Is Lifting Your Car Worth It?

18 nov 2020
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Thanks to Hyundai and the 2021 Veloster N for sponsoring today’s episode. We really like this car and know you will as well! To learn more about why the the 2021 Veloster N is so much fun, click here:
This week on Money Pit, we're giving Eddie's miata an altitude adjustment. But not in the direction you might expect. We're lifting it so we can run over all the new curbs at our new office! Will the added ground clearance be worth the compromises?
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  • What the hell is with the screaming add bull guys? Wtf?

    Fil FernandesFil Fernandes7 ore fa
  • Nice new shop guys! Stoked to see what you can do with the space.

    Kalim AndersKalim Anders8 ore fa
  • I know it’s probably been said but since it’s a Miata buggy you should start calling it Mr. Miyagi

    David WarkDavid Wark15 ore fa
  • James screaming must be the best piece of advertising of the 21st century

    Serai ResanaSerai Resana16 ore fa
  • I guess it is 2020 gotta pick some LGBT vehicles to work on.

    The Anarchist CookbookThe Anarchist CookbookGiorno fa
  • I'm not surprised they picked some shitty maita's to do high low on. But why they suck so bad just why....????!!!

    The Anarchist CookbookThe Anarchist CookbookGiorno fa
  • Need a Money Pit MIATA shirt!

    Jared ScottJared ScottGiorno fa
  • Turbo Miata is fun and all. But that turbo is useless when you can't even get out of your driveway without busting your bumper. Bring this monster of a mod to Zach's Miata!!!

    TommeggTommeggGiorno fa
  • My 91 Nissan Sentra e(profile pic), ended up with around 10"-12" of ground clearance just by removing the carpet. 4 wheel independent suspension and no sway bars, 195/60/14" Cooper Weathermaster snow tires on all 4 corners, I've taken 90° corners on 2 wheels at 60-65mph.

    Claude BarnumClaude Barnum2 giorni fa
  • Why didn't they just installed the front bumper so be a lot cheaper

    rotary hillrotary hill2 giorni fa
  • > if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??

    J Skye SurpriseJ Skye Surprise2 giorni fa
  • HOW MUCH cocainum went into the making of this video?????

  • Just put 20 spacers on it and put some 40 inch tires on it

    Nicholas GerardiNicholas Gerardi3 giorni fa
  • Wheel and tire spaces?

    Usman RehmanUsman Rehman3 giorni fa
  • Hope this guy doesn't show more often

    Big ChungusBig Chungus3 giorni fa
  • Ew put it back

    TheSarcasticKingTheSarcasticKing4 giorni fa
  • wonder why the choice of snow tires....

    adrip105adrip1054 giorni fa
  • You guys stopped the bundles :(?

    DarkShugoDarkShugo4 giorni fa
  • Why is there a folding chair in the car where the passenger seat would go??? Is this weight reduction???

    Spartan X-317Spartan X-3175 giorni fa
  • Donut’s sponsor skits are amazing

    KAL.amansiKAL.amansi5 giorni fa
  • Gain 6 inches? Stranger, hehe what do you need that for? Going hunt an elephant?

    White Star BrokenWhite Star Broken5 giorni fa
  • Hey Zach nice stratacaster

    FergggFerggg5 giorni fa
  • i wanna buy a miata and lift it now, thank you

    Bongiorno PaoloBongiorno Paolo5 giorni fa
  • Eddys . needs some head light polishing.

    • If ever in Bakersfield Ca and dont mind a looking at a ugly z3. I can polish them for a chimichanga .

  • you shouldn't get a miata if you want something to be taller

    Gabriel SalviniGabriel Salvini5 giorni fa
  • I saw a lifted subaru a few years back. Since then the thought of lifting my sti has been nagging me.

  • That's Crazy Eddie for ya!

    LALOMANLALOMAN6 giorni fa
  • tHE COILS cost more than that schiity car!

