Every Car Shape Explained

25 mag 2020
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Wagon, Targa Top, Brougham- the classifications we give cars can seem endless, but there's actually good reason for why we name cars the way we do. Spoiler: a lot of it has to do with carriages. Lol. Join Nolan and take a DEEP dive into the history of car naming conventions. Do you know them all? I bet you don’t!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  • Small boys: PEEL P50

    BB19 ore fa
  • In the Wedge portion of this video, you could’ve included the Cybertruck lol

    Dare / SnekDare / SnekGiorno fa
  • That American Dream limo sat behind a warehouse in my town for years. Even rusted and beat up it was absolutely amazing to see

    Tyler PauliTyler PauliGiorno fa
  • Me, watching this in my mom's bmw x4. Interesting.

    Skiing ChickensSkiing ChickensGiorno fa
  • 300zx is my favorite t top

    Phabian D kessonPhabian D kessonGiorno fa
  • aston martin zagato shooting brake is my favorite

    Phabian D kessonPhabian D kessonGiorno fa
  • sorry but did you know princess ann had a reliant scimitar

    SR20XRaritySR20XRarityGiorno fa
  • the coke bottle is my favorite shape

    Gabriel GanderGabriel GanderGiorno fa
  • need to redo this video... it's not that good :c

    Gamma RaeGamma Rae2 giorni fa
  • My favorite limo is Maybach S-class

    Natcho CrazyNatcho Crazy2 giorni fa
  • U know..why am I just learning about this...the only thing I knew was suvs😂😂

    Eduardo RodriguezEduardo Rodriguez4 giorni fa
  • spyder or convertible or roadster?

    doel89doel895 giorni fa
  • in german we have cut the suv in to tho categories, there is the suv (big, sporty, high roadcar mostly with unibodys) and Geländewagen (big, strong, can tow a lot, and capable to go offroads with out problems) As an example, we had a lot of snow this winter, and you could clearly see the difference, the suv where getting stuck (sliping when going up hills, digging them selfs in to the snow...) while the Geländewagen/Offroader where getting along quite nicely. as two exemples. the typical SUV here is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. the typical Offroader would be the Klass G. Althoung there are cars in between. my family own an 2018 Ssangyong Rexton. it looks like an SUV but it goes over every thing you'll if you try and it searves great purpose of pulling trailers.

    Damian WipfliDamian Wipfli5 giorni fa
  • 15:38 eyyyy Holden HK Camaro GTS

    Michael PowerMichael Power5 giorni fa
  • The best landaulet is the Suzuki Jimny

    Cacodemon Beatbox Cult MemberCacodemon Beatbox Cult Member6 giorni fa
  • a real car cannot have a rear wiper! thats all about car shapes - sedan is the only shape, everything else is wack

    Daniel BodurovDaniel Bodurov6 giorni fa
  • 4:30 Vladimir Putin

    Arock124 _Arock124 _6 giorni fa
  • What about Volante? As in Aston Martin DB11 Volante? :)

    Gareth OakeyGareth Oakey7 giorni fa
  • Unfortunately, so centred on American terminology and styling that this is virtually useless for anybody from Europe. One example "Coke Bottle" styling wasn't created by Mr Lowey, this style can certainly be traced back as far as... wait for it...1953! Aston Martin's DB3S was quite clearly this style, and you could even legitimately claim that the Jaguar XK120 was this style, and that was produced from 1948!

    David ColinDavid Colin7 giorni fa
  • 1:50 Video start time

  • my friends dad has a ff his assistant drove us around in it its worth going ape shit for

    isaac teichmanisaac teichman7 giorni fa
  • British microcars had three wheels so they could come under motorcycle licensing. So you usually know if you have a German or British BMW Isetta.

