What Killed All of Canada's Car Brands?

19 ott 2020
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Canada produced 2.4 MILLION cars last year, so why have we never heard of a purely Canadian Car Manufacturer? The thing is, there used to be Canadian car companies, but not anymore. What happened? And why doesn't Canada have a badge to call their own?
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  • You're welcome for the Hellcats ❤️

    TheStraightPipesTheStraightPipesMese fa
    • My cousin has a 1994 Corolla and was made in Canada as well.

      Eddie RodriguezEddie RodriguezGiorno fa
    • 100% Right. Dodge Challenger Hellcats and some of Ford, Toyota models are made in Canada.

      Eddie RodriguezEddie RodriguezGiorno fa
    • Y

      PLKPLK2 giorni fa
    • @Knight Flight778 brother I gotta to say it thank you for everything

      16-Bit Bernie16-Bit Bernie4 giorni fa
    • @16-Bit Bernie NO you listen to me, THANK YOU!!!

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  • BRP is Canadian skidoo/canam/seadoo

    Nick SmithNick Smith25 minuti fa
  • Why can’t Canada just join the states already. We all know it’s coming😘

    Aaron LAaron L4 ore fa
  • Silver broom curling 1973

    Peter Asbjørn HansenPeter Asbjørn Hansen9 ore fa
  • Do Not mention Jim Carrie 2 cars came together and Jim,s head was the bumper

    Bishop to Q3 CheckBishop to Q3 Check16 ore fa
  • We Canadians love you too!

    LornionLornion17 ore fa
  • Screw Canada!!

    Herman GreenfieldHerman Greenfield17 ore fa
  • F

    ECO sliderECO slider18 ore fa
  • The Bricklin SV-1 was made in Canada ...for a short while.

    CybairCybair20 ore fa
  • You mentioned Prevost but not Motor Coach Industries (MCI), the largest coach bus manufacturer in North America!

    Michael McDonaldMichael McDonald22 ore fa
  • Id love for there to be a canadian owned car company but the market is established

    Mediocre GamerMediocre GamerGiorno fa
  • F

    colbyhowtocolbyhowtoGiorno fa
  • Glad to here about us on your chanel! Montréal Québec Canada! Home of the real “ Poutine”

    Big jc MoneyBig jc MoneyGiorno fa
  • Can we do México 🇲🇽 next?

    Umberto van stadenUmberto van stadenGiorno fa
  • Never brought up the Panther platform. Dislike.

    Cincy32Cincy32Giorno fa
  • Raycons are trash I bought some and they stopped working in a month do no buy raycons

    Cameron JohnsonCameron JohnsonGiorno fa
  • Hockey. That is all.

    David KhoiiDavid KhoiiGiorno fa
  • Canada makes a lot of great foreign cars!

    Scott SScott SGiorno fa
  • Ford & GM are moving their EV manufacturing to Canada. That will be a really good thing or a really bad thing. Time will tell.

    CDNMetelHeadCDNMetelHeadGiorno fa
  • This gave me some insight to my Canadian model Mitsubishi Lancer. I found out on a recall that Canadian only models had to fix the wiper blade end links and my American dealership refused to do the work, referring me to a dealership just across the border. Since then the only difference I've discovered between the US models is that the ECU uses rivets rather than bolts in CA and therefore needs to he drilled out if I want to replace it. Aside from that, there's a product of Canada sticker hiding between the doors on the B pillar. It was a fun discovery.

    Daniel WagnerDaniel Wagner2 giorni fa
  • It never occurred to me that Canada once manufactured vehicles🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    chigal09chigal092 giorni fa
  • F

    Andreas KontioAndreas Kontio2 giorni fa
  • Lmao a Canadian here watching this and as he mentioned the flannel seat options i looked down at myself wearing a red flannel jacket. Stereotypes are real

    Richard CaibaiosaiRichard Caibaiosai2 giorni fa
  • 20 second un skippable ad? That's a first!

