The Best & Worst Looking Wheels of All Time

12 feb 2021
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Wheels are one of the most important features on a car... but which car has the BEST wheels? What about the worst? We decided to rank some of our favorite (and least favorite) OEM wheels. Is this a tier list? A tire list? It's just the D-List!
Images in this video courtesy of respective manufacturers or public domain.
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  • What else do you think should be on the list?

    Donut MediaDonut Media2 mesi fa
    • And the 2021 winner for worst wheels goes to, drum roll....the 2021 Audi RS E-Tron GT.

      Steven AlfanoSteven AlfanoGiorno fa
    • Gxe10 lexus is stock 17s, they are awesome

      TheArvys123TheArvys12322 giorni fa
    • Callaway Dymag wheels sold on the 87-91 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes

      koolaid117koolaid117Mese fa
    • 2013 Ford Escape blobby 5 spoke wheels🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      Hunter AtkinsHunter Atkins2 mesi fa
    • BMW Style 127. Came on the E46 M3 with the ZCP package as well as on the CSL.

      fr33manfr33man2 mesi fa
  • Could've sworn I've seen those celica wheels on a mustang

    Chris CraftChris CraftOra fa
  • Love you guys....but the BBS and Thunderbird wheels are in the wrong category :D

    NonbelieverificationNonbelieverification4 ore fa
  • Maybe someone knowledgeable will see this. Ive always called them Rims. They say Wheels through the whole video, is there a difference? Or just preference in what you call them

    Probably A PomegranateProbably A Pomegranate5 ore fa
  • Hot wheels rims are the best. Change my mind. Seriously. Deora 2 rims. Just, yes.

    MagnusMagnus7 ore fa
  • Anyone else think the 1st Civic wheels were actually kinda fire?

    T & Z Parkour and VlogsT & Z Parkour and Vlogs7 ore fa
  • Tesla wheels under the hub caps actually look cool

    Cam DanisCam Danis7 ore fa
  • You have at least a bike rack if you can pronounce the manufacturer of the M1 wheels.

    kswsquaredkswsquared9 ore fa
  • this is a real question for the american folks: Is that the 500e they sell in the US? i mean in Europe there in only One model of 500 electric and it's a different chassis. please answer me

    Dario LaseriDario Laseri11 ore fa
  • 2019 Fiat 500 Abarth bronze wheels???

    Christian SampolloChristian Sampollo14 ore fa
  • Damn they didnt even mention the V1 nismo wheels.

    Justin harryJustin harry15 ore fa
  • The wheels that come with the 2020 Honda Accord sport are beautiful......makes the car look that much sexier. Lol

    JayMastersJayMasters16 ore fa
  • I really really love the civic wheels. To me they just make the new civics look way better. I know it's all subjective, but I LOVE them.

    whit3chick3nwhit3chick3n18 ore fa
  • Man, I rebuilt a 1988 bmw 528e and I gotta say I have the bottle cap wheels on it and I love the way they look on the car. Super solid wheels and also add to the overall nostalgia of my vehicle

    Brennan KirbyBrennan Kirby18 ore fa
  • beretta z26 wheels!

    wv_moddingwv_modding18 ore fa
  • Man you guys have some whack ass taste lol. Some of those old euro wheels are God awful lol. Needed more oem Japanese wheels on there boys.

    Doug DunleavyDoug Dunleavy19 ore fa
  • Integra Fat Five

    Digi talDigi tal19 ore fa
  • One big N U T

    jumpedlyrics2jumpedlyrics222 ore fa
  • I think the first Honda wheels are trying to evoke that they're moving even when just sitting there....also it's just the trendy generic wheel style on a lot of cars these days. I don't love it, don't hate it

    Chris Lane Venturi3DChris Lane Venturi3D23 ore fa
  • 13:15 7 spoked* 😂

    Drew PelkowskiDrew Pelkowski23 ore fa
  • Funniest non-comedy ITworlds channel out there

    Charlie MeyerCharlie MeyerGiorno fa
  • Missed out on the RacingHart wheels offered by Mazda at the turn of the century

    Shaun MacHaffieShaun MacHaffieGiorno fa
  • Buick rally wheels are the best.. everything else on a 67 Riviera looks silly

    skibugyskibugyGiorno fa
  • 12:13 the mustand looks like its riding on steering wheels lol

    Aurimas MaldziusAurimas MaldziusGiorno fa
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio wheels should be on their list as well

    George MakGeorge MakGiorno fa
  • More Jeremiah and Pump team ups my dudes. Awesome video!

    NeonBootyGoonNeonBootyGoonGiorno fa
  • SLR wheels should have been there!

