9 Uncool Cars that are Actually FUN

7 ago 2020
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There’s a sad truth about cars: not all of them are considered “cool” by enthusiasts. I mean let’s face it, not every car can be a Corvette C8. But that doesn’t mean uncool cars can’t be fun to drive! This is a list of 9 cars that are certifiable rippers, even if most people wouldn’t look twice in traffic!
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  • What's a car that surprised you by how fun it was? PS see that new JOIN button doing there? That's new 🤔

    Donut MediaDonut Media3 mesi fa
    • Geo metro it is NIMBLE!

      That Guy On YouTubeThat Guy On YouTube4 giorni fa
    • 2013, I think, Dodge Dart with the 1.4L turbo. That thing was dummy fun with a 6spd

      TTKTTK4 giorni fa
    • 1999/2000 Nissan XTerra

    • You guys are the best Would really love if you guys write after lbs and ftp the numbers in kg and nm for your viewer from europe :D

      Filip FićoFilip Fićo6 giorni fa
    • Oh also the Kia Optima sx that turbo charged Kia was comfy and fun

      Daniel HuddlestonDaniel Huddleston10 giorni fa
  • I am a Ford guy, but my second choice would be a Chevrolet/GMC. A Saturns have GM engines, not sure about the transmissions. Either way, I had bought a 2003 Saturn Ion used. This car was the best investment ever! Easy to tinker with, and do repairs. Transmission was sealed so I never messed with it, never had problems with it. I gave it to my mom back in 2012, that thing is still kicking around. Ky sister is now the proud owner of the Saturn Ion to this day.

    Jobe HoffmeisterJobe Hoffmeister4 ore fa
  • I wouldn't live next to James but I would buy drugs from him, for sure.

    Up To ZeroUp To Zero18 ore fa
  • I want to buy that murano now WTF!!

    Aleo OfficialAleo Official19 ore fa
  • This episode reminds me that EVERY car is actually fun when you have good company..

    m jm jGiorno fa
  • Basically James is turning the most hated cars into some real ass fun cars...

    Ashin ChallayilAshin Challayil2 giorni fa
  • My family had a Scion xB for 8 years. I loved the car to death and it was so much fun to drive. I did all the maintenance and it's what I learned to work on cars with. It was super fun and they are great little rippers with enough room in the back for a 4x8 sheet of wood 🤘🔥

    Maxwell EdisonMaxwell Edison2 giorni fa
  • Yes plz buy Saturn PLZ I WILL BE THE FIRST TO BUY ONE

    PhvrxPhvrx2 giorni fa
  • Im still not sure if my old na miata (tuned) was more fun or my ap1 s2k. I think it has mostly to do with the fact that I didn’t cared about crashing the miata.

    G KG K2 giorni fa
  • I love the yaris

    yammie simpyammie simp3 giorni fa
  • My little Rwd 98 Tacoma 5spd is so much fun, I drive it like a buggy lol Easy to slide too without screaming tires getting everyones attention.

    Mike RosheMike Roshe3 giorni fa
  • 1997 Mazda b2300 5 speed manual is so much fun especially in the snow drifting that bitch. So light in the rear end lol.

    Isaac VisserIsaac Visser4 giorni fa
  • 2009-2007=3???

    Simón dSimón d4 giorni fa
  • Goddammit! Don't steal my idea of buying Saturn & Pontiac from GM and resurrecting the brands!

    Kyle NortonKyle Norton5 giorni fa
  • I had a 2001 Cabby. Tornado red, black leather interior, 5 speed. I LOVED that car. Sadly, a guy tboned me. His first gen neon was jacked, but my VW gave her life keeping me safe. I think about that car often. Even though he hit my drivers side door, my window didn't even break.

    Jacob HarmanJacob Harman5 giorni fa
  • what about the evoque cabriolet? lol

    Austin RayAustin Ray5 giorni fa
  • The Sky is cool tho...

    Simba TheGreatSimba TheGreat7 giorni fa
  • My grandpa had a 89 Sidekick in his backyard. For no reason. It was just there

    EndMyPainEndMyPain7 giorni fa
  • I got the james pumphrey hyundai ad before this video

    totally wacky weird CONTENTtotally wacky weird CONTENT7 giorni fa
  • Look at the yaris, what do you see? Me : A cute, affordable, cheap and easy to maintain, fun and easy to drive, reliable car.

