Why Ford Hid One of Their Coolest Cars

5 apr 2021
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The Ford SVT Lightning is one of the most iconic sport trucks ever; but did you know it almost had a SUV-based sibling? Ford almost built a sport SUV called the Ford Thunder. So why didn’t they? We interviewed the man behind SVT John Coletti to find out why.
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  • he had me sold at spinny bois when he was talking about donut performance group.

    xxx tourlifexxx tourlife2 ore fa
  • GMC Cyclone And Hurricane is where its at.

    Robert CavaliereRobert Cavaliere4 ore fa
  • I wished they made the Thunder Expedition and I love Hawaii Pizza

  • Crazy, I had a 2002 expedition with a lightning front end. I put it on there though

    Derek BennettDerek Bennett5 ore fa
  • but where did that ONE go? They scrap it???

    bisket2003bisket20036 ore fa
  • Not that big of a car person but SVT back then for Ford is like SRT for Dodge right now basically??

    Maine WilliamsMaine Williams7 ore fa
  • I think they made a svt ranger too

    cruzanator4370 bosscruzanator4370 boss7 ore fa
  • Yeah, I think that you should build that thunder and show him the finished product. The thunder has to happen now...

    upt 7900upt 790012 ore fa
  • most annoying background music

    roy lasingerroy lasinger12 ore fa
  • Yes

    Ada ZebAda Zeb13 ore fa
  • I always thought it was pretty weird that SVT made a version of the contour, cobra, lightning, and even played around with the thunderbird. But NEVER considered making a Ford Probe GT SVT!!!! Like come on that would have been so sick. I was waiting for him to talk about it at the end. Why did this never happen!

    Zach JonesZach Jones15 ore fa
  • Ummm the Lightning wasn't the one that inspired "fast trucks". That would be the Dodge Dakota V8 FIRST & the Chevrolet 454SS SECOND....the Lightning was Ford's mid 90s answer to those trucks, Ford trucks were embarrassingly slow as hell. 203hp MAX for the 351W lol

    trucking shenaniganstrucking shenanigans19 ore fa
  • Yup! Turns out big corporation are full of enthusiastic people really exited to put out cool stuff! Even the high level executives lol

    Guillaume GaudreaultGuillaume Gaudreault20 ore fa
  • *Are we just going to ignore the SVT Ranger?*

    Nathan TNathan T21 ora fa
  • Syclone for the win.

    Steven BissiriSteven Bissiri22 ore fa
  • Hawaiian Pizza is awesome

    Thabang MogaseThabang Mogase22 ore fa
  • John Colleti was the man!

    S MS MGiorno fa
  • Good video, do you have video on SVOs?

    jose martinezjose martinezGiorno fa
  • Ahh yes my favorite 440 lb-ft grocery getter 👀

    RzRRzRGiorno fa
  • I went to the Ford dealership and test drove a 1998 Cobra Mustang, thru an industrial part in Fremont and scared the heck out of the salesman. I told him I was unhappy with the suspension and the shifter felt like crap ..to which he replied, have you seen the Saleen Mustang. Back out again banging freeway offramps and such ..scared him some more but I bought the car, a black convertible. Precise handling and shifting w/close ratio gearbox ..braking sucked so I upgraded to Saleen's 13" six piston competition brake package. Ford does have a better Idea...

    Benevolent ProtectorBenevolent ProtectorGiorno fa
  • Love Hawaiian pizza.

    1283Stevo1283StevoGiorno fa
  • Loved those early 2000s expeditions over the explorer. Thunders is super cool , I’m sure someone’s gonna make one now. I like the stock bumper better on it though

    Captain420MaloneCaptain420MaloneGiorno fa
  • Let’s make one a new body lol run with new Dodges

    Xavier MccreeXavier MccreeGiorno fa
  • 3:44 "Just look at Mazda or Hyundai." Captions: Just look at Mazda or Honda

    dotdotGiorno fa
  • The Engineer did say take the engine from a Lightning and slap it on the Expedition frame. AND you did say you wanted to build your own performance vehicle... make it happen!

    Sjon JonesSjon Jones2 giorni fa
  • Next season on Money Pit they should build a regular Expedition into one of those Thunders, special car, and great content!

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti2 giorni fa
  • ham pineapple and bacon is how you make Hawaiian pizza

    Fljeff7Fljeff72 giorni fa
  • The 454 SS was a few years before ford lighting

    Fljeff7Fljeff72 giorni fa
  • You need to do an hour long video on the police mustang 😍

    ken mcdougalken mcdougal2 giorni fa
  • I always had a hard on for an ssp mustang. I drove one back in the early 90s But I never owned one 😩

    ken mcdougalken mcdougal2 giorni fa
  • Build the thunder!