    Yash WaghYash WaghGiorno fa
  • soo many bad choices

    Brian StocksBrian StocksGiorno fa
  • The 2021 BARF 🏆 goes to the= 2021 Audi RS E-tron GT & the E-Tron Suv. 👏👏👏🤮

    Steven AlfanoSteven AlfanoGiorno fa
  • sad that the lambo countach wheels were not here

    YourGamingEntertainmentYourGamingEntertainmentGiorno fa
  • The Tesla wheels are like “inverted” 5 spoke wheels. Where the gaps are is where we’re used to the spokes being

    CP MaverickCP MaverickGiorno fa
  • I love burnt marshmellows but i dont like the tesla wheels!

    Racer XRacer XGiorno fa
  • you forgot the model t wood spoked wheels

    codiecodieGiorno fa
  • Alpina Wheels

    Darrell GantDarrell GantGiorno fa
  • The honda rim BARF but the stupid salad dish not ? Wow ... americans will always think their junk is best

    Martin StankovMartin Stankov2 giorni fa
  • How can u not mentions chevys irocs or ford bullitts cmon

    Luis UreñaLuis Ureña2 giorni fa
  • The first-gen Viper wheels are the most beautiful wheels ever created by a human.

    2003lightning12003lightning12 giorni fa
  • Peep the Opel manta

    Peepee PoopooPeepee Poopoo2 giorni fa
  • Mclaren of the worst wheels out there, or well, the pans on them. I reckon the wheels themselves don't look that bad

  • Damn right those Integra Rims are exquisite. And they're insanely hard to find.

    ArmouredfalconArmouredfalcon2 giorni fa
  • You forgot the worst and the best wheels of all time. The Swastika-Opel-Wheels and the 7x15 ET24 BBS Wheels. They look perfekt on a Golf 1 and on an E30.

    MüllermanMüllerman3 giorni fa
  • Really wish u brought the db5 wheels into this

    Emerald-ArcherEmerald-Archer3 giorni fa
  • "simple elegant design"

    Malik \muh• •LeekMalik \muh• •Leek3 giorni fa
  • My uncle had a burgundy 1989 mustang on gold BBS rs Rims in the early 90s. Looked sweet.

    Daniel LindyDaniel Lindy3 giorni fa
  • What I got from this episode is that y'all just dont like new stuff.

    Samarium62SmSamarium62Sm3 giorni fa
  • I love how they keep making rimjob jokes but can't really talk about rimjobs lol

    John BestJohn Best3 giorni fa
  • How bout the Iroc’s?......

    650 YayArea650 YayArea3 giorni fa
  • The coolest wheels are TE37s

    Cameron WyllisCameron Wyllis3 giorni fa
  • The Rotiform versions of the Porsche wheels are pretty epic.👌🏼

    Blythard SmithBlythard Smith3 giorni fa
  • Find a 1st gen viper with custom wheels... still looks good

    ronnyek4242ronnyek42423 giorni fa
  • When you said that TransAm was like if Kid Rock was a car, I wondered what you had against that car. Why do it dirty like that?

    Boo Boo JeffriesBoo Boo Jeffries3 giorni fa
  • 13:14 Six spoke?

    GNEsmondGNEsmond3 giorni fa
  • Yo, I know this is late but I can't believe they didn't mention Dayton! Didn't they come stock on old jags?

    ALBIE ROQALBIE ROQ3 giorni fa
    • Daytonwirewheel

      ALBIE ROQALBIE ROQ3 giorni fa
  • I love the 1999-04 cobra rims though. I have an 03 gt and I slapped those things on there and I love it. I put the old rims on my speeder bike.

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker3 giorni fa
  • Nice jakey shirt

    Aaron FitzgeraldAaron Fitzgerald4 giorni fa
  • I like Saab 3 spokes, these are a classic!

    Attack444 444Attack444 4444 giorni fa
  • those 1st gen viper wheels deserve more points

    fourthoufourthou4 giorni fa
  • Where are my Mustang mags and my Daytons 99 spokes duh phuk.

    Sweaty SamSweaty Sam4 giorni fa
  • I’m a big Porsche fan but I agree with you guys on this one

    Shrekgettioski MemebigboiShrekgettioski Memebigboi5 giorni fa
  • You Ofense chrisfix

    Khalifi zikri AzzamKhalifi zikri Azzam5 giorni fa
  • Peugeot 205/309 GTi (1.9 15") , Alpina softlines, and Porsche turbo twists are my favourite of all time 😍

    Jonnti SchnabelJonnti Schnabel6 giorni fa
  • Google says that the Koenigsegg Regera Carbon Fiber wheels are the coolest 😎

    Ravi KumarRavi Kumar6 giorni fa
  • you guys dont have the best chemistry, still enjoyed the episode tho

    Kevin HarrisonKevin Harrison7 giorni fa
  • God I wish there was an integral type r for sale in my area but Cause I’m not tryna do the whole Register in another state thing

    Aaron BagwellAaron Bagwell7 giorni fa

    Flynn ConnellyFlynn Connelly7 giorni fa
  • I watched to see if the first gen Lightning was going to be in the lineup. I had a red 93 and I absolutely loved everything about it except those wheels. They weren't great on the black truck but they were hideous with the red.