    ResqwecResqwec8 giorni fa
  • you forgot the holden sandman panel van

    Unity__Unity__8 giorni fa
  • Did you say Studebaker?

    elijah siddallelijah siddall9 giorni fa
  • Where am from Sedans are called personals

    Alloys MugohAlloys Mugoh9 giorni fa
  • Coupes are powerfull that what means no the body much but means more the power

    Ford mustang 2020Ford mustang 20209 giorni fa
  • 3:19 hahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Mohammed alkaabiMohammed alkaabi10 giorni fa
  • Me: can we have Rolls Royce Mom: we have Rolls Royce at home Rolls Royce at home: 10:13

    AlemAlem11 giorni fa
  • Nolan looks like that one sweaty guy that just stumbled out of the Taco Bell restroom.

    CVYCVY12 giorni fa
  • Let’s get that van video rolling

    The Road WarriorThe Road Warrior13 giorni fa
  • In Philippines we call them "kotse" = "car" we call all of the said car models koste🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️

    Christian Rey TanChristian Rey Tan13 giorni fa
  • This guy side tracks a lot during his explanation

    D RafiD Rafi13 giorni fa
  • What about Volante on Aston Martin, or Speedster?

    Jack SteinJack Stein14 giorni fa
  • I would say that they don't know American cars as well as they should beacuse in the 50s 60s and 70s some of the most popular body styles of American cars and even some Foreign cars were a body style that never even got metioned two door and four door hardtops!.In the late 50s and early 60s there were even 4door hardtop station wagons. What a Hardtop was was the mating of a coupe or sedan with the openess of a convertible with a fixed roof!. These were some very big sellers in the USA during the 50s 60s and 70s. Some car makers over in Europe still make those. Btw the real definition of a hardtop is a car of 2 or 4doors with no b pillar and no door window frame!. 1949 Oldsmobile 98 holiday Buick Roadmaster Riviera or Cadillac series 62 Coupe Deville are the earliest examples.

    michael weizermichael weizer15 giorni fa
  • What is a Subaru brat?

    Philip DanzPhilip Danz15 giorni fa
  • seems... booriing...

    nekozilla mononekozilla mono16 giorni fa
  • Where are the utes?

    Anonymous PrivateAnonymous Private17 giorni fa
  • It’s concerning now, having seen a great deal of your videos, that all of your sponsors seem to be irrelevant to your channels content... it gives this feeling of “these guys enjoy cars, but really live for shaving miscellaneous body parts.”

    John MahoneyJohn Mahoney18 giorni fa
  • Ok ok, I just have one question: What would a Prius be then, oh yeah just a sedope

    Seige_Knight GamingSeige_Knight Gaming18 giorni fa
    • Seige night gaming All a Prius is, or as I call it a poopieass is a pile of shit that rolls down the road!.

      michael weizermichael weizer15 giorni fa
  • Station wagons are called shagging wagons were I’m from

    Hownottoadult 101Hownottoadult 10118 giorni fa
  • Shrimp gumbo. That's about it.

    Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson18 giorni fa
  • What about a liftback? Or cars like Dacia Logan Stepway which technically are the same sedans, but with more ground clearance and ride height. I would like to know the origins/more car examples of these

    RonnenfeltRonnenfelt18 giorni fa
  • Bruh Americans gotta screw up our language so much sTatIOn WAGOn-estate car

    Fizzy FozzyFizzy Fozzy18 giorni fa
  • For the add 0:59 (I'm 19 and I'm already naturally bald)

    Emile EdhouseEmile Edhouse18 giorni fa
  • what would you call a car like the renault scenic or older opel zafira?

    Im YezziIm Yezzi19 giorni fa
  • Make a video about one of the first crossover SUVs with unibody design, the Lada Niva :D Amerikanski still scared to talk about the russians :D

    GasmaskaGasmaska19 giorni fa
  • Why did you not include tank?

    JustsomeloserJustsomeloser19 giorni fa
  • okay then what is a GT and GTR and didn't yall forget trucks and jeep like cars?