    Brayden BeckerBrayden Becker2 giorni fa
  • Hmmmm my 2016 expy with the 365hp 420tq 3.5tt has the grunt I would have expected from the Thunder. It gets down the road to 60 in 5.9sec. Granted 0.2 seconds slower. I now need to style it, tune it, and throw thunder badges on it.

    Robert FattarusoRobert Fattaruso3 giorni fa
  • Not a Ford fan but I would’ve bought it 💯🔥

    Tonydagreat1Tonydagreat13 giorni fa
  • Your wrong about the bears... ool

    David ProctorDavid Proctor3 giorni fa
  • I have an 02 SVT Focus, Sonic blue and a W.I.P.

    Hick HollarHick Hollar3 giorni fa
  • Well it sounds good and all. Seems solid that is up until a Ram SRT 10 gets behind him 😂😂

    Richard57353Richard573533 giorni fa
  • I worked at a Ford dealership right out of high school. I drove an Expedition with a factory blower in it, it sounded like a Cobra and the shit was fast AF. It still had an Eddie Bauer badge on it. I haven't seen one since. This was circa 2000, BTW

    Jonathan GravesJonathan Graves3 giorni fa
  • Hawaiian pizza kicks ass

    Casey HatcoatCasey Hatcoat3 giorni fa
  • You videos are great, but pineapple on pizza is hot garbage.

    Ryan CrouseRyan Crouse3 giorni fa
  • So they did it before the dodge

    Sebastian HuertaSebastian Huerta3 giorni fa
  • 10:42 Is that an SVT Ford fcking Ranger!?!?!?!

    NascarNathan 25NascarNathan 253 giorni fa
  • I used to date a girl that had an saleen xp8. Not a lightning but about as close as you can get

    chris greenchris green3 giorni fa
  • 2008 ford expedition funkmasterflex

    Tyler FelskeTyler Felske3 giorni fa
  • Pineapple on pizza is the bomb. I do chicken and pineapple with bbq sauce on my pizza, if you don't know now you know.

    Chipp BlumeChipp Blume3 giorni fa
  • I still have my first car 1994 gen 2 SHO Taurus 3.0 dohc 5speed Yamaha designed the motor Got a turbo on it and it flys

    CCC 303CCC 3033 giorni fa
  • You guys should build one and do a series on it

    Thomas HowellThomas Howell4 giorni fa
  • I don't like Ford.

    landon harrislandon harris4 giorni fa
  • answer at 8:07

    visionsofpromisevisionsofpromise4 giorni fa
  • Hawaiian pizza is the shit

    Tymil CarterTymil Carter4 giorni fa
  • Then what's the story about the svt lightning bolt 5.4 supercharged ranger that they made but never went into full production

    josh siebertjosh siebert4 giorni fa
  • No Electric Ford Lightning already in my parking spot for the last few years shows how much dead-weight ford has become.

    brian Mbrian M4 giorni fa
  • 👍🏽Ford💪🏽🍻🌮

    Paradise point Landscape and designParadise point Landscape and design4 giorni fa
  • Currently working on my 2000 expedition AWD. All four tires will scratch At the light. Growls at a coldstart up. Still working on it can’t wait to be 100% done. Videos like this push me and encourage me to knock this one out

    Arturo GonzalesArturo Gonzales4 giorni fa
  • build ur own thunder

    36chambersofdeath36chambersofdeath4 giorni fa
  • Pineapple pizza is the best and it will forever be the best

    Chief MauiChief Maui4 giorni fa
  • Bro every time see you guys in that boost creep hoodie I put mine on.

    Lorde .TLorde .T4 giorni fa
  • Yo, a fucking a thunder would be so sick! I'm an LS dude.. Blah Blah.. But let me tell you, growing up around Ford guys, you kinda get the love, and appreciate them too.. That being said.. The Ford Lighting was a banger, and I can remember one in my town growing up. White, loud as fuck, and made a gnarly whining noise when he nailed it.. Fast forward XX years, three kids, still love hotrods.. Turbo LS Camaro still under the knife.. ( First Car ).. A Thunder seems like a fucking wicked way to wake up on the way to work, or Starbucks, or whatever.. Point is family rigs that get down are irreplaceable.. My boys got the bug too, so can't we all have fun! HELLCAT DURANGO, Thank You!

    fackin.jboehmfackin.jboehm4 giorni fa
  • Hawaiian pizza sounds great however during my research I found that I am not allowed to eat pork.

    Dingle BerryDingle Berry4 giorni fa
  • Build one. That would be a great series.

    Glen WrightGlen Wright4 giorni fa

    PepetheFrogPepetheFrog4 giorni fa
  • Your not going to try and tell me it's always been berenstain, i was literate and sane then and now . Besides your anti-"conspiracy" rhetoric ,cool vid

    Idontuse MynameIdontuse Myname5 giorni fa
  • Anyone else thinking about the movie Cars while watching this

    Fran The Car ManFran The Car Man5 giorni fa
  • Did you know about the lightning bolt

    Riley SmithRiley Smith5 giorni fa
  • So basically the GMC typhoon? Lol

    Jose RonJose Ron5 giorni fa
  • The Ford Expedition club of America has people that have built them

    Gene PecoraroGene Pecoraro5 giorni fa
  • I ate Hawaiian Pizza while watching this!!