    Lieven GalacticTravelerLieven GalacticTraveler7 giorni fa
  • Yooooo the Yaris is not fucking fun to drive at all. Wtf is he talking about? I learned to drive in one and have been driving it on and off for 8 years. It's boring as hell. There are fun economy cars, like the Fit, the Yaris is not one of them. Is the Yaris a good economy car? Yes, very. That doesn't mean it's fun. I could never call it fun. I mean, handbrake turns in parking lots in snow when I was a teen were fun, but any non modern car can do that. The Yaris is 4 things: slow, uncomfortable, efficient, and reliable as hell.

    sgtpepper6379sgtpepper63797 giorni fa
  • The singer from the shitty punk band I used to be in drives a Buick Roadmaster Estate. He thinks it's cool in an ironic hipster sort of way. Right there and then, that makes it a shitty, uncool car driven by a shitty, uncool person - and arguably the single worst "musician" (that term used very loosely) that I've ever had the misfortune to work with. Dude literally sings like someone taught a moose to sing Elvis, then took it out on stage and shot it.

    BroadwayJoe99BroadwayJoe998 giorni fa
  • “6 speed Manuel” 😂😂

    CBLizay 1CBLizay 18 giorni fa
  • My friend has a '06 manual Yaris and he enjoys going in the twisties as much as I do with my Speed3 lol Fun little cars for sure

    Sam AlarieSam Alarie9 giorni fa
  • Buick Roadmaster BABY , I love this car man you can convert it to look like a Impala SS . Love the wagons!!!

    Mr JMr J9 giorni fa
  • Fun fact the 1996 Saturn SL1 green is the greatest car ever

    Tim FitzpatrickTim Fitzpatrick10 giorni fa
  • Why cant i find the comment saying the yaris is not a rebadged mazda2/demio. The Mazda2/demio is actualy a rebadged ford fiesta.

    franklin van proosdijfranklin van proosdij11 giorni fa
    • Ah i did find the new yaris is a rebadged Mazda 2 but only in murica as these Mazda 2s are made in mexico. Fun

      franklin van proosdijfranklin van proosdij11 giorni fa
  • I’m digging that Murano I’ve never seen before. Specially how they lowered it added a spoiler and some rims. Damn I want one lol.

    Hector NogueiraHector Nogueira12 giorni fa
  • Is there a bad d list?

    Yeet 42Yeet 4212 giorni fa
  • the only good car in this list is the Suzuki, your list sucks but you are funny so we watch you for the jokes. thanks, much love.

    NFSDriverNFSDriver13 giorni fa
  • My dad had an XB for years. He mainly used it for commuting

    TrayCaddyyyTrayCaddyyy13 giorni fa

    Critical ThinkerCritical Thinker13 giorni fa
  • NOTHING has zero grams of sugar besides water....natural sugar counts you know not all artificial..

    King AzaKing Aza14 giorni fa
  • Honda fit manual..i have one..fun as heck.revs like crazy

    jason loguejason logue15 giorni fa
  • is that saturn the opel/vuxhall which in turn is a lotus?

    moonlite xmoonlite x15 giorni fa
  • i'd rather drive a lambo in my city center than a reliant robin on the nurnburgring or the autobahn!

    moonlite xmoonlite x15 giorni fa
  • yaris smallest? whatabout aygo???

    moonlite xmoonlite x15 giorni fa
  • I couldn't afford coffee either at one point. I just go into speedway and make some and leave. Never a word.

    Joshua GibsonJoshua Gibson16 giorni fa
  • Is that Saturn convertible not just a rebadged Solstice?

    Yux2314 OlsenYux2314 Olsen17 giorni fa
  • 2:10 Europe: no thats the aygo

    m1crosinem1crosine17 giorni fa
    • and the iq

      JP OrioloJP Oriolo16 giorni fa
  • Hey! Your nipple to boob ratio is surprisingly decent. Good for you.

    W.S. Soap CompanyW.S. Soap Company17 giorni fa
  • A Yaris was my first car. I fucking miss my pregnant roller-skate.

    KilikusKilikus17 giorni fa
  • Cars people who voted for biden bought

    Niel BarnesNiel Barnes18 giorni fa
  • I had a Chrysler LeBaron GTS, I'm pretty sure I pushed it more than I drove it!

    songthirtyonesongthirtyone19 giorni fa
  • What makes a car cool is if it will be popular and well liked 50 years from now. And these cars on this list will not last long🤣

    Rowen AkersRowen Akers19 giorni fa
  • I dont believe it but, he actually got sponsored by a serial brand😂😂😂

    Jeremiah MannJeremiah Mann19 giorni fa
  • "You look at the Yaris, and what do you think?" Me, an Indonesian: *"Y A R I S B A K P A O"*

    Nico FerdinansyahNico Ferdinansyah19 giorni fa
  • I know there's slow cars but I own one and with an intake and a mild tune there actually kind of fun

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams20 giorni fa
  • Do a first gen cruze

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams20 giorni fa
  • Saturn sky? Looks like a vauxhall.

    dark matterdark matter20 giorni fa
  • 100% agreed with yarris, i used to my gf"s yarris it was so fun to drive

    Nikhil BataanNikhil Bataan20 giorni fa
  • Dunno why saturn gets so much hate. My family has owned several, as reliable as a toyota, decently quick, good mpg, the coupes look decent. The Ion Redline and Skyredline where fun.

