This Indian Law BANNED Car Mods!

15 mar 2021
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India recently passed a controversial law banning ALL car mods, even paint! Why did they do it, and it is possible to be a car nerd if you can't mod your car? The answer may surprise you, and might even make you want to go to India!
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  • Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring this video! Get 20% OFF + FREE International Shipping plus TWO FREE GIFTS at

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    • @Mr Stevens 👍👍

      sunny dhimansunny dhiman2 giorni fa
    • Tata Nano was not a scandal, a lot of units were sold

      Siddharth UpadhyaySiddharth Upadhyay6 giorni fa
    • Guya you gotta understand India was an extremely socialist country until the 90s we didn't have muscle cars or jdm cars , there was only one nationalized state owned car company called maruti a d buying sports cars or touring cars is a very 2000s thing here

      adrish boseadrish bose6 giorni fa
    • Pls do a video on cars of Bangladesh

      Md Badrul Hasan riponMd Badrul Hasan ripon11 giorni fa
    • @Speed Dr. Hey everybody can get some fun facts about every country

      J][D gamerJ][D gamer15 giorni fa
  • I like how he says 'super smooth streets' in the south😂😂😂. My brother should visit bangalore.

    Shreenivas RTShreenivas RT3 ore fa
  • n = 22 is not a statistically significant survey

    Harsh BandheyHarsh Bandhey5 ore fa
  • You search, Babs monster truck, Komban holidays, they have the highest modified vehicles in Kerala

  • I heard that you can change color of the vehicle, sticker your vehicle,wrap it change, modify alloys to an allowable limit ,modify sound system to allowable db, modify horns to an allowable sound limit, modify engine with prior permission, modify grill, Modify suspensions to an allowable limit,modify seating in mpv, also there are a couple of other modifications you can do to your vehicle I got this information from a Transport Commissioner but stance, lowering, high lift, bullbars, hid and chasis mods, tyre mods are considered as illegal

  • Iam sure that most comments are from India 😉

    abhishek Abhiabhishek Abhi14 ore fa
  • 100% import tax? Try 180% registration + 20% excise + another rough USD$45k in licensing costs for Singapore.

    Keith WKeith W15 ore fa
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    Prarabdh KashyapPrarabdh Kashyap18 ore fa
    • in just rs 2493/- only

      Prarabdh KashyapPrarabdh Kashyap17 ore fa
  • I can't even change my motorcycle exhaust...... Fuck

    vaibhav thatholavaibhav thathola18 ore fa
  • I'm 100% sure that cops in my district have no idea about this law or they don't give a fuck about it

    koteswara raokoteswara rao18 ore fa
  • You can find better Indian Auto ITworldsrs

    Akash S KumarAkash S Kumar19 ore fa
  • Did you just say super smooth streets?

    Kev XavKev Xav19 ore fa
  • True true i agree..

    Ste8ltHYSte8ltHY21 ora fa
  • Cant wait to move to mars with my illegal modified car

    kanser gamingkanser gamingGiorno fa
  • Don't forget to mention Maruti 800 it was like car goddess in india

  • Thatt example hit me hard 😂 your mom call you saying pause your game and come for food and keep on saying but you cant cause its multiplayer 😂

    prakeet pradhanprakeet pradhanGiorno fa
  • Nice coverage please keep the videos coming. Some of the data points are dated. Fiat has left India almost 2 years back. Tata Nano does not exist anymore.. must be three years now

    AmeyaAmeyaGiorno fa
  • That why in india.i c all car use a stock rim.ha ha ha.even police can notice what car criminal use by see a track of da way.

    cat munky afzainizamcat munky afzainizamGiorno fa
  • Now india cars like subaru, Toyota Gt86 are importing from gulf countries

    An AdAn AdGiorno fa
  • don't worry no body follow the law in india

    Danish QuraishiDanish QuraishiGiorno fa
  • In Tamil Nadu during the 2021 Pongal festival days we people were asked to remove the bumpers which are for safety purposes by the police. Come on goverment why do we need to remove bumpers which are for our safety purposes

    Gopinath SGopinath S2 giorni fa
  • I'm from India, but i used wide and Big tires, used free flow exhaust, changed the color, tinted my windows with thick black, tinted my rear lights, but nae, never been stopped by the police. There was a moment when one policeman told me to change my exhaust as it was too loud, never did🤣. So, it depends on the states you belong to. Besides, 50% of the laws made here are just written laws, there is no one to take actions for the law breakers, thats me🤣

    7even Bros7even Bros2 giorni fa
  • If you really crave torque , unfortunately diesel is the only option. Our petrol engines are tiny with little headroom for mods. Most cars are manual, so you can fiddle around with short throw transmission. Suspensions are costly af..moreveor fuel price makes my kidneys look cheap.

