7 Perfect Project Cars That AREN’T a Miata

20 nov 2020
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Miata is always the answer, right? Dead wrong! We put together this list of 7 lightweight sports cars and they’re all cheap, plentiful, have a ton of aftermarket support, and most importantly: they’re not Miatas. This is D-List!
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  • Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

    Tyler NortonTyler Norton46 minuti fa
  • If you guys do decide to go with a 944 let me know, I'll build you a gorgeous engine for it.

    Jonathan PattersonJonathan Patterson5 ore fa
  • I’m so glad the g35 is so neglected it keeps them nice and cheap and it’s the same shit as 350z

    ThatGuy0516ThatGuy05168 ore fa
  • fuuuck why do people press so hard on markers when writing aahhhh it kills my soul to hear that sound

    JediSpaghettiJediSpaghetti11 ore fa
  • DSM's are not plentiful anymore. Also, the Crank walk issue is more prominent with the 7 bolt engine, not the 6 bolt. However, if you aren't a retard about building your engine, you shouldn't have a crank walk issue. That is all.

    Wade StanionWade Stanion12 ore fa
  • I'm planning to buy a 350z when I save up the money. Any advice and things I should expect? Other than less than average gas mileage and it being an oil guzzler

    Sean PSean P13 ore fa
  • volvo 240 is the damn best project car ever. -cheap (atleast where i live) -rwd -easy to work on -has alot of potential -swedish power -looks sick

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni17 ore fa
  • I modded a 240 and my roommate modded a Z3. We should have made a video about it but that I6 is insane. He dropped in a fully built, N/A, 9k RPM, 400WHP.... in his Z3.

    FortisProcerFortisProcer17 ore fa
  • James saying “I love you at the end”. I felt that

    Joshua MahalicJoshua Mahalic18 ore fa
  • 2012 mustang v6 is my daily driver project car

    Dat HokageDat Hokage20 ore fa
    • A little bit more could get you a C5 Z06. That’s far from a Miata.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni17 ore fa
  • I actually like the way the eclipses look tbh

    JrockJrock21 ora fa
  • Id like to see what they think are the top project trucks

    Chris Allen 383Chris Allen 38322 ore fa
  • Miata is Best car ever

    Turbo BoiiiTurbo BoiiiGiorno fa
  • Looking for advice to boost my 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD to 250hp. Without dropping a turbo. Same engine as the new 2021 Mazda 3 so I know it can handle the boost just don't have the money for a whole turbo kit and install

    Douglas JayDouglas JayGiorno fa
  • Can we please get some mini truck coverage?!?

    Parrish TurnerParrish TurnerGiorno fa
  • Talk about 1st & 2nd Gen of lexus gs300

    Mohamed AbdalhamidMohamed AbdalhamidGiorno fa
  • I needs that Crank Walk song on my playlist, make it yo

    Dan HazardDan HazardGiorno fa

    Andrew MichelAndrew MichelGiorno fa
  • im not sure if anyone has made this observation, (but it's extremely likely) James Pumphrey >>> Phames Jumprey it's a stretch but i've been subbed to donut long before you cried on camera coincidence???

    Gerrick SteveGerrick SteveGiorno fa
  • What about 240z?

    Costro WOT BlitzCostro WOT BlitzGiorno fa
  • I can smell a 1 hour loop of crankwalk on the horizon

    asioe kiouasioe kiouGiorno fa
  • You guys actually have the BEST ads I've ever seen. Thank you for that

    Ryan KeeferRyan KeeferGiorno fa
  • 2:20 Why are you’re hands so big?

    Seth HambySeth HambyGiorno fa
  • I absolutely loved my E36. I really miss mine. To be honest m, I have no idea why I got rid of it.

    Jay RandolphJay RandolphGiorno fa
  • A little bit more could get you a C5 Z06. That’s far from a Miata.

    NutandBoltGuyNutandBoltGuyGiorno fa
    • How to buy the starter bundle that james showed. It's my first time to buy. I need help Thank you for the help

      asioe kiouasioe kiouGiorno fa
  • I would say any of the Nissan B13/14/15 or P10/11. There was an entire book written about these in the early 2000's. And hey, they all (minus B15) came with the SR20DE!

