14 Best Cars BMW Ever Made

1 mag 2020
1 152 250 visualizzazioni

BMW has blessed us with some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen. The German manufacturer is responsible for basically defining the modern sports car. But of all the brilliant vehicles they’ve given us, which one is the BEST? Or more specifically - which 14 are the best? Today we’re looking at the best production BMWs ever made. You probably already love a few of these, but a few might catch you off-guard!
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  • this is like the first car list that i dont wildly disagree with... i would like just switch out the turbo with a shark, and the e9 with the e46...

    Aleksei NovaVarosAleksei NovaVaros6 ore fa
  • BMW e38 750 ❤️

    Der KaiserDer Kaiser10 ore fa
  • So which one breaks the least

    T. Y.T. Y.19 ore fa
  • I wasn’t expecting this to get emotional 😭

    patty easleypatty easley2 giorni fa
  • 11:25 😳🥺🥺

    Iegor SchulmannIegor Schulmann2 giorni fa
  • id honstly put the e31 in the top 5

    SSG_CEEJSSG_CEEJ2 giorni fa
  • Watching James tear up about that story with his dad had me tearing up...

    Mickey BrowneMickey Browne3 giorni fa
  • BMW 733i

    Sergio IbarraSergio Ibarra3 giorni fa
  • Love bmw and pooooorscheeeeee.💌🕊️🌅

    nocturnal resonancenocturnal resonance3 giorni fa
  • Feel like this dude went around talking about the S54 which could’ve been mentioned twice. A phenomenal engine to say the least with an incredible intake sound.

    Mxnny _rMxnny _r3 giorni fa
  • I thought the m3 e46 would be first... 😅😅😅

    Epic_YTEpic_YT4 giorni fa
  • Was not expecting that from James they ought to do a build

    lockedout of accountlockedout of account4 giorni fa
  • 18:40 can you please tell me the spelling of that word "the original ___".

    NS MasekoNS Maseko5 giorni fa
  • "This is my dad's favourite car... and I wish I could buy it for him." #KnowThatFeel

    StormCrownStormCrown5 giorni fa
  • Seeing a e46 is like seeing a Ford Falcon. Don’t give a fuck about it’s overrated ass

    Paul RajicPaul Rajic5 giorni fa
  • Bmw e46 m3 are pretty legendary now tbh

    ReubthedudeReubthedude6 giorni fa
  • anyone remember the video Donut made about BMW engines and them being amazing bc they have been doing it for decades?

    Nathaniel RubioNathaniel Rubio6 giorni fa
  • Meanwhile I have a e39 that is broken down for 20 days, and no mechanic knows wtf is wrong with it...

    Vladan BerisavljevićVladan Berisavljević7 giorni fa
  • x5 e53 4.6is should be on this list the most pretty suv ever made, that all other car companys, tried to copy but failed, also now bmw have sold well over a million x5s, definately a success story and they could go some too. love them .

    MrKeefrichardsMrKeefrichards7 giorni fa
  • What about the 1m?

    mattmatt8 giorni fa
  • Shit I forgot how much weight James lost at this time :/

    Thistasteslike assThistasteslike ass8 giorni fa
  • Idk who put the sex serie line in the subtitles, but he's a genius

    Tarquin LawsonTarquin Lawson8 giorni fa
  • I found a bmw m3 ltw csl in ebay for 24000 dollars

    sanjib banerjeesanjib banerjee9 giorni fa
  • why he kinda sound like mordicai from regular show

    lukiss :olukiss :o9 giorni fa
  • Watching this while stuck on the side of the road in my E36 M3 because my clutch pedal broke 😂

    Habib GucciHabib Gucci10 giorni fa
  • james single handedly just made every donut follower love e28 6 series ❤️

    Fullstop Fullstop Fullstop FullstopFullstop Fullstop Fullstop Fullstop10 giorni fa
  • The straight cuts on the M3 GTR make you just make you shake, Just hearing it reminds me of driving it in my favorite game, Need For Speed Most Wanted.

    Noah ScheveNoah Scheve10 giorni fa
  • Second time watching this & yes once again all it dose is turn me on 🌊

    Alan WhitesideAlan Whiteside11 giorni fa
  • BMW, one of the most respected...nb4 Scotty Kilmer

    Luke RedstarLuke Redstar11 giorni fa
  • damn, hearing that story made me deppressed again, im glad your here james.

