Cheap vs Expensive Car Stereos - TESTED

3 giu 2020
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The stereo in the miata is an actual piece of trash. This week on Money Pit, Zach decides to test three different 7” touchscreen head units at three very different price points. Whichever fits the bill the best gets to stay!
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  • Brown wire is for optional backup cams

  • Considering this is worse than a $700 phone it should cost a lot less Isn't that how it works?

    GODAssasinGODAssasin11 ore fa
  • ... are there like 2 zachs or does he look incredibly different with a hat...?

    robert arriolarobert arriolaGiorno fa
  • pioneer is always been highend i know kenwood is like super high end but even ballers dont rock kenwood u ever heard old 90s rappers rapping bout kenwood? nah they rappn bout pioneers

    SBCSBCGiorno fa
  • as a car audio specialist this review didn't really explain why the kenwood was actually better,. but other wise entertaining atleast

    Jorge AlvaradoJorge AlvaradoGiorno fa
  • i have the kenwood head unit. Mine however has DTA ability which compensates for a bad audio environment like a car. The head unit is only part of the system. The head unit runs to a DSP that not only clips the sound to prevent damage to speakers but also turns the sound to digital quality. The car system now sounds like a theater when in listing position. The meastro rr1 is a nice feature that can be added to the kenwood. This system lets you monitor some engine function you do not ordinarily get like intake temp, exhaust gas temp , timing advance/retardation , and many other car systems that can not be seen when running a factory set up.

    paul petarsonpaul petarsonGiorno fa
  • What is the marbles song called

    Soul R 7Soul R 72 giorni fa
  • Hey so i wanted to put the pioneer in my miata, and was wondering what colors to put together for the head unit, if anyone knows what colors for the wires to put together that would be so nice. Or if anyone knows where to find someone who knows.

    R.A.D V2R.A.D V22 giorni fa
  • Terrible music selection

    Marvin FolleroMarvin Follero2 giorni fa
  • He looks like a older Cole Bennett

    KOSA GamingKOSA Gaming2 giorni fa
  • Bruh 8:28

    DirtBike CommunityDirtBike Community3 giorni fa
  • I see waters of Nazareth,gta iv fan lol

    GAMER JAGGAMER JAG3 giorni fa
  • hahahaha man this is epic. I am glued

    Henry FellHenry Fell3 giorni fa
  • Thanks a million buddy you are very funny dude.

    sardar khansardar khan3 giorni fa
  • Which song are you playing with the midle one

    NickNick4 giorni fa
  • “Just like exactly what you wanted it to do” 😂😆

    Chaivas ArmstrongChaivas Armstrong4 giorni fa
  • I'm using a $320 head unit from Ali Express. It's that ubiquitous 10 inch version running Android with DSP and I absolutely love it. Audio quality is fantastic, and it's basically an android tablet with a nice amp attached to it. The screen is honestly just as good as a phone screen, and definitely beats the screen of even expensive $700 head units like the one you showed. Using an app called Head Unit Reloaded I could get Android Auto working great, and the steering wheel buttons also work, which are a total must in my opinion. I also have the $170 version of the same head unit and it's nowhere near as good. It's slower, the screen is crappy, and audio quality is OK.

    uRiBiTo666uRiBiTo6664 giorni fa
  • Medium one my car came stock with kia Rio hatchback 2020

    FaZe B1AK3FaZe B1AK35 giorni fa
  • What's the name of that Old School song playing in the back at 11:05?

    Ramón Vergara, Jr.Ramón Vergara, Jr.6 giorni fa
  • Pioneer is known to be the best manufacturer so we learned nothing

    stampy Dragonstampy Dragon6 giorni fa
  • try programming the steering wheel controls after verifying the pin outs are correct because the wire color code is way off.

    J SeidJ Seid7 giorni fa
  • 0:45 sounds like a different version of pop up up and down headlights does anybody knows where I can find it ?

    Lulu NZLulu NZ7 giorni fa
  • 17:15 why did the head unit move?

