Every Engine Layout Explained

23 feb 2021
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You know about inline engines, v engines, maybe even a VR engine layout, but do you know the W, the U, or the H engine?
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  • Volkswagen proved you wrong on that v5 part

    TigzzzGamingTigzzzGaming33 minuti fa
  • You forgot the chrysler a57 multibank. Or whatever layout that thing uses

    Mathieu SmithMathieu Smith48 minuti fa
  • didnt the jetta mkIV come in a v5?

    Femi DenimFemi Denim4 ore fa
  • What was the engine at 15:07?

    Hamish NeilsonHamish Neilson6 ore fa
  • The Leopard 2 tank uses a 27.4L V12, which can produce 1500hp at 2700rpm, and 3352 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. They're also completely unsilenced on the tanks as far as I know, so they sound absolutely amazing.

    Hamish NeilsonHamish Neilson6 ore fa
  • How about "X" shaped engines? Is there any?

    Fellipe NavarroFellipe Navarro6 ore fa
  • Rotary's are fun until it comes to rebuild time many people who know their shut have told me the boxer engines are probably the best design in use

    Dave MeadsDave Meads14 ore fa
  • You have an rc51? I am jealous af. Ive wanted one for years. My local shop had one over a decade ago and ive never seen one since

    Scott SmelkoScott Smelko21 ora fa

    loroc00loroc00Giorno fa
  • You said no cars had a V5 engine. What about the vw derived V5 engine.

    Uber SwiftUber SwiftGiorno fa
  • “you probably have one in your nsx” well i don’t but my dads got one😂😂 i couldn’t believe when you said that

    Evan WiseEvan WiseGiorno fa
  • Reihenmotor😂

    Severin PortmannSeverin PortmannGiorno fa
  • I would like to add that VW produced a V10 Diesel engine found in the VW Phaeton.

    Fabian BrunsFabian BrunsGiorno fa
  • Host reminds me of Scott Pilgrim. Nice...

    Pax ShmitzPax ShmitzGiorno fa
  • V6.... what a beautiful sound

    Timotei BumbTimotei BumbGiorno fa
  • What about radial engines

    TinfoilChampionTinfoilChampionGiorno fa
  • you guys should do a vid on adiabatic engines those things are sweet.

    Dominic MauroDominic MauroGiorno fa
  • my favorite is naturally aspirated V10 like they used in f1 like this itworlds.info/round/oX2mqtOgbJZuoZo/video just perfect sound

    nightvvishernightvvisherGiorno fa
  • What about the Chrysler Turbine engines?

    GusGus2 giorni fa
  • Turbine engine & jet engine(says"BATMAN"), radial engine has been put into a car (of course),Chrysler I believe. Mazda did not have the only rotary as there were others.

    BunzeeBearBunzeeBear2 giorni fa
  • VW used V5 engines i the VW Bora and the Seat Toledo...

    TooooMeeeeKTooooMeeeeK2 giorni fa
  • gotta love the wankel engine and the rx-7

    TheWidowTheWidow2 giorni fa
  • Reihenmotor 😂

    Fives CT-5555Fives CT-55552 giorni fa
  • I now WHAT is w bugati

    Ram 123abcRam 123abc2 giorni fa
  • mentions the inline 3 but leaves out triumphs 675 and 765 engines arguably the best sounding 600cc sportbike engines

    Dominick BassoDominick Basso2 giorni fa
  • HAHA, you actually mentioned the Napier Deltic... Should have explained that one! need a graphic for that, its the weirdest layout I've heard of!

    Stephen BrittonStephen Britton2 giorni fa
  • what about K-shaped engine?

    Adit SrivastavaAdit Srivastava3 giorni fa
  • Can anyone explain to me how the cylinder shift thing is phasing through the crank shift in the animations

    Mihir GannavarapuMihir Gannavarapu3 giorni fa
  • Talking about the v6 and not mentioning the skyline? Wow 😂

    CalliCalli3 giorni fa
  • You forgot the i7. It is not used in a car but the sizu straight 7 is the only straight 7 used on land. It is used in the challenger mt700 series tractor, not a car engine but a cool engine. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight-seven_engine

    Olivier WellinkOlivier Wellink3 giorni fa
  • Im gonna take all of them, and then I'm gonna put em in the trash 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Andrew KapaldoAndrew Kapaldo3 giorni fa
  • Don’t wanna be a smart ass but at some point in the 90’s an engineer and an actor built the cizeta v16t and they made 11 total before they got in an argument. I think that’s right but I may have missed something 🙃

    Steven BonnettSteven Bonnett3 giorni fa
  • They weren't used in cars, but you left off the spaceball engine(at least that us what Neander). They have 2 crankshafts with a rod from each crank going to 1 piston. They put them in motorcycles and are currently producing them in a diesel outboard.

  • I was just working in a 95.3 L v16 engine the other day. About 4000 hp, produces about 3000 kva.

    mfk12340mfk123404 giorni fa
  • I believe that there is an X engine built for a british aircraft, which was shoe-horned into a car.

