11 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars)

26 giu 2020
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Everyone remembers their first car! It’s one of the most memorable automotive milestones. But if you’re a person who likes cars, picking the right first car is a big deal. Luckily, we’ve got ya covered. From sensible commuters to cars that will get your knuckles greasy, this is a list of 11 best first cars for car enthusiasts like you and me!
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  • Well nr.10 isn't cheap or well at least not here they always go for over 3500 if you want one running over 5000 if you want one good and 7000 if you want a perfect.

    zhqprzhqpr10 ore fa
  • If you like C4 vettes or 3rd gen Camaros, then you're not a car guy. Or foxbodies-04 mustangs or 4 cylinder cars. And I wouldn't recommend at all the worst, most unreliable car in the world to anybody, especially after spending a few thou just on repairs when I just got it... a Subaru. Trash. Never buy any of them unless mint or new. Toyota Tacoma > Any Supra 4th gen Firebird.... Good first car. And if you liked your bird, go for a 98-02 Trans Am 6 speed next. Beast @$$ bi7chiN mf hotrod better than every vette around. Camaro is no match. PONTIAAAAAC

    Captain FALKENCaptain FALKEN12 ore fa
  • Hey! That’s the drifstang!

    Finn GuntripFinn Guntrip18 ore fa
  • SN-95/New Edge > Fox Body (all day every day), but without the Fox body I think the American tuner scene wouldn't of stayed alive.

    M1CKssM1CKssGiorno fa
  • is 330 reliable as a First car ? and im not mechanic

    Labib GondalLabib GondalGiorno fa
  • The first car I drove was actually a manual Accord from like 95 or 96, something like that. Super good car

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaGiorno fa
  • In latvia 1/3 of people have bmw e36

    MartinMartinGiorno fa
  • ford thunderbird SC, add welded diff & some easy cheap mods, =drift missle

    Peter ZaffronPeter ZaffronGiorno fa
  • Here in hungary the c4 cost 18grand 😢😂

  • don’t forget the crown Vic 💯

    Black Wolf MetalBlack Wolf MetalGiorno fa
  • I'm an European and I'm STILL gonna consider a Peugeot

    Jakub KarczmarzJakub KarczmarzGiorno fa
  • I just bought a 2005 Honda accord 2 days ago

    Nasarati OfficialNasarati Official2 giorni fa
  • I want a car that you can build to 400 cause 300 don’t feel the same when you have a cousin with a 600hp evo lol

    niggward _v4niggward _v42 giorni fa
  • Sn95 is the r33 in a nutshell, I love them both

    Nick PlayzNick Playz2 giorni fa
  • Is the all not available it the uk I can’t open the link

    BenjfrankoBenjfranko2 giorni fa
  • They didn't make a 1983 corvette

    XGN DerpDeGamesXGN DerpDeGames2 giorni fa
  • I am considering a scat pack challenger widebody. I don't have a reason to not go for it besides the pretty high price.

    MichaelMichael3 giorni fa
  • S4 sucks as a first car highly NOT recommended

    SPARTAN 118SPARTAN 1183 giorni fa
  • Honda prelude gang

    Elijah OmetzElijah Ometz3 giorni fa
  • I lowkey kinda cringe when an american mispronounces a american car brand.

    Bas VieveenBas Vieveen3 giorni fa
  • European version when

    QuintinQuintin3 giorni fa
  • What about the brz/gt86/frs?

    Anonymous PrivateAnonymous Private4 giorni fa
  • My first car was an 85 firebird. I've had 4 since. 84,85,87 and last a 79.

    Ken BoberKen Bober4 giorni fa
  • He is geekin hard def on percs. :(

    Violent PeaceMakerViolent PeaceMaker4 giorni fa
  • Definetly my new favorite video from donut

    Glaringparrot44Glaringparrot444 giorni fa
  • No!! High/low was kick ass bro!

    Gino VasquezGino Vasquez4 giorni fa
  • My first car was a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero 2.4L 4 Cyl. It was a piiiieeeece of junk. I literally had to work on it every week lmfao. However, if I had the time/money I think it could've been kinda cool.

    Sil IncenditSil Incendit4 giorni fa
  • Volvos still dominate in Sweden, they are everywhere, especially in the north. Old 240,s 740's and v70's. They never die.

    MRBlackfatratMRBlackfatrat4 giorni fa
  • My first car was a 97 Accord. It was reliable and I loved it

    Chris FloydChris Floyd5 giorni fa
  • 96 Accord is my first car

    Brandanni MillerBrandanni Miller5 giorni fa
  • You look like you're loosing hella weight... Hopefully it's from working out and dieting and not drugs or some shit...