    Pr01fessionalPr01fessional7 giorni fa
  • Big radio can make your car wont start after you listen pout then back home trun off go sleep then wake up get in car and stary bu wont start because batties dead

    Neil DavisNeil Davis8 giorni fa
  • Zach: Ang-lish The stool: aight, imma head out

    Hoang PhamHoang Pham8 giorni fa
  • I’m so confused that head units are so bulky and so shitty let’s be honest an iPad can do the same thing 100x better with way better quality touch screen and all that. How come radio companies can’t do something similar to the iPad? Or apple make a car radio?

    Project OneProject One8 giorni fa
  • I was looking for videos to change my o2 sensor and ended up wanting to change my stereo

    Lost Thoughts PodcastLost Thoughts Podcast9 giorni fa
  • Don’t be discouraged by the high prices for everyone in the market for an aftermarket unit. Usually with these units you pay for the features. You’ll pay a lot less if you don’t care for Apple car play

    SedricSedric9 giorni fa
  • Sound stream is a great option as well

    SedricSedric9 giorni fa
  • lol the face he made when the birds started chirping

    Richard SmithRichard Smith10 giorni fa
  • They should do the best 3 on the market

    Arturo MaldonadoArturo Maldonado10 giorni fa
  • I’ve got the kenwood unit in my 2012 impala lt. it rocks

    Zach T ChannelZach T Channel10 giorni fa
  • Nolan Scroe?? Look for it, you'll find it.

    it helpline mieleit helpline miele11 giorni fa
  • This is funny.....I have always been a Kenwood or JVC head unit guy. I was in the market for a new head unit and was planning on buying this exact Kenwood model until I saw this video. I haven’t been a fan of Pioneer since radios had knobs- the old supertuner days. After seeing this video, and the call quality especially, I went with the Pioneer. Problem is they don’t make this model anymore- so I had to buy a AVH 2550. It has the maestro link so it monitors all my engine stuff. It even will read codes if my CEL comes on. Not only that, but it’ll reset the code! Thanks for making this video and steering me away from the Kenwood. Now I just gotta wait 6 weeks for the shop to install it 😑

    81 SFFS81 SFFS11 giorni fa
  • Mule setting had me dead💀

    The NibbsThe Nibbs12 giorni fa
  • I’m subscribing just cause your response to those birds 🤣....

    Fisher ManFisher Man13 giorni fa
  • *WARNING* Avoid listening to high volumes to extended periods of time because hearing damage is IRREVERSIBLE. Great vid as usual we love Donut

    Sameh AbouezSameh Abouez15 giorni fa
  • watch a bunch of dudes who dont know anything about car audio tell you whats good and whats not...sounds great

    Tom GarciaTom Garcia17 giorni fa
  • Basically just get the Pioneer with the extras if you are going to spend $700.

    Nich LNich L17 giorni fa
  • Corny much

    pinche latinpinche latin17 giorni fa
  • Not surprised that the pioneer was better than kenwood. I’ve got the cheap no screen unit from them and it’s very mediocre not bad but doesn’t blow me away either.

    Adam BrownAdam Brown18 giorni fa
  • Mr beast from wish

    Nio NonuNio Nonu19 giorni fa
  • Bruh why r u so cringe jus stop with the music 😬

    vvnnyvvnny20 giorni fa
  • I have that pioneer on my Honda vessel

    Nilanka ThiliniNilanka Thilini20 giorni fa
  • The Pioneer the best radio reception with Super Tuner IIID. This thing is no joke. It can locked to FM station steadily than others.

