10 Best Cars the USA NEVER GOT

3 apr 2020
2 105 139 visualizzazioni

The USA is home to some of the best cars in the world, but what if we told you some of the sickest cars of ALL TIME were NEVER imported to the United States? From JDM spicy boiz to Italian exotics, we’ll show you 10 of the best cars that never made it to America and explain why the US never got ‘em. You D-Holes have been asking, so here you go: welcome to our brand new show D-List!
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  • 🤔did we miss any?

    Donut MediaDonut Media9 mesi fa
    • honda CRX SiR

      David TimmermanDavid Timmerman20 giorni fa
    • Ford ranger raptor?

      Jimmy NeutronJimmy Neutron22 giorni fa
    • 500th comment

      shai . isbcjdshai . isbcjd28 giorni fa
    • 499

      shai . isbcjdshai . isbcjd28 giorni fa
    • 498

      shai . isbcjdshai . isbcjd28 giorni fa
  • *the lancia pops up* me: oh shit it's wheeljack

    The Great HimmThe Great Himm6 ore fa
  • - When something go wrong what you say? - Ho-o

    Eduardo NEduardo N18 ore fa
  • For the Holden maloo can’t they just but a Chevy badge on it and change a couple of things and call it an el Camino and we can get it here in the US

    Vishalsai AdipudiVishalsai Adipudi2 giorni fa
  • I feel so proud of Americans they still have cars that are the best and still had cars around the world that we didn’t have and were the best .. can’t get mad

    Christian MartinezChristian Martinez2 giorni fa
  • what about the chevy ss? its a holden ve commodore ss.

    ZxcHxrtZxcHxrt5 giorni fa
  • Why dis maxima so fast? Lol

    New TabletNew Tablet6 giorni fa
  • The US has stricter emission regulations than the EU?! Please explain or better make a video about this. Because this is an uneblieveable as it is interesting (hint: More tha a huge endlessly big much).

    Ricardo PesentiRicardo Pesenti9 giorni fa
  • i used to regularly see 2 porsche 993 gt 2's . definitely the nicest looking porsche.

    allothernamesbutthisallothernamesbutthis12 giorni fa
  • What about the E36 touring

    Tristan WilsonTristan Wilson13 giorni fa
  • Bro hes talking about the renault but I'm drooling over that geo metro in the backround

    Tristan WilsonTristan Wilson13 giorni fa
  • the funny thing is that on facebook market place in Australia you can get a R33 for $2000 AUD lol

    motor roomotor roo16 giorni fa

    Jaxon TENCHJaxon TENCH16 giorni fa
  • N

    G BallG Ball18 giorni fa

    UriahUriah18 giorni fa
  • Audi b5 rs4

    Jesse KortesJesse Kortes18 giorni fa
  • DeMuro has an Audi RS2

    PirateFromSpacePirateFromSpace19 giorni fa
  • Bro the camera angle in this vid turned you into Mahk Whalbaarg.

    Joe NormanJoe Norman19 giorni fa
  • You forgot every Type R Accord

    Deaf PunkDeaf Punk19 giorni fa
  • I am happy to see you got Stephen Hawking on the show before he passed. Well done

    Sean JonesSean Jones21 giorno fa
  • I have seen that car so many times because I used to live near the Toyota America headquarters.

    Janyne P.Janyne P.21 giorno fa
  • Why would anyone buy a milk toast Le Car? Give us the juiced up car!

    RoNīN GaījīNRoNīN GaījīN21 giorno fa
  • That Holden looks like a modern El Camino SS.

    RoNīN GaījīNRoNīN GaījīN21 giorno fa
  • glad to see Doug got that avant

    Isaiah BIsaiah B21 giorno fa
  • United States is the world fourth largest carmaker

    Rahimi MusaRahimi Musa21 giorno fa
  • Ive seen that Toyota Century in Plano. It travels with a motorcade of Land Cruisers. Looks like the Yakuza going down the road

    ChadimousChadimous21 giorno fa
  • GM makes the worst decisions. A Holden El Camino would have slayed the compact truck market!!

    ChadimousChadimous21 giorno fa
  • isint ho -o the reference used for ho-oh in pokemon design wise?

    TheGamingLucarioTheGamingLucario21 giorno fa
  • Your dad, Doug DeMuro, has an RS2 Avant

    Nathski 22Nathski 2221 giorno fa
  • No ho oh pokemon reference? Guys u r great but u could be perfect

    julianchojuliancho22 giorni fa
  • 21:30 What about Effspots 1GZ-FE 18.000$ 12 to 1 equal length header exhaust Century?

    Holzwurm _HDHolzwurm _HD22 giorni fa
  • 1GZ-FE BABY!

    Holzwurm _HDHolzwurm _HD22 giorni fa
  • Ford stands for fucked o we rebuild dodge

    Cody CowanCody Cowan22 giorni fa
  • Holden built by gm but not sold in the USA do lame

    Cody CowanCody Cowan22 giorni fa
  • every holden

    James ParkerJames Parker22 giorni fa
  • The harsh armchair concurringly ruin because nitrogen evocatively blind plus a efficient show. imaginary, polite penalty

    Даниил ФирсовДаниил Фирсов28 giorni fa
  • The crazy cheese etiologically man because bagpipe tentatively remain pace a troubled zephyr. silly, old-fashioned missile

    kim anhkim anh29 giorni fa
  • Toyota Century having a pokemon badge be like...

