Every Car in the Cars Universe RANKED

21 dic 2020
1 460 829 visualizzazioni

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If you love cars, then you gotta love Cars, the animated film trilogy from Disney Pixar. Lightning McQueen is the star of the franchise but there are hundreds of other unique car characters in the Cars cinematic world. In this video, Nolan gives us a little background on the making of the films and dissects the logic of a world where cars are people and people don't exist. But most importantly, he ranks ALL the cars in Cars.
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  • Ka-chow ⚡😏

    Donut MediaDonut MediaMese fa
    • Dude if it had a Honda Civic in it he woulda put it 1

      Shawn BradleyShawn BradleyGiorno fa
    • 🚗 ⚡️

      Xav83Xav83Giorno fa
    • Isint he from top gear

      Allen HannanAllen Hannan2 giorni fa
    • The Japanese believe that cars have legs... sigh. Japanese anime parody of the famous epic rivalry between Ferrari versus Lamborghini. Ferrari as a teenage delinquent kid, and spoiled brat. Lamborghini as a middle aged rich aristocrat, and he kind of looks like Mr. Feruccio Lamborghini... though. The Japanese favour the prancing horse over the raging bull as obvious. So, not fair at all there. My apologies for the inconvenience. itworlds.info/round/mKqtc5Scsadsm2M/video

      GerardPedricoGerardPedrico2 giorni fa
    • Kachigga

      Rainin PlayzRainin Playz3 giorni fa
  • If there is a TSA line there was car 9/11

    Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese4 minuti fa
  • Im confused cause mater is named hook in german version...

    FRUDSFRUDS34 minuti fa
  • Mia (and Tia) Is Always The Answer 😍

    DriftGCreationDriftGCreationOra fa
  • Remember kids "turn lift to ho right"

    that guy 999that guy 999Ora fa
  • If I Watch This all Will I Turn Into a Car?

    Ryan HutchinsRyan HutchinsOra fa
  • This list is so trash 😂

    sherman 8sherman 8Ora fa
  • At #63 you wrote that it resembles the same car as #64

    TvensTvensOra fa
  • Fun fact: in italian, cruz's assistant is voiced by Seb Vettel

    Gioele ElerdiniGioele Elerdini2 ore fa
  • Am I the only one who thinks McQueen is a camaro

    Warrior GamingWarrior Gaming2 ore fa
  • Yah doc .Hudson

    khushal kshyapkhushal kshyap3 ore fa
  • Chick hicks reminds me of dr disrespect

    MUOOWMUOOW3 ore fa
  • Turn left to go right? Thought it was turn right to go left?

    Bennyboy 2146Bennyboy 21463 ore fa
  • I know Michigan is a flyover to y'all West Coasters, but the fact that y'all never come visit us in the Motor City means you're missing out. We have a MUSEUM of Hudsons just around the block from me. We got a park named after the guy who invented painting lines on roads. Y'all should stop by after covid.

    AlexAlex3 ore fa
  • Number one is probably the only correct ranking after 35

    Jake NiehausJake Niehaus4 ore fa
  • Who else thinks it would of been cool if they put someone from the f&f movies as one of the cars

    Conner MarbryConner Marbry4 ore fa
  • I use ray tracing in Minecraft lmao

    Bayley RobsonBayley Robson5 ore fa
  • How did I find your subreddit before I found your ITworlds channel

    RandomRandom6 ore fa
  • The birds on the line when it’s playing life is a highway was a short clip that was made

    Dark SideDark Side7 ore fa
  • Hamilton is a McLaren mp4-12c gt3

  • I knew Doc Hudson was going to be high but learning that Paul Newman voiced him makes him the best character for me too.

    Samuel RajiSamuel Raji9 ore fa
  • was fred on here?

    Adam CanningAdam Canning9 ore fa
  • Wait so Chick Hicks is Higher than McQueen. I mean don't get me wrong I love Chick. Hes my favorite antagonist in the Cars franchise. But like hes cocky and so is McQueen. McQueen can be mean to Mater sometimes but like friends fight occasionally. Still, Chick and McQueen are both great.

    SansUndertaleGeek 69SansUndertaleGeek 6912 ore fa
  • you kinda miss a few cars man where max schnell

    Allen hazardAllen hazard12 ore fa
  • wait i have a theory what if in the cars world these cars not actually cars but robotizised humans robotozised into cars? and some person that choose to stay human was harrased and turned to a car witch explains how they ate sushi and also the animals where suspicously not seen in cars when they are seen they are designed like a car

    Racer RedRacer Red12 ore fa
  • Cars 2 is my favorite movie in cars

  • Initial D next?

    Bmax ChrgasBmax Chrgas14 ore fa
  • How did you not mention that Luigi is voiced by the superb Tony Shaloub?

