7 Car Toys All 90s Kids Will Remember

25 dic 2020
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The holidays got us feeling pretty nostalgic, so we decided to buy a bunch of awesome toys we wanted when we were kids in the 1990s. Some of these toys are from the 80s and some are from the 2000s, but we think all 90s kids will remember them. And even if you're not a 90s kid, you still might recognize a few. This is The D-List!
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  • Also we know some of these toys aren’t *from* the 90s, but they were nostalgic to all of us! What was your favorite car toy?

    Donut MediaDonut Media29 giorni fa
    • I have 3500+

      Zero TwoZero Two7 giorni fa
    • Damn if you ever want to give them away IM OPEN

      Zero TwoZero Two7 giorni fa
    • I had that exact same Porsche thing, we used to call them "car simulators" :D It wasn´t fun for long even back then, maybe for a few minutes and it became boring. Still looked cool. Legos and Scaletrix and Tyco electric track sets were the best. Oh and RC cars were even more fun

      artoodiitooartoodiitoo10 giorni fa
    • When u said I called the toys my “guys”. Dude I can still relate to that and I’m 15 lol

      BRAIN GANGBRAIN GANG12 giorni fa
    • Tamiya mini 4wd

      Rizki ZulhasrinRizki Zulhasrin16 giorni fa
  • What's the name of the game😐

    Tehzeeb KazmiTehzeeb Kazmi6 ore fa
  • Even though I’m 20, I still like to collect miniature hot wheels and matchbox cars. I’m especially a bigger fan of matchbox diecast cars.

    W Dade Highway JenkinsW Dade Highway Jenkins9 ore fa
  • 11:58 Wow is that a front end of a Porsche 911E

    why did someone put a sunkist in a bath tub?why did someone put a sunkist in a bath tub?20 ore fa
  • Just watched this on my Xbox now I’m going to eat pizza 🍕

  • The ninja turtles pizza shooter was a separate toy so unfortunately in the commercial they made it seem like they came together.

    minustaco42 zerominustaco42 zeroGiorno fa
  • When he opened the Hot Wheels color change I was pissed off

    Justin The GreatJustin The GreatGiorno fa
  • Anybody have or played with Micro Machines? Particularly the fold up RV?

    SteveJGSteveJGGiorno fa
  • No micro machines?

    Braeden WhiteBraeden WhiteGiorno fa
  • My sister was on one version of the packaging for that play mat they're on lol they sold a ton of them thru Cracker Barrel

    erikbarrett85erikbarrett852 giorni fa
  • I like how the world is so politically correct now that you have to bleep the word cock in the word cockroach

    Jeremy FarleyJeremy Farley2 giorni fa
  • My little brothers for there birth day got that hot wheels toy but it's newer and it took me a couple days to look at the box and realize the look of it is the same as the one u guys have there 😂😂

    Tristan CannonTristan Cannon3 giorni fa
  • Hmmm, a little disappointed there were no slot car tracks on this list. I remember the Zero G sets that climbed the wall were a big deal, and one I believe was called TCR, which you could change lanes on, and the commercials were always over the top.

    Dirt MerchantDirt Merchant3 giorni fa
  • I'm not even a 90's baby and I remember playing with these

    Cadell ArmstrongCadell Armstrong3 giorni fa
  • Two of those toys were my Christmas gifts on separate occasions when I was 9 y.o. and I remember thinking I was the luckiest kid ever. Wow I’m old af. If my nephew doesn’t get an iPhone at the age of six he flips out. I guess I really was the luckiest kid ever.

    Friendly TryhardFriendly Tryhard3 giorni fa
  • 12:39 ... as a german I can stell, this sounds like japanese to me :D

    Eddy KettEddy Kett4 giorni fa
  • I wish they are still known today, I kinda find them entertaining

    SkyDunes StudiosSkyDunes Studios4 giorni fa
  • I don't skip the sponsor, it is just funny so I watch it.

    Take Apart KiDTake Apart KiD5 giorni fa
  • 0:47 the dude sounds like coach Steve from big mouth😂

    Wyatt DentenWyatt Denten5 giorni fa
  • I ALWAYS WANTED one of those carpets with the roads on them man... That would have made my life a dream as a kid, all I did as a kid was play with hot wheels cars for hours by myself most days; wanted that darn carpet so damn bad haha. Best believe if my kid is into hot wheels I'm buying him/her that carpet right away lmao, even though ima prolly be the one playing on it the most :') Also always wanted that wash station set, and never cared for that batmobile w/ robin cycle. Never had a thing for the bigger toy car toys.