    Wil KentWil KentMese fa
  • Ho-o, like the Pokémon

    D knotD knotMese fa
  • Hahahaha you beat us........you keep telling yourself that buddy

    LoneSomeLetsPlaysLoneSomeLetsPlaysMese fa
  • 15:15 Who the hell wants a wagon???

    Rick 'The Greatest Poster' EverRick 'The Greatest Poster' EverMese fa

    Jake DrakeJake DrakeMese fa
    • Also I heard CARB mentioned an earlier video and I'm surprised you didn't hit them with a trademarked stamp!

      Jake DrakeJake DrakeMese fa
  • Well Holden’s are Australian so it was only in Australia

    Cam CoxCam CoxMese fa
  • Henry Ford was a nazi

    Ryan WellsRyan WellsMese fa
  • so a Toyota with a big ass engine and a Pokémon on it... what's not to love

    ihopninjaihopninjaMese fa
  • Omfg bro! James you are the best man! You pronounced Lancia correctly!!! Every Italian bone in my body is super happy right now!!! Yay! You're the best Pumphrey! Even my big Italian bone between my legs is super happy!!! Woot woot!

    Joe MammaJoe MammaMese fa
  • Haha I actually live right next to that HQ now

    Trent PachecoTrent PachecoMese fa
  • I am european 😀, but I haven't seen Corvette in my life

    Krzysztof WasakKrzysztof WasakMese fa
  • itworlds.info/round/g2h7gaiIms96eKo/video

    Mike SnicerMike SnicerMese fa
  • in 2020? yaris GR

    coker1212coker1212Mese fa
  • Okinawa, japan. That is all.

    Jesse RobertsonJesse RobertsonMese fa
  • I'm waaaay late on this, but one of your vids popped up in my suggested vids, watched a few...and now subscribed 👍🤘 Gonna have fun catching up!

    Trichome GnomeTrichome GnomeMese fa
  • You missed the Porsche 959.

    James YoungJames YoungMese fa
  • I love you too James!

    Nick EarlNick EarlMese fa
  • Meanwhile: European people looking at American cars :/

    Nikola VlaovićNikola VlaovićMese fa
  • The Maserati MC12, the coolest parts bin car. Change my mind.

    Metalhead 26Metalhead 26Mese fa
  • That V12 out of a Toyota century sounds like it belongs in a Supra. If they have inline 6 surely a V12 would fit just fine.

    Edmond SchwabEdmond SchwabMese fa
  • Holdeeeeeeeeeeeeeen caaaaaaarrrrrrrnt

    Trigger DoseTrigger DoseMese fa
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    Trigger DoseTrigger DoseMese fa
  • I didn't know Nolan had a sister

    deadly kittendeadly kittenMese fa
  • These cars aren't sold in India where I live 😭

    Rohit KattiRohit KattiMese fa
  • PLANO!!! lucky me

    Dakota SDakota SMese fa
  • We sure can import the Holden Ute/HSV Ute

    TorpidAlpaca663TorpidAlpaca663Mese fa
  • lol! My father had a E61 M5 Wagon for the past 10 years or something, and he just recently sold it for 4000 euro advanced payment for a new F11 5 Series Wagon few months ago, personally, I liked the E61 way more than the F11 he currently has. I myself own a VW Golf 5 GTI for a year now.

    TazzyTazzy2 mesi fa
  • i’m from plano originally 😂 i need to be on the lookout next time i go back

    Brady RobinsonBrady Robinson2 mesi fa
  • 0:00

    spacex10 gamingspacex10 gaming2 mesi fa
  • Here are a couple of Holdens (GM) and Falcons (Ford) in action in 1970 Holden Monaro was powered by a 350 Chev with a 4 speed Muncie Box behind it. Disk brake front and drums rear. Rated at about 300hp most were in race form about 400 hp The mighty Falcon had a 351 Clevland with a 4 speed (top loader, I think) twin plate clutch, front disks rear drums. Race trim producing about 400hp. We also had a Valiant (Chrysler) Charger E49. It had as standard a six cylinder Hemi (245 may be wrong here memory is getting foggy) with 3 twin 45mm Weber side draft carbies , brakes were Disk front drums rear. 4 speed transmission. Any way if it will let me post the clip watch the boys rip the tyres up in 1970 itworlds.info/round/n4CPgtKnfc2nloA/video

    Don ArcherDon Archer2 mesi fa
  • We got the first one , it was just called Pontiac G8

    Chris HartleyChris Hartley2 mesi fa
  • Swear to god just smoked a r33 in my 370 yesterday lol

    Jake from state farmJake from state farm2 mesi fa
  • 17 Royal Scottish cattle never farted in their entire life. 19:34

  • You are just sooooo enjoyable to watch. Teach your son Nolan a few tricks bruv

    Paddy The Irish GuyPaddy The Irish Guy2 mesi fa
  • E61 M5 didn’t come with a 7 speed manual. It came with a 7 speed SMG (sequential manual (automatic single clutch) ) no BMW has ever had a 7 spd manual. All e6x m cars with a stick were 6 speed.

