We Tested if Driving Fast is Actually Addictive

9 mar 2021
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We all like going fast. DUH! But what about it is so addicting? I think we've all been on the freeway late at night and just wanted to floor it. Why does that feel so good? It has something to do with a chemical you've probably heard of called adrenaline.
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  • 5:44 what song is that?❤️

    Hrishikesh AbdeoHrishikesh Abdeo8 ore fa
  • Body boost creeps

    Yusuf LandguyYusuf Landguy8 giorni fa
  • Just noticed "bought AMC at $16" 💎🙌

    Mr. P.M.Mr. P.M.11 giorni fa
  • Driving fast is an escape, nuff said

    Wood AntWood Ant12 giorni fa
  • Those nascar guys were probably so hyped to prank Nolan 😂

    Bert ErnieBert Ernie13 giorni fa
  • Jeremiah drove and didn’t enjoy it Nolan didn’t drive and was left with withdrawals The irony!!

    Bert ErnieBert Ernie13 giorni fa
  • It’s like Nathan for u!!

    Bert ErnieBert Ernie13 giorni fa
  • Why didn’t y’all show footage of y’all actually conducting the experiment?! That’s what we wanna see!

    Lucas BlanchardLucas Blanchard15 giorni fa
  • Jeremiah trying not to laugh when telling Nolan to get out of the car is so good

    Patman494Patman49415 giorni fa
  • Is Nobody gonna talk about Noland anatomy having to stomach lol

    Trilochan velmuruganTrilochan velmurugan18 giorni fa
  • whats the b2b intro music called

    Liem VOLiem VO18 giorni fa
  • Got board and tired at speed and didn't need it anymore. Found out overlanding and off roading is more fun for adventure seekers like me

  • Soo hormone(adrenaline) is like Vtec in our body

    MostcarpiotMostcarpiot19 giorni fa
  • Soo can we put homones in our Cars to go faster ?

    MostcarpiotMostcarpiot19 giorni fa
  • No dopamine spike hmmm I'm keeping an aye on this one.

    Zeljko OpalicZeljko Opalic19 giorni fa
  • 9:36 man

    Angel RedondoAngel Redondo21 giorno fa
  • You guys are arseholes for doing that to Nolan. I'm canceling my sub! Did that change your adrenalin levels? No? Alright, test complete. I'm keeping my sub. F-you Nolan! Hahaha. Great vid.

    Plan APlan A21 giorno fa
  • Dr. herene looks like a British version of Jerry TBH

  • Yall did nolan dirty lmao he will be remembered that poor soul

    Bryan AlonsoBryan Alonso22 giorni fa
  • Poor nolan

    JOEGEJOEGE23 giorni fa
  • I get really bored driving slow, so I drive fast

    Devansh RoyalDevansh Royal25 giorni fa
  • can someone please get Jeremiah his truck back, im sick of him fighting with his sister...

    Nils Christian HalvorsenNils Christian Halvorsen25 giorni fa
  • I can confirm driving fast is addictive

    DinoDino26 giorni fa
  • Poor nolly

    drile00ldrile00l27 giorni fa
  • 8:42 heartrate 110bpm walking? I just checked, 111 watching just the video smh

    Jeffrey HoughJeffrey Hough27 giorni fa
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    wikke ajjawikke ajja29 giorni fa
  • Keep your hormones perfectly balanced to stay healthy -Thanos-

    Galvanized GreatnessGalvanized Greatness29 giorni fa
  • I just saw a scary movie with Jeremiah in it! He’s actually a really good actor. He plays a douche bag in the movie. The movie is called “the haunting of Grady farm”. It’s on prime. It’s a low budget film but I enjoyed it. (Kind of like a blare witch style. ).

    Carlo CarlitoCarlo Carlito29 giorni fa
  • Feel bad for Nolan. Ok, still have a thumbs up!

    Kevin WanKevin WanMese fa
  • Brutal hahaha

    DSArtcoukDSArtcoukMese fa
  • Yes #1 favourite drug as they don’t hurt me except when I crash

    FrenchyJrFrenchyJrMese fa
  • Hi Jerry, Please do a B2B on Sebastian Loeb's Peugeot 208 T16...

