legacy

    kidsythekidsytheMese fa
  • Anyone kept hearing “dip” instead of dif

    Datcherry8 TV GamingDatcherry8 TV GamingMese fa
  • Should have put a lunchbox locker in instead of welding the diff

    AbyssalReClassAbyssalReClassMese fa
  • Damn shit's expensive now. I know a guy who can get you some lsd far cheaper

    IcicleIcicleMese fa
  • Im watching this after i watched the plasti dip episode, they showed the color of the car when nolan said “ugh, its so bad dude.”

  • U gotta do some angle kits

    YOOS 232YOOS 232Mese fa
  • Puts the video in black an white so you cant see the colour of the car Puts a clip on Nolan with the car in a booth behind him, colour clearly visible

    SwishSwish2 mesi fa
  • I prefer one wheel peel to the one tire fire

    FantomFantom2 mesi fa
  • My Idols

    PurplenomadPurplenomad2 mesi fa
  • There is the perfect middleground between the two options you guys tried. Consider checking the RacingDiffs conversion. I have one on my BMW and it works well for almost two years now. P.S. Nice video

    Mad CRIPERMad CRIPER2 mesi fa
  • #BoostCreeps

    Gebran El-ShammasGebran El-Shammas2 mesi fa
  • Noalan milk

    Moesha special DVDMoesha special DVD2 mesi fa
  • Alex grim yessir

    TKS SaturnTKS Saturn2 mesi fa
  • how about the sound of a twin disc clutch?

    lapieceslapieces2 mesi fa
  • I don't get it

    Alastair McWilliamAlastair McWilliam2 mesi fa
  • "meanwhile us grownups on the hicar team had a bit more work to do"

    Rexerity GamingRexerity Gaming2 mesi fa
  • Car noob here: Why is it so that in case of Lo car they are welding the diff and not redistributing the weight of the car (what I believe is the cause of one wheel being used more than the other)?

    PimPim2 mesi fa
    • From what I know welding a diff would make the wheels spin at the same speed at all times making use of the wheels equal edit: Idk if this is exactly right

      ShulkerponkShulkerponk2 mesi fa
  • thanks james, we really needed to see those tatas!!!....hahaha

    Randy StoutRandy Stout2 mesi fa
  • the welded diff will always have more power to both tires

    Bobby NicholsonBobby Nicholson2 mesi fa
  • so if the lube was not spread evenly how would u adjust it

    Bobby NicholsonBobby Nicholson2 mesi fa
  • plz do an moter swap

    Mz1 BLOGSMz1 BLOGS2 mesi fa
  • 8:58 literally can see the color of the car when they were trying to hide it

    MTBOfficialMTBOfficial2 mesi fa
  • Whats a good diff for 07 g35 sedan?

    versus thiefversus thief2 mesi fa
  • Have a g35 w an intake , trying to get a turbo next 😆

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  • So I wanna convert a 06 Subaru sti to rwd when it’s all awd wiill this work for it?

    H3EROH3ERO3 mesi fa
  • 5:05 I earned a Degree On Skipping parts😂😂😂😂

  • My car clicks but not from a welded diff. Iykyk

    ZappleZapple3 mesi fa
  • Eh I'm just gonna send it and weld mine

    SlopinatorSlopinator3 mesi fa
  • Dem nips tho

    Albert GomezAlbert Gomez3 mesi fa
  • Ready to feel uncomfortable? 5:00

    Galactic TeapotGalactic Teapot3 mesi fa
  • Lube

    Bryce HellwigBryce Hellwig3 mesi fa
  • Poor content

    Alexander JorgensenAlexander Jorgensen3 mesi fa

    Jackson barnesJackson barnes3 mesi fa
  • Can these parts be used on an automatic?

    OP_TWEETY 1OP_TWEETY 13 mesi fa
  • Yo vs the guy she told you not to worry about

    Arav_2005 EBF1Arav_2005 EBF13 mesi fa
  • I’ll bet $50 we can tell who came up with “boost creeps”...