    WahidiWahidi20 giorni fa

    Jimmy HammJimmy Hamm20 giorni fa
  • Trucks dont have pop up headlights so i got a stereo that does :)

    Hilario RamosHilario Ramos21 giorno fa
  • Just buy the Pioneer and install a 4 channel amp - your total will still be under 700 bucks and the thing will be loud and powerful with clipping next no none. You will lose the wireless carplay however but that's not that bad, especially if you spend longer time in the car since carplay does drain your battery and you would want to charge your phone anyway

    Sedat MehmedSedat Mehmed21 giorno fa
  • I have a Pioneer myself, and ive not been disappointed once

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti22 giorni fa
  • What did you use bracket wise for the Pioneer? I have the same one for my NA and I can't find much of anything aside from custom ones on Etsy. Im ready to just try and make one myself. Lol

    NediiNedii23 giorni fa
  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    Elbert GonzalesElbert Gonzales24 giorni fa
  • Needed more Alpine

    snakeldasnakelda24 giorni fa
  • Thank you for watching. This video was sponsored by Pioneer.

    Ricky SlattonRicky Slatton24 giorni fa
  • 3:22 the look you gave when the animals were chirping. Priceless!

    Portland Two WheelsPortland Two Wheels26 giorni fa
  • Only thing u need now is some taste in music :-D Ideally Juice WRLD should be a good place to start

    Paresh JailallParesh Jailall27 giorni fa
  • The 50 dollar radio might not be a capacitive so you have to push it instead of tap but I'm sure you already threw it away🤣

    Popcorn bag69Popcorn bag6928 giorni fa
  • Probably a stupid question but can someone straight up answer; Do I "need" an amplifier? I ordered a pair of 300w speakers (No Sub) and I haven't a clue if I need to get an amp also, I can't find any answer online so I assume I don't? Someone please reply I beg

    NexeonNexeon29 giorni fa
  • Don't go by what he says, not very reliable....

    Timothy SeverightTimothy SeverightMese fa
  • I have that pioneer head unit in my bummer it works for everything and bluetooth music is really good display and volume/sound

    Wes NortonWes NortonMese fa
  • I install a ton of car radios. My favorite high end radio: Sony XAV-AX3000 ($350) My favorite budget radio: JVC KW X840BTS ($120) I would not go any cheaper than $80. If you don’t have the money yet, it’s worth waiting and saving.

    JoeyTheFoxxoJoeyTheFoxxoMese fa
  • haven't watched yet but I'm going to guess that the $50 one responds faster than a stock Toyota edit: actually its just as slow

    newsnewsMese fa
  • Lmao.. when he jammed to the music I saw how lit this homie is haha

    Henry MabenaHenry MabenaMese fa
  • waters of nazareth by justice ? man jobe over here knows what is up, A+ good sir, A+

    Future StrangerFuture StrangerMese fa
  • I'm using kenwood dmx7019bt seems fine to me tho.

    samuel hengsamuel hengMese fa
  • iPod , lulz.

    RiotHelixRiotHelixMese fa
  • i feel like i would end up cracking the screen in that car from shifting

    Micro orciMMicro orciMMese fa

    Mkiv_BangbrosMkiv_BangbrosMese fa
  • bad compare without new speakers

    john davisjohn davisMese fa
  • No wonder why pioneer stays in business. The lack of consumer knowledge and what quality stereos should feel and sound like. Pioneer sucks and sounds shitty. Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean that it’s any good. Shitty music still sounds shitty when it’s louder.

    Tommy MaduxTommy MaduxMese fa
  • We going back to 01' with the DVD player in the radio now we just need a PS2 and some NFS.

    Joe MacsataJoe MacsataMese fa
  • For someone to install one of these in my car how much will it cost?

    Asaf BondameAsaf BondameMese fa
  • The weird music

    Gaming With ExxotikGaming With ExxotikMese fa
  • 17:26 Tim the tat man outta music

    THEJMAN113THEJMAN113Mese fa
  • That same shitty head unit came in my 1978 camaro

    THEJMAN113THEJMAN113Mese fa
  • Real bassheads buy a head unit, add a 1,000 Watt RMS amp for 4 bullet tweeters, add a 10,000 Watt RMS amp for 4 mids, and a 25,000 Watt RMS amp for your subwoofer

    arnoldaudioarnoldaudioMese fa
  • I dont get how stereos like pioneer sell for $600+

    Salvador FloresSalvador FloresMese fa
  • Thats bizarre why would the stereo affect the speaker volume that depends on the speaker itself not the stereo???