    MJMJ4 giorni fa
  • suck, squeeze, bang, blow. Am I the only one thinking of a very different thing?

    Reynald John CatrizReynald John Catriz4 giorni fa
  • How on God's green Earth did he not mention Volvo and their classic D5 engine during the inline 5-cylinder portion of his video?... In my mind, if any vehicle manufacturer has used the 5-cylinder engine the most and helped to bring the inline 5-cylinder into the wider mainstream it'd be Volvo man. Volvo has been putting their D5 inline 5-cylinder engine into almost every single sedan model they've offered from 2001 up until just recently. Over the years I've owned an S40 T-5, two different S60's, and their S70 T-5 all of which were based on the Volvo D5 inline 5-cylinder engine. With how many different models Volvo has put their 5-cylinder D5 engine into over the years, I just assumed he was about to bring their name up any second now during the corresponding section of the video... But then he just moves right on without mentioning the one brand who's sold the most cars with 5-cylinder engines in them... It's like talking about lawn mowers and never mentioning John Deer, well maybe not that bad but still you get the point.

  • v5 in no cars? VW Golf V5: am i a joke to you?

    GTA_Noob_NicoGTA_Noob_Nico4 giorni fa
  • You forgot straight 7 engine. US tractor manufacturer AGCO makes an inline 7 engine for parts commonality so they can make an inline 3, inline 4, inline 6 and inline 7 with only 2 cylinder heads.

    Erik KovacsErik Kovacs4 giorni fa
  • No v5 lol golf v5 4motion

    richard oakleyrichard oakley5 giorni fa
  • how cool is that. you can have only 3 cylinders but have a super fast car. that's where turbos come in handy. or you can just op with a 10 or 12 cylinder.

    Mr.comandoMr.comando5 giorni fa
  • Next up: *Inline 25*

    StoneApollyonStoneApollyon5 giorni fa
  • I’m surprised nobody has tried a square 9 engine Basically just 9 pistons in a square formation

    Bill_ehBill_eh5 giorni fa
  • car

    Lost_RitoLost_Rito5 giorni fa
  • Ford and GM have V8's for their diesel truck and they are cramped in there, dodge has its online 6 diesel which is kinda long and skinny, also I do know that for ford's diesel trucks the turbo is like on top of the engine, im kinda confused on how this works because if you know turbos normally go on the side of the engine and are not run off the engine like a supercharger

    Anthony FlahiveAnthony Flahive5 giorni fa
  • arent like dirt bikes and stuff inline ones

    Dyllon GauthierDyllon Gauthier5 giorni fa
  • No mention of the gm 3.8 v6? Instant dislike

    Skull Imp GamingSkull Imp Gaming5 giorni fa
  • WHAT ABOUT LAWN PUSHING LAWN MOWER'S?? they got V2 engine's or an Inline1, and Riding lawnmower's have a Inline3 or a V6, SO YOU CAN TURN IT INTO A DRIFT-MOWER

    Sans the SkeletonSans the Skeleton5 giorni fa
  • Im only 30 seconds in and im thinking "i wonder if he will cover pulse jet engines"

    firecrow 797firecrow 7975 giorni fa
  • This made me a little sick to my stomach.

    Ambrosia SaxAmbrosia Sax6 giorni fa
  • The Ferrari 12 is a 180° V configuration as opposed to the boxer design.

    CP MaverickCP Maverick6 giorni fa
  • Radial Engine?

    Peter BoyPeter Boy6 giorni fa
  • 4:29 sounds like a fun night

    Awhora HAwhora H6 giorni fa
  • What does my girlfriend have in common with an engine? The four cycles: suck, squeeze, bang, and blow

    Noah BondNoah Bond6 giorni fa
  • 13:34 got a WBX in my VW T3 and i know what youre talking about :D but i love this engine

    René LaudienRené Laudien6 giorni fa
  • Vw makes in-line 5 cylinders

    Tyler ClarkTyler Clark7 giorni fa
  • 5:40 fiat marea boom!

    Lucas PorfírioLucas Porfírio7 giorni fa
  • I’m a newbue when it comes to engines. This was very well explained. Good work.

    Charles PittsCharles Pitts7 giorni fa
  • He left out the orbital engine. Such a weird little thing that never gets mentioned

    Mat SimpsonMat Simpson7 giorni fa
  • Very very nice! You hit my brain

    Евгений ПермяковЕвгений Пермяков7 giorni fa
  • although the Inline 6 is smooth, it rocks the ram 2500 when it starts, the entire truck you can feel shaking as the thing turns over..

    CatWith ABatCatWith ABat7 giorni fa
  • VW has a boxer

    Amy jo JinkersonAmy jo Jinkerson8 giorni fa
  • The 30-degree slant six was the best engine it can run on 1 quart of oil for a month and not blow and the 318 V 8 was another that can run on the same amount of oil

    Amy jo JinkersonAmy jo Jinkerson8 giorni fa
  • NAPIER f***ing DELTICS.