    Kalumba BwaleKalumba BwaleMese fa
  • Can you please do an episode on why we don't/can't have self perpetual cars

    Vik SinVik SinMese fa
  • For those who haven't seen it, watch the haunting of grady farm and tell me who you recognize

    My name is Not sureMy name is Not sureMese fa
  • 7:50 That's not anticipation that's disappointment.

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameMese fa
  • I'm an ADRENALINE JUNKY too, But I don't like to SKYDIVE, and possibly DIE everytime I take the jump.. SO I smoke Meth instead!!.

    Photo ByPhoto ByMese fa
  • Song at 5:47?

    Pete DiCapuaPete DiCapuaMese fa
  • Taylor from american history...best dopamine out there. sniffle sniffle

    Pete DiCapuaPete DiCapuaMese fa
  • I was sad for Nolan at first, but it's great to know he got to drive!

    A. G. C.A. G. C.Mese fa
  • I’m addicted to speed

    kingjamrock76kingjamrock76Mese fa
  • Anyone remember the original title

    Nazar PshenovNazar PshenovMese fa
  • I'd have been swinging if you pulled me out of the seat of an indycar. A whole hour of thinking I got jipped out of that experience would have me seething

    madcuzbadmadcuzbadMese fa
  • Nolan should have had a short time of driving, to establish the kick, and then a week or two's anticipation for the next session. Having experienced it, it would give him a reference for what to look forward to. No addict is addicted to the anticipation of a high that they have not experienced before. The high of anticipation is in looking forward to feeling as good as it felt last time.

    Andreas BaronAndreas BaronMese fa
  • What y’all have a discord ... u telling me I’ve been missing out????

    Leroy JenkinsLeroy JenkinsMese fa
  • yo nolan is so much happier (dopamine level) on the normal reading than jeremiah

    Atharva KashivaAtharva KashivaMese fa
  • The way I explain adrenaline to car people is it’s like a turbo for your body. And just like a turbo in your car, it can go wrong and blow up, same with your body, you don’t want to push it too hard to where your heart suffers damage from beating too fast or too hard

    The Jersey NinjaThe Jersey NinjaMese fa
  • *Nolan reloads his glasses in wheelhouse* Oh you want some too? *Reloads on B2B* Nolan reloading his glasses in everything 10/10

    The Dungeon StudioThe Dungeon StudioMese fa
  • itworlds.info/round/mquxfbeertSJaXw/video

    nicole adisonnicole adisonMese fa
  • Jarimiah: get out of the car Nolan: man

    Drew FisherDrew FisherMese fa
  • As someone with Dopamine Dysfunction, I can tell you right now, driving fast gives me the Good Chemical (tm).

    A VBA VBMese fa
  • Poor Nolan, I could feel the disappointment 😂

    Edson WrightEdson WrightMese fa
  • Yes you can become addicted to speed. I have met a few people on speed and they definitely agree with me.

    Mohammad MursalinMohammad MursalinMese fa
  • epinephrine rulezz

    James RoeJames RoeMese fa
  • I’m suing if the answer to this video isn’t yes

    Zachary HiltZachary HiltMese fa
  • Raycon headphone are trash. Don't waste your money on them. Buy these instead: Monolith M-TWE True Wireless Earbuds ($100) You're welcome folks.

    Chris DoyleChris DoyleMese fa
  • Duuude!

    Cameron YoungCameron YoungMese fa
  • So adrenaline is basically v-tech for humans?

    Jesse LovettJesse LovettMese fa
  • I like this experiment, however, you have to keep in mind that this had an extraordinarily small sample size. Which basically means that without large amounts of evidence, it's technically inconclusive.

    Alex StanAlex StanMese fa
  • #findjermystruck

    Hunter HortonHunter HortonMese fa
  • Do some people get more spikes then others in the same investment?

    datsdylan007datsdylan007Mese fa
  • Yall better have let Nolan drive at the end of the experiment lmao

    Andrew MichaelsAndrew MichaelsMese fa
  • So basically, adrenaline is like nitrous for the body. I dig it

    Andrew MichaelsAndrew MichaelsMese fa
  • Why'd you have to do this to Nolan? From one lil bro to another - I feel your pain.

    Ben VizzacheroBen VizzacheroMese fa
  • Anyone else get adrenaline when he was talking about how it worked?

    Mitchell BairdMitchell BairdMese fa
  • Damn, Nolan would have got so much pissed when they said to get out as he is a control

  • Think its safe to say we all want to kick your ass for Nolan sake! 😂😂😂 HOLD EM NOLAN!