    Jonny BoyJonny Boy5 giorni fa
  • Is it not like 3 grand to insure a 1 liter 3 cylinder like it is in the uk

    Mackenzie FieldenMackenzie Fielden5 giorni fa
  • Nissan Maxima 98 ugly but has to engine that you guys find in that one cool car called the z32

    Tard GuardTard Guard6 giorni fa
  • Do cars come in WASD controls?

    timmyoppoptimmyoppop6 giorni fa
  • I'm 13 and bought a Mercury Cougar as my first car. It has a 2.5 V6 The Prelude on my profile photo is my aunt's

    JDM ErykJDM Eryk6 giorni fa
  • 240s make great firth cars

    Kartoshka LVKartoshka LV6 giorni fa
  • Da vic

    fkn brapp 69fkn brapp 696 giorni fa
  • Cro

    fkn brapp 69fkn brapp 696 giorni fa
  • I wanna get an ls I’m 14 tho 😂😂

    Basheer ShahbandarBasheer Shahbandar6 giorni fa
  • He is plastered

    Mark BylerMark Byler6 giorni fa
  • Im gonna have a car in 5-7 years so i hope there will be nice cars

    Animal LoverAnimal Lover7 giorni fa
  • This video has 69k likes as of now😎

    s0urp1ck3lss0urp1ck3ls7 giorni fa
  • 2:30

    ravioli ravioliravioli ravioli7 giorni fa
  • I was on the toilet when he said on the toilet

    Matt SzalayMatt Szalay8 giorni fa
  • 1:13 i have that same blanket wtf

    lil shroomielil shroomie8 giorni fa
  • Accord gang baby

    CBLizay 1CBLizay 18 giorni fa
  • My first car was a 1985 Corolla SR5 (ae86) hatch with the NA 1.6 My second car was a 1988 Nissan (s-12) 200sx na 2.0

    Bo KnowsBo Knows8 giorni fa
  • Thank you for apologising we take Ute terminologies very personally

    Oskar GoddeOskar Godde9 giorni fa
  • Wtf about the fuckin rich kids out there that can afford a new car like an sti or a Camaro rs?

    Chase SzebelledyChase Szebelledy9 giorni fa
  • James-everyone knows Richy Rich is the richest boy in the world!

    Thomas PittsThomas Pitts9 giorni fa
  • 350z

    Cristal lava GamingCristal lava Gaming9 giorni fa
  • As much accord you can afford. Manual is better in some years.

    Dooknooget ChardDooknooget Chard9 giorni fa
  • Did he loose weight?

    Amin2005Amin20059 giorni fa
  • My first car at 17, was a 95 z28. That lt1 left me stranded so many times... Still loved it.

    Bulging HemorrhoidsBulging Hemorrhoids9 giorni fa
  • mmmmmmmm yess, used 3k€ ---> fiat punto evo multijet 1368cc 75hp 20-25km/L, just perfect for a novice driver

    Edoardo BattagliaEdoardo Battaglia10 giorni fa
  • My first car was a doge shadow. I loved it more than life, and then a big dummy had to wreck my beautiful first love.

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson10 giorni fa
  • Volvos are all uncool. It's 2020.

    James by the watercoolerJames by the watercooler10 giorni fa
  • Hyundai Coupe SIII is the only car anyone should consider as a first. Looks like it costs 10X the amount it does, goes fast but not too fast, and... it's sexy AF

    James by the watercoolerJames by the watercooler10 giorni fa
  • My seat Ibiza Cupra 6K2 has 1.8T 115KW .. Best bang for a buck

    Roman KučeraRoman Kučera10 giorni fa
  • My first car is a Lexus es330, really comfortable, a healthy v6, and very boaty. It’s FWD but the traction control and VSC is broken so you will be skrrting around.

    Diego CabralDiego Cabral10 giorni fa
  • Make a video for little rich kids lol that be interesting to see 😂😂

    Felix pasqualFelix pasqual11 giorni fa
  • Did you really do the Tommy Wiseau “cheep” 😂😂😂😂

    Henry PaulHenry Paul11 giorni fa
  • Meanwhile in Australia There goes yet another commodore driven by a P plater Sideways into a tree

    MWB GamingMWB Gaming11 giorni fa
  • Can I fit my jousting gear in the volvo

    howdy howdyhowdy howdy11 giorni fa
  • Everyone's here checking if their car is on the list lmao

    先生CherryPepsi先生CherryPepsi11 giorni fa
  • Corolla Hatch XSE is an honourable mention. It basically combines a Miata with a Golf

    3311 giorni fa
  • my first car was a 1999 honda accord lx. i got in while in high school, and that beast lasted me thru so much shit till it was recently t boned and totaled :(. but I had hella fun with its 5 speed manual transmission, i learned so much about cars thanks to my accord.

    kbalexkbalex11 giorni fa
  • found a nice 90 c4 for 9500ish. barely any miles. parents were like uhh what the hell that’s dumb. lookin for a z rn.

    magesticmoronmagesticmoron12 giorni fa
  • 0:58 mood

    Gamer TimeGamer Time12 giorni fa
  • Dude my brother had a BMW 330I and it was a piece of shit. No way, never.

    rjcass33rjcass3312 giorni fa
  • In the uk it would be impossible to insure any of these nevermind afford them

    BBS Supercars NIBBS Supercars NI12 giorni fa
  • nice

    ƶɆꝛᴑƶɆꝛᴑ12 giorni fa
  • Car enthusiast here that grew up working on my dad's 1968 cutlass drag car, supercharger and all... who is now driving a 2003 Honda Civic at 17 as my first car .... And it's automatic 😅. Anyway I'm saving up for a better car (that's manual.. Because I still reach to do the ol' 1, 2, 1, 2 in traffic). Might buy my grandfather's honda s2000 off him but I'm actually really hoping to get a Miata, we'll see idk.