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  • Living next to America kind of kills most of our cool things. See also avro arrow. xD

    Vee WestoverVee Westover2 giorni fa
  • Thanks.I learned about the hellcat and Auto Pact. I'll have to go to Tim Hortons and check out the Wayne Gretzky.

    Jeff SJeff S2 giorni fa
  • Wow guys i mean 10 stars and a flat of beer!! Half of the content in this cool video i didnt know about

    Chris DenChris Den2 giorni fa

    Eric KonduskyEric Kondusky2 giorni fa
  • There’s also Intermeccanica.

    K BK B2 giorni fa
  • after watching this video, which includes a paid promotion, and seeing all these ads I remember why I stopped watching this channel as much.

    BrandonBrandon2 giorni fa
  • We have buy every foreign made cars(ford, gm, honda, kia, hundai,compass) made in India!! Problem with Indian subcontinent county

    jeman shresthajeman shrestha2 giorni fa
  • Time to hit up long lost cousin Antoine for a Felino

    6jonline6jonline2 giorni fa
  • I love British Columbia, Jasper, Baniff, Lake of the Woods, Pike, the Canadian people who told me they know Burton Cummings, and finally Molson Brador. Oh and Neil Young and Joni Mitchell can I say one more Randy Bachman.....Alex Trebek😥

    Mark HellerMark Heller2 giorni fa
  • Watching from Edmonton. 😂 go oilersss hah

    JS FitnessJS Fitness2 giorni fa
  • Canadians don't really obsess over a visual brand. We've got no name products on yellow background. Compliments products in white packing

    NateNate2 giorni fa
  • I know how monstrous a Prevost is. My neighbors have family who own one and frequently visit them. Let me be the one to tell you, the thing is a beast!

    Monke’s EASMonke’s EAS2 giorni fa
  • Worth noting that the single most recognized American police car, the crown vic, was produced in Canada

    TheFairburnTheFairburn2 giorni fa
  • That’s why I wouldn’t by a Challenger.

    Jedi391Jedi3912 giorni fa
  • Flannel seat covers? Yes! Hook a brother up!!!

    PaulE _PaulE _3 giorni fa
  • I know it's not a "car" brand, but Pacific (formerly Hayes) was a purely Canadian truck brand, specializing in logging trucks. Huge logging trucks. With enough power behind them to put an Oshkosh to shame. While they aren't manufacturing anything new, they still provide parts for all their old trucks.

    KoruptDawgKoruptDawg3 giorni fa
  • what killed those brands? globalism did

    Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard3 giorni fa
  • Awsome show, loved it. From a true Red and white Canadian.

    Male NurseMale Nurse3 giorni fa
  • fake news: i live in Canada and I know that there is car brands

    CarloCarsCarloCars3 giorni fa
  • Canada’s first supercar forever ago was called the Bricklin . Interesting car. Check it out.

    TheBestSuitTheBestSuit3 giorni fa
  • Hockey is the best thing from Canada and Steven stamkos

    Andre BobowiczAndre Bobowicz3 giorni fa
  • My favourite things from Canada: peanut butter, football, jock straps, basketball, walkie talkies, baseball, Thanksgiving.... to name a few.

    GoWestYoungManGoWestYoungMan3 giorni fa
  • F

    Ryan BredahlRyan Bredahl3 giorni fa
  • 🇨🇦 Dude... you left out the most important all Canadian sports car the Bricklin (1974 - 1975) by Malcolm Bricklin that were made solely in Saint John, New Brunswick. Also, In the 1979’s Volvo were building cars in Nova Scotia. And in Burnaby, British Columbia there was an obscure builder named Cimbria who built the Viper which was a sports car that was built on a Fiero body/chassis in the early 1980’s but eventually flopped. Yes, Canada had never really had a successful long production car that they could call their own but we do have so many choices of cars to purchase here! 😀

    Ziebenator63Ziebenator633 giorni fa
  • For a while there almost every American cop car was built in Canada, Dodge Charger Brampton On, Ford Crown Vic, St. Thomas On, Chevy Impala and Caprice Oshawa On. And don't forget the LAV built by General Dynamics/ GM Diesel in London On.