  • Need for speed is real

    Emil RatinenEmil RatinenMese fa
  • No, you’re wrong! I have Addiction to adrenaline from 6 years old from jumping across many garage roofs. Red Bull is the most expensive drink in the world. That’s why I have 17 points on my license. You have to learn how to keep your heart rate down and don’t let anything trigger an adrenaline rush. If anyone has any questions I’m more than happy to answer them.

    Stas 999Stas 999Mese fa
  • That was brutal on nolan💀💀

    MystxryMystxryMese fa
  • Are we not going to talk about how attractive that doctor was? Low key thought he was an actor hired for the role. Also - Jeremiah - this (hormone function) has been one of your best explanations ever!!!

    Leslie KumarLeslie KumarMese fa
  • 5:40 I felt that love is the best dopamine out there yo ❤️

    Xavier CurielXavier CurielMese fa
    • what song is that?

      Pete DiCapuaPete DiCapuaMese fa
    • Its not lol

      יהודים זבליהודים זבלMese fa
  • Man, we didn't like science garage because it was boring. Bart lost his job because of this... If we wanted to watch something scientific, there is Natgeo and discovery channel. @donutmedia please stop pushing scientific videos on us! You are an entertainment channel.... Although they are informative, they are boring as F.

    ari bouariari bouariMese fa
  • That is so awesome

    Noah LarsenNoah LarsenMese fa
  • The guy that races motorcycles wasn't as exciting to get in a car? Weird. Lol

    Zachary RobertsonZachary RobertsonMese fa
  • PLEASE make a video about the opala from Brazil

    Victor BretasVictor BretasMese fa

    Mr.FlameMr.FlameMese fa
  • When do we get a video about that Ape behind you?

    Alex GilbertAlex GilbertMese fa
  • The DSM does not just cover addictions lmao

    Andrew GonzalezAndrew GonzalezMese fa
    • My depression agrees

      Joaquín VillaseñorJoaquín VillaseñorMese fa
  • dont need to watch this video to tell you that yes it is addicting, but i will still watch this video bc yes it is addicting

    kyle trotterkyle trotterMese fa
  • someone call the hr for the abuse of nolan.....poor guy 😂😂 😂

    Vadim RodricksVadim RodricksMese fa
  • I hope you see that boy Taylor again #manlove

    Damian FrancheDamian FrancheMese fa
  • Nollan got to drive! Lol 😂

    ricecakeFTWricecakeFTWMese fa
  • I love speed but i need to stop doing it. It already lead me to 3 divorces. Now i drink a lot

    Confused PersonConfused PersonMese fa
  • anyone know the B2B intro song name?

    Daniel T.Daniel T.Mese fa
    • please i really like it

      Daniel T.Daniel T.Mese fa
  • Ok coomer.

    Juju GohardJuju GohardMese fa
  • So what I’m hearing is adrenaline is the human version of vtec

    Kevin RamnarineKevin RamnarineMese fa
  • Hmmm could've sworn the title was different

  • How tall is Jeremiah?

    Vinicius MoraesVinicius MoraesMese fa
  • Poor Nolan...lol at least he got to drive, I want to know Nolan's thoughts when he was told to get out of the car.

    AlonzoAlonzoMese fa
  • Expectation: Bumper 2 Bumper Reality: Science Garage

    Jr.Jr.Mese fa
  • I love the intro song everytime I hear it I get hyped

    Jeff HigginsJeff HigginsMese fa
  • What happened to the old bumper 2 bumper format?

    Parsa KondoriParsa KondoriMese fa
  • Not as good as rowing the gears doe

    CheseCheseMese fa
  • i don’t like jeremiah

    zach vandusenzach vandusenMese fa
  • Can you please address the RPM act to save our cars www.sema.org/epa-news

    thomson himesthomson himesMese fa
  • Dr Robert Heirene has the big eye filter turned on

    Hasaan ShaikhHasaan ShaikhMese fa
  • We gotta start a gofundme for jerry to get his truck bavk

    Ben HanesBen HanesMese fa
  • Jerry bought AMC at $16??? *facepalm*

    halfbak3dnachohalfbak3dnachoMese fa

    solomon mcintoshsolomon mcintoshMese fa