    Robert TanksleyRobert Tanksley20 giorni fa
  • Please buy saturn

    Crakk BoneCrakk Bone21 giorno fa
  • Toyota? My ex-wife raved about Toyota so much, it made me sick! The 1989 Previa was a decent vehicle that she owned, but too small for my 6'5 frame. She didn't care for Chrysler, who I worked for, but she didn't mind spending the $ I made! Divorced in 2012. No Toyota for me! UAW Local 1264/Union 4 Ever!

    Derrick LoganDerrick Logan22 giorni fa
  • Crossover convertible with awd? Forgetting the Range Rover evoque convertible

    kanamekuran23kanamekuran2322 giorni fa
  • My grandma has a 4 door hatchback yaris and it is fun to whip around corners. I have had some fun in it. Oh it will do a burn out even with the auto trans.

    James ParsonsJames Parsons22 giorni fa
  • Not all yaris are Mazda powered. Until 2018 in the US, they were toyota powered. Toyota also builds them in multiple factories, because outside the US, they're actually popular. I had a 2012 japanese built one(sold it @ 264K miles) and now have a 2017 that was built in Spain. The newer yaris IA has a Mazda heart. Took the 2012 to the dragstrip, started at 18 seconds, got a 17 by dropping out the spare tire, back & passenger seats, and running really light wheels( 9.3 lbs). It also made 264K without any major mechanical problems.... It was tired, but still going strong. They're tough little things, I wasn't nice to it... Yes it's slow, but it's an agile in-city car that can park virtually anywhere.

    AndreS123_03AndreS123_0322 giorni fa
  • The yaris was my first car and lemme tell you i would weave and zip through traffic. It was fun as hell. People under estimate how fast it can be.

    Rosario ValladaresRosario Valladares24 giorni fa
  • i used to live in santa clarita

    chris Caldwellchris Caldwell25 giorni fa
  • Etf, i drove this crap, it is crap

    Dylan FiddlerDylan Fiddler26 giorni fa
  • Why did him saying toyota yaris sound like lil yachty

    Jeffrey SiJeffrey Si26 giorni fa
  • you have to buy Saturn

    BeedleBard 99BeedleBard 9926 giorni fa
  • He said “Leberron”. 😆 It’s LeBaron. Pronounce it like you’re French. And you’re confusing or misinforming your viewers about the Yaris. Only the “North American” version is a rebadged Mazda 2. The rest of the world gets a French built Yaris engineered by Toyota from the ground up. And also gets rebadged as a Peugeot in European market as well. We won’t get the hot hatch version EVER. Because we are American and we don’t count....

    Adam EugeneAdam Eugene26 giorni fa
  • Nissan murano cross-cabriolet is the Daikatana of all cars😂😂

    Ryan Mugabo NgugiRyan Mugabo Ngugi28 giorni fa
  • I LOVE the unplugged Microphone!!! I will buy one and use it everyday

    NoThanks OnH.W.NoThanks OnH.W.Mese fa
  • James:lists the Toyota Yaris in the list of uncool cars GR Yaris :🥺🥺🥺

  • A buddy of mine dad ran a Suzuki dealership when we were in high-school and he constantly had a different sidekick every weekend. We had more fun in those sidekicks then we ever did with anything he ever got from the used lot and he could get just about anything of that lot. Suzuki Sidekick very under rated in the fun department and we never rolled one.

    Gord FoleyGord FoleyMese fa
  • Man I was really hoping that "yes, buy Saturn" was top comment. Yes, buy Saturn.

    Tj SouzaTj SouzaMese fa
  • 13:40. But can I make a version of Low Car out of it?

    John MorrisonJohn MorrisonMese fa
  • Geo Metro LSi convertible is one of the most unexpectedly fun cars in the world despite its 0-60 time being nearly 14 seconds. Also the Ford ZX2, last hoorah of the Mazda-based Escort platform is a very fun car that can be picked up very cheap these days.

    Luke DodsonLuke DodsonMese fa
  • My first car was a tracker. It was so much fun to drive. I eventually had to move on to something less prone to rolling over and spinning out of control. It was fun and scary. And I even gave it a ridiculous paint job. Now I drive a Chevy Cruze and it’s just not the same

    Katrina AndersonKatrina AndersonMese fa
  • Yaris 2007-2020 4-Cylinder has timing Chain. That saves a lot of headaches and money.