    Sandy SeylerSandy Seyler12 giorni fa
  • Marines when they find out the MK4 Golf smells like crayons: *heavy breathing*

    Lilly The PoneLilly The Pone12 giorni fa
  • get a Peugeot 406

    threelthreel12 giorni fa
  • I wonder what jedum sith first car was

    SSG GetaSSG Geta13 giorni fa
  • Is eBay motors in Canada?

    Charlie TaylorCharlie Taylor13 giorni fa
  • I used to really like you, but you're a sell out so I'm done watching you. Goodbye.

    Tyler SmithTyler Smith13 giorni fa
  • Very excited just got a Volkswagen 1.8t all track 4 motion for my first car what did you guys get?

    Isaac PalliniIsaac Pallini13 giorni fa
  • How can you tell if you're a person who likes cars if it's going to be your first car? If you're a person who likes cars, it's too late for it to be your first car since you had to own one to know you like owning it.

    Mark KmiecikMark Kmiecik13 giorni fa
  • Corollas are like ones you should get, like the Accord. Very reliable and easy.

    WarQuickeWarQuicke13 giorni fa
  • my first car is a 59 ford truck that I built not bought

    Blade MasterBlade Master14 giorni fa
  • Cool... I need a 80’s accord

    Panzerkampfwagen VIII MausPanzerkampfwagen VIII Maus14 giorni fa
  • My first car, that I still have, is an 05 honda civic Si (EP3) and it has been a hell of a fun car

    LodernLodern14 giorni fa
  • NO!!! NO!!! NOOOO!!! DONT GET AN LS/THUNDERBIRD!!! I work at Ford, and I swear to God, those things are a pile of shit! Everytime I see one come into the dealer, I pray to God AND Satan (one of thems gotta listen) that I dont get it. Let them die, dont get them, just junk them! They're designed so shitty, trust me, just end their suffering and let them die! I can't stress enough how much I hate them things, ur better off with a fiesta in my opinion

    Juan OrozcoJuan Orozco14 giorni fa
  • Just get a retired CVPI. They are big, strong and love to be modded

    StarStar14 giorni fa
  • what about insurance? ESPECIALLY THE MUSTANG!!

    Johannes GallagherJohannes Gallagher14 giorni fa
  • In USA people have first car and change another car but in my country first car is for alive time

    AminAmin14 giorni fa
  • The C4 corvette was from 1984-1996. Chevy did not release a Corvette in 1983. The LT1 engine is amazing but can’t forget about the L98 engine from 85-91. Only 240HP but 345 pounds of low end torque! Plus the 85-91’s are cheaper because they are less desirable than the 92-96.

    Luis SuarezLuis Suarez14 giorni fa
  • How about Audi TT?

    Mathy’s ViewMathy’s View15 giorni fa
  • I had a mark 4 gti with a vr6. It was that supper weird dark mustard yellow. I loved that car. It was amazing but it was super expensive when something broke.

    Henry GHenry G15 giorni fa
  • the most hilarious first car would probably be a cheap Toyota Century

    brian ngbrian ng15 giorni fa
  • 7:05 I thought he said grease nutz

    Brody ReeseBrody Reese15 giorni fa
  • new title 11 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars) *featuring a possibly drunk guy*

    It's Just WalterIt's Just Walter15 giorni fa
  • Says get Accord because Civics and Integras get stolen. At one point the Accord was the most stolen vehicle made.

    AdhiraAdhira15 giorni fa
  • It fells like he is drunk and I kinda like it

    uriel MBuriel MB15 giorni fa
  • Driving a golf 6 rn and I love it

    Mace WinduMace Windu16 giorni fa
  • My first car is a 1994 corvette I can confirm it is a very good reliable car

    Daddy ManDaddy Man16 giorni fa
  • I’m fortunate enough to be on my second car now. My first was a 1974 Land Rover series 3 88”. Really slow, really expensive on fuel, really unsafe, and you never knew if it was going to work exactly as it should. Incredibly fun, capable, and yeah despite what I just said, reliable. At the moment it’s parked up and I’m trying to figure out why it won’t start the conventional way. Just replaced the starter motor, about to replace the starter solenoid, and if that doesn’t work I’ll have to replace all the wires. Otherwise I’ll be hand cranking it like a tractor forever hahah. Mum said I needed something more sensible for when I move up to the city and whatnot so (lucky me) they bought a 2003 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 and its been pretty damn good so far. No where near as good off-road as my Series 3 though, or as fun.

    The CustomerThe Customer16 giorni fa
  • I got a 1995 firebird with a ton of engine stuff done to it including cams, headers, and throttle body with 135k miles that was $2700 and runs fine besides a distributor pump seal that’s leaking some oil

    Anthony CruzAnthony Cruz16 giorni fa