    Navlis HelibutNavlis Helibut19 giorni fa
  • So what do you call a targa top that's not on a Porsche, like the Supra in The Fast and The Furious? Supra Cabriolet?

    TerribleTim RTerribleTim R19 giorni fa
  • 0:01 a *station wagon* has instead of a big boot a stretched out & elongated 1 (& usually has the Volvo logo on it) 0:04 a *hatchback* is a tiny boxy & reliable car with a short wheelbase but a big boot 0:07 a *landaulet* is a car with a convertible roof but doesn't fold down its windows 0:08 a *brougham* is a car with an open driver's seat (& never is any other car than a Cadillac) did you expect me to naturally know that? yeah didn't think so

    P_Sher 12P_Sher 1220 giorni fa
  • sytill waiting for another part 'bout bikes, trucks and uv

    Radu-Dumitru BurcaRadu-Dumitru Burca20 giorni fa
  • How is the Challenger a coke bottle style that make a no sense a

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett8520 giorni fa
  • American dream world longest limo Why everybody forgets Jeremy Clarkson gynormous panda limo?

    Davide ManculloDavide Mancullo20 giorni fa
  • 0:17 Peel P50

    LostProbeLostProbe21 giorno fa
  • 16:55 I like that Ferrari 812 Convertible

    Adnan Abdillah GhifariAdnan Abdillah Ghifari21 giorno fa
  • Have you heard of the new hatchback sadan station wagon coupe bralem model k2bcxkdsmthoil06379127 micro Porsche 911 gt3 rs m234

    Eoghan BarrettEoghan Barrett21 giorno fa
  • That Jaguar e type sort of looked like the original Maserati Ghibli

    Yaa HooboyYaa Hooboy22 giorni fa
  • If you are ready to get cancer and give this guys some money do the medication he of eres!!!!

    Мартин МартиновМартин Мартинов22 giorni fa
    • This comment will be deleted, of course, but I hope a decent amount of people will see it

      Мартин МартиновМартин Мартинов22 giorni fa
  • U didn't say about muv

    Deep BhattacharjeeDeep Bhattacharjee22 giorni fa
  • me after watching this video to my friend: so heres why this car is called coupe, laying out the entire history

    Faris RazaFaris Raza23 giorni fa
  • My favourite donut vid

    Finley BurgerFinley Burger23 giorni fa
  • .... wow I really watched all of this and I agree with having more pictures!

    Katya PerezKatya Perez24 giorni fa
    • I mean this ina good way since I’ve never known nothing of cars but eventually I might need to get one

      Katya PerezKatya Perez24 giorni fa
  • the difference between coupes and sedans seems to now be the boot size

    some bodysome body24 giorni fa
  • Whats the meaning of suv coupe (example: mercedes benz gls suv coupe)

    Valensia AbelValensia Abel24 giorni fa
  • 0:17 I feel bad for the dirty minded

    CardCard24 giorni fa
  • Cope lol

    Zarif AhmedZarif Ahmed24 giorni fa
  • pop

    Otto DuanOtto Duan24 giorni fa
  • What about hyper cars ?

    Quint Van GiessenQuint Van Giessen24 giorni fa
  • imagine saying astin instead of Austin 👀

    Bryn KretzerBryn Kretzer25 giorni fa
  • Love these videos 🔥🤯🙏🏻

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  • Pick ups

    K.J.Q.BK.J.Q.B25 giorni fa
  • There is also a Liftback. A sedan where the entire back opens, pretty much a longer hatchback.

    dustojnikhummerdustojnikhummer26 giorni fa

    Colton JenkinsColton Jenkins27 giorni fa

    Jarred AlmeidaJarred Almeida27 giorni fa
  • mpv you missed mpv

    Desmond GauDesmond Gau27 giorni fa
  • The giant pimple on nolens face just sitting there

    녿데ᄁ먀ᅮᅲ재녿데ᄁ먀ᅮᅲ재27 giorni fa
  • "trucks" shows pickup

    Zbynek BrodaZbynek Broda28 giorni fa
  • Did your back hurt because of the amount of Gs in his name?