    Karthik SathyanarayananKarthik Sathyanarayanan2 giorni fa
  • Why do all Indian "experts" to most foreign channels blurt out brands n stuff never known to many Indians? They never tend to reflect the popular knowledge among Indians!

    thiruvettithiruvetti2 giorni fa
  • Q

    babita gousainbabita gousain2 giorni fa
  • In india buying a lamborghini is like buying a buggati 😂

    Nrudev PatilNrudev Patil2 giorni fa
  • എന്ത് ചെയ്യാനാ അണ്ണാ എം.വി.ഡി മൂഞ്ചിക്കാൻ ആയിട്ട് ഇരിക്കുവാ

    SNJSNJ2 giorni fa
  • I hate indian government even though i live in india😭😭😭😭😭 i am leaving my country asap

    Biraj DuttaBiraj Dutta2 giorni fa
  • Its Fun Gaining Knowledge About My Own Country From A Foreigner👌👌👌

    Aniket GamerAniket Gamer2 giorni fa
  • In india , the bann on vehicle modification is sensible . Thousands of smart engineers work on research , design , manufacturing of an automobile . The delusion that , a blacksmith can add anything to that automobile and make it into a better machine is utterly stupid . I have seen idiots using custom scilenser and hurt everyone's ears around .

    Mathew c aMathew c a2 giorni fa
  • Nobody follow law in India 😂😂

    Brock ZeusBrock Zeus2 giorni fa
  • Sometimes Original is good enough. As the car gets older buy some new parts. I don't think anything beats that.

    SubzeroSubzero2 giorni fa
  • India has some strange rules but the roads are still chaotic. Government hasn't got any vision to impose road manners on people. Pathetic...

    Sarath Babu Thulasibhavanam ReghunathSarath Babu Thulasibhavanam Reghunath3 giorni fa
  • alright brother apology accepted

    Rahul ChavanRahul Chavan3 giorni fa
  • I am from Mumbai and here you can see some modified cars but not highly modified, the cops herw do stop these kinda cars but then leave the matter coz a normal wrap won't kill someone(yeah the cops are chilled here lol) there are many Polos out here on the roads with performance exhausts installed and it's pretty much okey but not too modified.

  • Don't visit my channel 🤣🤣

    KIM & The KeYKIM & The KeY3 giorni fa
  • West bengal bro

    Sanjoy TuduSanjoy Tudu3 giorni fa
  • Dude you pronounced Maruti like mazhuthi with a smooth R. its actually pronounced with a rrrrrrr R.

    VicFic!VicFic!3 giorni fa
  • I can’t believe you pronounced škoda correctly, most people pronounce it as an s not a sh

    Le BladeLe Blade3 giorni fa
  • They banned it because they can't put good roads and can't take proper safety measures and traffic rules .... It's all the government's fault and they blame us for mods

    dhanish balajidhanish balaji3 giorni fa
  • Any Malayalis..... 💯✨

    Bhavesh sanjay.Bhavesh sanjay.3 giorni fa
  • Still in India vehicle laws are crazy.

    Bhavesh sanjay.Bhavesh sanjay.3 giorni fa
  • India needs American freedom, please invade us and free us from this communist regime, I was oppressed and forced to remove the bullbars off my Safari, that was literally the only thing I added to the stock model I bought.

    Aruji-SamaAruji-Sama3 giorni fa
  • I live in india and I hate India for loving mustang more than anything else, if I'm gonna show them a Koenigsegg , they'll say that Mustang is better

    Yoyo SinghYoyo Singh3 giorni fa
  • Broo love from india🇮🇳♥️

    Saurabh SinghaniyaSaurabh Singhaniya3 giorni fa
  • It's really shame for India poor and cheap quality car maker maruti suzuki have largest market in India

    Kaustubh BhavsarKaustubh Bhavsar3 giorni fa
  • Man If you have money, Power, you can do anything in India, coz corrupted people.