    Denis O'brienDenis O'brien8 giorni fa
  • You also forgot the sleeve valve engine used in aircraft during ww2

    Stephen FowlerStephen Fowler8 giorni fa
  • You forgot the square four.

    Stephen FowlerStephen Fowler8 giorni fa
  • In MotoGP, Suzuki and Yamaha (which you pictured) are actually running inline 4s, thought V4s are used by the other manufacturers.

    recurrentTopologyrecurrentTopology8 giorni fa
  • No love for the Volvo? The Ford Focus is running a VOLVO In-Line 5 cylinder Whiteblock engine bro!

    jacob russelljacob russell8 giorni fa
  • Top Tip: To learn more about 4 stroke engines, type "suck squeeze bang blow" into google

    LimeTime MusicLimeTime Music8 giorni fa
  • @2:29 - Who the hell animated that I4?

    Fryode - The Fried DiodeFryode - The Fried Diode8 giorni fa
  • What about the flatheads those were an awesome engine you didn't talk about them

    Markius GalfordiiMarkius Galfordii8 giorni fa
  • Congratulations you've gotten just as annoying as what's his name and you also forgot x-engines. There's a specialty company in britland somewhere that makes an x engine

    Dan -Dan -8 giorni fa
  • 3:07 inline single cilinder?

    thealvacothealvaco9 giorni fa
  • lmao cool ad foreal

    PanderfPanderf9 giorni fa
  • This guy is hilarious.

    joespeed1952joespeed19529 giorni fa
  • 8:45 No I don't have one. My can has a V6 tho. And it has 1.21 GW power output. Not the engine, but the entire car itself. Let me show you, I'll be there yesterday.

    Sett, A Ring KirályaSett, A Ring Királya9 giorni fa
  • At 1 time the BROUGH motorbike (don't know if it was the superior) was the fastest machine on the planet faster than any car or aeroplane

    Robert Andrew BaptieRobert Andrew Baptie9 giorni fa
  • There is a inline 14, a 25,550L Turbo Diesel making 100k HP

    IT'S YA BOI A A RONIT'S YA BOI A A RON9 giorni fa
  • BRZ/86 during the boxer/flat 4 BRZ/86 the best boxer engine cars in the world sorry porche you are too expensive XD

  • oh shit its adam devine

    Mike DMike D9 giorni fa
  • ✋ inline 5 owner. 05 Jetta 2.5L

    Jason BrainJason Brain9 giorni fa
  • Dad's & I's Old Geo Metro has an inline 3. That sucker is supposed to be a kind of drive and ditch car, but we didn't let it. WE already rebuilt the engine (after throwing a rod and having a hole in the #2) And now we are redoing the trans (speedometer was bouncing and wouldn't exactly shift on its own with ease)

    Richard MillerRichard Miller9 giorni fa
  • Oh man, those ads. Whats next? Erectile dysfunction pills? That's low. Really low.

    e m pe m p10 giorni fa
  • 3:24 Inline two in Fiat 500, both pistons go up and down at the same time, not like in the picture

    Bojan MaticBojan Matic10 giorni fa
  • You guys are the best

    Gianluca ColateiGianluca Colatei10 giorni fa
  • The sticky alcohol quantitatively decorate because shirt topically consider towards a meek frame. shaggy, graceful sailor

    fachon tu regalonfachon tu regalon10 giorni fa
  • You forgot the lego v48

    Felipe The foam thingFelipe The foam thing10 giorni fa
  • Ford Europe had a V4 engine which was also used by Saab in the 60's/70's

    Peter VanPeter Van10 giorni fa
  • Suck squeeze bang blow Ok sounds *dirty*

    KGBKGB10 giorni fa
  • They have a video about almost everything like I just want a video about volvos and more specifically Volvo s60s 2.5l t love the sound of that five cylinder 👌

    Ervxc !Ervxc !10 giorni fa
  • W engines?

    BIG ERNOBIG ERNO10 giorni fa
  • I have a full head of hair at 48 but still watch every Keeps advert he does! F’ing riot!

    prongATOprongATO10 giorni fa
  • If you want to see a great example of an opposed single cylinder look up the "Kansas City Lightning" engine. Single crank at one end with a massive u shaped connecting rod to the opposite piston.

    Devin HollandDevin Holland10 giorni fa
  • What? no mention of radial engines? :(

    epicwinman101epicwinman10111 giorni fa
  • Tom Delonge is that you? 🤔

    Red SpecialRed Special11 giorni fa
  • I thought most small cars are 4 cylinder V style.. the more you know

    Riley WilsonRiley Wilson11 giorni fa
  • You missed one: the radial engine.

    scottthewaterwarriorscottthewaterwarrior11 giorni fa
  • Ya know what? Screw this,imma make the "X" engine!!!!!

    max tunermax tuner11 giorni fa
  • wohoo that's my engine indeed. subaru goes stututu.

    Eke-laur RaideEke-laur Raide11 giorni fa
  • The divorced dads to stepmoms hit a tad too close home

    Thomas WawrzyniakThomas Wawrzyniak11 giorni fa