    Mattie BarNoneMattie BarNoneGiorno fa
  • I got a 1g dsm based on this video and it is freaking amazing

    Jackson TintJackson TintGiorno fa
  • I bought a 944 with the motor pulled 3 years ago for 100 dollars. Got the motor, sold it. Then put a aluminum ls engine in it making about 350 herspers. By far the best thing I've driven and the garage game is extensive. I also have a na 944 that I drive all the time. Please do a 944 on donut. . .please

    E4 Will23E4 Will23Giorno fa
  • Hey, @Donut Media et al, I have a series of cars that are also surprisingly good, as well as variable, project cars that are easily affordable and they too are some vehicles that came out of the Diamond Star Motors partnership between Chrysler and Mitsubishi and the cars are the Second Generation Dodge Challenger, the Plymouth Sapporo, the Mistubishi Starion, the Mitsubishi Colt Starion, the Plymouth Omni 024, the Fifth Generation Dodge Charger, the Second Generation Plymouth Duster, the First Generation Plymouth Laser/Chrysler Laser, the Second Generation Dodge Daytona, the Plymouth Turismo, and, the rarest of the lot, the Chrysler Conquest, oh, and you want some small truck versions of the vehicle, then there are the Dodge Ram D50, Plymouth Arrow, Dodge Rampage, the Second Generation Plymouth Scamp (a.k.a., the truck version of the Plymouth Scamp, not the car version), the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, the Mitsubishi Forte, the Mitsubishi L200, the Mitsubishi Rodeo, the Mitsubishi Colt, the Mitsubishi Storm, the Mitsubishi Magnum, the Mitsubishi L200 Strakar, and a whole other host of variants, and then there are the most notorious relatives of the Mitsubishi Starion, which are the Dodge Omni, Plymouth Horizon, Plymouth Horizon TC3, the Chrysler Horizon, the Simca-Talbot Horizon, and, the most awesome out of the box variants, the Dodge-Shelby Omni GLH and the Dodge-Shelby Omni GLHS, as in, yes, Carroll Shelby. Moreover, they are actually just as, if not cheaper, than a Porsche 944, they also have many of the features of both the DSM Triplets (or, technically, Quadruplets if you also count a European variant in the Eunos Cosmo, so, technically, it would be the Dodge Stealth, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and the Eunos Cosmo, or DMEE Quaduplets) and the Porsche 944, plus they also have even more versatility that the various members of the BMW E36 family. You can go from making set ups that you would find in a Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon, particularly the Dodge Neon SRT-4 variant, to slapping in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution set up of any generation, or even go full bore and slap down a Hemi, Hellcat, Demon, or Hellephant crate engine kit, as well as upgrade, and retool, the vehicle into becoming a snarling road beast, so, basically, you have a base set of cars that are like the Eevee of the car world, that is, not only it has a variety of body styles, but that it also has a lot of compatibility, versatility, and adjustability with a variety of options...it can be a rally car, it can be a rally truck, it can be a tuner car, it can be a tuner truck, it can be a drift car, it can be a drift truck, it can be a race track car, it can be a race track truck, it can be a muscle car, it can be a muscle truck, it can be a hot hatch, it can be a drag car, it can be a drag truck, and, yes, sure, you can even turn it into a donk, muscle car, low rider, or monster truck! However, the point is that this Chrysler-Mitsubishi family of cars is, more often than not, a very affordable family of vehicles and yet hardly anyone thinks that they are the perfect project vehicle to start for the first time project car builder, or first time vehicle owner, and that is a shame. What do you all think about my suggestions for overlooked project vehicles? Please let me know what you all think in a replying comment to this one, and, yes, that includes any and all members of Donut Media...thank you.

    Pax HumanaPax HumanaGiorno fa
  • The first time I ever rewatched an advertisement because I was laughing so hard

    David BergerDavid BergerGiorno fa
  • That Twin story immediately made me think of "Better Off Dead". Which was probably in theatres when you were losing that race. -Shawn

    Shawn NoyesShawn NoyesGiorno fa
  • Haven't watched it yet, but the second one from the top when they're blurred is a 350z.

    Master Of JuiceMaster Of JuiceGiorno fa
  • Buying a house is cooler Ummmmmmmm James can you race a house?????

    Andrew SpraggAndrew SpraggGiorno fa
  • I was 1 car in and realized I'd already watched this ep. Watched it again anyway. Btw watching that 944 be rebuilt would've been a show I'd tune it for.

    SpaceManSpaceMan2 giorni fa
  • the 944 is so beautiful

    Cool Guy 73Cool Guy 732 giorni fa
  • Totally agree on the e36, but sad the w30 mr2 isnt on the list

    Tiago BlanquetTiago Blanquet2 giorni fa
  • Mk4 golf 1.9tdi you should try one😂🔥

    Nuno GarridoNuno Garrido2 giorni fa
  • This was helpful but im stuck between the eclipse and the 350z which one should u get

    J J bruhJ J bruh2 giorni fa
  • How to buy the starter bundle that james showed. It's my first time to buy. I need help Thank you for the help

    Thomas StaveleyThomas Staveley2 giorni fa
  • James provoked a gang war

    lul blacelul blace2 giorni fa
  • Miatas is so best cars. Me love miatas.