    Amogh MadiwaleAmogh Madiwale3 giorni fa
  • Random dude in ITworlds : punto is the Hottest car South India have Honda city and skoda old models Cmon where do you guys get your statistics? I’ve never seen someone who says punto is hot 😂 in Kerala ( south India ) most cars are hatch backs or suvs Like Mahindra , jeep , MG, Hyundai, Toyota , Mercedes, and many ...are these you tubers always taking 10 year old statics when they say about India ? 😂

    Ashik AntuAshik Antu3 giorni fa
  • I am a maruti suzuki owner and i repeat dont buy these cars. They may have better engines but are extremely unsafe and extremely deadly cars

  • Who is Vikas Yogi ?? And what is ICN ?? Such a big enthusiast and hardly anyone has heard about him 😂😂

    S BoseS Bose4 giorni fa
  • BMW M2 coupe 2021 In US: $58900 ( 41,23,000 rupees) In India: $1,42,900 ( 1 crore rupees) :(

  • Some Indian cars are gems. Some are mistakes. And the rest are just Altos and Swifts and WagonRs and... BTW, just one small correction. You must say (Ranjangaon=rɑːndʒ(ə)ngɑːv)

    रांजणगाव इंग्रजी -Ranjangaav Englishरांजणगाव इंग्रजी -Ranjangaav English4 giorni fa
  • Abarth discontinued 🙂😑

  • Who cares 🙄

    Harpreet MaanHarpreet Maan4 giorni fa
  • We have 400% tax duty for cars

    FernoFerno4 giorni fa
  • തൈര്

  • But I don't know such a law exists in India and of course, we don't care😂🤣😒.

    Amit SinghAmit Singh4 giorni fa
  • More over the mods the fu*** price over fuel hikes up 😵

    DONYDONY4 giorni fa
  • While I disagree with the Indian gov’t banning all mods, when you look at how some of these local Indians bedazzle their cars, you can at least see where the gov’t is coming from

    Trevor DogeTrevor Doge4 giorni fa
  • That's a great perspective,maybe Idm become a reality

    Manjunatha PrabhuManjunatha Prabhu4 giorni fa
  • Ch*tiya channel.

    K&Q AHK&Q AH5 giorni fa
  • He’s lost so much weight! Well done 👏🏼 try not to lose it too fast to preserve your youthful appearance 🏏

    KazhMusicKazhMusic5 giorni fa
  • It is pronounced Raan -- jaan -- gaao

    pranav mohitepranav mohite5 giorni fa
  • Tell this to people in meghalaya xD

    Mark TTKKMark TTKK5 giorni fa
  • Thing is when Indian modify cars ,they turn it into choppers and small helis 😅😅

    VikasVikas5 giorni fa
  • What to do...our country and its rules are shit always.

    prasannaiks naiksprasannaiks naiks5 giorni fa
  • @4:57 - What you did, was a little more than mispronounce. You really butchered it! You made in sound more like some place in east Asia...

    Swamy MalgudiSwamy Malgudi5 giorni fa
  • I am big time JDM fan living in mumbai and to my surprise I've been seeing many JDM cars here in Mumbai, Bandra lately. The Supra, Miata, Celica, MR2

    Swapnil SawantSwapnil Sawant5 giorni fa
  • Indian tax system is a joke

    Mounick AvijaMounick Avija5 giorni fa
  • 3:21 sad reality 😔😔😔

    Muhammed AdilMuhammed Adil5 giorni fa
  • Late but love your shirt

    Philip CarterPhilip Carter6 giorni fa
  • India will progress once the boomers in the government die from diabetes and heart attacks. Literally everything fun is banned

    KillTheTankKillTheTank6 giorni fa
  • Ford ecosport was designed for Brazil market and launched first there and later to other parts of the world.

    Sreekumar SSreekumar S6 giorni fa
  • Fiat WHAT...... That car doesn't exist in India. 😂😂😂

    Nipun MalikNipun Malik6 giorni fa
  • India is a complex country , has 1.3 billion people and imagine what will happen to the earth if everbody has Car !!! Good that Supreme Court has made it a rule to modify Car that tips the balance/stability while driving >60mph.