    Psychlops 924Psychlops 92416 ore fa
  • Need to do one on the Cars in Transformer's!!!

    Doct3rDoct3r17 ore fa
  • why do people have to read so far in about a children’s film and other conspiracy theories? just ruins the films imo

    Max J. SalazarMax J. Salazar18 ore fa
  • Ok but how did Frosty, voiced by V8SC Driver Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom, not make this list despite Lewis making it?

    SilverChikoSilverChiko19 ore fa
  • I think rod redline is supposed to be a mustang mach forty

    Captain AwesomeCaptain Awesome19 ore fa
  • i really want to get a hudson hornet some day. big 6 flathead. so cool :)

    )Peron1-MC()Peron1-MC(21 ora fa
  • Simp

    Joey UrenaJoey Urena23 ore fa
  • I thought this was just another movie review channel, but then their sponsored giveaway was of literally one car and 20k dollars, that threw me for a loop very early on 😂

    Gabriel Rizzo TakanoGabriel Rizzo TakanoGiorno fa
  • What's wrong with trains huh?😠

    kelly hallkelly hallGiorno fa
  • You get a dislike based solely on the fact you placed tow mater so low even if he is annoying to you he should be in the top 15 at least

    Aaron VanderEideAaron VanderEideGiorno fa
  • Anyone else notice smokey is listed twice?

    Joshua HoletzJoshua HoletzGiorno fa
  • 10:53 what are those Maserati cars based out of?

    Bryson Nguyen OrcaBryson Nguyen OrcaGiorno fa
  • I disagree with almost all of these 😂

    christian francischristian francisGiorno fa
  • Chick Hicks and Tow Mater should be first and a close second Guido👑😤

    Brandon MontesBrandon MontesGiorno fa
  • The second he called Lewis Hamilton the GOAT, this guy was dead to me.

    BioUnkrautBioUnkrautGiorno fa
  • 8 year old me got excited when i saw the this video and he clicked on it immediately

    FCubeBoyFCubeBoyGiorno fa
  • 20:46 HE IS A DODGE DAYTONA!!!!!!!!!

    Omri PragOmri PragGiorno fa
  • The video every one has Waited for

    Lode _0571Lode _0571Giorno fa

    Mauriz _Mauriz _Giorno fa
  • Knew Hudson and The King were gonna be 1 and 2. They were the best written characters in the franchise.

    T3a Ba6GinsT3a Ba6GinsGiorno fa
  • If it wasn't doc i was unsubbing

    hashbrown 411hashbrown 411Giorno fa
  • Flo is a Ford thunderbird

    Vlad Constantin VisanVlad Constantin VisanGiorno fa
  • "No character growth". The entire first movie doesn't exist to you?

    BitPebbleBitPebbleGiorno fa
  • If Sally was supposed to be a Mustang then that’s an Easter egg or inside joke, with the popular song Mustang Sally

    Quentin ChardQuentin ChardGiorno fa
  • One funny easter egg is Jocko Flocko who was NASCAR's racing monkey

    Pavle JuranovićPavle JuranovićGiorno fa
  • Me as a 12 year old :👁️💧👄💧👁️

    Khai SavageKhai SavageGiorno fa
  • the fact how you did not put lightning McQueen first is kinda wack

    Jordan DonaJordan DonaGiorno fa
  • The voice assistant of Cruz Ramirez is dubbed by three multiple F1 champions, Hamilton in english, Vettel in italian/german and Fernando Alonso in spanish.

    Juan Pablo Gamboa SullcaniJuan Pablo Gamboa SullcaniGiorno fa
  • Don’t forget Jeremy Clarkson as Lightning McQueen’s agent in the UK version

    fletchtoothfletchtoothGiorno fa
  • I’m so glad doc was first

    L0K1 EUL0K1 EUGiorno fa
  • You put francesco over lighting mcqueen...

    braden vbraden vGiorno fa
  • Not to be Nitpicky, but you forgot a few other cars that were racers in the Second Movie!

    Daniel A. ValadezDaniel A. ValadezGiorno fa
  • Your 2nd and first pick are very respectable. I would have put king and Hudson at the top to

  • Absolutely perfect top 3 and if you disagree than you’re just wrong

    JoeNoodle MobileJoeNoodle MobileGiorno fa
  • The red Jaguar E-Type from the beginning of the second film, the spy

    The Downtown LightsThe Downtown LightsGiorno fa
  • So cars is rtx enabled... fuckers got a 3080 before me smh

  • Mater is #1 ni cap

    Hugo AhdeHugo AhdeGiorno fa
  • You forgot both Tex AND MA BOI FRED

    MFoRMFoRGiorno fa
  • Same for 1st

    christopher Raittchristopher RaittGiorno fa
  • Hamilton isn’t the goat. George Russell proved that and also why Hamilton is trying to prevent Mercedes from being able to sign Russell as part of his contract. The Mercedes-Petronas AMG F1 car is the goat.