    SamuraiRaicingSamuraiRaicing2 giorni fa
  • The '97 E36 track car (M52B28) and '00 Z3 (M52TUB28) in my garage approve of this message

    Cooper LongCooper Long2 giorni fa
  • Me: Math can't be controversial. James: Hold my beer. 10>4 = Civic>Miata

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy2 giorni fa
  • Anyone want my '87 944S? XD

    MPorto wrxMPorto wrx2 giorni fa
  • If you get a dsm, know there's 2 variants of the 4g63, the first two years have the "6 bolt" (because it has 6 bolts connecting the crank and flywheel), the 6 bolt is the one to get as it can handle more power and isn't prone to crankwalk. Also if you're wondering the later engines are known as the 7 bolt. Also I would add to this list the audi a4 b5 (amazing and beautiful car, I have an s4 and I love it, but the a4 is cheaper, still has great potential, and handles better than the s4), the audi tt 225, as well as the 330ci e46, corvette c4, and the mazda rx8 if you want something more interesting, but still pretty practical

    Stephen Maxwell FuksStephen Maxwell Fuks2 giorni fa
  • I didn't know the Laser would be on here I own 1991 Plymouth Laser RS

    B&B ExplorationsB&B Explorations2 giorni fa
    • Nice my little e36 is top lol

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy2 giorni fa
  • Mine is any 1978 to 1993 Ford f150 4.9 Inline 6. You can get one for $1200 or way less. I found a 1992 with an I6 2wd version in Jersey for $850 with the leaking terrible 4matic Transmission. I talked him down to $700 and drove it 80miles back to Philadelphia. I'm thinking of a 460 big block or a Coyote swap.

    Jerzey Boy1995Jerzey Boy19952 giorni fa
  • e30

    Darius ȚuraDarius Țura2 giorni fa
  • acura integra?

    Juan ParamoJuan Paramo2 giorni fa
  • I hope y’all get an AWD version of the talon or eclipse

    Matthew GoinsMatthew Goins2 giorni fa
  • one by one, you mentioned my favorite cars of all time. I think I might have a type....

    Luciano RubioLuciano Rubio2 giorni fa
  • Why did you mention the 944, now they are gonna get super expensive!

    Elizabeth EdelweissElizabeth Edelweiss2 giorni fa
  • James: “Civics gets stolen a lot” Me: *Laughs in EP3* 😂😂😂😂😂

    Dario SantosDario Santos3 giorni fa
  • You look sad because you can't name out miata😢😢😢

    Seon RamaiSeon Ramai3 giorni fa
  • So much easier to say, MX-5 but why would ya say either?

    Broony SaintBroony Saint3 giorni fa
  • where is an MR2 ?

    Rimantas VRimantas V3 giorni fa
  • I made a 2nd account to downvote this video twice over your civic is greater than miata bullshit

    Rocky BebbRocky Bebb3 giorni fa
  • Not car related but I just seen in a TV show called arrested development and man the tears that if I’ve shared from that beautiful acting 🥲

    A Nxmb::.A Nxmb::.3 giorni fa
  • As a Porsche guy; "944's are pretty reliable" Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Xero DelacroixXero Delacroix3 giorni fa
  • Where's the mini truck love?

    Jack LJack L3 giorni fa
  • Nice my little e36 is top lol

    JoJo SaavedraJoJo Saavedra3 giorni fa
  • Now have a guy from Maine do a list!

    Stew P.Stew P.3 giorni fa
  • No project cars at the office is a bogus rule. I wish you guys were your own bosses :(

    Tim SinnottTim Sinnott3 giorni fa
  • Would an e46 be a really good project car as well then?

    Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor3 giorni fa
  • I can't wait until the 944 market gets shot into the roof, yay

    BlackOppsRageBlackOppsRage3 giorni fa
  • When you walk the crrrank, yourrr engine walks the plank, Arrrrr.

    AaronAaron3 giorni fa
  • Haha, this video was awesome

    drewnashtydrewnashty3 giorni fa
  • R56 Mini - the n14 engine keeps them cheap and they are a blast to drive and wrench. Tons of aftermarket options.

    PotowiskeyPotowiskey3 giorni fa
  • Me: Math can't be controversial. James: Hold my beer. 10>4 = Civic>Miata

    Rock girlRock girl3 giorni fa
  • I recommend either a fiesta st or focus st

    Derek TarmanDerek Tarman3 giorni fa
  • The z24 cavalier will always be forgotten lol

    Stay FroztyStay Frozty3 giorni fa
    • Get a 1g DSM with the 6 bolt engine, no crankwalk problem

      Rock girlRock girl3 giorni fa
  • James looks like he always snorts some smelling salts before jumping in front of the camera.

    Billy WinnBilly Winn3 giorni fa
  • Anyone else notice how he doesn’t seem as happy as he used to in his videos? 🤔

    Nick CampbellNick Campbell3 giorni fa
  • "What if you're 6'3"?" This man gets it.