    Octane Street - Apprentice MechanicOctane Street - Apprentice Mechanic5 giorni fa
  • Song?

    Generxl_Shxdow3Generxl_Shxdow35 giorni fa
  • G1 transformers

    randomdude7randomdude76 giorni fa
  • I have that how wheels set!!

    The roomy channel And youThe roomy channel And you6 giorni fa
  • Me: skips the ad part Nobody: Donut: DiD yOu KNoW malE biRds alsO LAy EgGs

    Kyvros MusicKyvros Music7 giorni fa
  • I need that Porsche game,just maybe with better graphics, and a bit bigger

    Benjamin Cramer-LawBenjamin Cramer-Law7 giorni fa
  • Post post post Mellon?

    Cliff P73Cliff P737 giorni fa
  • Wait why was the guy bringing you the toy wearing a mask and you guys weren't?

    Benjamin Cramer-LawBenjamin Cramer-Law7 giorni fa
  • I HATE KEEPS!!!!!😡

    Alicia ArroyoAlicia Arroyo7 giorni fa
  • sorry clark

    COBRA 427COBRA 4278 giorni fa
  • I think I had that hot wheels car wash toy many many years ago.

    LoshLosh8 giorni fa
  • Does anybody here remember micro machines

    Natd0gsef _Natd0gsef _9 giorni fa
    • Me

      Note PadNote Pad9 giorni fa
  • I had two versions of the HotWheels ramp thing/play set. One was a garage/car wash and the other I think was police station/city. I loved playing with those sets.

    Sweet68CamaroSweet68Camaro10 giorni fa
  • I HAD THAT BATMOBILE!! My irresponsible child butt didn't take good care of it though, and I didn't have any Batman figures.

    Thomas GreysonThomas Greyson10 giorni fa
  • I have a couple color changing hot wheels, but they're newer plastic ones from about a decade ago

    chaytonchayton10 giorni fa
  • Hotwheels still make color changing cars!

    Tan the asian manTan the asian man10 giorni fa
  • 12:05 my mom grew up with the police dashboard car toy like that, except hers was bought second hand and it was from the 1960s www.pinterest.com/pin/25543922863187249/

    Simon PrescottSimon Prescott11 giorni fa
  • Road mat

    jo johnjo john11 giorni fa
  • I was about say if your into cars you gotta love HOT WHEELS

    Alex SmithAlex Smith12 giorni fa
  • This is the right moment to say: “I was born in the wrong generation“

    Rainbow TigerRainbow Tiger12 giorni fa
  • I had a couple of those

    Robert James954Robert James95412 giorni fa
  • I have the hot wheels gas station and car wash thing, it was awesome.

    Shawn PayneShawn Payne12 giorni fa
  • SUPER VAN CITAYY and micro machines!! I loved the military ones. There was actually a tank that folded out into a micro machines battleground. Much like super van city. My mother threw it out when my brother dump soda on it. What a Dick.

    theidealbadgertheidealbadger13 giorni fa
  • The real Ghostbusters ecto one

    Evan SadlEvan Sadl14 giorni fa
  • I literally want one of those Porsche dashboard game

    Mr. AnonymooseMr. Anonymoose14 giorni fa
  • Hayabusa

    Stevie JoStevie Jo14 giorni fa
  • The 90s were the best i miss the 90s

    williamwilliam14 giorni fa
  • Title sounds like it came from buzz feed article

    Smuckers TSmuckers T14 giorni fa
  • I'm an 80s baby, so this video really took me back. Great video💪🏾

    Ricardo NellRicardo Nell14 giorni fa
  • How could not get the Tyco Fast Traxx, it was the best and most popular rc car in the 90's

    ArmyGrunt1986ArmyGrunt198614 giorni fa
  • Whoever edits d list is a goddamn legend

    James ConathanJames Conathan15 giorni fa
  • I had this model engine that came with tools and you could "start it up". I remember it even had buttons or sensors that would make it so it wouldnt start if something was not in like a spark plug. That thing was cool.

    Matthew BraytonMatthew Brayton15 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info/round/hqhklbSgecyNqYg/video Seriously thought with the cross over to Past Gas you would have done a childhood favorite...getting your finger in the back tire flywheel (ouch!), catchin' you post '70's bleach blond hair in the spin-up mechanism trying to figure out how it works (whoa!), and knocking your sisters 80's Mattel barbie hair salon head off the base (DDDAAAADDD!).