    RajeshRajesh6 giorni fa
    • They ban modified car bcoz of safety still 9 out of 10 cars not even have air bags

      RohitRohit3 giorni fa
  • It really is a big issue in india not to get your vehicle modified as per needs. But indeed the revulation of green fuel vehicle/ EV has been a push up Some of the after market EV kits are available at reasonable rates & can be implemented easily

    Aviraj PatilAviraj Patil6 giorni fa
  • Fiat is completely out of Indian market...

    Ritesh BajajRitesh Bajaj6 giorni fa
  • 3:07 India with 100% import duty tax Nepal:hold my 300% import duty tax..

  • Yes I do agree that the indian SC is mostly being run by a bunch of jerks

    BrotherGunnsBrotherGunns6 giorni fa
  • do a video on babs monster truck

    ARUN SARUN S6 giorni fa
  • The vid starts @ 8:50

    Ali KhanAli Khan6 giorni fa
  • First give us proper roads😂

    Torquebeast 650Torquebeast 6506 giorni fa
  • Tata Nano is now banned cuz it is very unsercure as there in no engine deck to hit first so the object will hit your face at first before the car.

    Saurabh PadhySaurabh Padhy6 giorni fa
  • His geographical representation of the Indian peninsula and the type of cars makes no sense. For example take the state of Kerala. They have cash from the middle east to burn on upper end cars. Suvs are really popular among families in south India with more family members.

    Ghanasyam SajeeshGhanasyam Sajeesh7 giorni fa
  • I'm sorry to say this but your research is old, renault fluence is discontinued in india. I know I work for them lol. Also nano has been discontinued too. Both for at least 1.5 years.

    Nagendra ShenoyNagendra Shenoy7 giorni fa
  • im an idian

    Hena SaranHena Saran7 giorni fa
  • But we do love modss and we are still doing it😂😂🔥

    Stories by VKStories by VK7 giorni fa
  • You could move to one of the hillbilly states. You can do whatever you want to your car but then you have to live in like Alabama or something. I’d ride a kids scooter to stat out of Alabama..

    Roger SzmodisRoger Szmodis7 giorni fa
  • 6:02 the better roads are still terrible compared to the USA. Some might be good if not better, but most are really bad.

    Nishanth DommetyNishanth Dommety7 giorni fa
  • Loved this video! I haven't seen anything so accurate about India from out of India✌🏻

    chankirat bakshichankirat bakshi7 giorni fa
  • They talk about illegal modifications but roads are not safe for cars here. Some cry for roads some cry for mods 😩😩

    Zahoor ul Haq GojreeZahoor ul Haq Gojree7 giorni fa
  • MARUTI is the name of the God Indra's human birth Krishna's brother

    Indraneel BrahmaIndraneel Brahma7 giorni fa
  • even one car in kerala was banned recently due to this modification it was viral #babs monster truck

    Jaya SuryaJaya Surya7 giorni fa
  • 10:54 mazen mody's mustang from Pune

    Auto Enthusiast IndiaAuto Enthusiast India7 giorni fa
  • It sucks being a car nerd and cant modify

    Shaik M. OmarShaik M. Omar7 giorni fa
  • If you rape a girl inside a car no issue in india.and also kill humans no problems Except cows 😂😂 If u put a sticker in car it is a criminal law 😂 👍👍👍 After all India is my country 😂😂

    BS8301BS83017 giorni fa
  • you know, in France, modifying a car has always been illegal, and removes the homologation, and hence, the assurance of the car ... yet, lots of people modify their cars, and lots of people are doing "tuning". there is one legal way to "re-homologate" a modified car, but it's very expensive, and nobody does it ... actually, as long as you don't kill anyone with your modified car, you have almost no problem.

    Pas MoiPas Moi8 giorni fa
  • Ehem ehem..... stage 2 vrs (even the dealership don't find out my mod that violates warranty) 🤣 I drive the vrs 230 moded on the inside

    Yazdaan KhanYazdaan Khan8 giorni fa
  • 😭😭no rwd cars

    pdpd8 giorni fa
  • But it's completely Legal to build 1 Star Rated Cars.

    IncognitoIncognito8 giorni fa