    Billy WinnBilly Winn3 giorni fa
  • I bought the boost creeps bundle !!!

    Roberto MironRoberto Miron3 giorni fa
  • “There is one car I can think of that is to be enjoyed more... and that car is...” *gets a Mitsubishi Eclipse crossover ad

    Brayden CarterBrayden Carter3 giorni fa
  • I've owned 3 of these... And an NA Miata... I'd still go for a Miata.... Once I got over the hairdresser car thing and bought one for track work, I kicked myself for not diving in sooner...

    The DrümünkeyThe Drümünkey3 giorni fa
  • I’m a little surprised not to see a first gen sn-95 they’re super cheap and come with a 2v 4.6 slow out the box but easy to make powerful plus way more reliable than the other 4.6/5.4

    Tabernacle IskingTabernacle Isking3 giorni fa
  • E36 6cyl, OH yeah baby

    jorge morerajorge morera3 giorni fa
  • Got the worst goosebumps when he whipped out the koki (The black marker, Im from South Africa)

    Blaze KapazeBlaze Kapaze4 giorni fa
  • honourable mention: W124 Mercedes OM606 cost sub 10k usually and can be tuned for very little money to 400hp+

    enricogolfenenricogolfen4 giorni fa
  • No 4th gen F-bodies?

    Nicholas ParrecoNicholas Parreco4 giorni fa
  • All jokes aside, I bought a Civic because I knew it would be cheap fun. It's k24 swapped now and a lot of fun

    Mr. KMr. K4 giorni fa
  • So umm... we gonna address GM's new airbag lawsuit on an episode? 😶 They already killed the "Badge of shame brands"...Saturn...Pontiac..Hummer. Whose next? Cause uh...Ford stopped making cars and umm, Dodge is....Dodge. 🤔 There goes the Holden Malibu lol...

    RogueSouth RacingRogueSouth Racing4 giorni fa
  • >works at car media company >said company has made project cars >"no project cars" >wHY

    Simple. bruhSimple. bruh4 giorni fa
  • Volvo V70 R or 850 R 5 cylinder 1997-2008

    AK 28AK 284 giorni fa
    • Or any Volvo R model with the 5 cylinder

      AK 28AK 284 giorni fa
  • Get a 1g DSM with the 6 bolt engine, no crankwalk problem

    HamsterwheelHamsterwheel4 giorni fa
  • the BMW is a big meme in my country for being a cheap sheet box and wierd upgrade it gets

    olek kapustaolek kapusta4 giorni fa
  • The fox body Mercury capri could actually be considered a hunchback. Look it up lol

    pat tappat tap4 giorni fa
  • They totally made a hunchback foxbody! Mercury Capri, American market.

    Karl DeetsKarl Deets4 giorni fa
  • Is 3hunna

    IS 3hunnaIS 3hunna4 giorni fa
  • E36 or E46. The best thing to do is get a sedan and keep it low key looking but make them super sleepers. I was able to snag my e46 328i that I'm building for a drift car for $750. I needed to swap the trans out, but I bought it to learn how to do a manual conversion anyway so not a huge deal. The amount of parts for e36 and e46 are ridiculous especially when you're looking at stuff just to get you by while you save for the premium products.

    Delta Charlie EchoDelta Charlie Echo4 giorni fa
  • This list better have the MX-6 1. Fox body mustang ..... eeeewwww 2. Talon - fun and fast and cooler then the Miata 3. VW golf - the hot hatch that leaves a mark on heart...it's like ptsd only except with loving and excitement and not traumatic blood soaked nightmares. 4. Civic - uuummmm.......it's like trying to date a milf career stripper that everyone seems to know. You just never know where it's been or what's been done to it. 5. Porsche - you missed out on some cool project car / social media fun. 6. Nissan Z cars.....it's like a multi-grain bagel. 7. BMW Z series....sorry, I just can't commit to wearing sunglasses, driving gloves, and tailgating life.

    William StellmonWilliam Stellmon4 giorni fa
  • I love what you did to the Touareg. Kentucky Cobra Has Class

    Byg KattByg Katt4 giorni fa
  • I was expecting a mk4 on the list

    Jareds_ RcsJareds_ Rcs4 giorni fa
  • I love Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Steven salesSteven sales4 giorni fa
  • Love my MK1 VW GTI. Video in profile..

    rob fraciscorob fracisco4 giorni fa
  • No love for the Fiero?

    Braden ArcherBraden Archer4 giorni fa
  • when is the next up to speed i'm waiting been way over a month already!!!!!

    CrownKingCrownKing4 giorni fa
  • Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ aren't on this list?? WTF?

    KareemAbawiKareemAbawi4 giorni fa