    Michael HinesMichael Hines15 giorni fa
  • Totally had the pizza shooter!! Used to find random pizza discs all over our house years later 😂💪🏽👌🏽🍕

    AJ BautistaAJ Bautista15 giorni fa
  • Xool!

    CarrotsticksCarrotsticks15 giorni fa
  • Y'all definitly missed the hot wheels tracks with the loops and banked turns and all that I used to make race tracks all through my house with them bad boys. They had a launcher for em and everything.

    Big____RichBig____Rich15 giorni fa
  • How you gonna hate on Knex that's one of the awesome toys where kids had to actually use their brains and imaginations to use them.

    Big____RichBig____Rich15 giorni fa
  • I spent MAD time playing with that Hot Wheels garage. I'd combine lego creations and everything. Had it forever.

    Big____RichBig____Rich15 giorni fa
  • CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT when i was little there was a very cool Cars the movie racing sim. i tried to find it and now its like it never existed

    Allen HuseinovicAllen Huseinovic16 giorni fa
  • Ooooh shit I had that tmnt car

    Jim CornetteJim Cornette16 giorni fa
  • 3 toys legos, and they had one set called Lego airport, you got to build a plane a control center and a mini cat loader! 2 balade Blay let it rip tops! 3 the build and match cars you pin little cosmetics and mix and swap the peace’s to different race cars! Except I was born 2003 so this stuff was still around when I was 5!

    James houseJames house16 giorni fa
    • Oh yeah and while not car related you can’t forget about the chucky doll! Child’s play 2

      James houseJames house16 giorni fa
  • Yes Joooooooeeee

    Carter NissenCarter Nissen16 giorni fa
  • If you Do a part 2 then you should add GI Joe

    Zane HowardZane Howard16 giorni fa
  • I had that Batman car back in the day and was nuts.

    quattroconceptquattroconcept17 giorni fa
  • Kinex were bigger because you were a kid 🤦‍♀️

    rmnpvlykrmnpvlyk17 giorni fa
  • 3:43 holy sh*t i had that toy. lol wow really brings me back as a kid

    Tek LegionTek Legion17 giorni fa
  • So here's why there's no up to speed.. (129) car/truck videos (make model and sub model) videos. (7) oem perf. division videos. (7) aftermarket perf. divisions. (2) racing (F1, group b) videos. (2) race car drivers (Petty, Miles). (1) race track, the ring. (3) engines Hemi,LS,Cummins. (3) motorcycles. (2) semi trucks. 4 misc eps. Santa sleigh, quattro system,foxbodys, john deere tractors. (2) deleted eps. and a Redux episode of the RX-7.. ⚡⚡⚡ and now there out of ideas maybe?

    350Z 4life350Z 4life17 giorni fa
  • What about Hess trucks?

    Chief BeefChief Beef17 giorni fa
  • You know what I miss from my childhood? Up To Speed

    Joe SmithJoe Smith17 giorni fa
  • The Hot Wheels Rev n’ Roll is something that is pretty nostalgic for me. Along with the road rug! So many fun memories.

    Jonah MaynardJonah Maynard17 giorni fa
  • Im a 2000’s kid i think that uhh fairlady z is a racing game but its better

    Tactical WarbloxTactical Warblox17 giorni fa
  • Micromachines had the van, then I remember an American version of the Tomy racing wheel. Fun times as a child.

    Michael CornettMichael Cornett17 giorni fa
  • Micro Machines and Super Van City!

    Brad RegelousBrad Regelous18 giorni fa
  • That bay mobile thing just made my day guys. The first time I met my father was when I was 3 and him and my grandfather sat with me and built it and played with it. Thanks for the great stuff guys!!!

    Caleb MackayCaleb Mackay18 giorni fa
  • God dammit, I literally just gave away my batmobile to a little cousin of mine and now I feel bad about it... Well, at least it was me who gave him the coolest christmas present lol

    João PinhoJoão Pinho18 giorni fa
  • A wooden toy piano

    unboxing landunboxing land18 giorni fa
  • I'm gonna say it. K'nex are cooler than Legos.

