Cheap vs EXPENSIVE Gas: What's the Difference

1 dic 2020
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What makes some gas cost 10 TIMES the price of other gas? Join Jeremiah as he breaks down exactly what different compounds are in gasoline, what they do, and why some are super expensiv.
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  • Almost $4 per gallon? Lmao your definitely in cali, yikes

    Emanuel QuinteroEmanuel QuinteroOra fa
  • 👍🏻

    Ryan FewsterRyan Fewster3 giorni fa
  • Someone say Octane?

    Octane Street - Apprentice MechanicOctane Street - Apprentice Mechanic7 giorni fa
  • I learned nothing of value from this video

  • gas in cali 3x what it is in texas

    J.T CreationsJ.T Creations12 giorni fa
  • This is hands down the best channel on youtube

    Jesse KeeganJesse Keegan12 giorni fa
  • My names jeremiah and I hate it when people call me jeremy

    Jerry's GarageJerry's Garage12 giorni fa
  • Battlefield Earth the movie is terrible. The book is awesome.

    Michael MastMichael Mast12 giorni fa
  • 3.70 good god fuck livening in California

    Chris dat white boiChris dat white boi13 giorni fa
  • $3.70/GALLON FOR GAS 💀 bruh here its like $1.82/gallon

    Trip KnightTrip Knight16 giorni fa
  • 18 seconds in and I'm hella confused why california gas is $1.50 more per gallon than florida and then i remembered it's california

    xTorhnx212xTorhnx21218 giorni fa
  • $3.70! For regular I can get race gas at pump for like $4 where I’m from

    Kyster58Kyster5820 giorni fa
    • Is it 100 octane? If that's the case it's not quite race gas like the VP fuel featured in the video

      andrewsandrews19 giorni fa
  • Why America doesn’t have 100 octane fuel?

    North Moto MadnessNorth Moto Madness22 giorni fa
  • $400 for 10 gallons of mpro 6??? Damn!!!!!

    Wendell GreenidgeWendell Greenidge23 giorni fa
  • Diesel engines have an octane rating of 25 to 40 and yet require engines with higher compression rations. This managed to confuse me more as someone that isn't a gearhead.

    Edward WoodEdward Wood25 giorni fa
  • Will it works White 15:1 Compres ... ??

    Brian LundBrian Lund25 giorni fa
  • Mine is 98 RON recommended... which is 93

    Baba GanduBaba Gandu25 giorni fa
  • "$3.70 a gallon" *Laughs in Texan*

    Brent Snocom GamingBrent Snocom Gaming25 giorni fa
    • What does a laugh in 'texan' sound like? Yosemite Sam shooting his pistols in the air?

      andrewsandrews19 giorni fa
  • biggest mystery here is why you guys call a liquid gas

    David PlumsteadDavid Plumstead27 giorni fa
  • people that put 87 on their 91 engine is the worse kind of person.

    Steezy MiyagiSteezy MiyagiMese fa
  • Your talking a lot of crap in this vid! Amazing

    Craig McVeighCraig McVeighMese fa
  • Oof who pays $3.70 for a gallon of gas?

    Stewart AndersonStewart AndersonMese fa
  • Its because 37.00 is for RACE FUEL

    Nick Suchyta RacingNick Suchyta RacingMese fa
  • Me a malaysian who run ron97 or even ron95: pathetic.......

    Ed TehEd TehMese fa
  • Higher octane when unnecessary lowers mpg

    Nigel TufnelNigel TufnelMese fa
  • Have you ever seen a video like this and thought who the hell disliked this

    Nathan DeanNathan DeanMese fa
  • God damn 3.70 a gallon. Its 1.89 here in South Carolina

    Gage NeisiusGage NeisiusMese fa
  • Is there any comparison for the gas treatment difference and also oil flush worth video??

    diamante98diamante98Mese fa
  • This guy is the chemistry teacher I am looking for 😂

    Abdul rafay MohammedAbdul rafay MohammedMese fa
  • I remember putting 93 octane in my old car and it threw the "Check Engine" light a few miles later. Had it cleared and never did that again. I now stick to whatever the manufacturer recommends. Anyone else have a similar experience?

    ricky vricky vMese fa
  • I use premium in 02 Ducati. Cause why not. It’s a small tank so not spending a bundle and my duc deserves good go go juice

    IckessIckessMese fa
  • Wait... Yall americans have 93?? Bruh here in my country we rock 98 no joke😎

    matiss hansensmatiss hansensMese fa
  • I like that they are kinda doing a new science garage but I miss science garage.