    LALOMANLALOMAN6 giorni fa
  • I love when James cameos on Moneypit 😂

    D. EarlsD. Earls6 giorni fa
  • 0:11 My day is ruined.

    AugmentedGravityAugmentedGravity6 giorni fa
  • It’s not really liftted just bigger tires

    Colton ZachmanColton Zachman6 giorni fa
  • Good job guys

    jus leejus lee6 giorni fa
  • "We definitely need to jump it" - Eddie's spine has left the chat

    Chun Ming HoChun Ming Ho6 giorni fa
  • As a Genesis coupe boy.. I’m glad the Veloster is getting the N treatment and has stuck around... but also I’m a lil ABSOLUTELY LIVID that the gen coupe got shelved in its place.

    Mango MakaveliMango Makaveli6 giorni fa
  • Just take the bumpers off and keep them safe in the garage lol

    369Maniac369Maniac6 giorni fa
  • four and a half inches is huge according to my wife.

    sum monersum moner6 giorni fa
  • wassup w the blur fam

    John SantosJohn Santos7 giorni fa
  • what were the wheels called

    fallout4isfallout4is7 giorni fa
  • "This episode of money pit is sponsored by-" Google: "Have some ads"

    Matei Vitalaru-MoruzMatei Vitalaru-Moruz7 giorni fa
  • How often do I scrape my bumper? Pretty much every time I have stuff in the trunk and I'm pulling into my driveway.

    Alex ChanAlex Chan7 giorni fa
  • Or u can take of the bumper

    Catarino PerezCatarino Perez7 giorni fa
  • you should use zachs scream in the beginning instead of the other scream in the intro

    TTViZEOTTViZEO7 giorni fa
  • 5:21 wow those wheels really show off your brakes and those new suspension kits. 👌🏿

    Hinuk MattilaHinuk Mattila7 giorni fa

    MK UltraMK Ultra7 giorni fa
  • Think i would put the doors back on before jumping it. Unless you want it to break in half xD

    Ulrik StrandUlrik Strand8 giorni fa
  • LMFAO my favorite part is from 3:35-3:45

    christopher Fchristopher F8 giorni fa
  • The new episode isn’t out yet 🥺🤘🏽😔

    LGE FoXyLGE FoXy8 giorni fa
  • 3:38 professional driver, closed course, I presume?

    Salvatore ShiggerinoSalvatore Shiggerino8 giorni fa
  • Shave that shit g

    River KowalRiver Kowal8 giorni fa
  • She's a Four Finger Beauty lol

    Geoff SmithGeoff Smith8 giorni fa
  • Why doesn't anyone produce this style cars straight outta factory? I mean, sporty cars with decent ground clearance.

    ChamieiniibetChamieiniibet8 giorni fa
  • why didnt they just take off the bumper

    Taj BeckettTaj Beckett8 giorni fa
  • Lifted cars are practical this is cool. Btw if anyone needs a saturn s-series lifted hit me up lol

    matthew Lmatthew L8 giorni fa
  • safari miata

    FreedomDriverFreedomDriver8 giorni fa
  • Saw a guy driving around in a Cadillac escalade monster truck today... Please don't be like him, lift responsibly.

    abraham niangabraham niang8 giorni fa
  • Anyone knows the brand of the new wheels set they put on?

    Daniel ParadisDaniel Paradis8 giorni fa
  • These guys started a ITworlds channel just to upgrade their cars :p

    Samuel SeidelSamuel Seidel8 giorni fa
  • they lifted a miata before they turboed one

    Vine 2Vine 28 giorni fa
  • The advertising on this one is NEXT LEVEL

    Abdul RaffeyAbdul Raffey8 giorni fa
  • Wow nice job Zach, now all the new viewers think your name is eddie🤦🏻‍♂️

    Noah BrianNoah Brian8 giorni fa
  • I’ma do this to my car

    LiynoxLiynox8 giorni fa
  • Was considering lifting my Ford Focus before I saw this episode. Y’all make it look easy.

    Mo TonelliMo Tonelli8 giorni fa
  • are they called money pit miatas for a reason?

    The TouristThe Tourist8 giorni fa
  • my Miata has turned into a money pit.... granted its 20 years old but looks exactly like the one in this video without the lift. it’s been and out of the shop for the last 4 one can find out what’s wrong.

    The TouristThe Tourist8 giorni fa
  • “Yeah....Taint me like one of your bench fries” 😂😂😂

    ReidReid8 giorni fa
  • Why are winter tires going on a socal car?