  • the post malone had me dying ahahahahahahaha

    Liam BrooksLiam Brooks15 giorni fa
  • I'm surprised you didn't mention that the E34 M5 Touring also had a double sunroof, incredibly rare for its time.

    TheSpeedo666TheSpeedo66616 giorni fa
  • Number nine, so you want to be john lennon huh? 😂

    Imam YusufImam Yusuf17 giorni fa
  • Im 35 i smoke and have been from 9 years old

    Chris SteinhausenChris Steinhausen18 giorni fa
  • Inspector gagchit

    Chris SteinhausenChris Steinhausen18 giorni fa
  • #1 the M1

    Chris SteinhausenChris Steinhausen18 giorni fa
  • Bmw=🤢🤮

    Foghorn117Foghorn11719 giorni fa
  • nakinvelinstörung hahaha

    s.s 7xs.s 7x19 giorni fa
  • so a 5 series saved James' life but at a cost of his father's life? that's.... very rough buddy

    RosebudRosebud21 giorno fa
  • The gabby beach geographically bang because stepmother advisably walk until a meaty daughter. craven, quiet bangle

    kim anhkim anh23 giorni fa
  • Isetta

    Matt from wii sportsMatt from wii sports24 giorni fa
  • Year 9 BPM(Before Post Malone) on the Donut Calendar.

    GT GodbearGT Godbear25 giorni fa
  • E46 M3 GTR made the list, but we aren't going to mention the inclusion in Most Wanted?

    Kaiyin SmithKaiyin Smith28 giorni fa
  • Need for speed most wanted

    Actic CatActic Cat28 giorni fa
  • I'm not crying, my mom was cutting onions dammit!

    Navneeth JaydevNavneeth Jaydev29 giorni fa
  • When he cried i was like wait is he joking and then i was like oh noooo fuck he wasn’t joking and then i almost cried too

    7 moods7 moods29 giorni fa
  • Wat

    SatanSatanMese fa
  • Came here expecting a funny video, ended up getting a box of tissues

    CEO of TreesCEO of TreesMese fa
  • can someone can explain me the post malone reference joke? always laugh without context..

    Julio AmayaJulio AmayaMese fa
  • Bro in my opinion this list needs to have e60 m5 v10 in a mdf sedan amq

    dacfanclub 33dacfanclub 33Mese fa
  • Me and my dad wanted an m3gtr so much that we built pne and i still have it

    PETOSTAR 007PETOSTAR 007Mese fa
  • before watching: I hope the 2003 M3 CSL is on this list after watching: M3 GTR is definitely cheating

    Justin PharandJustin PharandMese fa
  • Where is my m3 e46 gtr

    Tails the FoxTails the FoxMese fa
  • I watched this video while I sketched a widebody e 36 m3 and saw the rear wing spacers of the first car. I immediatly knew what my bmw needed right know :)

    that annoying guythat annoying guyMese fa
  • E46 M3 GTR because Most Wanted. Nuff said

    Adam PanditAdam PanditMese fa
  • Money pitts

    David ThompsonDavid ThompsonMese fa
  • Epic list.

    HollywoodF1HollywoodF1Mese fa
  • e30!!!💙💙

    Veer BhavishVeer BhavishMese fa
  • yo where is the one only m8 from the 90s CRINGE!!

    It's boomboomIt's boomboomMese fa
  • E30 333i was the real gem. Much more of a collectors item than the E30 M3.

    Ashley AbrahamsAshley AbrahamsMese fa
  • I love my 2000 528i. It's quick and ultra responsive. Sometimes to an annoying point... But i love her, I used to work at BMW and got to drive the glorious M5 and E60 M5. No comparison. The E60, in manual, is akward and aloof. The SMG did a much better job and it was fast. Still the E39 was the best BMW

    Alvaro AcevedoAlvaro AcevedoMese fa
  • Nobody cares about the story about your dad, we want the facts not your emotions

    Motor Performance HelpersMotor Performance HelpersMese fa
  • E39 m5 E30 m3 E46 m3 That's my top 3

    Wes NortonWes NortonMese fa
  • E39 ftw

    Wes NortonWes NortonMese fa
  • Bro, I cried

    Ethan KabatEthan KabatMese fa
  • James, MIC GAIN!! You're distorting the input all over the video. Great work otherwise!

    • Nobody cares

      kyle bouchkyle bouch28 giorni fa
  • Basically homologation made BMW great. I whish they stick to their roots.