    denmalskidenmalski3 giorni fa
  • Tatus

    Harrisonmb6Harrisonmb63 giorni fa
  • for some reason it seems weird to me that they don’t have a car brand but also makes sense not sure why

    Noah H.Noah H.3 giorni fa
    • It's because our whole country only has like the population of California and there's tons of well made American and Japanese company vehicles here, so there's not much of a market for a local car company to grow here

      !?!?3 giorni fa
  • We had Pacific trucks but we lost those to

    TheCoon GingerCoonTheCoon GingerCoon3 giorni fa
  • The Western Star semi truck is made by a Canadian company in Canada

    Robert BrownRobert Brown3 giorni fa
  • The Ford Edge is built right in Oakville.

    Cornwall DragonCornwall Dragon3 giorni fa
  • We have CanAm still lol

    Music n ThingzMusic n Thingz3 giorni fa
  • My Honda Civic is Made in Canada =)

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse3 giorni fa
  • The biggest successes for Canadian car production were faux pas karma by the big brains in Detroit. When Canadian plants were tasked with building "small cars almost nobody in the US wants", the oil crisis struck and Canadian production went through the roof. When the next cycle arrived, Canadian big 3 factories were tasked this time with building "big cars nobody wants" but then oil prices collapsed and big car sales soared again. lol

    T5rux LeeT5rux Lee4 giorni fa
  • We welcome you here in Edmonton!

    Shawn SShawn S4 giorni fa
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure we built the parts for the new Ford GT and new GT500 too

    Isaac StephenIsaac Stephen4 giorni fa
  • ***Quebec has invented poutine ***

    julien pelletierjulien pelletier4 giorni fa
  • Raycon's are shit. Find a better sponsor. Don't try and sell us garbage.

    Matt4542Matt45424 giorni fa
  • we have gmc...

    Hogwarts EditsHogwarts Edits4 giorni fa
  • Ford brought you the newer ford gt

    CoCoGuardianCoCoGuardian4 giorni fa
  • F

    Panda In The JetPanda In The Jet4 giorni fa
  • Me see Isuzu me click

    Electro3 StrikeElectro3 Strike4 giorni fa
  • Because Canada is still a colony of Britain and as such has no sovereign nothing.

    R CajavusR Cajavus4 giorni fa
  • Americans when they figure out basketball was made by a Canadian Americans: hehehydbdgdysysbwgsydydbehehueueuejhdydycgddgheueueuueeuhdhdhudh(random screams in denial)

    DUCKYS28DUCKYS284 giorni fa
    • Same with the game of football

      Eddy De JesusEddy De Jesus3 giorni fa
  • We also love smoking weed

    Newfie MurphyNewfie Murphy4 giorni fa
  • No Name brand has taxis and a fuck load of different food. That’s our mass market brand.

    Ray FinneganRay Finnegan4 giorni fa
  • F

    itsDonutitsDonut4 giorni fa
  • Question is answered in the first minute: The Great Depression killed all native car manufacturers. The rest of the video is how US and Japanese brands started building in Canada.

    Nathaniel KingNathaniel King4 giorni fa
  • Frictionless

    FreshifyFreshify4 giorni fa
  • What about the DeLorean? Made (for a time) in NFLD.

    Howdyah Workthisthing?Howdyah Workthisthing?4 giorni fa
  • That's has lot to do with Canadian politicians always the puppet of American politicians making the nation an independent puppet nation by default, except Trudeau Senior. Most significant is history is fighter jet. Imagine our large Union closely link to US, from Public to Private to Crown?

    J LJ L5 giorni fa
    • @jopp Mopp Sure. How hilarious with some dude claim to be a Canadian but had America in emphasis Cap but all small cap in belove Canada.

      J LJ L4 giorni fa
    • I'm canadian and AMERICA is the greatest country in the world

      jopp Moppjopp Mopp4 giorni fa
  • The Cody frictionless caught me by surprise.

    Aquario100Aquario1005 giorni fa
  • Bricklin ? You must be a American or from Ontario same place. If you are going to mention Canadian companies not all of them came from Ontario. Do all the research. 10 Provinces and 3 Territories. Canada is not just from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia.