    DanDan8 giorni fa
  • this kind a looks like the offroad car of fast&furious dropping off a plane

    boy jorgeboy jorge9 giorni fa
  • Is that a Custome made Jinga Garden set? Genius 😂

    Roger Newton-DarbyRoger Newton-Darby9 giorni fa
  • Every guy that knows trucks “there gonna rub, 100% gonna run”

    Rheis SprackmanRheis Sprackman9 giorni fa
  • No ones eyes are allowed to be that sexy beast.

    Wak JobWak Job9 giorni fa
  • 5:40 had me dyin' lmaoooo

    Roamin'theslumsRoamin'theslums9 giorni fa
  • So now you are just doing a street racing miata and an off-road miata. I wonder which one will be cooler in the end 😏

    Qualcuno A CasoQualcuno A Caso9 giorni fa
  • When are you going to turbo yours?!!? !!!!!

    Alexandros BertzAlexandros Bertz9 giorni fa
  • The rest of the world: “TURBO THE MIATA” Zach: “Man I’m real tired of that curb”

    Logan DykstraLogan Dykstra9 giorni fa
  • Miatas flex like a wet noodle with no doors lol, could be interesting, hopefully it doesn't just fold in half

    MrCybergladiatorMrCybergladiator9 giorni fa
  • What rims are those?

    Damon WhiteDamon White9 giorni fa
  • That intro has me saying wtf? 😂

    Casey RCasey R9 giorni fa
  • Cummins swap?

    420sx420sx9 giorni fa
  • I love how they hide the license plate, but next frame you see the plate they were hiding in plain view xD

    Vash BaldeusVash Baldeus9 giorni fa
  • Every time I watch these I have a huge urge to buy everything I just saw 💀

    Dustlocke ADustlocke A9 giorni fa
  • if it fits on this or an other car could you do a supercharger instalation?!

    Stephan LoefStephan Loef9 giorni fa
  • Think that Hyundai advert was the best ive ever seen

    RevivedRevived9 giorni fa
  • All that work for about as much clearance as a standard 90s Ranger.

    izphuzzyizphuzzy9 giorni fa
  • only in america

    dullidulli9 giorni fa
  • Why didn't you just remove the front bumper??

    CVVTCVVT9 giorni fa
  • You should change the headlights on the NA from pop-ups to the boring plain ones

    PowerSotos ProPowerSotos Pro9 giorni fa
  • Money pit is so much fun to watch 😁

    Adham AbousalemAdham Abousalem9 giorni fa
  • Sounds like Eddie doesn’t want to do this at all

    ian meyerian meyer9 giorni fa
  • Miata: yes Something fwd: lol

    Korean ChryslerKorean Chrysler9 giorni fa
  • Veloster sucks big time..... My neighbour has one. He went back to drive his old car. I rest my case. Buy at own risk.

    HOHO MOMOHOHO MOMO10 giorni fa
    • Veloster N ?

      Wak JobWak Job9 giorni fa
  • Is it just me, or did I see a Pokemon at 12:03?

    Tyrone De BelenTyrone De Belen10 giorni fa
  • I had to pause the video when James started screaming MO POWAH BABEY and the techno music came in, dude, you guys outdo yourselves every episode with these ads.

    Cal ErbaCal Erba10 giorni fa
  • Why winter tires?

    Bri Mç GBri Mç G10 giorni fa
    • Snow tires... did you get a summer discount?

      Bri Mç GBri Mç G10 giorni fa
  • I love the mustache!

    Gregg AldridgeGregg Aldridge10 giorni fa
  • What a dumb video idea, it depends on the lifestyle. If you want to go off-roading and keep your car then sure lift it. Want to go quick/drift around corners? lower it. Done.

    Pinga PetePinga Pete10 giorni fa
  • 3:25 lol why is he blured

    Jonathan2844Jonathan284410 giorni fa
  • Anyone know what tires those are?

    AspearRanchAspearRanch10 giorni fa
  • AWD that Miata

    Joke AssasinJoke Assasin10 giorni fa
  • maybe put metric unit too in the subtitle, for us metric natives haha

    Afkar RefardiAfkar Refardi10 giorni fa
  • restore the headlights and fix up the paint (or wrap it) and this would actually be so sick kinda makes me want one

    highhigh10 giorni fa