    FastTurtle115FastTurtle115Mese fa
  • What about a $30 bluetooth speaker and a suction cup?

    TirykTirykMese fa
  • 2 of the speakers are worth more than my whole car

    Blisk the huskyBlisk the huskyMese fa
    • according to kelly blue book

      Blisk the huskyBlisk the huskyMese fa
  • *has a $20 Bluetooth speaker duct taped to my cracked dash*

    Micah WotringMicah WotringMese fa
  • Remix name?

    Александър АтанасовАлександър АтанасовMese fa
  • you got a video in your ads

    Jeffrey SchellJeffrey SchellMese fa
  • Got the same cheap radio In my car. the Cheap China radio was better than my old Pioneer because both radios had more power than my speakers could handle. He also forgot to mention you can setup the sound bass level in the Cheap China radio by adjusting Bass Level in the settings and turn Loud On. After a few minutes of setting up the sound, the sound quality of the China radio is surprisingly good for the money.

    Race & Fun TVRace & Fun TVMese fa
  • I bought the China MP5 Radio for USD19 on eBay brand new. It works quite well amazing it really works for that less money. Even the rear camera works great.

    Race & Fun TVRace & Fun TVMese fa
  • when your stereo costs more than your car

    Luke Van GinkelLuke Van GinkelMese fa
  • dude thanks for the review !

    Crew TheAftermathCrew TheAftermathMese fa
  • Bruh this guy didn't even test with an oscilloscope

    UZS DCUZS DCMese fa
  • Did anyone else notice the “Nolan Scroe” typo when judging all 3 at the end 😅

    Andre WhittleAndre WhittleMese fa
    • me

      scxrbscxrb3 giorni fa
  • I used to dabble in SPL comps back in the day, and while you can judge on features and whatnot, you can't really assess the true sound unless you throw the cash in on some good wiring, speakers, amps, capacitors, etc. You can hook up a $2k car stereo receiver, but if you're rocking OEM speakers, it won't make much difference unless the built-in receiver amp is higher power, even with fidgeting with the settings.

    Aaron SwensonAaron SwensonMese fa
  • Buy a freaking pc for stereo

    Arnold StephenArnold StephenMese fa
  • He said that he was driving faster when he called Nolan with the Pioneer than when he called him on the Kenwood, but in the end he said he was travelling at the same speed

    Andre' LathamAndre' LathamMese fa
  • Was that 100 gecs

    Hermes ChavezHermes ChavezMese fa
  • pioneer is king

    gas gasgasgas gasgasMese fa
  • 50 dollar stereo with 1080p display,its fake because it supports only av port which has 360p

    Gamers and Technology PlanetGamers and Technology PlanetMese fa
  • My truck has a aftermarket stereo I'm sure but it doesn't have a stereo receiver, are all receivers the same from where they attach or would I have to put in a new radio.

    PapaSmurfPapaSmurfMese fa
  • Me and my mate both have Pioneer stereos in our cars, would highly suggest. Apart from the fact that my little remote can control his stereo from my car, they're amazing.

    Unwoven SleeveUnwoven SleeveMese fa
  • Make us lol 😂 3:10 minutes When the canary 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜birds are chirping outside try to explain at the same time and temperature interrupting him

  • Helpful video, thanks... I went with the Pioneer AVH2550NEX, which effectively made my 20yo vehicle new again

    MrPaiuteMrPaiuteMese fa
  • A lot of engine noise, cant really here you its pretty bad..... I give it a 7. AND HE CANT BELIVE HOW MUCH BETTER IT ON THE $300 HEAD UNIT AND ONLY GAVE IT 1.5 HIGHER SCORE! This dude is kinda stupid.

    mONEymONEyMese fa
  • I’ve always bought pioneer ever since the late 90’s. Kenwood has been the bottom of the big three (pioneer, alpine and kenwood) in my opinion.

    Photog 250Photog 250Mese fa