    Gene PecoraroGene Pecoraro5 giorni fa
  • They could of produced a number of them just for the rarity.

    Southwest BangersSouthwest Bangers5 giorni fa
  • petition to make Donut Performance Group an actual thing

    Omg SushyOmg Sushy5 giorni fa
  • Berenstain??? Wow!

    Fish Garry GauldinFish Garry Gauldin5 giorni fa
  • Build one !

    p jp j5 giorni fa
  • I've been drooling over the lightnings since I was a kid right next to the Taurus S.H.O.

    Gerald JohnsonGerald Johnson5 giorni fa
  • Bro It's Just a UTE, have you been to Australia?

    Patrick d'ArgentPatrick d'Argent5 giorni fa
  • ford contour svt also known as the ford mondeo st200/st220 in europe lol

    Samuel KimSamuel Kim5 giorni fa
  • This some old news .. i remember when they built that truck. But did you know they also built a prototype-ish ranger that had the lightning engine in it .. i saw that one in person.

    J DJ D5 giorni fa
  • Please build one 🤤

    Sidney GriffithsSidney Griffiths5 giorni fa
  • I've owned expeditions for years, and this is something I've always wanted to do. I love hearing that SVT did 2 decades ago !!

    Chris BrinkleyChris Brinkley5 giorni fa
  • Awesome

    Ivan IvanIvan Ivan5 giorni fa
  • I like how in a video about Ford hiding some prototype they never made, they hide and totally fail to mention the Taurus SHO which did get made? There's too many 90s oddball Fords that get overlooked and in each video talking about one, another one gets forgotten about and left out

    Joe PJoe P5 giorni fa
  • Why did we not hear of the Ford thunder? Because it was Found On Road Dead kek kek kek kek 😁😁😁

    hello123456hello1234565 giorni fa
  • It doesn’t belong on there and you know it

    Ramiro NavarroRamiro Navarro5 giorni fa
  • The only pizza is Hawaiian

    Buckaroo BanzaiBuckaroo Banzai6 giorni fa
  • Hawaiian with bacon and jalapeño

    Robert Mack-ColeyRobert Mack-Coley6 giorni fa
  • Love you Nolan, but... Pineapple does not belong on pizza

    Vincent BertoliniVincent Bertolini6 giorni fa
  • 1998 Saleen Explorer is often forgotten.

    Dolomite ArteriusDolomite Arterius6 giorni fa
  • I wanna hear more about that turbo Escort Coupe John mentioned! There wouldn't have been anything like that from a domestic automaker during its time (if it was before the hot Neons arrived) and may have even brought the Focus ST to the States sooner. I still think Ford did the Escort dirty here in the US by bringing it over so late in its lifespan and never giving it a proper performance pack beyond the ZX2. Who knows if the WRX would have exploded in popularity the way it did if a turbocharged AWD Escort was already on sale in the States when it showed up?

    TheSubnetMasterTheSubnetMaster6 giorni fa
  • I love it already, it's like a predecessor to the ford explorer

    Corporal Clegg505Corporal Clegg5056 giorni fa
  • Dodge Dakota r/ t was better badder and so sweet

    EejitEejit6 giorni fa
  • So like the syclone and typhon

    Jame SJame S6 giorni fa
  • Would have loved it if they made a SVT Cougar.

    Rob OrrRob Orr6 giorni fa
  • What about the Ford Tremor

    marques hairstonmarques hairston6 giorni fa
  • What is whors pouwer??? You mean HEARSE PURRS??

    Asan DixonAsan Dixon6 giorni fa
  • they are not setting the trend they were following GMC because GMC beat them with the syclone and the typhoon

    captainhiccaptainhic6 giorni fa
  • This episode was SO well constructed and wholesome. ily, Donut Performance Group.

    Edux MongeEdux Monge7 giorni fa
  • Acting like the GMC Typhoon didn't exist. And for full size trucks, the c1500 454 came out before the First gen Ford Lightning

    Jeff CarrJeff Carr7 giorni fa
  • Just forgot all about the GMC Typhoon? And the GMC Syclone. Despite y'all making a video on those trucks. haha.

    AtomicAtomic7 giorni fa
  • Had one in the grass on a lot in my neighborhood for years

    kylo Solokylo Solo7 giorni fa

    Cameron PottleCameron Pottle7 giorni fa
  • Nolan is way better than the main guy. Main guy is way over the top and annoying

    Garrett ChurchGarrett Church7 giorni fa
  • Hawaiian pizza 🤙

    nrtv20nrtv207 giorni fa
  • Silverado 454SS BOY!!!!

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