    Gage BrewerGage BrewerMese fa
  • 3.70? That’s still expensive to me.

    King KaiKing KaiMese fa
  • Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that all the hosts kinda mimic James?

    Adam SpinaAdam SpinaMese fa
  • Wtf happened to bart

    Daniel CarneroDaniel CarneroMese fa
  • Meanwhile in Germany 95 is the lowest Octane you can even get at a gas station, with people routinely pouring 98 into their sports cars or tuned cars (most modern sports cars like Porsche, Audi S / RS cars, etc) even give you the requirement of using 98 Octane because the engine is optimized for it (it says to use "Super +" right on the Lid of your fuel deposit - which is equivalent to 98 Octane at least). People who care for their cares, and specially tuners, often use 100 Octane (like Shell V-Power Racing 100) or even 102 Octane gas (like Aral Ultimate 102) on their cars, because the ECU can be tuned and optimized for it. Edit: And before I get killed by people - Yes, I am aware US calculates Octane in a different way, still your Premium high octane gas (which would convert to 93 Octane according to how EU calculates) is lower than Europes BASE gas (95). Basically the lowest stuff you can get in EU is better than the best you can get in the states - obviously talking street legal out of a gas station. Specially modern and sportscar engines are able to make advantage of this and output higher power thanks for a better fuel. E.g. Porsche, Audi RS, etc all are optimized from the factory to be ran AT LEAst at 98 Octane, and make use of 100/102 octane.

    KwathreonKwathreonMese fa
  • wont the knock sensor allow for more timing with more octane ? thus more peak power ?

    Making Stuff AwesomeMaking Stuff AwesomeMese fa
  • When he said hey Jeremy I freaked out yo!! I wasn’t focused on the video but lol I am now!! 😂😂🤣

    Jeremy CoxJeremy CoxMese fa
  • My gas costs 2.03 a gallon..cuz im not in California! LOL

    St4ck4tt4ckSt4ck4tt4ckMese fa
  • Is it bad I run 87 in my 240sx with a ka

    Aden LiphamAden LiphamMese fa
  • This is a great video I learned something from it

  • Good thing they still sell 85 octane in CO.

    Mr. PritchardMr. PritchardMese fa
  • please explain why different countries use different octane ratings. |I'm from australia, and here the only fuel we have is 91 octane, 95 octane, 98 Octane, E10 and E85. why does the US have 85, 87 and 91????

    Steven CappSteven CappMese fa
  • sorry, raycons are RUBBISH.

    Steven CappSteven CappMese fa
  • ^cries in kiwi^ its almost 2$ a litre here, 91 is the minimum 98 is the highest ive seen (e85 is here but havent personally come across it)

    Omega KiwiOmega KiwiMese fa
    • That is honestly good to know, thanks for the info my dude 🙌

      Omega KiwiOmega KiwiMese fa
    • Your 91 is probably like Americans 87 countries all use a different scale of measurement

      Todd JuddTodd JuddMese fa
  • well if you get your car tuned for the race fuel i guarantee youll make more power

    Kenny AgneKenny AgneMese fa
  • I expected that you will mention europe’s engines and of course 95, 98 and 100 octane benzin. Bcs you can’t usually get 87 octane like in US. :D

    Josef DemčíkJosef DemčíkMese fa
  • if you want 105 octane at home blend 70% iso-octane and 30% toluene.............

    killxxrkillxxrMese fa
  • 0.o Looks at upload date, this isn't 2008

    Upcycle ShoesUpcycle ShoesMese fa
  • Lol who picked the intro music sounds like Im watching someone play Madden

    Salvador FloresSalvador FloresMese fa
  • What gas stations have the best gas?