    Robert PryorRobert PryorMese fa
    • And it's pretty fast down hills or off cliffs

      Robert PryorRobert PryorMese fa
  • Variety is best, 2 cars, the new car is fun, go back yo the old car, it becomes fun. Small cars are more fun.

    Robert PryorRobert PryorMese fa
  • How about the time it takes for donut media to send a fckn sticker to Australia. 2 fckn months... Yous are jokers

    Simon PlantSimon PlantMese fa
  • LOL I was immediately thinking about my ex’s Toyota Yaris when I clicked on this video, she always wanted me to drive and I thought it was such a fun car to drive in our windy and hilly Washington area

    MilkyG DawgMilkyG DawgMese fa
  • I second the Prius one. I have a Lexus CT200H, which is a fancy Prius and it is extremely fun to drive. But when I drive my hour long commute on the weekends, eco mode is... tite. I get all of the benefits of a Prius without 76% of the dorkiness. I legitimately LOVE that damn car. If I had the money for a brand new car, I'd probably just buy another CT200H... whatever top of the line options they offer and I'd be perfectly happy. I'm no speed freak, but I like to have fun and the tiny CT is a ton of fun on small roads and roundabouts.

    danteelitedanteeliteMese fa
  • 9:01/9:02

    1 Train Productions1 Train ProductionsMese fa
  • Had the Yaris as a rental .. omG it was soooo fun lol. It jets offffff. No trunk!!! Great on gas .. it cost me 30$ to fill the tank. 😘

    Audacity HourAudacity HourMese fa
  • The Golf 3 Cabrio will be my first car The 90 PS version, non face-lift My aunt has one and I will get it It has such a nice name here in Germany The "Erdbeerkörbchen" ;-)

    Manjaro MaxManjaro MaxMese fa
  • I don't see two blue lebarons freddy

    Jon BonJon BonMese fa
  • I had a Saturn s-series with a 5 speed for awhile. It wasnt fast. But I got 800km a tank if I drove all highway. It was also a fuckin beast in the snow. I could drive by stuck 4x4s and it would donut like a beast.

    DavidDavidMese fa
  • Hell ya I got a yaris manual and that 2300 lb pirouette around cornerzz

    BigDogTwenny9niny2BigDogTwenny9niny2Mese fa
  • 1:38 1:38 1:38 1:38 1:38 1:38 "You look at the Yaris, what do you think ? " Me :: cockroach !!

    StormaStormaMese fa
    • No, its a *"Y A R I S B A K P A O"*

      Nico FerdinansyahNico Ferdinansyah19 giorni fa
  • Pontiac g6 hard top convertible. Two Peppy v6 options, pretty much a rebadged Cobalt and people are just now waking up to those. Come standard with an insane sound system. People just hate em cause they view em as a cheap wannabe G8 when it’s actually a really good type of car for what it is, a fwd lightweight coupe

    aresnlJs56aresnlJs56Mese fa
  • My chevy spark is pretty fun. I take really sharp corners and it makes me smile

    Cobb BCobb BMese fa
  • Wheres the honda fit

    Around the GlobeAround the GlobeMese fa
  • Manuel ,!,,,,,!!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahahaha

    R. L.R. L.Mese fa
  • Looool bro you make 💩 sound not bad😂🤣🤣

    Abdulaziz al harthiAbdulaziz al harthiMese fa
  • its no yaris but i did own an aveo for a few years and that shit was stupid fun to whip around in the winter haha. i used to drift it into snowbanks haha

    Real Clean CobaltReal Clean CobaltMese fa

    Meme FrogMeme FrogMese fa
  • automobiles' Lew Hilsenteger.

    Mouad BelkhoMouad BelkhoMese fa
  • Cabriolet is pronounced cab-re-o-lay. Please stop calling it cabrio-let.

    Dennis GutowskiDennis GutowskiMese fa
  • buy saturn

    Austin GXAustin GXMese fa
  • Only the new yaris is a mazda. Older gens are toyota and have 5 spd manual hatchbacks

    E Sanford16E Sanford16Mese fa
  • If I could go back and get my turd GEO METRO back I would. 3sp auto that only ran on 2 of the 3 cylinders. Awesome to just hold it to the boards every time you take off and eventually hit a respectable 43mph!

    Travis DeleeTravis DeleeMese fa
  • Buy Saturn and bring back the Ion RL but with a turbo instead of a supercharger

    Julio BlischeJulio BlischeMese fa
  • Definitely buy Saturn.

    Crisco JesusCrisco JesusMese fa
  • yaris The car that wreck my father toyota avanza

    jonathan brinejonathan brineMese fa
  • do an itasha vid

    Zack KeninZack KeninMese fa
  • When I first saw the Yaris hatch it reminded me of a new version of the 90’s civic hatch and I immediately wanted one.

    Chris2693.Chris2693.Mese fa