    LarryBinSJCLarryBinSJC7 giorni fa

    Anthony MarreroAnthony Marrero8 giorni fa
  • Vw golf Detroit’s are some good lookers

    Jokerman1215Jokerman12158 giorni fa
  • 124 spider Abarth wheels. It’s got scorpions!

    bobkatfanbobkatfan8 giorni fa
  • Not one of the many amazing stock chevy wheels?

    Steven WalkerSteven Walker9 giorni fa
  • The r33 wheel are ugly af

    MetifixMetifix9 giorni fa
  • I love seeing how wrong their opinions are 😆

    Unidorsal IcosahedronUnidorsal Icosahedron9 giorni fa
  • What model of the opel is in the intro ??🙏🏼

    Jakub VitJakub Vit9 giorni fa
  • I'ma say it the BBS RS ugliest wheels ever made. They look hideous.....

    Stormtrooper 2323Stormtrooper 23239 giorni fa
  • I figured out why I don't like my wheels- bulbous!! lmao

    Nephaelia NicholsNephaelia Nichols10 giorni fa
  • Giving too much credit to kid rock

    tony the vlogger 69tony the vlogger 6910 giorni fa
  • Lmao, Jerry high af😂

  • My pick for one of the best looking OEM wheel ever made would be the gold Diamond Spokes that were on the 1987 - 1992 Pontiac Trans Am GTA. They're so gorgeous that they're now being reproduced in 17, 18 and 19 inch diameters.

    Carlos ClivillesCarlos Clivilles10 giorni fa
  • The mustangs trispokes looks sweet on s13 cassis

    jwestrick95jwestrick9510 giorni fa
  • Campagnolo=cam-fa-nelly

    Jimmy BrewerJimmy Brewer10 giorni fa
  • I was agreeing with them thoughout the video, until the M1. No. Just no.

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti11 giorni fa
  • Barf? Binary Augmented Retro Framing??

    harshharsh11 giorni fa
  • 94-97 Jaguar XJR. Best wheels ever to grace the axles of a motor vehicle.

    ShmoeTuesdayShmoeTuesday11 giorni fa
  • Yeah, if I could have any car, I'd have to pick between either a Lancia Delta Integrale or Audi S1 Quattro.

    *TheVoxOfReason**TheVoxOfReason*12 giorni fa
  • Wheels are shoes. They make or break you

    Le-WiiSsLe-WiiSs12 giorni fa
  • No 80s Iroc rims? They work on everything!

    Mark LuscombeMark Luscombe12 giorni fa
  • The ethereal spleen ophthalmoscopically screw because author aerobically interest than a fancy litter. nauseating, hesitant pea

    성수구범성수구범15 giorni fa
  • Honda Accord Sport 2019-Present, Sythe Rims are so nice

    Zodiac909Zodiac90915 giorni fa
  • The Porsche phone dial wheels remind me of the Lamborghini Diablo wheels.

    Kieran FitzgeraldKieran Fitzgerald15 giorni fa
  • That expensive mustang wheel is actually 7 spoke my guy.

    Kieran FitzgeraldKieran Fitzgerald15 giorni fa
  • Hotboy james

    Jab_oxJab_ox16 giorni fa
  • Need more of this

    Mike O'BarrMike O'Barr16 giorni fa
  • Who thinks James must be an actor

    Cheslyn De BruynCheslyn De Bruyn16 giorni fa
  • Jeremiah said 321 and I was like "No way!!" I'm from the 321 as well!

    J. Scott CaudillJ. Scott Caudill17 giorni fa
  • why you didn't like the tesla wheels? they look so good!

    Oussama RemOussama Rem17 giorni fa
  • James talking about Shelby GT350R wheels: Six spoke Me: wait that's seven spoke

    HaoyuJ10HaoyuJ1017 giorni fa
  • Should look at the stock Jetta s wheels for the 2020. I have them on mine and they're so ugly.

    Slow_Honda98Slow_Honda9818 giorni fa
  • holden vs clubsport wheels are some of my favourites and it's a love - hate wheel

    Chris BChris B18 giorni fa
  • Man, no Alfa Romeo wheels?

    MonarchMonarch18 giorni fa
  • pumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppumppump

    ibishu covetibishu covet18 giorni fa