    350Z 4life350Z 4lifeMese fa
  • Jeremiah looks like the son of Daniel Tosh from Tosh.O on Comedy Central. Lol love the channel, guys!

    Trey HiersTrey HiersMese fa
    • BRUUUH HE LOOKS TOTALLY LIKE HIM. Never made that connection

      Fata GygesFata GygesMese fa
  • cheap vs expensive fuel from my experience is the price and the expensive one burns faster than the cheap one.I mean i need to go more often to the gas station if i use premium fuel.Thats been the case:Cheap gas for the win!

    Catalin SorinCatalin SorinMese fa
  • Y'all pay $3.70/gallon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MrObsolete530xMrObsolete530xMese fa
  • So let's say I took the 119 Octane Gas that you put in your camaro and I used it in a turbo 11:5:1 compression car, would it help with detonation even tho the engine is rated for 91 octane?

    POPETIN RacingPOPETIN RacingMese fa
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    Joe MaddoxJoe MaddoxMese fa
  • Yeahh there adds are actually funny, good stuff

    MC - 12ZZ 588858 Cawthra Park SSMC - 12ZZ 588858 Cawthra Park SSMese fa

    Nick GurrNick GurrMese fa
  • 85?

    REBELimgsREBELimgsMese fa
  • 3.70$ a gallon? It’s 1.78 a gallon here

    David LongDavid LongMese fa
  • Do one on what goes into calculating towing capacity!!! Currently trying to figure out exactly what torque and gearing I would need to tow 3000 lbs on a 15% grade. I think I know but I'm a double E... owo

    Jonny CapJonny CapMese fa
  • What’s up with the number 1 hot shot at Perris?

    Zach WalkerZach WalkerMese fa
  • What octane rating would nitrous oxide and ether have 🤔

    Don KiksBiscuitsDon KiksBiscuitsMese fa
  • $3.70 per gallon for gas? Fuck I don't even pay that for diesel. $1.90 is avg where I live. Here in America

    Andrew ChristnerAndrew ChristnerMese fa
  • i use 110 octane avgas B)

    AlexAlexMese fa
  • Eu: nothing under 95octane

    FiregamesFiregamesMese fa
  • Battlefield earth is indeed a classic. A classic piece of shit. 😅😅😅

    Mark Michael CabarlesMark Michael CabarlesMese fa
  • Not even supermarkets fuel stoops down to 93 in the UK.

    NosdenNosdenMese fa
  • This ad was cringe.

    Gandalf721Gandalf721Mese fa
  • I'm pretty sure it's isooctane with two o's.

    Tristen OiemetsTristen OiemetsMese fa
  • Edit: I've run 93 in all my cars, including a 19 Silverado and 18 Trax. Ran it in my 2011 Focus and took it to 219k miles before the body rusted apart. Engine still ran like new. Back when I ran a catless car a decade ago, I ran avgas, or aviation grade fuel. That is not remotely the same thing as jet fuel. Don't run jet fuel in your car unless you like to go boom. Avgas is pricey, but cheaper than dedicated race fuel. I wouldn't run it in a high end sports car or anything with catalytic converters as it is the last remaining leaded fuel, but on something tuned for it with proper jetting and no cats, its fine. It does very well at higher altitudes given its antiicing properties. Anyway, when tuned for avgas, my car put down 17whp and 8lbft more than when tuned for 93. I imagine 110 race gas could squeeze out a few more hp, but avgas is roughly $5/gallon and is equivalent to 100 octane with a higher rich mixture rating than 93 pump gas and is a fraction of the cost of 110. For my limited budget at the time, it made sense for the occasional track day. But ymmv.

    Paine ThomasPaine ThomasMese fa
  • You are crushing it young man! 🤙 from Portland Oregon.

  • I dont know dude, all of them taste the same for me

    jojo uzimakijojo uzimakiMese fa
  • I love the smell of race fuel in the morning. Smells like victory. 😁😁😁

    Matt FoltzMatt FoltzMese fa
  • In Finland we have 95e and 98e meaning 95 has 10% ethanol and 98 has 5% ethanol

    gulag dtgulag dtMese fa
  • Petrol exactly the same. Regulation. Diesel, only the 50 or 10ppm are more expensive.