    A wild CattoA wild CattoMese fa
  • I'm sorry... Where the hell is the E60 M5? Yeah, the car was unreliable as fuck, but driving it? It's probably the best BMW ever. A 4-door Sedan, with over 500hp, has a touring/stationwagon version and above all this, has a fucking beautiful sounding V10 reving at 9.000 RPM. The only BMW road car with a V10, and will probably be the only one until the day BMW dies. You have it's reliabilities fixed, and you have one of the best cars ever.

    Vitor FerreiraVitor FerreiraMese fa
  • It would be nice to have a two door car but I want the e34 because then you can fit more of the bois in there, but not the touring because it just doesn't really look that sporty.

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoMese fa
  • The 1 series M coupe ...... cmon🤨

    Dean BranchDean BranchMese fa
  • bmw up to speed please

    Nikola GerNikola GerMese fa
  • Didn’t the m1 have a drag coefficient of 3

    Konrad PaczekKonrad PaczekMese fa
  • number 1: bmw m3 (e46)

    Pedro 918Pedro 918Mese fa
  • damn, me and my dad have been BMW fanatics forever, this video made me hella emotional since I haven't been able to see my dad in a while.

    Daqwas12654Daqwas12654Mese fa
  • I was so caught off guard when James mentioned that story about his dad.

    Daniel Blardony RecintoDaniel Blardony RecintoMese fa
  • My dad had an E30 m3

    melenegiorgo0585melenegiorgo0585Mese fa
  • True fact: if james cry you will cry

    Lu LuongLu LuongMese fa
  • out of nowere with da feels

    Iggi AronssonIggi AronssonMese fa
  • James got me tearing up bmw really saved Jame’s live just another reason to love them

    Lucas AndujarLucas AndujarMese fa
  • G list

    psplfq1psplfq1Mese fa
  • Make a list featuring the best radial engines from ww2 ;)

    BadpvppaladinBadpvppaladinMese fa
  • Videos with James not hiding his emotions is what keeps me literally alive and hopeful about the toxicity in the car community to someday finally disappear I'm very sorry to hear about the tragedy although

    Maxime KlimenkoMaxime KlimenkoMese fa
  • James, you’re an epic legend. So glad you shared that memory of your dad. Makes us mere mortals feel just a little closer to you!!

    Adam RoseAdam RoseMese fa
  • Awesome list. I would add the 1 series M and Z4 M coupe, and the e60 m5 just because of that v10.

    Jon G.Jon G.Mese fa
  • 2011 BMW 1M more exclusive than the M2.

    TheWizardTheWizardMese fa
  • Now im crying

    Self MadeSelf Made2 mesi fa
  • no e38 weirds me out lol

    IMGhostlyyIMGhostlyy2 mesi fa
  • Never thought I'd tear up while watching D List

    Samer SyedSamer Syed2 mesi fa
  • A billionair Please donate 1 mil to this man , he deserves it

    Alexandru MihaiAlexandru Mihai2 mesi fa
  • E30 racing 300hp n.a engine wow 🏁

    Rpm 6ribuRpm 6ribu2 mesi fa
  • No matter what's about bmw.. it's my favourite brand especially m3 e36 ,e46 n e9x.. i will get it one someday even 4 door i6

    Rpm 6ribuRpm 6ribu2 mesi fa
  • SicK . . indeed! Where is the an Your' Hinest Rotary Technology even Citroen had It toody. Lol!

    Ivica BaksaIvica Baksa2 mesi fa
  • Dude you going through some stuff? You ok?

    Gabriel KoernerGabriel Koerner2 mesi fa
  • fucking godd csL

    Ricardo Leal coutoRicardo Leal couto2 mesi fa
  • James, the story about your dad really hit close to home. My boyfriend has the same exact e28, same year, same model, same COLOR, and ours also saved a life--a few years back he was able to race his hemorrhaging friend to the hospital, just in time. It's a really special car.

    bkozelbkozel2 mesi fa
  • Just on the topic of the 8-series...and dads: yeah having one of those V12 850's would have been cool, but my dad had an 840Ci and it hauled ass, man. One of the most underrated Bimmers.

    Pete SorensenPete Sorensen2 mesi fa
  • Where’s 1M 🥺

    Kai_baconKai_bacon2 mesi fa
  • Elvis was in Germany, but it was post war...fellow MI survivor, Love you man

    Foster HallFoster Hall2 mesi fa
  • Indonesian subtitle please !!

    Ketel KaratKetel Karat2 mesi fa
  • Damn bro, didn't know I was gonna tear up whilst watching a video about BMW's

    Nept TuneNept Tune2 mesi fa