    Gt77rsGt77rsGiorno fa
  • Trash ass list

    Gt77rsGt77rsGiorno fa
  • Ya forgot Fred

    JackHammer Tcf208JackHammer Tcf2082 giorni fa
  • I Dont like fransesco but doc is my nummer 1

    Feta TorskenFeta Torsken2 giorni fa
  • “It looks awful” “Well now it matches the rest of the town” I didn’t realise that McQueen was such a dick in the first film until I watched the first film a few days ago

    The Trapperin0The Trapperin02 giorni fa
  • Doc Hudson is a legend every kid should know who it is also the Hudson Hornet is a legend in Nascar

    alvaro macias salasalvaro macias salas2 giorni fa
  • Disrespect to my boy towmator

    Isaac ValadezIsaac Valadez2 giorni fa
  • Wish i would be able to afford entries to the giveaway to my favorite car. Anyway, wish there was a old charger (like doms charger) and a hellcat or demon

    Happykid31Happykid312 giorni fa
  • 5:20 you say realistic but, have you hever seen a school bus that has the exhaust pipe of a semi truck

    Vincent MenardVincent Menard2 giorni fa
  • How dare you put Francesco ahead of Lightning

    I Love GrapesI Love Grapes2 giorni fa
  • Pretty sure that's a type 1 not a type 2 VW van

    Coen wildemanCoen wildeman2 giorni fa
  • 3.18 there is a problem. It says still Ivan and he talks about Otis

    Teodor DimaTeodor Dima2 giorni fa
  • Isint this guy from top gear

    Allen HannanAllen Hannan2 giorni fa
  • Armie Hammer did a Killer job as Jackson Storm

    CTCT2 giorni fa
  • You should do hot wheels acceleracers

    Jose LlanasJose Llanas2 giorni fa
  • 12:39, I believe Holly Shiftwell looks similar to a Mistuoka Orochi. It is a Japanese car just like Shiftwell

    Jed DeeksJed Deeks2 giorni fa
  • Couldn’t be more wrong

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith2 giorni fa
  • Guido is NOT a BMW Isetta, but a 1952 Italian Light Forklift, build by Fiat.

    Jan SanderJan Sander2 giorni fa
  • I’m gonna gripe about your pronunciation rq. Raul ÇaRule pronunced Sa-Rule not CarUle

    WilderWilder2 giorni fa
  • Literally every car in the Grang Prix in 2 has a name. Shu Todoroki (Japan), Carla Veloso(Brazil), Nigel Gearsly (England), Max Schnell (Germany), and Rip Clutchgoneski (New Rearendia). I thought you were gonna rate every car? Speaking of, you forgot Fred

    WilderWilder2 giorni fa
  • disliked because Mater isn’t #1

    Doruk GundemDoruk Gundem2 giorni fa
  • The Queen is #69? I see what you did there

    Fahim Mosharrof RatulFahim Mosharrof Ratul2 giorni fa
  • You’re gonna call Mater annoying? When Chick Hicks is the most annoying douchebag of the series?

    WilderWilder2 giorni fa
  • Where all the boys learn how to drift

    Chron1c-iChron1c-i2 giorni fa
  • The Tuner cars were rated waaay too low. Easily top 10.

    Kyle DLKyle DL2 giorni fa
  • This is exactly how I’m getting my youngest into cars. Oldest didn’t care for it.

    Capt. Angry PirateCapt. Angry Pirate2 giorni fa
  • Ok ima just- *puts mater in Jackson storms place cause he’s a icon*

    Monsterjamkidal BoiMonsterjamkidal Boi2 giorni fa
  • Fun Fact: Tow Mater was voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, and the catch phrase “Dadgum!” is actually one of Larry’s own signature phrases.

    Joshua LawJoshua Law2 giorni fa
  • I thought they were ricers

    FlowOneFlowOne2 giorni fa
  • Lighting at the top, Cruz the bottom because I hate that she is suddenly a race car when she is not even close to one and also beat Jackson storm which Is better then lightning nah b you can't do that to him

    NW BEENW BEE2 giorni fa
  • 6:52 mia and tia more like mia khalifa

    Owen ToalOwen Toal2 giorni fa
  • Bruh Mater should be in the Top 3 in my opinion

    YT_ ElLionPR29YT_ ElLionPR292 giorni fa
  • You forgot Kevin the old rusty car from cars 1

    You CutieYou Cutie2 giorni fa
  • Straight up this guy is trash

    Karan sharmaKaran sharma2 giorni fa