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  • 5:38 *foreshadowing*

    Sharl legregSharl legreg4 mesi fa
    • Omg for real I never thought of that

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  • 6:49 that scream!

    Stephen CarrStephen Carr4 mesi fa
  • This isn’t the lsd I was looking for

    Luis OsorioLuis Osorio4 mesi fa
  • What a bloody dream job

    Troy SlykerTroy Slyker4 mesi fa
  • I realized this episode that I'm watching an episode of some of the most popular car enthusiasts out there, and these guys don't even know how to work on their own cars. They don't even know how to use gasket maker... Let that sink in. I thought I was watching experts from all the kinda stuff they release, but no. These guys just make content on stuff they discover from research, and that'll make good videos. Not gonna lie, that's freaking awesome lol

    -SMP- scientific method perspective-SMP- scientific method perspective4 mesi fa
  • 15 second unskippable commercial, really? I'm not even complaining about the multiple commercials, just 15 unskippable seconds of one of them

    -SMP- scientific method perspective-SMP- scientific method perspective4 mesi fa
  • That type of car should have limited slip differential as standard equipment. Single pull on that is absurd. My 08 Silverado has posi traction, it was an optional add on but I was glad to find out it has it. What kind of person orders that car new without it? Unless it was not an available option, which sounds crazy

    actionjksnactionjksn4 mesi fa
  • if you have the right tires on the car, the only time you'll notice a welded diff over an LSD... after the burnout the clutches in the LSD will be overheated eventually wearing out and regarding tires with the welded diff, good tires wont squeak or hop on tight turns they hold and brake traction vary smooth.

    Arden NielsenArden Nielsen4 mesi fa
  • I wish they didn't do the welded diff, a ratcheting locker VS LSD would be better.

    GreaseMonkey67GreaseMonkey674 mesi fa
  • 5:09 I instantly got uncomfortable lol

    Aiden HernandezAiden Hernandez4 mesi fa
  • Video when I’m by myself: everything else Video when my mom walks in: 5:18 Just glad this didn’t actually happen

    Jackson 1237Jackson 12374 mesi fa
  • 2:29 what on Earth has happened to that tyre!

    Chris WatsonChris Watson4 mesi fa
  • LOL, low car's previous owner upgraded to polyurethane diff bushings.Hi car is stock!

    Abdul KelaniAbdul Kelani4 mesi fa
  • i would just go for a welded diff

    Alexander SmithAlexander Smith4 mesi fa
  • 9:25 Sexual much?

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  • 8:58 Um look back there

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  • Donut media kinda boring

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  • Whats the intro music

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  • Watching this on the table, no earphones, full family eating with me, James: lets start some lubing shall we?

    farafartoofarafartoo4 mesi fa
  • Speed, Reliability, Affordable - you can choose two of the three.

    Michael StantonMichael Stanton4 mesi fa
  • This might be hella cheesy or whatever but I was in such a crap mood today and then I watched a few donut videos. Cheered me right up. Honestly. So thanks guys.

    Nept TuneNept Tune4 mesi fa
  • The editing in this one is amazing. "Watch your hands." James: "Ahhh!!" Ha ha ha ha

    Jeffrey BarkerJeffrey Barker4 mesi fa
  • A tru-track is only $500

    David OldfordDavid Oldford4 mesi fa
  • I'll take the LSD any day lol ✌🙂

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  • 1:10 made me feel like I was having a stroke

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  • 1:10 did anyone else hear that??

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  • 11:26 “Jeremy Clarkson has entered chat”

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  • I’m eating donuts while watching Donut

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  • why u guys never take into count of the labor what a random car shop would take to do this kinda job's

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  • I miss Bart.

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  • Just watched hyperdrive and is the guy in the yellow Aaron Parker

    NightmareNightmare4 mesi fa
  • The question for "I am afraid welded diff will break"is simple - for 1200$ - how many more open diffs you can buy to replace the old one?

    veevoirveevoir5 mesi fa