    Doctor SkipwithDoctor Skipwith18 giorni fa
  • The knex draster you where talking about James is called the knex burn out. You need to look it up

    safety doggo23safety doggo2318 giorni fa
  • Charlie brown if he got old 0:42

    safety doggo23safety doggo2318 giorni fa
  • Do a console edition

    Paul AntonPaul Anton18 giorni fa
  • Wait,what ? You had toys?

    Vlad VaczyVlad Vaczy18 giorni fa
  • What about micro machines!!!

    my daysmy days19 giorni fa
  • I totally used to have that batmobile! And it was da bomb dot com before I knew what a bomb or dot com even was lol

    BD ThekingBD Theking19 giorni fa
  • My cousin had all the TMNT toys they are worth a MINT these days!

    Keith BakerKeith Baker19 giorni fa
  • 7:02 "Is that a c***roach?" Yes! The censorship extends beyond c***pit! 😂

    ClayClay19 giorni fa
  • Something amusing... I, as a late 90s kid and a lover of VW Beetles (Thanks for that, Herbie! :P) was of present-getting age just as the cultural phenomenon of the New Beetle was happening. I have to preface this story with the fact that I grew up in rural Georgia in a very conservative christian family that very explicitly did *not* want me to turn out gay... One year I was given a bright yellow Barbie New Beetle for christmas, and I could not be happier with that, however, keeping in mind what I told you about my family, guess what they gave me with that yellow Beetle?... Two big, roided up G.I. Joes... So they explicitly didn't want me to be gay and they gave me a little yellow hatchback with two big buff dudes in it. Guss who's gay now? The only way this could have been more of a tell for my future would have been if the joes had been werewolves or something, lmfao. And while we're here, here's a list of other things they thought would turn me gay... - Spongebob - Catdog - Angry Beavers - Rocko's Modern Life - Ren & Stimpy? (That could have been more down to the gross-out humor I guess) - King of the Hill (for some unknowable reason?) My family also refuse to let my stepbrother play video games because they're worried Pokemon will turn him gay so... Yeah lmfao. I'm sure there are others I'm suppressing the memory of but... Yeah. Fun christmas time story for sharing. :P

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher Williams19 giorni fa
  • Hey! I still have that hot wheels carwash! My 2 year old loves it now! Mine doesn't have any cockroaches with it though lol

    MidwestmintMidwestmint19 giorni fa
  • @Donut Media yooooo 😂😂😂 gave an aight to the carwash?! What, but did you guys play with hotwheels at all? before I could work on cars I owned like 100s of hotwheels and its was the only brand I wanted too. I even knew the car was going to change in the water before you guys did. overiew, you didnt give it a chance. you didnt get a mint one either fellaz. And I hope my parents didnt buy me one becuz of that commercial either lol. @12:00 MY cuz has one and this was the only thing that could make me drop a hot wheel!!! Id drive fo a minute yo!!! It felt like I could drive man. and Im an 80s baby (82) so chill with the old time licorice jokes. the 80s is the sweet spot for being born around cars man.

    King Adam LueKing Adam Lue19 giorni fa
  • I remember every single toy 😢 I miss my younger self

    Dany BDany B19 giorni fa
  • You guys should get zip zaps they were little customizable rc cars

    Adam KozlowskiAdam Kozlowski20 giorni fa
  • No Tyco Baja Bandit 9.6v Turbo??????? Shame on you guys😂

    J ViJ Vi20 giorni fa
  • Hot wheels 1 in 6 track set

    Charlie BernhardtCharlie Bernhardt20 giorni fa
  • Yesterday i was Playing It and Today i see it- I-

    LonelyCoFFeesLonelyCoFFees20 giorni fa
  • they has a trueno?!?!?

    John MaldonadoJohn Maldonado20 giorni fa
  • My dad said he is remembers playing with the fold up city

    RavengerRavenger20 giorni fa
  • Wow I forgot about the tmnt bus I had that

    CrackerCracker20 giorni fa
  • IS THAT AN 86?!?!?!

    Andrew CrawfordAndrew Crawford20 giorni fa
  • I love mechano os that how it’s spelt

    Muffin ManMuffin Man20 giorni fa
  • I have the corvette version of that Porsche steering wheel thing and it’s way bigger😂 It had pop up headlights too

    Konner BrennerKonner Brenner21 giorno fa
  • 3:09 IS THAT AN 86!!!

    TakumiTakumi21 giorno fa
  • Man, I saw the TMNT's commercial and choked up. I felt the same excitement I felt as a child when seeing the turtles. I usually don't like what I liked as a child, but turns out I still like the TMNT.