    Will ThibodeauWill Thibodeau2 mesi fa
  • Hey! Skyline GTR had another problem. The car wasn't sold anywhere with Left Hand Drive. That's because the twin turbos and the steering shaft were trying to occupy the same space at the same time. Somehow Toyota figured out how to do it with the Supra Mk4 (wurwurWUUUUUUUUUUUUR!) but not Nee-san. Nope. Not nee-san.

    David WilliamsDavid Williams2 mesi fa
  • Just for having a Gran Turismo footage in it deserves the video a like.

    WolfsokayaWolfsokaya2 mesi fa
  • Porsche 959?

    Robin LiaoRobin Liao2 mesi fa
  • My friends and I all thought the same exact thing when playing GT. We had no clue lmao

    Brent M.Brent M.2 mesi fa
  • "Why is that maxima so fast" lmqoooooo cracked me

    Rune GriffithsRune Griffiths2 mesi fa
  • Step off Dr. Disrespect! We got the REAL 3-time!

    Shawn ReynoldsShawn Reynolds2 mesi fa
  • When the r34 gtr gets allowed to be imported to the us oh boy you car guys in america will have a great time

    Keven Abhimanggala YoKeven Abhimanggala Yo2 mesi fa
    • One of my favorite Japanese cars also RX-7, S2000, Supra, 370Z, 240Z pretty much any Japanese JDM tuner car.

      Final Fantasy SparrowmonFinal Fantasy Sparrowmon2 mesi fa
  • There's a famous Australian song that goes a little something like this: Football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars. Now it's, " football, meat pies," "kangaroos and nothing now." FU... GM.

    Dorthy NortonDorthy Norton2 mesi fa
  • Damn...James is looking lean...glad to see he's taking care of himself

    Olive PerryOlive Perry2 mesi fa
  • USA: you guys can't import that fast thing here cos you don't meet our emission regulations. Also USA: Here's our new truck with 7.0L V8 that produces mindblowing 200HP and does respectable 10mpg.

    Olive PerryOlive Perry2 mesi fa
  • 🤔did we miss any?

    ohona islamohona islam2 mesi fa
  • 10:30 - Humphrey: "I love this car so much that I wish it was my daughter" Me: So... you're saying you want to ride your daughter?

    JayeeJayee2 mesi fa
  • It honestly is incredibly annoying that the US doesn’t get the cool shit sometimes. My previous car was a Chevy Cruze. I really liked that thing, until I realized that Europe got a turbocharged 2.0 diesel wagon version of the Cruze. Then I was just angry....because I couldn’t have that.

    Yomom12388Yomom123882 mesi fa
  • Click like if you remember fat and fun James. Did they put him on anti depressants after the heart attack? Wake the #%@$ up dude! You've got a show to shoot.

    The DubeThe Dube2 mesi fa
  • FYI, The second gen of the Toyota Century (with RHD) was officially available by the local Toyota dealers in the Middle Eastern market.

    Abdulaziz HashimAbdulaziz Hashim2 mesi fa
  • I mean at least we only got the eclipse gsx and gst

    Lord ChungusLord Chungus2 mesi fa
  • I live near Plano TX!

    Andrew PantojaAndrew Pantoja2 mesi fa
  • We had to buy a bunch of Le Car's upfront to get the 5 turbo? That's not a very good deal. Who wants to buy the Le Car? The 5 turbo would have sold without the "you have to date my ugly sister first".

    buzzcrushtrendkillbuzzcrushtrendkill2 mesi fa
  • I'm impressed that he pronounced Porsche und Audi correctly! :-)

    FTropperFTropper2 mesi fa
  • That was so Brewder

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden2 mesi fa
  • Suzuki Escudo :D

    Tiago SolagnaTiago Solagna2 mesi fa
    • up

      Tiago SolagnaTiago SolagnaMese fa
  • Sooo your tellin me the yoda century has a friggin Pokémon as it’s badge?

    Moto MedicsMoto Medics2 mesi fa
  • James, you’re looking a lot slimmer and healthier. The way you just make everything interesting and exciting is amazing, so please don’t throw any more pistons through your bonnet

    Harrison RawlinsonHarrison Rawlinson2 mesi fa
  • I think ive seen the century, im 90% positive that car was on a Car-hauler a few months back with some newer vehicles on it on I30, they might’ve been moving some stuff around but thats cool that its rare, it didnt look like it fit in with the anything on the Hauler

    SkeletorSkeletor2 mesi fa
  • American's can't drive u can't even have a semi smart president give up

    Lewis SLewis S2 mesi fa
  • Strickter emision standards??? U heard about Europe?

    Huzanu YTHuzanu YT2 mesi fa
  • There is a rs200 here in southern Ontario

    karl Gkarl G2 mesi fa
  • Check out the Opel Kadett Superboss from South Africa.

    Andre MullerAndre Muller2 mesi fa