    Luke's pageLuke's pageMese fa
  • Lmao, I pay 2.12 for my gas

    The Official Tranquil PhoenixThe Official Tranquil PhoenixMese fa
  • By far the best ads on youtube.

    Darrell JonesDarrell JonesMese fa
  • I wonder if he actually has an in depth understanding of chemistry or if this is all just good research.

    Juwuan SmithJuwuan SmithMese fa
  • Damn the gas we have is 95 and 98. I always go to shell for Vpower98

    BC_WarNickBC_WarNickMese fa
  • I love your ads. But I guess running 2 tanks of v-power and then plus in my engine probably cleaned it pretty good?

    Noah LarsenNoah LarsenMese fa
  • Worth mentioning that there are different measures of octane rating. Main ones are Research Octane Number (RON) and Motor Octane Number (MON), and as a rule of thumb the MON figure for a fuel is 10 points lower than the RON figure. Most of the world uses the RON rating. The USA uses the Pump Octane Number (PON), which is the average of the RON and MON figures. So by the above rule of thumb the PON figure will be 5 points lower than the RON rating. So USA 91 octane fuel is about the same as a fuel labelled 96 octane through most of the world.

    Katy WalkerKaty WalkerMese fa
  • In europe, slovenia at least we have min 95 octane with 100 being high octane

    tilen gačniktilen gačnikMese fa
    • Probably RON, so equivalent to around 91 to 93.

      Paul LeePaul LeeMese fa
  • He said VP didn't sponsor the video but they gave them gas.... Isn't that the definition of a sponsor?

    Joseph CalandriaJoseph CalandriaMese fa
  • $3.70/gal? Wtf? Are you running low to mid grade racing fuel?

    AznboiKaBoomAznboiKaBoomMese fa
  • When you are a politician and you see so many people upset in the street, insted of making a desicion the reflect the will of the population, you try fihmght them all with water canon. That is one man idea force up on hundreds of thousands

    Mystery SolverMystery SolverMese fa
  • $3.70!!! That's a rip-off man

    LiamLiamMese fa
  • Most race fuel is leaded. If you have O2 sensors, expect them to be destroyed.

    Steve WiseSteve WiseMese fa
  • Alkylation process is also pretty dangerous using copious amounts of HF acid in the refinery unit. Smells like salt and vinegar chips which means Im hungry at work most of the time.

    LurkMoar101LurkMoar101Mese fa
  • I use the shell v power for better performance

    Richard SmithRichard SmithMese fa
  • Can you break down e85 I own a 2018 Silverado 2500hd its a 6L gasser e85 compatible I run it when I tow my trailer because I feel like it runs better and has more power I know its used in racing and high performance cars but does it really do anything for those of us in my situation or similar

    Chris StrubleChris StrubleMese fa
  • In Germany the Octane numbers you can get is 90, 95, 98, and 102. 102 Octane is insanely expensive up to 1.90€ per L. The cheapest one cost 1.10€ L. {Current prices}. 1L=0,264 Gallon

    Dennis BasnerDennis BasnerMese fa
  • Lmao bout $2.30 for premium phx

    Jeremy DylanJeremy DylanMese fa
  • What the heck. Last time I saw gas below 92 was ten years ago. Where I live we have 95, 98 and 100. Why is that difference?

    Georgi GeorgievGeorgi GeorgievMese fa
  • Here in europe we only have 95 and 98 and sometimes 100 octane

    Alexander NilssonAlexander NilssonMese fa
  • Bumper2Bumper goes Chemistry..

    Troy DerijeTroy DerijeMese fa
  • Racing should be banned because it's wasteful and environmentally damaging.

    Richard MonroeRichard MonroeMese fa
  • Ethanol is a octane booster

    Richard MonroeRichard MonroeMese fa
  • Low octane fuel used in a high compression engine will detonate before the firing of the spark plug which can damage the engine. Detonation is bad. You are explaining it incorrectly. I'm not sure what you are trying to explain but you're wasting people's time.

    Richard MonroeRichard MonroeMese fa