    Cole GarnerCole Garner29 giorni fa
  • So, technikally a Trabant is a coupè.

    Dániel BedrossianDániel Bedrossian29 giorni fa
  • Nobody Dumbasses: "lambo truck" "Bentley truck"

    Lorenzo GutierrezLorenzo Gutierrez29 giorni fa
  • Tyre

    Forza DudeForza DudeMese fa
  • I got one you didn't cover, but that's okay. It's called a liftback. It's basically a fastback hatchback. The earliest examples I know of are the Toyota Celica from 1975, which they actually branded as a liftback, and the Mustang II from 1974. Other examples that I know of include the Fox Body Mustang from the 80s and the Porsche Cayman. The difference between liftback and a hatchback is that on a hatchback the hatch is mostly vertical and swings out to the rear before swinging up away from the ground. On a liftback, the hatch is mostly or entirely the semi-horizontal roof section at the back, and it swings directly up without coming back toward whatever's behind the car. Toyota also markets the Prius as a liftback, but but that's not as pure an example.

    Alexandar Hull-RichterAlexandar Hull-RichterMese fa
  • It’s pronounced laansia, not lancha

    Ethan BrownEthan BrownMese fa
  • Hello random people scrolling through the comments!

    Shawn SmithShawn SmithMese fa
  • I would like to see episodes about the other vehicles

    WikianosWikianosMese fa
  • In India we have three different categories under SUVs 1. Mini SUVs under 10 lac 2. 2WD SUVs 10-25 lac 3. AWD SUVs above 25 lac

    Sushrut PhutaneSushrut PhutaneMese fa
  • petition to call suv a karenmobile cause every karen out there owns one

    :D:DMese fa
  • Mercedes is really confusing, because you can get the C- and E-Class as Sedans or Coupes, which means either 4 or 2 doors, but then you get the CLA-Class and the CLS-Class only as "coupes", but they have 4 doors and there is no 2 door model, BUT THEN you get the "AMG GT Coupe", a 2 door Sportscar also as the "AMG GT63s 4door Coupe", you can also get the GLC and GLE as "Coupes", both are SUVs which then have that weird looking back similar to the BMW X6M

    niktob2000niktob2000Mese fa
  • Germany get's really confusing, because sedans are called limousines but actual limousines are also called limousines

    niktob2000niktob2000Mese fa
  • the word coupé comes from the word coupé and its pronounced "coopay" not "coop"

    Miguipz PimentelMiguipz PimentelMese fa
  • Could’ve used more visuals

    Pro GamerPro GamerMese fa
  • suv stands for sport utility vehicle? i always thought it means suburban vehicle

    dexter1981dexter1981Mese fa
  • "Why use words when you take away their meaning?" We live in a time in which it is acceptable to use the word "literally" for its diametric opposite, "figuratively". Nothing means anything, and anything means nothing, anymore.

    Jeffrey DodsonJeffrey DodsonMese fa
    • Wow you are so woke, teach us your ways since you’re so smart and intellectually proficient

      jwajjwaj16 giorni fa
  • The observant saudi arabia electronmicroscopically calculate because tornado micrencephaly label as a terrible submarine. chunky, handsomely fiberglass

    Juan ScottJuan ScottMese fa
  • So is the Chevy K5 a shooting break or a landolet?

    CaptAmerica300CaptAmerica300Mese fa
  • "I'm not calling them Coupé because it sounds like a Toupée for your car." Two words: Chicken Coop.

    Mark SpeeMark SpeeMese fa
  • I thinks its fine for the rx8 because the doors aren't full size

    100rats100ratsMese fa
  • Treating hair lost with pills instead of with healthy life. U.S.A.

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  • U

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  • Mo' pictures, baby!!!

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