    Andrew AllenAndrew Allen5 giorni fa
  • I was expecting to hear about Sutdebaker...

    AtrumNoxProductionsAtrumNoxProductions5 giorni fa
  • "You know frictionless"

    Joseph KwilosJoseph Kwilos5 giorni fa
  • The charger is trash. Let's be honest.

    Scott StevensScott Stevens5 giorni fa
    • It's super trash not even that cool

      jopp Moppjopp Mopp4 giorni fa
  • i like trudeau, not because hes a great guy, hes far from it and quite the opposite, the worse president of canada, because hes showing the world one speech at a time, why we all should be forever vigilant.

    kermit peckkermit peck5 giorni fa
  • The telephone is only dubiously a Canadian invention. The claim is vigorously disputed by Americans (if they've heard of it, which is unlikely), with good reason. Much of the device's development did in fact occur in Canada but much did not, it was patented by Bell while he was living in the US, and he didn't even manage to make it work until ten days after that. ("Mr. Watson," etc.) You can be forgiven for believing what your schoolteachers told you.

    dixon pinfolddixon pinfold5 giorni fa
  • .. FUNNY .... NOT !!!!!!

    D FreshD Fresh5 giorni fa
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    D FreshD Fresh5 giorni fa
  • Queens puppy to Yankees puppet.

    yoppindiayoppindia5 giorni fa
  • I own a Bricklin SV1. Built in St. John NB.

    Jon ButzFiscinaJon ButzFiscina5 giorni fa
  • why would they need to R&D and make a car company, they have the jobs and no worries

    Xander CXander C5 giorni fa
    • Ford does design testing in northern Manitoba.

      Doug BrowningDoug Browning3 giorni fa
  • Sooo what killed them?

    Alex PAlex P5 giorni fa
  • You Donut...

    Megabyte51Megabyte515 giorni fa
  • When I heard that some of Canada’s greatest inventions were, I thought you were gonna mention snowmobiles, AT LEAST, you mentioned the hellcat thought.

    David TheriaultDavid Theriault5 giorni fa
    • Collapsible air foil, aka paraglider, was conceived and patented by a French Canadian living in SoCal- traction kiting is one of it's children.

      IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthoughtIthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought3 giorni fa
  • The good things that come out of Brampton; Challengers and Chargers

    3man3man5 giorni fa
  • 12:00 Ontario plates!

    Karl CarlsburgKarl Carlsburg5 giorni fa
  • 4:20 - 1960 Buick.

    bob markerbob marker5 giorni fa
  • Diana Krall is Canadian

    Smallstudio DesignSmallstudio Design5 giorni fa
  • But at the end of the day, we don’t have mainstream automakers that is Canadian brand and own, and mass produce the vehicles to make $$$. Yeah, we have smaller companies to make a few 100 cars a year if that, but the quality is not comparable to some of the Italian or German coach builders.

    Allan KAllan K5 giorni fa
  • I had a ‘64 Acadian.

    Smallstudio DesignSmallstudio Design5 giorni fa
  • Cheesy ad in middle of your video? I pay for ITworlds Premium ... please don’t do that again!

    Smallstudio DesignSmallstudio Design5 giorni fa
  • 12:06 they also make the Lexus RX as well, so PLEASE VISIT TMMC'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR TRUE INFORMATION.

    Mark BMark B6 giorni fa
  • 12:03 Unfortunately, the Canadian made Toyota Corolla vehicles have ceased production last year (2019) right after this newest generation Corolla was introduced.

    Mark BMark B6 giorni fa
    • Toyota itself is not Canadian, though.

      Shaun CameronShaun Cameron4 giorni fa
  • Luckily, 10 out of the 13 Canadian provinces/territories have no front licence plate requirement law. Only Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia still have a front licence plate requirement law because public safety reasons. Compared to the USA, 30 out of the 50 American states and Washington DC still have a front license plate requirement law. Only 20 other US states (including Ohio) have no front license plate requirement law.

    Mark BMark B6 giorni fa